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RELIGION: Glenn Beck did his homework

Letter by Evelyn M. MacDuff, Lakewood on Sep. 3, 2010 at 1:00 pm with 53 Comments »
September 3, 2010 3:06 pm

Re: “Beck needs to do his homework” (letter, 9-2).

Gee, If Glenn Beck didn’t do his homework, as the writer suggested, how do you suppose he managed to round up around 500,00 people, including 240 religious leaders of different faiths, to attend his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C.?

The writer obviously did not do his homework, or he would have known what Beck was referring to when he made the statement in an interview on Fox News Sunday that people are not recognizing President Obama’s version of Christianity, which is termed “Liberation Theology.”

Beck and anyone familiar with Liberation Theology know that the dominant principle involved is Marxism. Any questions?.

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  1. Sumner401 says:

    He didn’t ’round up 500,000 people, he managed to get maybe 85,000.
    He lied about the numbers as well as all the other lies he tells.

  2. What lies Sumner? Be specific.

  3. dewilson says:

    President Obama attended a church where the Rev. Wright delivered a “liberation” message which stressed social justice (the raison d’tre of Christ’s existence on Earth), which of course our right wing cynics want to call “communism”. Obama repudiated the inflammatory language of the Rev. Wright and is, in fact, a practicing, main stream Christian.

    Mr. Beck has condemned churches for pressing social justice which, of course, goes against the very precepts of the Morman Church of which he is a member. It boggles the mind how he can stand in front of the bussed-in crowds (courtesy of Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers) and make a plea for unity across America while denigrating social justice, a basic precept of our Constitution as well.

  4. Evelyn, calling everything you disagree with as “Marxism” is so 1950’s. Don’t you know the politically correct term nowadays is “socialist”.

    I am sorry you hate Jesus so much that you would call the Sermon on the Mount something evil. Go back to your prosperity seminars, and ecstasy and trance religion and leave real Chrstianity to those who believe in the power of Jesus’ words.

  5. larsman says:

    Italian – ditto
    Sum – 1) you provide no specific delineation 2) overhead and aerial photography and police estimates give a verifiable grid-count exceeding 450,000
    dewilson – focusing only on Matt. 5 at the expense of ignoring the rest of scripture (notice the lack of reference by Wright) deflates the context of what Jesus says AND who He was addressing. The NT is not about your version of government or organized ‘religion’- it is about repentance from sin, accepting the grace of salvation through Jesus and individually seeking to live by His words-all of them-and not out of context.
    Mr. Beck achieved a visible forum addressing the focusing of an attitude relative to our political structure. However, I do not agree with his purposely vague non-definition of “god”, when he alludes to accepting any or everyone else’s non-definition. Here’s mine: The Father of the Lord Jesus Who created and sustains all things seen or unseen. And no ,the “blind masses” are the ones who must endure the narrow minded, peer pressured censorship of government schools, not those of us who actually question, speak out and research.

  6. Sumner401 says:

    I don’t think there is enough space here to itemize all of becks lies.
    The latest of course is the crowd number lie.
    Notice the ONLY place that claims the number over 85K is the GOP propaganda network and the drunken liar beck himself?
    What does that tell you?

  7. Roncella says:

    ‘the many liberal/progressives who post here and others on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, on and on, seem to always be looking down their noses when ever they speak of Sarah Palin, Beck, Fox News,

    There seems to be a built in hatred for these Conservatives about anything and everything they do or say.

    The elite Liberal/Progressives seem to actually believe their own twisted ideas about life and government, religion too many other areas to mention. They live in a kind of fish bowl peering out at the rest of us lowly folks who are not as enlightened as they are. Lord help them……

  8. stetsonwalker says:

    Well put!

  9. How you can equate Jeremiah Wright’s theology to anything Christ said is beyond me, really. C’mon fellas.

    The origins of liberation theology may have sounded like The Sermon on the Mount, but what LT has become is quite another story altogether. Get caught up.

  10. Roncella says:

    Its interesting when you think that The Rev Wright just recently moved into his new mansion in the suburbs of Chicago. It cost millions, yet this Minister is so full of hate for America, Whites, Jews, it streams out of his mouth like poison venom

    Its also very interesting to think both men :President Obama and the Rev Wright live quite well in America, Obama haing risen to the highest office of the land and the Rev. Wright living like royality in a white suburban community in the Chicago Area.

    Maybe now that the Rev Wright is livjing so well on his very large estate he will not hate America and whites so much in the future.

  11. the3rdpigshouse says:

    For all you leftist anti-American whack-jobs,

    Perhaps it is the Marxism imbedded in Obama’s attendance at Trinity Church that should raise red flags. “Economic parity” and “distribution” language implies things like government-coerced wealth redistribution, perpetual minimum wage increases, government subsidized health care for all, and the like. One of the priorities listed on Obama’s campaign website reads, “Obama will protect tax cuts for poor and middle class families, but he will reverse most of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers.”

    Black Liberation Theology, originally intended to help the black community, may have actually hurt many blacks by promoting racial tension, victimology, and Marxism which ultimately leads to more oppression. As the failed “War on Poverty” has exposed, the best way to keep the blacks perpetually enslaved to government as “daddy” is to preach victimology, Marxism, and to seduce blacks into thinking that upward mobility is someone else’s responsibility in a free society.

    The above is provided compliments of Anthony B. Bradley, Professor of Theology.

  12. Social Justice is laid out quite decently in Ayn Rand’s 1937 novel “Anthem” If you take the time to read it and still don’t get it you are hopeless.
    Sniping at Glen Backs’ half a million gathered in DC isn’t going to change facts . . .

  13. the3rdpigshouse says:

    dewilson – you need to do a little homework on “Black Liberation Theology” and its preference for marxist philosophy and victimization vs independence, individual responsibility, and capitalism!!

  14. Professor Bradley is onto something indeed.

  15. Amergain says:

    Beck does not believe in social justice. He is not the sharpest tool in the tea baggers tool kit. However, he appeals to the vast, uneducated, low IQ crowd of people who are failures in life and direct their bigotry at anyone of different race, ethnicity, religion, or high IQ. The baggers hate people who are intellectual, educated beyond college, or triple digit IQs. He believes incorrectly that America belongs to White Christians who work but cannot think. He hates intelligence and reason as much as social justice. Yeah, those lefty liberals preaching compassion and social justice are his real enemies. His enemy list includes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, FDR, way back to that Jewish guy who fed the poor, preached forgiveness, clearly preached social justice, healed the sick (Health Care), and viciously condemned the rich (CEO’s and Lobbyists they are called today.) That Jewish lad was kind to the dregs of society guiding them to a better life. His name was Yeshua ben Yusef otherwise called Jesus.

    Glen would answer, see, I told you Amergain is praising a Mexican leftist social revolutionary. Glen would consider Jesus an enemy of the Corporate States of America (CSA). He would use his show to rant against MLK Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and that Jesus from Nazareth. Glen maybe thinks Jesus was a Muslim. Jesus is definitely a leftist, liberal, socialist, civil rights activist, pro-health care, calling for redistribution of wealth from evil rich to righteous poor.

    The Baggers are my greatest enemy. I want my country back. Afghanistan is over there. The Baggers are here and they threaten my freedom not Al Qaeda.

  16. Amergain says:

    I believe Herr Beck did draw 500,000 people to his rally. That is what scares me. It means that many stupid people across the nation agree with Beck but could not afford the trip to DC. It reminded me of the Nuremburg Hitler rallies. They also appealed to the same cognitively impaired, rationally challenged, and obedient non-thinkers fuelled by hatred that worship Beck. Almost all branches of my family were pre-Revolutionary War. My family consider America to be our country with nine notable soldier ancestors and John Hanson (our first President under the Articles of Confederation.) I will fight the corporate fascist and Taliban Christians who plan an Authoritarian Corporate Theocracy. Have we not learned the lessons of the Germans 1933-1945?

  17. Roncella says:

    Amerigain, Let me give you some peace of mind right here and now.

    Don’t be afraid of the tea party movement. Its full of folks that pay their taxes and obey the laws of the land, and have worked their whole life paying to support their communities their schools their families, charties, churches, on and on.

    You come across like an elite Liberal snob, hopefully your not. Beck is Beck. He does not speak for all tea party members or Conservatives or Independents, he has every right to speak his mind about what ever subject he wants to. Just as the Rev. Al Sharpton or the Rev Jesse Jackson has every right to speak their minds.

    If you read into Liberal/Progressive beliefs and see where they lead, you would be afraid of the direction they would be taking you and your Country.

  18. Elite snobbery? This? From Amergain re those who listen to Beck… “the vast, uneducated, low IQ crowd of people who are failures in life.”

    Nah. No snobbery, No prejudice. No bigotry.

  19. Sumner401 says:

    You nailed it Amergran, you can tell because the elitist snobs from the right are attacking YOU not what you said.

    For those two to call anyone an elitist or a snob is the height of hypocrisy and for them, that is doing some!

  20. the3rdpigshouse says:

    nanook – Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” would be acceptable to the majority of elitist progressives – they believe they will be on the various “councils” !!

  21. Amergain, yeah, all of those brown-shirts marching around the Washington Monument frightened me too. They were turning cars over, burning books, hanging liberals, spraying grafitti on the tomb of the unknown soldier and just generally raising hell, huh? Yeah, we really need to be scared of those conservatives! Oh, these Beck rallies are so terrible!

  22. Susan Thistlewaite has written a very good textbook on Liberation Theology that I recommend people who know nothing about it like you, sozo: Lift Every Voice: Constructing Christian Theologies from the Underside.

    The people who oppose Liberation Theology are those who benefit from ignoring Jesus’ teachings and dwelling too much on either the Old Testament witch hunts or some of Paul’s most perverse letters. The key to understanding Liberation Theology is this question Jesus asks at the end of the Sermon on the Mount, “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”

    The people who benefit most from ignoring Jesus’ teachings and attacking Liberation Theology are those who preach the gospel of low taxes for the rich, fewer social services for the poor, no universal health care, etc. They just happen to be the corporate owners and sponsors of our media, especially Fox News. They just happen to be the pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, rich white people and corporations that want to make sure all their income is hidden from taxes that, heaven help us, just might go to get someone out of poverty and provide for education. So why would we be surprised that Glenn Beck and others spout ignorant rants and lies about this approach to teaching God’s words?

    Also benefiting the most from attacking Liberation Theology is a competing approach which also strives to capture the imagination of people near the bottom rungs of society in terms of power and wealth. Prosperity doctrines, especially the Word-Faith movement became highly successful in separating people from their money and making preachers very wealthy. The Christian Research Institute sums it up this way: ” People have been misled into believing that men are little gods since they were made in the image and likeness of God and are to “take dominion” over the earth because of their godhood.”

    This theology promotes the belief that if one is not wealthy, then it is because one has a lack of faith. Just believe, and send enough donations to the preacher, and you, too, can be successful. I’ll take Jesus’ words over this perversion any day.

  23. Sumner401 says:

    3 lies from beck?
    Without even trying,
    500,000 at his revival meeting
    “I held Washingtons speech in my own hands’
    And “Obama hates white people”

    Man that was easy.

    Glen beck is a drunk and liar, why do you people worship him the way that you do?

  24. “They just happen to be the corporate owners and sponsors of our media, especially Fox News. They just happen to be the pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, rich white people and corporations that want to make sure all their income is hidden from taxes that, heaven help us, just might go to get someone out of poverty and provide for education.”

    I am none of these things nor are any of my conservative friends.

    As I’ve said, liberation theology originally appealed to me very much, but it’s not what it was; it has been co-optped by politically motivated people who presume they are superior to others. It’s quite dangerous.

  25. beerBoy says:

    Beck’s bashing of religious social justice flies directly in the face of what is an important function of LDS, the sect he converted to.

    A Mormon Response to Glenn Beck Vs. Social Justice

    And, for the more mainstream Christians, who could forget the Sermon on the Mount? Apparently a whole bunch of ya – damn that commie Christ!

  26. beerBoy says:

    And…..the early Church function in small, cooperative communes where the general rule was “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

    But then, Luther and Calvin hadn’t established the Protestantism Ethic yet so Spirit of Capitalism couldn’t develop so I suppose that communism of the Church founders was OkieDokie.

    The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is a book written by Max Weber

  27. the3rdpigshouse says:

    FYI – Black Liberation Theology is a distortion of the bible in order to indoctrinate & brainwash the black community in the same way the communists deal with reeducation! Wake up folks and learn to contribute to society and not remain a drain on the viability of our society and your family!

  28. sozo, and where, please did you hear things that changed your mind about Liberation Theology? I bet it was from Fox News, because that is the only station that says anything about it, and they distort it so much one cannot even recognize it. I bet you haven’t been to a Black church in decades, if ever. Why don’t you join me at Tacoma’s Allen AME Church some Sunday? We’ll talk to the pastor about what LT really is.

  29. Cite your sources.
    I don’t worship Beck but he does love the country and the foundations of freedom and liberty. As to your god Obomba- when he isn’t parting the clouds or adjusting the sea level with a wave of his effeminate fingers, he holds a cigarette between them and apologizes for all the wrongs committed by this “goddamn America”. It’s ok though, because that is who he is.

  30. Novelist3 says:

    Another morning, same old crew.

  31. As a matter of fact, tuddo, I took classes from someone who bases his ministry to migrant workers on LT, and I appreciate the advocacy for the poor. That’s why I drove some distance to attend these classes, and I have much admiration for the folks there.

    I have, indeed, worshipped in a black church within the last ten years. I also have many friends in AFrica and have worshipped among them as well. I have been personally involved in efforts to liberate people from poverty and despair, from here to New Orleans to Africa.

    Your presumption regarding my education coming from FOX is an insult of the worst sort tuddo, and shame on you for falling into that trench.

    What Jeremiah Wright and his cronies have done TO Liberation Tehology is every bit as nasty as what the KLAN did to Christianity. They took something right and good and made it into a hate-filled business.

  32. beerBoy says:

    But sozo….how come your talking points correlate so well with Beck’s latest outrage du jour? Are your sources taking their leads from him?

  33. Faceplant says:

    “How you can equate Jeremiah Wright’s theology to anything Christ said is beyond me, really. C’mon fellas.”

    YEAH! Everyone knows that what Christ REALLY wanted his followers to do was to invade countries, kill muslims, and hate gay people.

  34. sozo, if you have a broad background in LT, then you know that a few sermons that are totally taken out of context do not make a movement or a theology. Obama was right to distance himself from some of the more inflammatory words of a fiery preacher. If more politicians on the right would do that with those who make equally ridiculous remarks, then we would all be better off.

    I am talking about Liberation Theology as a movement, and you are making sweeping claims about LT that are frankly false for the most part and based on one angry old man. You always object to people generalizing, especially about Christians, and then you do it over and over about Muslims or Liberation Theology, and in the past, gays and progressive and whoever you disagree with at the time. If you came up with the words you have written about LT on your own, then you must be a writer for Fox or they must be stealing your work and you need to sue them for plagarism. Respectable journalists have played the entire clip from Wright and also showed commentary from right-wing Christian preachers that say essentially the same thing. Saying that God has damned or will damn or should damn the US is a pretty common rhetorical device used by preachers to give weight to condemning whatever they think is evil at the time. LT thinks that allowing people to starve, allowing children to go without health care, allowing the rich to siphon off the wealth of our nation without giving anything back is evil and against Jesus’ teachings. And, it is pretty clear if you read Jesus instead of Paul’s that they are correct that this was Jesus’ philosophy.

  35. I don’t watch Glen Beck.

  36. Amergain says:

    Some here called me a Liberal. I must thank them. I am a proud liberal. I believe in personal freedom, civil justice, avoidance of foreign wars (a la George Washington,) education, and care about my neighbour and his family even if we disagree on philosophy or religion.

    LIBERAL comes from Latin root LIBER meaning free, unrestricted, independent. The word LIBERAL comes from LIBERALIS meaning belonging to freedom, or worthy of a free man.

    CONSERVATIVE come from the Latin root, CONSERVUS meaning slave or fellow slave. CONSERVA is a female slave. CONSERVITIUM is latin for servitude. CONSERVO means to keep, maintain, observe, to save. CONSERVATOR means a keeper.

    How can a good American erase Thomas Jefferson from History books? America was founded by Enlightement Liberals such as Sam Adams, Paul Revere, Thomas Paine, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ethan Allen, John Hanson, Samuel Hanson, Ben Franklin, and Andrew Jackson. They were all revolutionaries and met the definition of Liberal. Yet they could not win elective office in todays Right Wing America. Without Madison, Jefferson, and Paine we would not have had the first amendment guaranteeing freedom of and from religion.

    Go ahead, call me a liberal. I am a retired Colonel, USArmy. I joined back in 1969 to defend my country’s tradition of freedom and social justice, separation of Church and State, and build up scientific education. 48% do no accept the fact of human evolution. A majority cannot define a tectonic plate, a transform fault, a subducting tectonic plate, or even continental drift.

    Don’t ever call me a Conservative, Fascist, Nazi, Christian Theocrat, or Corporation slave, We seem to be sliding down the slope to an Authoritarian, Corporate ruled, Christian Taliban police state.

  37. tuddo, regardless of where you look for an explanation of Liberation Theology you will find it firmly connected to Marxist thinking.

    Those of you who objected to Jerry Falwell’s fusing of religion and politics should be as disturbed by the purveyors of Liberation Theology.

    My objection to it at this point is that it’s pitting blacks against whites in the U.S.

    Do I think the poor and the disenfranchised have suffered in this country. Yes.

    Do I think many of the poor and disenfranchised are people of color. Yes.

    Do I think they all are. No; hardly.

    Do I think that politicizing the gospel to push for socialistic,even communistic systems of government is crappy. Yes.

    Do I think embracing victimhood is bad for any group of people in any society? Yes.

    Do I find ONE THING in the Gospel of Christ that suggests he was lobbying for government to force the redistribution of wealth? On the contrary. Men and women are free to do what they will. I’ve said it before, if you’re gonna slap a political label on Jesus, it should probably be LIBERTARIAN.

  38. jimkingjr says:

    All these good “Christians” following Beck and his denial of the basic tenets of Christianity. Sorry, folks- Beck is a Mormon, NOT a Christian. As a Mormon he belongs to an organization that denies the divinity of Christ, and of salvation, and instead believes we can all be gods. A bit different, yes?

  39. writnstuff says:

    Gosh, I kind of enjoyed this thread. It wasn’t quite as vituperative as many often are, AND I actually learned something from several of the posts.

    While Glen Beck was the impetus for this thread, it does seem to boil down to the economy.

    Things I know:
    1) There are rich people who support allowing Bush’s tax cuts for the top 2% to expire.
    2) The vast majority of the people who rail against the expiration of the tax cuts for the top 2% will only be affected if they buy a winning lottery ticket.
    3) The expiration of the tax cuts for the top 2% will not turn them into poor people.
    4) Rich people wouldn’t be rich people if not afforded the opportunities available in this country–many of those opportunities funded by tax dollars (education, infrastructure, military strength, etc.).

    Right now our economy is in dire straits. I think we need more income. The middle and lower classes don’t have a cushion of cash to contribute (I love alliteration). The richest of the rich do. So, let them pay a little more in taxes now. Then, when a democrat president turns the economy around and creates another surplus, we can have a republican president come in and cut their taxes again. Deal?

  40. Roncella says:

    writnstuff, That top 2% you talk about includes thousands of small businesses and farms.

    We are close to having a 10% unemployment, its actually much higher than 10% when you consider the long term unemployed . If Bushes tax cuts expire it will actually cost us more in jobs and investments and just make it a much slower recovery than it currently is already. Unemployment will keep rising.

    Your right about the Government needing more money, but taxing is not the way to correct the shortfall.

    The Government needs to Stop Spending Now, that includes President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

  41. Sumner401 says:

    I don’t watch Glen Beck.

    And the sun sets in the East.

  42. Sumner401 says:

    “How you can equate Jeremiah Wright’s theology to anything Christ said is beyond me, really. C’mon fellas.”

    How can you base your entire obsession with Jeremiah Wright on just a few edited youtube clips dug up, edited, manipulated, changed by the fraud and lair briebart?
    C’mon now, the koolaid can’t be that tasty.

  43. bobcat1a says:

    writnstuff and amergain-very nicely reasoned comments. Thanks!

  44. the3rdpigshouse says:

    tuddo & dewilson – the two of you need to do a little research on good ole boy Jeremiah Wright, his church library, & and his preachings. The subject was and is not “Liberation Theology”, in its generic form covering all purported victim classes of people, as espoused by Tuddo – it is “Black Liberation Theology” which is racist and preaches the enhancement of and marxist based redistribution philosophy to the “Black” community – not all the victims of real or perceived injustices!!

    It is and has been a race-based indoctrination created in the mid 60’s by 51 black pastors who echoed the demands of the black power movement.

    “…it would be illusory and dangerous to ignore the intimate bond which radically unites them (liberation theologies), and to accept elements of the marxist analysis without recognizing its connections with the (Marxist) ideology, or to enter into the practice of the class-struggle and of its marxist interpretation while failing to see the kind of totalitarian society to which this process slowly leads.”
    – (Author: Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect, now Pope Benedict XVI; written in 1984)

  45. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Per Jeremiah Wright — more an apostle of the left than the Christian church — the model for blacks is alienation, deep resentment, separation and grievance. All of which leads to militancy. Militancy is important. It’s the sword dangled over the head of society. Either fork over more tax dollars, government services and patronage or else. Civil unrest. Disruptions in cities. Riot in the streets.

    Keeping blacks who fall into the orbit of a Reverend Wright at a near-boil is a card used by leftist agitators to serve their ends: they want bigger and more pervasive government — and they want badly to run it.

  46. writnstuff says:

    Roncella — The trickle down theory doesn’t work. Eight years of both Reagan and Bush proved that.

    The top two tax rates would increase from 33 and 35 percent to 36 and 39.6 percent, respectively. Neither of those increases fills me with dread for our rich. In fact, historically speaking, both of these rates are quite reasonable.

    I keep hearing that business aren’t hiring because they are uncertain of future tax obligations. I find that hard to swallow. I believe they aren’t hiring because there are too few people purchasing their products or services. If they were besieged by requests for whatever it is they’re selling, they’d hire the staff they need to make the sales. It Is the middle class that drives this economy.

    We have squeezed the middle class for too long and it’s showing. It’s time to ask those who have benefited for so long to give something back.

  47. beerBoy says:

    guilt by association “Marxist ideas”!!!!

    Do you know what Marxist ideas are? Have you read Marx? Do you know the difference between Marx’s writing and Lenin, Stalin and Mao’s? Do you know about the Frankfurt School and how their “Marxist ideas” were based in disillusionment of Stalin and Mao ideas?

    Do you know that the Church was actively supporting the landowners and oppressors of the people in South America even when death squads were being employed? That this was the context of the growth of Liberation Theology.

    Do you understand how blind faith in any ism (whether Capital or Commun) always inevitably leads to the pain and suffering of the minority? And that binary, black v. white simplification/demonization of one side or the other only serves to abet the oppression?

  48. bBoy, you say…”binary, black v. white simplification/demonization of one side or the other only serves to abet the oppression”

    Please convey this message to the folks who’ve done precisely what you describe here, the J. Wrights of the world.

  49. beerBoy says:

    “I know you are, but what am I?”
    PeeWee Herman

    Jeremiah Wright has, like everyone else in the world, made some stupid comments based in overheated rhetoric and didn’t appear to be very politically astute when the limelight was thrust upon him. However, from what I have read of his words, much of what he has said or written has the ring of truth to it and he strikes me as rather courageous in speaking to uncomfortable truths about our society.

    But, since he is critical of white privilege in the US I guess he must be demonized – especially since doing so can provide a juicy guilt by association: Obama to Wright to Marx leads to the stunning conclusion that Obama is a Marxist.

  50. the3rdpigshouse says:

    bB – you are starting to see the larger picture! And if JW is not politically astute – I have the following question. Why did the website for his church dump all their anti-American/anti-White garbage when it became apparent that “OH-Bummer” might actually be elected as President of the USA??!

  51. We can agree on one thing, bBoy…Wright no doubt had some reasonable exhortations along the way; we are all, after all, a bundle of contradictions, neither all good nor all bad…

    but the reality of this situation is he was tied to the president in a very intimate way…family mentor, “like and old uncle” etc. and there’s a political price to pay for those sorts of connections.

    And, he’s done nothing to bolster that which is good about Liberation Theology by turning into a battle between blacks and whites. He’s done more harm than good.

  52. menopaws says:

    I am soooo glad that those of us who are spiritual and sane don’t spend our time or our money on anything pitched by Glenn Beck. P.T. Barnum used to say that “there is a sucker born every minute”…..The Glenn Beck financial empire of books(written by other people), educational tools (again, other people) proves that Barnam was right. I am not interested in his definition of Obama’s theology, or yours, or mine. It is none of his damn business. someone needs to point out that we have freedom of religion and we have a right to privacy. Allowing a con man like Beck into your living room to discuss any topic says more about your limitations than it does about politics, or religion. These people make me very sad—like the Pied Piper, he is leading them into the sea and their “faith” can’t save them unless their brains engage.

  53. CrazyLibertarian says:

    First – if I remember my Bible stories (and Im farily sure I do) – Jesus fed the masses by creating fishes and bread. A miracle. He took one fish and one loaf that were given to him, and made enough to feed the masses.

    Note the important part of that story – the initial offering was GIVEN to him. It was not taken.

    Social justice as espoused by Christianity is do unto others as you would have them do to you. The government TAKING from you, and giving to someone else is not even in the same neighborhood…..

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