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CLIMATE: Can America act before it’s too late?

Letter by Harvey A. Johns, Gig Harbor on Aug. 13, 2010 at 11:10 am with 64 Comments »
August 13, 2010 1:51 pm

The United States, the second most polluting country on earth, holds a great deal of responsibility to slow global warming. With an annual carbon dioxide emission of approximately six-quadrillion metrics ton, one of our biggest priorities needs to be finding, and more importantly, implementing solutions to global warming.

America isn’t anything more than the people inside it, the people who can actually make a change. Neglecting to reduce our carbon footprint, despite how unpleasant it may be, is something individuals need to focus on to avoid the day when global warming knocks on each of our doors.

A common strain of thought on this issue is that one person rarely makes a difference. True as that may be, it’s crucial not to rely on our peers to make intelligent decisions. The long-term effects of global warming haven’t yet interfered with American families, and they won’t if people can make conscious decisions to improve the environment knowing it will pay off in the future, rather than the present.

This is proof that if Americans want to preserve the beautiful planet we live on, they haven’t started showing it through action – yet.

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  1. The sky is falling, just like 1974, it’s your fault, you need to contribute, if not we will extract it from your planned estate designee, your employer, or unfunded mandates passed on to the states.
    Evolution-a faith based brainwashing by the “man behind the curtain”
    Note to (spotted) Al (owl) Gore- FLASH Polar Bears CAN swim. ps- for an ounce of credibility, put an actual time-date-location stamp on your second rate vidiography. (Ahh envended thuh indernet with Daddy’s tobacco $)…

  2. iamjimbo says:

    Harvey… ask algore. He’s “in the know” you know…

    I heard he just increased his carbon footprint… with yet another mega consuming property…

    Where’s Tipper… I want a refund… on my “love novel”.

    I was checkin’ out the high tide the other day… it came right up to where it has for who knows for how long … weird ( kooky in fact).

  3. aislander says:

    Only number two? We really must try harder. I can’t believe we’re discussing angels’ dancing on the head of a pin while the economy is tanking…

  4. Depending upon whom you ask, the tipping point has already been passed and there really is nothing we can do to change it.

  5. Sumner401 says:

    Based on the attacks and the nonsense from the right, you nailed it Harvey!

  6. The U.S. is bad; evil even. Everything we touch turns bad. We should be stopped, or gradually transformed — as the progressives would have it.

    As for the carbon footprints of Al Gore, let’s measure all the prints made by the celebs and politicians on the GW platform, that’s “global warming” NOT George Dubya. Start with those who have castles and mansions in two or three countries; Lear jets, limos, etc.

    When THEY are ready to act on their fear-inducing rants about the poor polar bears, maybe then people will reconsider about the need for a new shower head.

  7. iamjimbo says:

    … another hurricane season poorly predicted by the global warming believers…

  8. Just read an article about Sheryl Crow demanding that only recycled TP be used at her concerts. NOW THAT’S making a contribution!! sigh

  9. murphtall says:

    we cannot do anything about the natural cycles of the climate except skew them slightly and even then the planet has survived worse and will continue to do so. imagine all of canada’s forests being gone. yup. happened last ice age. imagine greenland being green. was when the vikings found it.

  10. Roncella says:

    Harvey, Wake up and smell the coffee. Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank with all the millions he has made scaring the World’s school Children with his movies and books and speaking engagements.

    Gore recently purchased a 40,000 sq. ft. mansion off the Coast of Calif. Go Figure……Who needs 40,000 sq.ft. to live in, how many bathrooms bedrooms kitchens is that ????

    Your concerns for pollution should be forwarded to China, and India and many third world Countries, thats who is really causing raw pollution to the earth in so many ways.

    I agree with Sozo when all the Leftest/Liberal Movie Stars give up their mansions and 2nd and 3rd and 4th homes all over the Country and the World and stop flying with their private jets and driving their giant SUV’s then I just might take notice, that something might be wrong…

  11. Ah yes, the deniers are out in force with their usual claptrap. Not a shred of evidence in the form of a coherent counter theory that explains the unequivocal warming can they present. And they refuse to recognize some of the already visible signs that warming is affecting the climate in ways not ever seen before.
    The natural cycle argument is a false argument with pages and pages of data making it so. Of course the deniers never let science get in the way of their “not happening” religion. And religion is must be, because the only way all the evidence can be ignored is to replace it with something metaphysical. Sort of like the evolution deniers who put humans in a diorama with dinosaurs. Yikes! The ignorance is astounding and can only be accounted for by a religious blindfold.

  12. Roncella says:

    Publico, Hurry and get back under your blankets the World is melting !!!

    In case you haven’t noticed its getting very hot here in Tacoma, and other places in the Country, But wait I forgot its August, usually the hottest month of the year.

    Gore refuses to enter into intelligent debate with knowledgeable Scientist about the Global Warming issue he has created. He claims the debate is over and what he says is correct and everyone else is wrong.

    Publico, your not that easy to fool are you ?

  13. iamjimbo says:

    Recycled TP??? What do you do? Flip it over and use the otherside?

    Q- how high has the sea level risen since prophet algore discovered “global warming” ?

  14. JungleBoy says:

    The article by Harvey Johns is proof that liberals live in a fantasy-world. Consider this:

    *In the United States, there are approx. 765 vehicles per 1000 people.
    *In China, there are 128 vehicles per 1000 people.
    *In India, there are 12 vehicles per 1000 people.

    Assuming that CO2 (produced by vehicles) is the primary cause of global-warming, then what’s going to happen when the economies of China and India overtake the economy of the United States? It may take another 50 years, but it will happen. Already the middle class of both China and India are growing by leaps and bounds. When people have money, they buy cars. Unfortunately, the citizens of these two countries don’t give a rats _ _ _ about global warming. Since we all share the same air, how is Al Gore and his followers going to stop Chinese and Indian pollution? Maybe we should erect a big barrier in the sky that filters out the CO2.

    By the way, with regard to whether or not CO2 actually causes global warming, all you who criticize the “deniers” should study up on science and astronomy. Apart from CO2, there are numerous other factors that contribute to global warming. Here are a few:

    *Sun spots and increased solar activity
    *Methane gas released from the bottom of the ocean
    *A change in the earth’s orbit, approx. every 125,000 years, from one that is primarily circular to one that is more elliptical.

  15. Regardless of how “recycled TP” is made, the notion is pretty gross. And it’s just another silly little gesture made by someone who is probably polluting ten times more than any of her fans.

  16. JB you write:

    “all you who criticize the “deniers” should study up on science and astronomy.”

    Please don’t mess with GW “data” — it’s fragile and can’t take much jiggling.

  17. Nice try Junglejim, but the factors you mentioned are not new and have been accounted for in all the considerations that find the correlation between human produced greenhouse gasses and the rise in global temperature.
    As the planet warms the possibility increases that trapped methane will also be released and will make the situation worse and possibly irreversible. Some have said that we are already at the point of no return which is a window of opportunity. If enough time goes by, the window will close forever. Are you all willing to take that chance?

  18. Recycled toilet paper is toilet paper that is made from recycled paper – not recycled toilet paper (which is flushed down the toilet) – thus providing a market for recycled paper and saving a few trees in the process.

    Not gross sozo unless you think that way…….

  19. Uh, I was sort of kiddin’ around bBoy, as was iam I’ll bet. Takin’ things a bit too seriously today?

  20. iamjimbo says:

    Ted Danson “said” somethings too… Nancy PLOsi “said” she was going to “clean house”.. heck Obama “said” unemployment would peak at 8%…

    Yes I was kidding… I’ve known for awhile that some tp was recycled out of global warming data that the floks at East Anglia were afraid would blow a hole in their theory… ;)

  21. MarksonofDarwin says:


    There is absolutely no way for you, or any other real scientist to claim you know all.

    Those “pages and pages of data” have been destroyed.

    The models that AGW are based on can NEVER be reproduced.
    Also, the computer code is super-dooper-secret-encoder ring…top Secret.

    The Keepers OF All Knowledge have forbidden, and made it impossible for any further scrutiny.

    There are major flaws to this religion….and it’s even MORE un-believable than humans frolicking with dinosaurs.

  22. JungleBoy says:

    Publico – I’m not disputing the fact that global warming is taking place. The satellite images are pretty clear; the ice caps are shrinking and the glaciers are in retreat. And, yes, I’m fully aware that as ocean temperatures rise more methane gas is released – which speeds up the warming process.

    My point was simply to illustrate the idiocy of the “followers” who think it’s possible to reverse global warming if only we’d just work together. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none. What’s next, world peace?

    By the way, I find it interesting that many of those who do not believe in God or the afterlife (primarily Liberals) have adopted the religion of “global warming” to provide some comfort to their threatened lives.

  23. Me too Jungle Boy. Scientific findings change with new scientific findings. Just heard recently that many now dispute the notion that sun causes skin cancer.

    Not saying it’s true, just saying that it won’t be the first time scientists have had to change their pronouncements.

  24. Sumner401 says:

    Yep, the attacks and the total ‘nonsense’ from the right continues, proving that the letter writer is correct.
    I do have to laugh at someone whining about Al Gore making money, a rightie complaining about someone making money, and making money by presenting a message. I have to point out that that poster quotes almost verbatim glen beck, rush limbaugh, hannity, mann coulter and many others that are in fact making way more than Al Gore ever dreamed of by presenting a false message.

    The irony and hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds.

  25. At least you admit that the problem exists, JungleBoy. That’s a start.

    Now, the only thing left for you to do is understand why this is happening.

    Maybe it’s folly to think that we can make a difference, or that we do make a difference, but to assume that we do not contribute to global warming and that we cannot reduce our contribution to that which may eventually threaten our existence on this rock is the idiocy of the deniers.

    What’s the harm in making the effort to clean up our act?

    Lake Erie is an example of the negative effect a society can have on our environment, and the positive effect that a concerted effort to clean it up can produce. It took years, but there are, once again, fish in that lake and they’re safe to eat.

    Thank you Harvey for your letter of concern. The wise amongst us will heed your warning.

  26. iamjimbo says:

    The irony and hypocrisy of algore making money on a lie AND ignoring his own MASSIVE “carbonfootprint” … knows no bounds…

  27. iamjimbo says:

    There’s a big difference between cleaning up our act and what Barry the Obama and co. are suggesting… not to mention the other countries that aregiven a pass.

    kooky I tell ya.

  28. Roncella says:

    Polago, Maybe you shoud start a campaign to get China and India and many third world countries on board with your concerns about Global Pullution now as they are going to be driving millions more cars in the not to distant future.

    The standards used by China and India in their factories is far behind our own pollution standards.

    Polago, you’ve got a big job ahead of you, better get busy getting the huge countries not on board with the standards you feel are necessary to save the planet.

  29. murphtall says:

    “Assuming that CO2 (produced by vehicles) is the primary cause of global-warming”

    I *thought* specifically it was airplanes over cars as far as tonnage of co2 into the air, but then i was also under the impression that fissures in the crust like volcanoes and geysers do more than that and certain that humans and other mammals exhale a cr@p load of co2 every minute, heck plants even release it at night.

  30. Your ridiculousness aside, Roncella, there are many things that the United States can do, and once we lead by our good example it will be easier to coercer other countries (if they want to do business with us) to get on board.

  31. Roncella says:

    Polago, They don’t give a rats pototie about our good example. They will go right on building cars that pollute and factories that poison the air and water.

    If our good example could change other Countries, according to you, why wouldn’t Iran, Russia, Cuba, Seria, so many others see how freedom of the Press and Womens rights and Gay rights, freedom of Religion, freedom to own land, and all the rest makes America the greatest country in the World, Right Now ?

  32. iamjimbo says:

    Hey polago, you should tell algore to lead by example… no?

  33. iamjimbo says:

    … did he sell his oil stock yet?

  34. So, you’re saying that there are no good sound reasons for doing the right thing, only reasons that sound good for doing the wrong thing.

  35. The US receives a 9th level ranking for Freedom of the Press

    1 Finland 9
    Iceland 9
    2 Denmark 10
    Norway 10
    3 Belgium 11
    Sweden 11
    4 Luxembourg 12
    5 Andorra 13
    Netherlands 13
    New Zealand 13
    Switzerland 13
    6 Liechtenstein 14
    Palau 14
    7 Ireland 15
    Jamaica 15
    8 Estonia 16
    Germany 16
    Monaco 16
    Portugal 16
    Saint Lucia 16
    9 Marshall Islands 17
    San Marino 17
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 17
    United States 17


  36. None of the 4 different ranking systems put the US in the top 10 for Women’s rights


  37. Top Six countries subject to UN human rights criticism in 2008

    First place: Israel
    Second place: Sudan
    Third place: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Fourth place: Myanmar/Burma
    Tied for Fifth place: United States of America and Iraq

  38. Wow, nice list Bb, your buddies the Philistinians are sharing # 70 (out of a possible 78) next to China, Somalia (they deliver their papers via RPG) and , uhh, Iran (they deliver their papers via LENS rocket or several papers at one time wrapped around stones).
    CO2 is a syntax compound which proceeds from photosynthesis utilizing O2 and nitrogen. I believe that the reference should more accurately be a concern for Co (carbon monoxide) which is what emits from a car’s exhaust system. I hear algore is soliciting funds to build a giant water balloon to launch at the sun(sun spots ya’ know). He’ll collect the water from the flooding on the second floor of his # 8 mansion on the Florida coast just as soon as enough ice caps melt and engulf his poorly located pad…

  39. Bb- sounds like you want to move to the Scandia countries that have a combined population of less than 10% of us. But you will have to stand in line behind thousands of Turkish Muslims who are anxious to institute Sharia Law, especially in Sweden, where my daughter-in-law holds dual citizenship, and good luck with free press in Holland, no freedom of cartoons there, either…

  40. Novelist3 says:

    And people are still yammering away about “Global Warming”… Heh, I can still recall back when they were screaming at us about the deadly effects of “Global Cooling”, which was supposed to bring a massive ice age. The alarmists only have one agenda, no matter what doom they predict- control and money.

  41. Global warming. HILARIOUS! The fact that some people still choose to believe it tells me some choose to be stuck on stupid. Unfortunately, their stupidity (and ignorance) can be very expensive for ALL of us.

  42. Nothing quite as pathetic as some drunken idiot wearing an oversized foam finger and shouting “We’re number 1!” for a team that is statistically out of the play-offs….

    Team loyalty – yes – but based upon a realistic assessment.

  43. once we lead by our good example –indeed, Polago, starting with those folks who have made a heap o’ dough off of this “crisis” …you know the ones.

  44. You prefer bad example, sozo?

    Maybe you could name those folks who have made a heap o’ dough off of this “crisis.”

  45. AmandaDaniel wrote on 07/02/2009 05:40:39 AM:

    “Actually, research has shown that temperatures are dropping (ie: global cooling). And the effects of a prolonged Ice Age due to said cooling are far more dangerous than those of a warming trend.”

  46. Why is it that “conservatives” are all for capitalism and helping out the rich unless it is Democrats (pseudo liberals) who are using capitalism to get rich?

  47. Capitalism only works one way, beerBoy, and it doesn’t trickle down, as we were once told.

  48. iamjimbo says:

    Nice strawman B. This independent is against theft and false advertising…

    P, the bad examples (as I’m sure you’re well aware of) are folks like algore…

  49. Roncella says:

    Beerboy, I don’t see alot of folks rushing to move to Finland, Denmark, or where ever.

    America is still that shining light on the hill, with promise and freedoms for all citizens, welcoming all “legal immigrants” from around to World to move here.

    Have you ever traveled overseas or lived overseas for any length of time ?

  50. Unless you think algore’s considerable heft is made of straw, it ain’t no strawman.

    I only have to scroll up 4 or 5 posts to find this from sozo
    “those folks who have made a heap o’ dough off of this “crisis” ..

  51. Ron – yes, I have.

  52. Let’s see. We have had the fifth coolest June and July ever recorded. Anchorage has had the tenth coolest ever recorded. We are in the obumo recession and he wants to fix it by spending more and raising taxes. Now ABSOLUTE morons like you want to push tax and trade and utterly destroy the economy. I hope you keep your obumo sticker on your car so we know who to shoot first when the revolution comes!

  53. MarksonofDarwin says:


    It’s not capitalism to drum up a false crisis, and then badger elected officials to enact laws that force consumers to choose ones product, thereby amassing great wealth…THAT is **cronyism**….which is the antithesis of a free market.

    It also happens to be slimy and corrupt….but if you are forced by law to purchase from these hucksters, the market is unable to weed these pigs out.

    Mr. Gore may have more substance to him, but your argument has been correctly identified as a strawman.

  54. I noticed that the letter writer lives in Gig Harbor. I wonder if he has a boat moored in behind his home or if he drives an internal combustion powered vehicle? If you’re serious about your “beliefs”, sell your home in Gig Harbor and move to an urban neighborhood where you can access public transit and are within walking distance to shopping,. Otherwise save your concerns for someone who really cares.

  55. beerboy, I guess I missed the source of your list placing the U.S in #9 spot. It surely wasn’t from the U.N. now, was it? I wish I could be led around by the nose as easily as you liberals are, life would be so much simpler.

  56. force consumers to choose ones product, thereby amassing great wealth…

    That would be Microsoft…..

    Cronyism…that is hiring underqualified people to jobs because you feel you owe them personal favors……”Heckuva job there, Brownie”.

  57. And then there are all those government contracts to Halliburton so they can build electrocution showers in Iraq and faulty water purification systems for the troops….

  58. frosty – when I put a URL at the bottom of a citation that means that is my source

    Here it is again:

    Not the UN.

  59. iamjimbo says:

    So… where do we disagree? Algore is making a heap of dough on a made up crisis (Joe “stand up Chuck” Biden once warned us about a made up crisis). I am perfectly fine with algore getting rich selling his movie and speeches to sheep who are that gullible, but the redistribution (marxist) scheme that’s following has zip to do with capitalism.
    Liberals are for “progressive taxation” , until it’s them who have to pay them – ala jfkerry and his yacht… and little timmy and his tax evation (along with quite a few other ‘left rimmers’).

  60. MarksonofDarwin says:

    I don’t remember any legislation that required anybody to purchase Microsoft products, bB.
    I do remember the government suing Microsoft, and threatening to break it up….
    Lawsuits don’t generally create chummy relationships.

    Appointing inept bureaucrats, as in the case of Brown, is a perfect example of the inefficiencies of government-run programs that are better left to the private sector.
    Are you coming around to my way of thinking now? ;-D

    I will give you Halliburton.
    Cronyism is the un-holy alliance between the private sector and government.
    Providing essentials for our military is one of the few duties that our government should provide.

    Halliburton, and Mr. Gore are just the most recent and glaring examples of cronyism….thanks for the help!!

  61. hensandducks says:

    I try to hear the earth by bicycling, gardening, buying used items, supporting a CSA, shopping at local businesses and producing protein in my yard. I wish the government would require more of us to take appropriate action, like using solar power, refraining from driving 2 days per week, creating rain gardens, etc…

  62. hensandducks, after reading your post, it’s apparent to me that whatever you are consuming from your garden has had an affect. You may want the government to tell you what to do but I don’t. Finally, do you really “hear the earth”?

  63. Russian forest fires, man made or natural? Icelandic volcano, man made or natural ? Universities get Gov. grants to subjectively ‘show’ those results that are mutually beneficial to both entities. Like giving Gov. more power and the Ed. establishment more money and continued insulation through tenure and suppression of freedom of speech.

  64. Mudbone – let’s see…..NASA says that January-July is the hottest on record – 2010 is shaping up to be the hottest year ever.

    Ooops! I guess that doesn’t fit your version of reality


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