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JOBS: Did teacher positions really need saving?

Letter by Rick Johnson, Gig Harbor on Aug. 12, 2010 at 11:22 am with 14 Comments »
August 12, 2010 2:36 pm

Re: “Obama signs $26 billion jobs bill.” (TNT, 8-11).

Once again our federal government has stepped in to save the day. I especially enjoyed Rep. Jay Inslee’s quote that the bill will “fund 3,000 teachers.”

As much as I enjoy children, I’d wonder about a few things. Just where, exactly, are those 3,000 teachers jobs that needed to be funded? Haven’t most school districts already set up their teachers positions for this school year? Isn’t public education (along with firefighters and law enforcement) a state and local responsibility?

If these jobs are so critically important, why haven’t the state (and local governments) stepped in to fund them already? Are there any strings attached to this funding? Once again this state has failed in its primary job to set a budget and live within its means. Once again the only answer seems to be government handouts.

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  1. Zillahboy says:

    Read Peter Callaghan’s coulmn in Thursday’s Tribune for the facts in the situation.

  2. jandkgibbs says:

    No Rick, the teachers didn’t need to be saved and Mr. Callaghan’s article today told the truth.

    Go back and look at the pictures and video of the union meetings with Obama that were held to show the left that Obama was here to save the day. Here is the real truth. The 26 billion dollar fund is nothing more than a way to funnel more tax dollars to the unions so they can turn around and give to the democrats to fund their elections to keep them in office so they can turn around and award the teacher’s union with more $$$$ so they can give to democrats to fund their elections…………and on and on and on.

    Don’t you see the writing on the wall. This is how the democrats use YOUR tax dollars to fund their elections. And you thought we didn’t have public fianancing of political campagins. Well we do and it’s a real cash cow for the democrats.

    This is the oldest game in town. Just go to the various Public Disclosure Office websites and look at where the money comes from to fund democrat party hopefuls. The biggest donors are the teachers union. Where do the teacher’s union get their funds? From YOU the taxpayer. This system is just a self fulling prophecy that results in business as usual. This will never change as long as teacher unions continue to be fed our tax dollars.

  3. blakeshouse says:

    The only thing this bill is doing is financing the socialist/marxist reelection bids. Well maybe just a little bit is also as a pay back for all their help in the last election cycle. The American people are finally coming to realize just what this unholy alliance has been doing for years. Graft, corruption, election fraud, intimidation are all the best yours and my money can buy and right at the mid terms…..

  4. I think it’s important to remember that to teach in this state you must be a member of the union. That is a dem ordained rule. So blame the union not the teachers. Also if it was necessary to save 3000 jobs with an average pay package of say $75,000.00 per job that would cost us $225 million dollars seams small compared to $26 billion. Where’s the rest going?

  5. Sumner401 says:

    Why do republicans hate teachers and fear education so much?

  6. iamjimbo says:

    jandkgibbs… BINGO!

    Sumn people will never get it.

  7. iamjimbo says:

    Oh… and why are they lying about how many teacher jobs were saved? 445 is a far cry from 3000. Fuzzy math? No… just lying.

  8. Zillahboy says:

    As the old addage says, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Patty Murray claimed that if another big spending wasn’t passed, 3,000 Washington Teachers might be terminated. But as Peter Callahan pointed out, only 445 teachers received possible layoff letters, and based on past history fewer than 50 of them would actually be dismissed. If she is that out of touch about what’s going on in her home state, it’s obvious that it’t time for a change.

  9. Zillaboy,Cantwell and Inslee are also in the race to be replaced!!!!!

  10. Roncella says:

    Its time to Retire Patty Murray and Gregoire among others who have done their best to spend the once Great State of Washington into bankruptcy.

    Thank You Peter Callaghan for doing some very good investagative reporting.

    Rossi where are your comments about this big lie by Murray ???

    Rossi do you want the job or not lets get going Now !!!

  11. As much as I enjoy children,

    Ah Rick…..you really don’t understand why education is important do you?

    Sure….it is possible to hold classes with less teachers – just increase the class size – but……if we really want quality education……you need to reduce the class size and, for that, you need more teachers.

    Let’s see now. TP’ers are against education AND jobs because it might help the “socialist/marxists” (don’t you know that that is rather redundant – I guess you had big classes in your English comp. section) in the upcoming election.

  12. Zillahboy says:

    Senator Murray knew perfectly well that Washington schools would not have to open with anything like 3,000 fewer teachers if the 26 billion dollar jobs bill she pushed so hard for was not passed. So, what was she really pushing for with that big spending bill? The support of the teachers’ union which is helping to push our state into bankruptchy.

  13. I love the so-called positions of sumn of these (bb) posts who claim to have a monopoly on compassion, reason and grammar. If, in discussing a problem, there may be a dozen graduated intensities of solutions available. However along comes the neighborhood ‘bomb-thrower’ stating that if we don’t like their generally mangled idea, that is somehow the exact equivalent of being against 1) teachers (I am one) 2) schools, and of course 3) the chaaaaaldren. Most of the posters here have described the “system” and have got it spot-on. There are many good teachers who are held hostage by the NEA / WEA , and others who are lamely acquiescent to the political manipulation as they enshroud themselves in a cocoon labeled “For The Children” …

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