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SHOOTINGS: Police should exercise restraint

Letter by Lou Krewson, Stanwood on Sep. 13, 2010 at 3:01 pm with 4 Comments »
September 13, 2010 3:01 pm

Last week was certainly a very deadly week in our area. We had six violent encounters involving our police within six days.

It seems that stun guns and deadly weapons are being used indiscriminately, resulting in injury and death that is not appropriate coming from our “officers of peace.” These people are supposed to be professional and should have had training in methods of arrest that are not deadly. The use of force may be necessary in many cases, but isn’t death too much force?

Laws and rules are created to stop people from doing things that harm others and interfere with their rights. This must apply to those in authority as well as those who are being arrested or detained. They do not cease to be human beings no matter how serious the crime of which they are being accused.

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  1. bluejewel says:

    “They do not cease to be human beings no matter how serious the crime of which they are being accused.”

    You really need to watch how you use that statement. The only things that some of these criminals share with the rest of us is that they have blood pumping through their veins and are walking around. They lack the essential components that make up a human being, such as sensitivity, decency and moral character.

    I’m old school, if a cop tells you to stop and put your hands over your head, you do it. You don’t argue, you don’t reach into your pockets and you don’t charge them. I wouldn’t even begin to tell a cop how to do his or her job. Do not ask that they protect you and then chide them when they actually do their job.

    In a perfect world, one it seems that you naively think can exist, things would work the way that you are wanting. But I think you are confused when you use the term “officers of peace”. Officers try to keep our communities peaceful but you can’t be naive enough to believe that you can always do that through peaceful means. Cops have a horrendously stressful job and deal with things the average person couldn’t possibly understand. It’s so easy to play “armchair” police officer but once you are out there day in and day out, THEN come and tell me they aren’t doing things the best way they know how.

    It isn’t that they aren’t doing their jobs properly, you just don’t like or agree with how they do it. I implore you to take off your rose-colored glasses, take a deep breath and give a response that is not based solely on emotion.

  2. When a cop can stomp a man on TV and call him a Mexican Dirt Bag and get in no trouble at all they have lost all repect. If the Union would have called her out as the racist pig she is I would be suprised.

    But when you are a Kop you are the law and do not have to follow it.

    Think back to the 60’s, Cops had a six shot pistol, a radio, cuffs and a night stick. Now they drive around with bady armor shooting first and not even saying sorry if they were in the wrong.

  3. bluejewel says:

    What the hell are you talking about?

    They drive around with body armor because society has changed, weapons have changed. How can you seriously compare the 60’s to now and then turn around and insinuate it has something to do with the cops? Police aren’t putting on body armor because they want to.

    How can you say cops aren’t on the hook for their actions? They are constantly being videotaped and criticized.

    Once again, an opinion is expressed emotionally and irrationally and is in no way based on fact.

  4. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Personnally – I don’t want an “officer of peace” – I want a police officer who will “maintain the peace”!! The responsibility for not getting shot is in the hands of the individual who has violated the peace – not the police officer!!

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