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ISLAM: Do Muslims embrace ‘American’ values?

Letter by D. Benjamin Gregg, Gig Harbor on Sep. 21, 2010 at 9:54 am with 14 Comments »
September 21, 2010 10:06 am

Re: “Americans are clueless about Islam” (letter 9-20).

Oh, where to begin? Was this a letter from Al Jazeera? I certainly would love to visit one of these “incredible” Islamic cities like Mecca and Medina that put American cities to shame and experience their “embracing” of American core values.

But alas, I would not be allowed in because I’m an infidel. So I’ll have to experience their love of equality and liberty (as the letter writer puts it) on the Internet.

And what do we find? According to a University of Maryland poll, 71 percent of all citizens in Egypt, Morrocco, Indonesia and Pakistan support a strict interpretation of Sharia law. Saudi Arabia spends billions on spreading Wahhabi Islam all over Western Europe and America.

Heck, we have an Imam in Alabama telling his congregation that women were created deficient and children should be hit for not praying. The United Nations says there are thousands of honor killings of women every year.

This is the same letter writer who wrote (11-16-2009) lambasting Christianity for its oppression of women and children. Now who is clueless?

Considering nearly every Islamic nation calls for the death of Israel, I’m not quite sure what “liberty” the letter writer is talking about. If our own media, Hollywood and academia gave Islam the same respect they give Christianity, then they may have reason to riot. But notice that Christians don’t.

As for their cities, I would take Tacoma over Jakarta any day.

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  1. Good read Mr. Gregg. The Hollywood analogy was spot on. I don’t fear the fanatic bomb vest wearing virgin seekers in Islam as much as I distrust the silent majority of Muslims. Those who publicly profess the peace and love of their faith while adhering to the absolute truth of the Koran in its totality (and you are required to read it in Arabic to get that absolute truth).

  2. aislander says:

    I would love to see a rebuttal disputing the substance of this letter, but I expect we’ll be admonished not to be bigoted or some such rubbish. As if noticing that the emperor is naked is bigoted…

  3. Please do not mess with the Hollywood version of this situation. It’s fragile and can’t stand much jostling. Much like the H’wood version of say lots of things like say…capitalism which, ironically, has made all those liberal H’wood folks filthy rich. Only in America.

  4. Roncella says:

    Ben alot of great points in your comments, Thank You Well Done……

  5. Ummmm……just what do citizens in Egypt, Morrocco, Indonesia and Pakistan and/or Saudi Arabia have to do with citizens of America?

    And….Israel? Are you saying that you are against a Islamic Cultural Center in NYC to protect Israel?

  6. Sumner401 says:

    Suddenly the right cares what people in other counties think?
    I have to wonder how they will flip and flop next?

  7. iamjimbo says:

    I’m against the Hamasque near ground zero.

  8. villager98 says:

    This letter, and the favorable respondents, made me think of Gertrude Stein. She had something of a reputation for offering opinions on issues about which she knew nothing.

  9. In America – “We hold these truths to be self evident that ALL men (meaning women also) are created equal, and endowed (Obama recently forgot this next part) ‘by their Creator’ with certain inalienable rights (life, liberty and pursuit of happiness)
    In Islam – that those who do not believe in Islam are as apes, dogs and swine
    Surah 5:59-60
    Muslims are to fight continuously with unbelievers until they submit ‘peacefully’, prostrate themselves and pay the Zakkat (tax for Allah)
    Surah 9:29-30
    In other words, All are not created equal, contrary to our D. of I. and Constitution.
    ..and still currently inn effect: marry other women as may be agreeable to you, two or three or four
    Surah 4:4
    Procure two witnesses from among your men, and if two men be not available, the one man and TWO women
    Surah 2:283
    All of the Qur’an is currently enforceable and has been since 632 AD.
    There is no OT / NT differentiation as would be concerning the Bible…

  10. I wonder why no one said anything about islam when this guy was president?

    Here is a hint on who it is – he likes to hold hands


    And he even likes a kiss a saudi now and then


  11. larsman – apparently you don’t understand the difference between a country and a religion. And/or, you think that America is a theocracy governed by the Bible.

  12. larsman – so, the OT/NT divide means that we can just ignore the bit where G_d commands his Chosen to kill all the women, children and beasts? Or all the other commands to kill and/or torture those who don’t follow the letter of the Law?

    In other words…..we can pick and choose;from the Bible which verses we like and which we consider obsolete while at the same time picking and choosing the nasty bits from the Koran and ignoring the verses that directly contradict them?

  13. I think we should quit hot-footing around the fact that the God of the Bible did indeed sanction war, and yes, even the killing of whole societies.

    Now, for those who do not see the Bible as authoritative, this means nothing, but for those of us who do, there are some things we should all keep in mind. For instance…

    We seem to forget that God hates evil. Which means that Jesus also hates evil.

    We forget that God was about to wipe out the entire nation of Israel until Moses intervened and asked for mercy. Apostasy results in disaster folks.

    Jesus helped us attend to and focus on the command to love others, to forgive, to extend grace, etc. BUT, in doing so, he didn’t just decide to overlook evil. As God is perfect Love, he is also perfect Justice.

    For those of us who believe in God, He is bigger than we are, and he is sovereign, the ultimate authority.

    Proof-texting for political debate will always result in a train-wreck.

    Having said all that, it is my personal belief that God imprints something of Himself on every human being, and we see reflections of God in all people, and in the writings of all people.

    Our societal laws reflect something of that imprint — Imago Dei — which is why we can never fully separate societal law from “religion” be it our religlion or someone else’s.

    In my opinion our sense of right and wrong come from God…and God as I understand him does sanction death to perpetrators of evil.

  14. Sumner401 says:

    lars and sozo, please since you want a theocracy so badly, move to any country in the Middle East, you will be thrilled with a church running the Govt.
    You can not do it here, I and the vast majority of real Americans will not let you, we are and have always been a secular nation.
    Either live with that, or leave.

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