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DRUG WAR: Lilo’s arrest highlights futility of drug prosecution

Letter by John S. Mills, Tacoma on Sep. 24, 2010 at 5:34 pm with 21 Comments »
September 24, 2010 5:36 pm

Could any spectacle encapsulate the futility, stupidity and cost of the drug war better than Lindsay Lohan’s recent jail sentencing?

Countless column inches of print and hours of video media will be wasted showing Lilo being cuffed and following every detail of her being jailed. An expensive courtroom, judge, judicial assistant, many lawyers, prosecutors and police have all been squandering hours of valuable time and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars simply because she peed some cocaine.

And now, the taxpayers will pay to have her cooped up, watched by jailers and fed for a month.

Yes, her movies are vapid and silly. But jailing her for a few weeks or months won’t stop production; nor will it keep her from entertaining paparazzi at posh clubs. So, really there is no point to all this.

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  1. Rowdy_Rob says:

    Lindsay Lohan and “drug war” do not belong in the same sentence.

  2. Lohan and modifiers describing her such as normal or free or learned or reasoned do not belong in the same sentence.

  3. madmike272 says:

    Freaks like Lohan only reinforce the need to combat drugs.

  4. Distractions to keep us from really paying attention to what is being done to us…..

  5. fatbellieddragon says:

    I agree that the drug war is a huge waste of time and money. Having said that, Lilo is a scofflaw who deserves to be taught a lesson.

  6. Lilo? Seriously?


    Hey Rowdy Rob….
    You’re mistaken. Lindsey Lohan and Drug War absolutely belong in the ‘
    same sentence. They’re both ridiculous wastes of time and money.

  8. MarksonofDarwin says:

    “Distraction” is the correct word.
    Just like all the publicity around “huge” busts showing the pitiful amount some low level drug dealer has collected in an attempt to show we’re “winning”.

    We’re not.

    It’s a win for the black market and a lose for the rest of us….

  9. Rowdy_Rob says:

    I stand corrected TIDEWATCHERS. Thank you for correcting me… *laughs*

  10. shaboo999 says:

    This girl is in danger of dying. Does no one see that? This isn’t even funny anymore, if it ever was in the first place…why do they keep enabling her, because she has status, and money? This is a car wreck in slow motion, at the end, I hope she is the only one taken out. If that is how it has to be…DANG!!!

  11. shaboo999 says:

    She needs to be jailed and then institutionalized (rehab) for a long time. She needs INTERVENTION, not a shopping spree.

  12. Perhaps what it highlights is our society’s unhealthy obsession with celebrity.

    If you sing (even badly and with electronic correction) dance, act (which includes acting like an ass on a “reality” TV show), the rules don’t apply to you.

    Yes some laws need to be changed and/or re-worked, but the first step towards that is enforcing them consistently and fairly.

  13. ratujack says:


  14. donjames says:

    beerBoy says:

    “Distractions to keep us from really paying attention to what is being done to us…”

    Wow, when did you fall onto the conspiracy theory wagon, beerBs?

    Paranoid much these days?

    As for Lohan, I wonder if all those who think she is being (needlessly) singled out for attention by the authorities will feel the same after they find her dead of an overdose. Or will they then revert to the usual, predictable hollywood script and blame another sad untimely death on all of the attention that (fill in the blank) received.

    Don’t get me wrong, Im as sick of these stories and the attention paid to publicity-mad, prima donna syndrome so-called celebrities as anyone here. But I have to agree with shaboo999 and wildcelticrose. Throw away the phony, short-lived celebrity and we’re still talking about a human life here.

  15. ppaulville says:

    Yes, let’s legalize drugs so all the crackheads, dopers and tweakers are free to drive around in three-ton SUVs during their binges. That’ll really work out well. How did that work out for Brian Wood a few weeks ago? Get used to weekly stories like that if you legalize it.

  16. lovethemountains says:

    Sorry John, she was jailed for giving the middle finger wave at our laws and legal procedures. Legalize MJ? I’m for that but throw the likes of her in jail when she exhibits behavior indicating she thinks she is above our present laws. At some point in her miserable life she will take herself out one way or another and she will no longer be a news item.

  17. BlaineCGarver says:

    Yes, the country has really prospered so well since hard drugs became chic and mainstream with the ShowBiz and Athletes….

  18. While we’re at it, lets stop prosecuting bank robbers, rapists, child molesters, it really doesn’t stop the crime, it just cost taxpayers money. Better yet, let’s just decide that we will obey certain laws and ignore others.

  19. dj – you really are pining for the day you can nail me on something, aren’t ya?

    Please point to something in my post that suggests that there is a conspiracy – that I have indicated that “they” are behind some nefarious CIA plot…..

    Or, explain why you think that the coverage of various celebrities’ falls from grace are important news.

  20. frosty – the crimes you listed are all based upon someone forcing their will upon someone else. Blue laws, like drug prohibition, are about forcing someone to not do something to themselves. There is a huge difference.

  21. beerboy, being hooked on drugs will cause an addict to rob, steal and kill to satisfy that urge. It happens every day. Legalizing it will just make it easier to find, they will still need the funds to buy it, unless of course the libs find a way to hand it out for free.

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