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RELIGION: Prisoners shouldn’t expect all their rights

Letter by Victor A. Langel, Tacoma on Sep. 24, 2010 at 10:29 am with 17 Comments »
September 24, 2010 10:30 am

Re: “Jail limits religion, lawsuit suggests” (TNT, 9-23).

In America we have the right of freedom of religion. I am grateful for this freedom. However, I would not expect to have all my rights retained while in jail. If I break the law, I make the statement, “I do not agree with this nation’s laws or its freedoms.”

You must ask, “What kind of rights would I have if I were in jail in a predominately Muslim nation?”

In the U.S., we provide better conditions than a lot of other nations’ jails. I’ve visited many jails/prisons in Uganda, and there is no comparison to the luxury in our jails here.

In the U.S., no one is denied the right to their religion, but security dictates when, how and at what times they can practice it.

Stay out of jail, and you can worship in the freedom this nation allows.

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  1. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    And what of those inmates that are pre-trial? They haven’t been convicted of anything, yet they still have to suffer the loss of religious freedom?

  2. OldLefty says:

    “You must ask, “What kind of rights would I have if I were in jail in a predominately Muslim nation?”

    Uh Vic – did you want us to be more like Muslim theocracies?

  3. Concernedfather says:

    I agree with the hug-a-thugs.
    What of the poor satanic whorshipers? They are not given live goats or virgins to sacrific, no candles to burn, or cloaks to wear.

    What of the witch doctors? No live chickens to spill the guts out of?

    Where is the fire pit and sweat lodge for the Native Americans?

    Where is the marijuana for the Rastafarians?

    People in jail are losing their freedoms?

  4. Sumner401 says:

    Yep, lets toss out the Constitution, the right has pretty well gotten rid of most of it anyway and besides, there’s a new boogy man to be afraid of!
    My god, MUSLIMS!! they are everywhere! Run and hide!

  5. For the occasional poor unfortunate innocent who lands in jail, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there aren’t that many…being denied their religious freedoms is the least of their worries I’m sure.

    A touch of realism in this discussion would be nice.

  6. loudandlocal says:

    The bigger issue is that prisoners are living in better conditions medically than those out here struggling to survive and just pay the rent and keep food on the table for their families. The average cost of supporting someone in jail or prison is in the neighborhood of $50,000 a yr. $50,000 A YEAR!!! Most people out here working dont even make that kind of wage to support an entire family! Instead of denying resources like basic health care for families trying to raise upstanding citizens, maybe its time to limit the amount of dental or medical care provided to burglers and crackdealers. My teeth hurt too, but I didnt rob someone and get rewarded with a mouthful of new teeth. Which for the record, dentures are in the neighborhood of $10,000 and Im sure we can all come up with an overpriced dentist to do regurlar cleanings in addition to root canals or fillings. While it may seem unacceptable to deny someone dental or medical care, I think its more unacceptable to deny an honest working citizen these basic needs. Shouldnt there be some kind of justice in this way for people trying to do the right things? But instead, we cut spending on community programs like school lunches and fire and police. Religion is important, dont get me wrong. But there are bigger issues than letting someone have religious freedoms while they are locked up. You should lose all rights, except those to defend yourself, when you commit a crime. The ONLY exception should be if it is life threatening.

  7. eagle_beak says:

    it’s not a question of liberal or conservative thinking so all the infighting you all love to do is unnecessary. many accomodations had been made for these two prisoners/murders if you read the entire article. open your minds.

    God bless America and help us make our country strong!

  8. Sumner401 says:

    sozo, you whine about a made up ‘attack’ on christians every chance you get, but you hypocritically want to make sure certain people can’t practice their religion?
    How do you live in your own skin?

  9. Why is it that “conservatives” continually try to defend practices by pointing out places where it is worse. “At least we aren’t as bad as Uganda” is hardly a standard for being that “shining city on the hill”.

  10. I’ve been very clear as glass about my belief in everyone’s right to practice the religion of their choice, noting only that when you get tossed into jail, you should probably expect certain restrictions to apply, unless of course you want to slide down the slippery slope concernedfather described above, even taking the satirical tone into account.

    Take your time Sum…try to think about what I just said all the way through.

    As for living in my own skin, I find it preferable to trying to live in someone else’s which would be quite messy don’t you think?

  11. Joran van der sloot would kill to get into a U.S. prison.

  12. donjames says:

    I just wonder who is going to pay the expenses when these guys do their hajj. And where will we find enough muslim guards to escort them around the Ka’bah with the other 2 million faithful.

    This could get really interesting… and expensive. Good thing we have willing tax-paying foo… er, citizens like lefty to take care of that.

  13. Sumner401 says:

    I’ve been very clear as glass about my belief in everyone’s right to practice the religion of their choice

    Yes we know, just so long as it’s your religion.

    Now again, I have to ask you how you live with yourself saying that, and doing the just the reverse all the while whining about a made up ‘war on christians’?
    I mean you have to see your own hypocrisy, you just have to, how could you miss it?

  14. Attempting an adult exchange with you Sumner is as frustrating as anything I’ve experienced. . Clearly you have not read my posts with care.

    Let’s see if I c an dumb this down for you. Were I put in jail for committing a crime, I would want the freedom to read my Bible and pray. I would fight for my Muslim cellmates’ rights to have their Q’rans and pray.

    However, if I had to forego taking communion in jail, I would accept it as part of the loss of freedoms that were part of my being in jail. Likewise, I would tell my Muslim cellmates that they shouldn’t expect special dietary considerations, etc.

    Now, if you still insist that I expect rights that I would not want granted to people of other cutures and religions, I can’t help you.

  15. Sumner401 says:

    Attempting an adult exchange with you Sumner is as frustrating as anything I’ve experienced. . Clearly you have not read my posts with care.

    Again with the hypocrisy?
    Why is honesty so difficult for you oh so perfect christians?
    You have not answered my questions, why do you go on and on about your made up ‘war on christians’ and the ‘anti-christian blah blah’ and then stick your nose in the air and do that which you rail against to the Muslims?
    Your childish insults are getting old, how about you join us in the grown up world?

  16. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Isn’t theft, rape, and murder against just about every faith and religion out there?

    If they are willing to commit what amounts to sin in every religion out there, why is it so critical that every minor tenant of their faiths be observed by the government when they, themselves, don’t follow them?

    Silly, silly society.

  17. larsman says:

    Not if it is committed by a “Vizier” against a “Dhimmi” in the name of Allah and his messenger. Read their Qur’an and what it says of itself, consult more than one version…

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