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CLIMATE: Global warming or a lot of hot air?

Letter by Beth Woodbury Hart, Puyallup on Aug. 17, 2010 at 1:23 pm with 8 Comments »
August 17, 2010 1:25 pm

Re: “To its shame, U.S. is playing a starring role in disaster” (editorial, 8-16).

There are wildfires in Russia, floods in Pakistan, landslides in China and a glacier calving in Greenland. The sky is falling! We have to do something!!

OK, where’s the magic wand?

Human beings are not gods. We can’t change climates, control glaciers or prevent natural disasters. We can’t even predict the weather more than a few days in advance. A carbon tax wouldn’t do anything to stop the wildfires or save the peasants in Pakistan; it would only line the bureaucrats’ pockets.

Yes, pollution is a problem. But the fact is, the United States has already “done something” about it. We have some of the strictest emission controls and anti-pollution laws on the planet. Instead of apologizing for our alleged sins, we need to insist that China, Pakistan and other developing nations adopt the same regulations, building codes and emergency procedures that we have.

We should also fight for universal education and freedom of speech, so people can acquire the information and resources they need to get out of poverty, prepare for emergencies and change their corrupt or incompetent governments.

Global warming is not the problem. Poverty is.

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  1. Global warming and the climate change it will bring will affect more people than poverty ever will. Nice try Beth, but you only get a prize for obfuscation this time.

  2. dewilson says:

    Wow! That’s a leap – poverty is the root of the problem of global warming and the US has already “done something about it”??? The question is, has the US done it’s share of ‘something’ considering the huge share of the world’s pollution that it produces? I think the greater problem regarding global warming is “willful denial” by those whose profits are affected by pollution controls and “willful ignorance” by those who are convinced that the capitalistic myth of “self-regulation” is a more effective approach than governmental oversight.

  3. Poverty? Sorry, but giving an idiot a million dollars does not make stupid suddenly disappear, check out your average lottery winner, usually broke again in two years. Continuing to support a despotic government that puts the Keane paintings of the “chaaaaldren” in front of the “give us aid, we are the world” sign is the definition of continued insanity. Only acting on wisdom and truth can open that door…

  4. iamjimbo says:

    Hot air…

  5. I suggest the little bleeding heart should join the Peace Corps and get her Prius out of the left lane.

  6. Oh what the heck….since we have come so far in “saving the planet” and the earth is falling apart because of all those developing countries….lets just NUKE EM ALL and be rid of the little pests!!

    (now I know for sure that THAT comment will be “pending review” and discarded as too offensive for the overly sensetive among us! HAAAAA ) :D

  7. Shame shame shame Dale….You know you just cant go around saying stuff like THAT!! :D

  8. murphtall says:

    more people exhaling means more co2 means more pollution, its been set up so they can kill humans in the name of saving the planet from co2 global warming. less people, less co2 emitted. kill all mammals if you want to get rid of co2 but then what will the plants breathe? oh yea. its all interconnected. and fark, polar bears swim!!!!!!! Greenland was green!!!!!!! the antarctic had swamps. all before cars!!!! we are not gods but mere mortals.

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