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STATE BUDGET: Actions are hurting economy

Letter by Michael Allen, Tacoma on Aug. 6, 2010 at 2:17 pm with 6 Comments »
August 9, 2010 9:19 am

I was just informed by my electrician that the state Legislature closed down the Department of Labor & Industries Friday to save money. This means that no electrical inspections were done that day, which will slow down work on countless job sites across the state, including my own.

Our leaders are directly hampering the economic recovery while claiming to try to help it.

Local jurisdictions are taking from five to 10 weeks to issue building permits that formerly took two to three weeks to get approved because of staff reductions. These type of delays keep good, honest, hard-working men and women from being able to put food on their tables, buy new cars and pay their mortgages.

Our leaders need to get a clue.

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  1. stetsonwalker says:

    I think that your electrician could be pulling your leg a bit. First of all L&I does not issue building permits the county or city does. L&I issues and inspects electrical permits. I recently had to purchase such a permit for my rent house. It did not take 2-3 weeks to get the electrical permit approved, it took about 1/2 of an hour. From beginning to final inspection it took about 4 days for my electrical work to be completed. I am not a contractor or anyone special, just a citizen doing my own work. I did notice that none of the staff seemed overworked in the office so i think in this slow construction time shutting down on Friday might actually be a frugal money saving idea. I cannot believe I wrote that about the state having a good idea!

  2. jandkgibbs says:

    Don’t believe your union electrician. They are told to spread this to the public as part of a union strategy. They are the ones that sued over the furloughs in the first place.

    Any delays caused by state cutbacks are designed that way. Each state department is required to manage the furloughs in a way to keep supporting the public. But they don’t. They have a attitude of “how do we punish the taxpayers for this cut back”. They believe if you are unconvinced enough you will be happy to pay more tax. Don’t fall for this again. School boards and governments have been doing this for years. It’s just a union trick.

    Make the governor manage cutbacks in a way that doesn’t punish the tax payers.

  3. If you can figure out how to cram a 40 hour schedule into a 32 hour work week, than you have the answer to how to “manage cutbacks in a way that doesn’t punish (inconvenience) the tax payers.”

    Both of you misread, or read into the letter that which is not there. For example, the word union doesn’t exist in the letter.

  4. foresttnt says:

    Our leaders are directly hampering the economic recovery while claiming to try to help it.

    hmmmm, most of the time there are letters stating how the state workers need to take a hit like the rest of us and then when they do take a hit (have furlough days) to save money, someone writes a letter about how the money saving is inconveniencing them.
    I would hate to see how many people get inconvenienced if 25% (the usual percentage listed in those letters aforementioned about state workers need to suffer too) of the state workforce gets laid off…..and usually the letter writers are suggesting that layoff be a permanent layoff, not a one day furlough.
    Good grief, nothing the government does is appreciated by everyone. If the delay was (and I agree it was an electrician pulling your chain) caused by the furlough, get over it and think of your minor inconvenience as part of the communal suffering letter writers keep mentioning.
    @jandkgibbs–I agree with Polago, the letter writer didn’t state his electrician was union. Conspiracy Theory much?

  5. foresttnt says:

    @stetson–I can’t believe you typed that second to last sentence either. There is hope for us all. lol

  6. jandkgibbs proposes a full blown conspiracy hypothesis, maybe. Calling it a theory gives it too much credit.
    The author is another one who wants it both ways. Low taxes and lots of services.

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