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SCHOOLS: Why not allow teacher strikes?

Letter by Jim Barr, Tacoma on Sep. 20, 2010 at 3:30 pm with 9 Comments »
September 20, 2010 3:32 pm

Re: “Enforce law against teacher strikes” (letter, 9-19).

Why not allow teachers to strike? What is it that makes their job so important that we should take this right away from them? If school is canceled, will our children’s health or safety be put in jeopardy any more than when they are on vacation? I think not.

Most teachers’ pay package is such that they could not stay out more than two months, if that, which is time that could be made up during the summer break. The truth is, we don’t like or want the inconvenience of having to take care of our children.

If it is truly necessary to outlaw teacher strikes then it seems only fair to have binding arbitration, as anything short of that is simply a form of servitude.

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  1. Servitude? That’s funny. The last time I looked, teachers were able to seek other employment somewhere else.

    Binding arbitration is a disaster.

    “Why not allow teachers to strike?”

    Because teachers don’t lose anything. The school year requires a set number of days, so they get paid.

  2. iamjimbo says:

    You shoyuld have watched Oprah today….

  3. They shouldn’t be allowed to strike because they are government workers. Simple as that.

  4. lovethemountains says:

    Make it legal for teachers to strike? They strike now anyway even if it is unlawful. And as another poster here said, they lose nothing from striking. They get the same pay for the year regardless of if they strike. No one is forced to go into a public employment job.

  5. I think you are on to something here Jim. Allow teachers to strike, BUT require that they not receive pay for the striking time, and still have to complete the required 180 days of education. Everybody has skin in the game, would set a level field for negotiations. As fatuous pointed out(and was evident by the silly strikes this year by teachers for an extra 5 minutes planning????) there is no downside for a teacher. But, if they still had to provide the services for the contractual year, just didn’t receive pay for the pro-rated strike time, it could work. Check with the unions, see what their position would be on that:)

  6. Here’s an idea. Make it legal to hire a teacher when they strike. Problem solved.

    PS- Is it legal for firemen to strike? Policemen to strike? Air traffic controllers?

    Teachers continue to distance themselves for reality.

    Taxpayers need to flex their muscles and stop passing school levies at every district with a teacher strike. School teacher strikes will be a thing of the past.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Do not allow teachers to strike, allow replacements to be hired if they walk out, do not pay them when they walk out, & require binding arbitration to resolve contractual issues – problem solved!! If you don’t want to accept a responsible position regarding the students and the taxpayer as a teacher – find other work!!

  8. Fatuous your argument sounds good but you must remember that teachers were paid for 180 days of work and a then in the summer had no paycheck. As a convenience to them and the fact that the government was going to have to pay unemployment as they were considered layed off they changed the system and spread there pay over 12. Many get part time jobs in the summer as well so in reality they do have something to loose. The only reason I can think of to not use binding arbitration is because in our hearts we all know they are underpaid.

  9. jimkingjr says:

    Barr obviously has never been a student during a teacher’s strike- much less a high school senior who’s ability to work during the following summer to make money for college was severely impacted- not just by lost time, but because others- whose teachers did not strike- got the jobs because they could start work a month earlier. The teachers have no skin in the game when it comes to strikes, and care not else is hurt. They always claim it about the students, but it is always about the teachers and their pay.

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