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ELECTION: Favazza mailer exploits personal tragedy

Letter by Carl A. Olson , Port Orchard on Aug. 6, 2010 at 3:16 pm with 4 Comments »
August 6, 2010 3:16 pm

Pete Favazza, candidate for Kitsap County coroner, recently sent out a most disturbing mailer, which seeks to justify his entire campaign on the basis of one unfortunate incident which took place almost 13 years ago.

The Kitsap County Democratic Party executive committee has expressed concern over this piece, as it is our understanding that the family members involved were not consulted prior to the publication and distribution of this campaign literature.

We find it most deplorable that Favazza would attempt to capitalize on personal tragedy to further his own political gain. We do not support his candidacy, and he has not been approved or endorsed by the Kitsap County Democratic Party.

(Olson is chairman of the Kitsap County Democratic Party.)

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  1. I finally got the gumption to look up Favazza on the internet as I have heard that his blog / website is just as disgusting, disturbing, and abusive as his mailer. I was glad to see this article and thankful to see that his party and the Tribune are at least questioning his ethics / decision making skills. It is true that neither of the child’s parents were ever so much as contacted by or asked by Favazza to use their sons image, nor have they ever heard of him until they got the word about the mailer. We’ve been told there is also a billboard with words coming out of our baby boys mouth somewhere im the County but have yet to see it or confirm this information.

    Being a family member of the child that he exploited has caused us pain and upset that cannot be described. SHAME on this man for what he did, using the face of our beloved boy for nothing other than political wrangling and gain. Im disgusted, mortified, and extremely upset. There is a lot more that I’d like to say, and things will be said in due time, but for now, I ask those who are set to vote: “Do not vote for this man.” PLEASE! Outside of not appearing to be qualified, he in my opinion, clearly lacks compassion, consideration, and other qualities I’d want in someone who deals with the tragedies, accidents, and death.

  2. kingrabbit says:

    As the maternal Grandfather,I’d like to thank aandg for the commet well said.

  3. stetsonwalker says:

    I would like to know what the mailer said. I do not vote or not vote unless I have the facts. Some may be steered like sheep when someone says a mailer is in bad taste, I however need the facts.

  4. Im not sure who “aandg” is but I do know who Kingrabbit is….To say im not happy with how this has come to light again is an understatement.

    The Kitsap county Coroners office is a joke at best.Is this Pete Favazza the right answer,im not sure.A call to one of the parents would of been the right thing to do for sure.I welcome any and all investigations into this case.I will do so till the day I die.The boyfriend that was involved has an very extensive criminal history.What the articles dont show is the pictures of suspected abuse for months at a time.Those will never be shown to anyone other then police and authorites.The sytem failed Alijah and as well did I .I should of not been asking about bruises,bumps,broken leggs,bloody eyes or numerous injurys.After 43 plus doctor trips I belive the childrens clinic also is to blame,they do not have the option of sending a child to there freind to get a second oppinio on abuse.I should have simply gone to the police and filed for a order of protection when I had him.We were in an extensive custody battle at the time so my time with him was limited to wednesday and saturday night.Wen id get him if I questioned any bruises or injuries id simply get told “Im comeing back and picking him up” I so wish id called the police first thing. At this point everyone should know buy now who I am.I am and always will be Alijahs dad.The cuurent coroner called me and asked me to call Favazza and ask him im to take down the articles.I sent a email to Favaza and have not got a response.I have fought this battle for many years and welcome any and all new in sight anyone has.The coroner’s office is ran by a man thats been elected simply by name recognition.Is Pete the right guy for the job who knows,Sandstrom certainly isnt getting the jobe done.Sandstrom wants to take the easy way out.I cannot understand how Sandstrom wont entertain almost every credible forensic patheolgist’s findings in the state.Seems to me he sticking by his initail findings to save his career and keep what dignity he has left.I miss my son everyday of my life.They say it gets easier,I havent seen that yet.Sincerly Aaron Tate

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