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ELECTION: One Smith vote outweighs all his others

Letter by Richard M. Radford, Steilacoom on Sep. 13, 2010 at 2:59 pm with 14 Comments »
September 13, 2010 2:59 pm

A recent letter pointed out that Adam Smith’s voting record is very different from his rhetoric, and that is quite true: Smith is the most liberal member of the Washington delegation, based on that record.

Even even if Smith voted in every case the way he advertises himself, he would still cast one vote that nullified all his others: the vote for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House. She sets the legislative agenda. She is the gatekeeper of what bills make it to the floor for a vote, resulting in only the most radical legislation being available for consideration. She seems to know no limit to how much taxpayer money can be spent.

Between Pelosi’s radicalism and Smith’s dissimulation, it is vital to make a change in November.

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  1. Sumner401 says:

    I’m not sure which is worse the unjustified hate for the President or the unjustified hate fro the speaker of the House.
    Either way, the more the far right radicals hate them the more I know they are doing a good job.

  2. ValleyTarts says:

    All voters need to know about Smith is that he proudly voted for Obamacare.
    Dick Muri will therefore be getting my vote in an effort to get that tragedy repealed.

  3. Smith pretended he had not decided how he was going to vote on Obama, and then he went along with Pelosi. We need to hold him accountable for taking 800 billion from medicare to pay for Obama care.

    Vote for Muri and vote out all Democratic incumbents. Send a message to Obama about how much you appreciate his complete disregard for the will of the people. Then in two more years we can vote him out also.

  4. Novelist3 says:

    “unjustified hate fro the speaker of the House.”
    Only to you is it unjustified.

  5. donjames says:

    Just got the first round of quotes for my company health insurance coverage, and my individual plan – rates are all at least 10% higher than the previous year due to 0bamacare mandates that kick in 1/11 (LC, are you reading?).

    Thanks brian. No expansion next year.

  6. aislander says:

    donjames: You are looking at your health insurance costs the wrong way. It is necessary to use a new statistical model I call “Obamametrics.” In the same way that jobs are “saved or created,” your costs (which certainly would have been even greater without Obamacare) are “reduced or stabilized.” Yours were merely stabilized higher. Now, don’t you feel relieved?

  7. aislander says:

    By the way, dj, in Obamametrics, “stabilized” means “extremely volatile…”

  8. aislander says:

    …and “reduced” means “increased…”

  9. Sumner401 says:

    Nothing but the standard talking points and out right lies from the usual righties.
    It’s predictable as the tides.

  10. aislander says:

    What lies, Sumner? Exactly?

  11. donjames says:

    And change means MOS only worse, and transparency means clear as mud, and truth means lies, and accountability means plausible deniability, and…

  12. Concernedfather says:

    In the world of opposites, where:
    IN means OUT,
    UP means DOWN,
    SUMNER401 means Knowledgable Writer….. etc.

  13. aislander says:

    …and of course, we have to live with the bill to find out what’s in the bill. Looking forward to sending in those 1099s to report all expenditures of $600 or more. THAT was in the bill. Yeah, the health-care bill that Adam Smith voted for…

  14. Smith had no idea of what he was voting for. I asked him point blank if he had read the bill. His answer? Oh, he didn’t want to answer that one.

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