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ELECTION: County Council not for beginners

Letter by John Earl, Gig Harbor on Aug. 12, 2010 at 11:03 am with 9 Comments »
August 12, 2010 2:40 pm

I attended the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce candidate forum Thursday to hear from Stan Flemming and Todd Iverson, two of the eight County Council District 7 candidates. I walked away from that meeting surprised that one of the candidates was his party’s standard bearer.

Iverson is a nice young man with his heart in the right place, and if he sticks with his stated avocation may grow into a model politician. But today he is easily the least experienced candidate with the thinnest résumé of all eight contenders for this seat.

Given the economic strains that Pierce County will face over the next four years, there is a real need for experienced and demonstrated leadership. It is unfathomable to me how the 26th District Democrats came to the conclusion that Iverson was the very best they had to offer.

I wish Iverson the very best of luck in his future political career, but I sincerely hope voters select one of the more qualified candidates. The County Council is not the place to apprentice.

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  1. headedsouth says:

    I could not agree more with what Earl has stated in his letter. I hope before all the liberal democrats and labor hacks start attacking Earl they actually read the letter. It takes more than a slick campaign that is paid for by labor campaign donations to be a good elected official. Iverson will bow before the special interest and do their bidding long before he accomplishes anything for the residents of District 7. You can call him Darth Iverson because he has long given up the cause to serve his liberal Masters.

    Please do not vote for Todd Iverson.

  2. swiddison says:

    While I appreciate the respectful tone of Mr. Earl’s letter (in sharp response to the first comment), I couldn’t agree LESS.

    If the most important qualification for this job was experience, the voters would have rejected term limits, and we still would have Terry Lee — the most experienced person for the job.

    Instead, as most of us who have hired people in the past know, there are many more qualities far more important than experience that determine how well one will perform a job.

    As a citizen, when I “hire” my elected officials, I look for many qualities: intelligence, ability to problem-solve, ability to work with other people, willingness to listen to consituents, commitment to community…I could go on. But experience is actually not at the top of the list…because if we were to go on that requirement, we would just recycle our elected officials over and over again and they would become totally out of touch with the electorate.

    Most of us recognize there are serious challenges in all levels of government right now. I want to elect people I believe can come up with ideas to SOLVE those problems.

    I’m sure Mr. Earl had quite a steep learning curve when he was elected to the school board. (Unless he has a background in education I don’t know about?) All new jobs have learning curves. As long as a person has shown that he/she CAN learn (i.e. has a good grasp of the issues now), and quickly, and communicate those ideas….they are totally appropriate to be considered for the job.

  3. jandkgibbs says:

    As a concerned voter I wanted to fact check the political candidates that are endorsed by the News Tribune (Mr. Fleming) and the Pierce County Democratic Party (Mr. Iverson). I have been attending all the forums held in Gig Harbor and thank the Chamber of Commerce for holding these meetings. Thursday the candidates included Mr. Stan Fleming and Mr. Todd Iverson. I asked a question to both candidates about their opinion on initiatives for the state income tax and privatizing liquor stores. I also asked if union contributions would affect their objectivity when making decisions the council will soon face on possible wages, benefits and hiring freezes. I asked these questions because no one else has and it’s the hard questions that tell a voter a lot about a candidate.

    Voters need to know that Mr. Iverson wants state control of liquor stores, wants a state income tax and while he doesn’t shy away from his donations from unions he said the unions he will work with as a councilman have not given him a check yet. Mr. Fleming thinks the state has no business selling liquor, is endorsed by firefighters (the PDC shows no donations from them) and wants no new taxes much less a new state income tax. The message here is there are major ideological differences between these candidates. Do your homework before you vote and if given a chance ask the hard questions.

  4. coovertc says:

    Jandkgibbs: you do realize that the county council has absolutely no impact on either of those issues right?

  5. swiddison says:

    I absolutely agree that voters should do their homework. Although obviously you hear your answers through a lens.

    If you do your homework you will see that Mr. Fleming is endorsed by firefighters that are not even in the district (lakewood) while Mr. Iverson is endorsed by local firefighters. And Iverson said he is undecided about the state control of liquor stores, which is irrelevant anyway.

  6. headedsouth says:

    Iverson’s answers to call questions are relevant!! It lets people know truly where you sit on all issues and makes a candidate think outside the box instead of repeating their canned remarks. Again, Iverson is showing his true liberal democrat colors.

  7. stetsonwalker says:

    Here is my feelings on the “experienced” elected officials. I think we have had just about as much experience from the good ‘ol boys club of professionals that we can take! We need fesh air in politics.

  8. stockton508 says:

    Well stated John. Iverson is trying to run a campaign that puts as much room between him and the truth – he is not the right person to take over for Terry Lee. I will take a step further and say considering how liberal Iverson is, if h wants to run for office he should move to North or South Tacoma or even Seattle.

  9. TacomaBorn says:

    Randy Boss is honest and smart! Vote for Randy Boss

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