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ELECTION: Veteran supports Adam Smith

Letter by Ralph L. Chappell, Lacey on Sep. 29, 2010 at 2:29 pm with 33 Comments »
September 29, 2010 2:36 pm

I am supporting Rep. Adam Smith’s re-election in the 9th Congressional District. Anyone who has attended his town hall or other meetings will recognize he is probably one the most intelligent and thoughtful members of Congress.

Smith completely understands that improving the economy and job creation in the 9th is of highest priority. In addition, his support of the military and veterans – active duty, Reserve, Guard, retired – is unwavering.

With Joint Base Lewis-McChord in our district and his membership on the House Armed Services Committee and as chairman of the Subcommittee on Air and Land Forces, his position in Congress is of significant influence.

Smith has introduced in Congress H.R. 4058, the Veterans to Work Pilot Program, to further these priorities. As a retired Navy captain, in-country Vietnam War veteran, with 27 years active service, and with an active-duty Navy pilot son who has served in-country in the Iraq war, these facts are of utmost importance to me.

I urge voters to join me in returning Smith to Congress to continue his hard work and dedication to America and those of us in the 9th Congressional District.

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  1. the3rdpigshouse says:

    If you want to continue the nations journey down the “socialist democrat toilet” return Smith to Washington to follow every utterance from “The One” – Smith neither represents the interests of the majority of the citizens in Washington State nor the majority of citizens of the U.S.!! He is merely another obedient mouth-piece for “OH-Bummer”!!! No individual or independent thougt processes going on in Smith’s socialist democrat brain!

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Ralph – if you are a Veteran and support the socialist democrat agenda – shame on your anti-American views!!

  3. donjames says:


    Lucky Charm

  4. Apparently 27 years in the military did not make it clear that the Dems do not represent the interest of military members except when it is for political gain. Adam Smiths influence will be considerably diminished after the November election since his party will thankfully no longer be in power. God help us if the Republicans who replace them continue the RINO ways that sent them to the wood shed last time.

    Shame on you Captain, speaking one to another

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Ralph – if you are a retired Navy Captain and view the socialist democrat party as pro-American, you spent way too much time at sea with comms inop!!! Do you recall that “your” President Clinton reduced the U.S. Navy by approx. 50% – and you consider that support??!! Thank the “BIg Guy” that I never served onboard one of your commands!!!

  6. I to am a vetern and I am with the Captain. Give me Murry and Smith.

  7. karlveek says:

    Actually pig it was the first Bush that started the drawdown on navy ships and on naval bases. I was on a team that went to DC to try and fight it.

  8. gerry0416 says:

    Adam Smith and Patty Murray only do what they believe will get them the most votes. They only care about themselves.

  9. I’m a veteran as well and will be voting against Mr. Pelosi-Smith. This guy encouraged the nation to cut and run from Iraq when the going was tough. A couple years after the surge things have stabilized and Iraq is on a glide path to long term stability. Unlike his opponent for the 9th District, Dick Muri, Mr. Smith has never served in the military.

    Adam Smith supported ObamaCare, cap and trade, stimulous boondoggles, all forms of abortion, and other efforts to expand the reach of the federal government. Ultimately that will make us a weaker nation economically and miliitarily. Well informed veterans will be voting against Adam Smith.

  10. JungleBoy says:

    Smith is a two-faced liberal. Aren’t they all? In order to get elected, he pretends to be an open-minded conservative. When push comes to shove, however, he’s Nancy Pelosi’s best pal.

    Ralph – the fact that you’re a veteran should not be a factor. Millions of us have served in the military. From my perspective, as stated by Ozark, Democrats are all about “cutt’n and runn’n.”

  11. truthbusterguy says:

    Capt. Ralph L. Chappell does not speak for Navy vets. I am a Navy vet and do not support Adam Smith and his liberal policies. If the Capt. was a true vet and a former vet that fought the communist, like I did, he knows that there polices are a cancer. Adam Smith support polices that are socialist and socialism is the foundation of communism.

    Capt. someone gave you the koolaid to drink and it has affected you.

  12. aislander says:

    xring writes: “Give me Murry and Smith.”

    Okay. You can have ‘em…

    A vote for Smith is a vote for Pelosi…

  13. lgcnelson84 says:

    It’s so good to know that so many people can see Mr. Smith for what he really is, a good talker, but a terrible voter.

    I would agree that his most “moderate” votes have been in regards to the military, but the man never wore the uniform so how can he truly understand the needs and wants of our armed forces without really standing in their shoes?

    Retired Lt. Col. Dick Muri has my vote.

  14. madmike272 says:

    Not a chance in hell that I will ever vote for this leftist pig, Smith!

  15. Sumner401 says:

    Man the right is all about civil, adult debate and freedom of expression aren’t they?

  16. Pat_riot says:

    Eww.. Smith.. really? Voting for him based on one bill, H.R. 4058, is like all the other brain dead people who vote for someone solely because they are for abortion. Agreeing on one issue alone isn’t the reason to vote for someone. It’s unfortunate that there are so many people like yourself in this state, who don’t realize that, who keep voting these lunatics into office.

  17. OldLefty says:

    If military cuts were a reason not to vote for someone, Dick Cheney should have never been VP

  18. the3rdpigshouse says:

    karlveek – The first Bush was a RINO and that drawdown of the Navy to a one-ocean-war plan “WAS” Clinton!!!

  19. Smith blindly follows whatever the House leadership proposes. His voting record is 94% the same as nancy pelosi. Both he and Murrey are lap-dogs for their party leadership. Washington State needs to throw both of these guys out and get representatives who understand and care about our concerns – not those of California and Massachusetts (Murrey’s voting record is IDENTICAL to that of Ted Kennedy).

  20. Sumner401 says:

    You really don’t expect riechart and rossi to break with their party line at do you?
    Reichart hasn’t so far, 100% party line vote, he, by your “logic” is not fit to hold office, yet I’ll bet you will rally behind him. Rossi will be worse.

  21. lgcnelson84 says:

    Sumner – We’re not talking about Reichart here, that would be the 8th district race. Man the left is all about getting their facts straight, huh?

  22. exexpat93 says:

    the Captain must be have sustained head trama while serving.

    I surely hope this empty suit, forced healthcare, cap and tax, liberal with little creditials is sent packing next election. Of all the gall, Adam Smith is now claiming he is pro-military. I asked the “Rat in a Suit” a question about a Dept of the Military in which I serve (as a civilian) and was told to get lost. He is a worm that will do anything to save his own job while sending the rest of the US to the unemployment rolls. He does not represent me and my family has faced terrible economic tradegy during the Democrats “Reign of Error”.

    Dick Muri if you’ve got any sense – if not, go sign up for an Acorn “Red Diaper Doper” Pimp Benefit.

  23. Sumner401 says:

    You really just have to laugh at the desperation of the right.

  24. OldLefty says:

    Sumner – please avoid future analogies using Republicans who vote the party line. It confuses the rightees.

  25. aylawoman says:

    Adam Smith never met a spending bill that he didn’t like. Sure, he’ll wring his hands and pretend to be agonizing over it, but his vote in favor is never in doubt. He voted for TARP, the porkulus (aka ‘stimulus’) bill, Obamacare, etc., etc. If re-elected, he’ll be quite happy to put us even deeper in debt to China. And now, he’s taking a month off to campaign!! Never mind that there’s NO Federal Budget and NO decision on tax policy, he’s got to get re-elected so that he can spend even more for another two years…

  26. karlveek says:

    Poor little piggie has his facts wrong again. The Navy drawdown started in 1989. Wow! I didn’t know a governer from Arkansas had that kind of power.

    “A few points your readers should know about the Navy’s drawdown strategy:

    * In November, 1993, we were halfway to our 1999 goal of less than 400,000 officers and sailors. In fact, since 1989, when the drawdown began, we have reduced the active-duty force by more than 100,000 people.”

    R. J. ZLATOPER, Vice Admiral
    U.S. Navy, Washington


  27. karlveek says:

    To follow up. I met with Admiral Boorda in June 1991 to express our concerns about the targeted drawdown of ships, personel, and bases. I was stationed in Long Beach back then which eventually was closed because of the down sizing.

    Of course the closure was politically motivated for two reasons. The first was CA electing two dingbat senators. The other was because Rep. Cristopher Cox(R) was recieving bribes from the private sector in San Diego wanting to close LBNSY. Cox’s wife was on the base closure committe. Of course Rep. Cox finally was convicted and jailed on part because of the bribes. That’s when I realized the repubs were the same as dems. They cared more about money than the military.

  28. OldLefty says:

    “the3rdpigshouse says:
    September 29, 2010 at 5:04 pm
    Ralph – if you are a Veteran and support the socialist democrat agenda – shame on your anti-American views!! ”

    Support your troops, until you disagree with them.

  29. OldLefty says:

    “And now, he’s taking a month off to campaign!! Never mind that there’s NO Federal Budget and NO decision on tax policy, he’s got to get re-elected so that he can spend even more for another two years…

    Tell me one GOP that is staying in Washington DC and not taking the month off to campaign – even those that are not running for office.

  30. Sumner401 says:

    Sumner – please avoid future analogies using Republicans who vote the party line. It confuses the rightees.

    Showing them their own hypocrisy usually does scare them, confuse them and anger them, at least those that have a couple of brain cells left.

  31. muckibr says:

    Okay,first let me qualify myself to contribute to this discussion by stating: I live in the 9th District, am a 7 yr Viet Nam Era Vet, but I’m a civilian now. (BTW, back in the day Viet Nam was 2 words.)

    From what I know Dick Muri and Adam Smith are both pretty good guys. I think they both care about the folks here in the Fighting Ninth! Maybe Muri demonstrated better social skills at the fair than Smith, but maybe Adam was having a bad day, and maybe there were just more Republicans at the event than Democrats. Who knows? I see Adam on TV from time to time, and he comes off as a friendly guy too.

    Here’s the problem with party politics today. It divides us without giving the individual candidates a fair chance. If you’re a party Democrat, you automatically hate the Republican candidate, and vice versa. That’s wrong. You ought to vote for the candidate, not the party!

    Republicans should really be pushing that idea this year more than in previous years. Because of the TEA Party influence, this year’s batch of Republican candidates includes the biggest bunch of nutbags I ever recall seeing, ever! Plus, the Republicans were already dealing with the “No! No! No’s!” back in congress anyway.

    So, given that I think Dick Muri is probably just as good a guy as Adam Smith, as individuals go, and even though he’s a vet like me, I have to say I’ll probably vote for Adam simply because if we elect Dick instead then he’ll have to deal with the wackos from the TEA Party, and who needs that? At least Adam can ignore those kooks and get some work done.

  32. aislander says:

    deja vu from muckibr. I think I first saw this in the fever swamps of the net roots…

  33. the republicans lied the country into an necessary war, gave the military faulty equipment, and viewed the military as so much cannon fodder fit only to die.

    the democrats are willing to give diplomacy a chance, support getting the military better equipment, and support GI benefits, including health care and education.

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