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GAY RIGHTS: Comment was unnecessarily hateful

Letter by Suzi Loya, Gig Harbor on Aug. 5, 2010 at 9:48 am with 22 Comments »
August 5, 2010 11:58 am

Will the editors please explain how printing the anti-Proposition 8 comment from “DeschutesMan” (TNT, 8-5) contributes to thoughtful public discourse on the important issue of same-sex marriage?

Even those who might support his position should find his choice of words offensive on many levels. I thought your editorial policy was designed to prevent such hateful anonymous commentary.

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  1. Sumner401 says:

    Suzi, let people like that speak, it shows the world who they really are and how much hate they have for others.
    By doing that it makes the case for civil rights and freedom easier, not that it should be hard but we are dealing with neanderthals on the far right so everything is an uphill battle.

  2. freakwater says:

    Why do you hate the 1st Amendment?

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    Sumner is dang funny….EVERY post he’s dismayed by the so called hate and dialogue from the right, yet uses the same hateful, or worse, language against those he would accuse. Everytime he makes a post, the IQ of the left as a whole drops a point.

  4. BlaineCGarver says:

    BTW, Tubbythetuba is gone….I’m his evil twin <{;-)~

  5. BlaineCGarver says:

    Anyone else have the testicularity to use their real name?

  6. I missed the article or letter that garnered the comment referred to here. where is it, or what did Deschutes Man say?

  7. johnearl says:

    @BlaineCGarver –

    I’ve been using my real name for years.

    I don’t put much stock in the comments of anonymous posters. It’s easy to say silly, snarky, and even hateful things if you can toss those comments into the public forum anonymously and then cower behind a pseudonym. Anonymity has really detracted from these forums – and turned something that could be a tremendous public assett into (at times) a festering sewer.

    I have a higher respect for you that you are willing to back your words with your name. The more of us that do it, the better.

    John Earl

  8. Publico says:

    Sumner has it more or less correct. I would add that I respect the TNT editor’s ability to reason and given that I suspect they published the comment exactly for the reasons Sumner gave. They publish the AGW deniers’ letters for the same reason. It is a great way to illustrate ignorance, bigotry and other challenged views by letting the reading public in on letters that are voluntarily submitted.
    Unfortunately, it does also illustrate some areas of public education that are lacking.

  9. iamjimbo says:

    Speaking of AGW, has any new supporting “evidence” surfaced since the fraud was uncovered?

  10. BlaineCGarver says:

    How silly…standing up for one’s values is not hate. I abhor actions, not people. All one has to do is read the letters comments everyday to see that the Left/socialist/commie faction are the party(ies) of hate and intolerance.

  11. BlaineCGarver says:

    Use words carefully, Lefties, they mean something. If I were Hateful and Intolerant of something I would devote my time and energy to removing it (ie: thugs, gangs, criminals, illegals, etc)…..If anything, I’m quite tolerant of Gays, I merely disapprove of marriage between people of the same sex.

  12. beerBoy says:

    Tubby – consider this reworking of your last sentence:
    “I’m quite tolerant of Blacks, I merely disapprove of marriage between people of different races”.

  13. stetsonwalker says:

    beerBoy: huge difference in the two statements! Yours was racist and Blaine’s was not.

  14. iamjimbo says:

    Hey B, do you really want to venture down the path of “reworking” sentences?

    Have you ever flagged or criticized ME for “reworking” one of you’re sentences?

    FYI- I was banned for taking exact quotes from my adversaries here and using them to point out their hypocrisy. ;)

  15. I have a news alert for bBoy and friends, one is free to disapprove of anything one feels disapporoving of — unless of course they feel bound by the laws of Political Correctness and Faux Tolerance.

    People on the left are among the most hypercritical, judgmental people I have ever encountered, every bit as much as anyone I know on the right. That you elevate yourselves above the fray of humanness is annoying.

    There are plenty of things each of us “disapproves of” and we needn’t check in with “the correctness commitee” to get their permission.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    That you elevate yourselves above the fray of humanness is annoying.

    Now sozo THAT is hypocrisy!

  17. beerBoy says:

    ij – In the years that you have been closely monitoring my posts, in order to leap on the opportunity to repost an excerpt of something I wrote in the past, I have, only recently, flagged only one of your posts – the one where you called me d*psh*t.

    When you quote me out of context and/or rework a quote out of context from your obsessive fact-gathering on me I respond directly.

    I had a post flagged/removed when I quoted the definition of cyberstalking in response to what I see as your pattern of “gathering information in order to harass” did you do that?

  18. iamjimbo says:

    Nope… and if you feel harrassed by your own quotes… well, so sorry.
    Further, when you tell someone

    “I’m not your research monkey. I’ve read the articles so I can assure you they exist and can be found on the internet. ” …

    but don’t provide links, then turn around later and say

    “basic rule of internet rhetoric, you make the assertion – you provide the supporting evidence. It is taken as a sign that you don’t really have anything to back up your claims …”

    there is enough context to illustrate the hypocrisy.

  19. beerBoy says:

    Great D.O.C. there ij.

    btw – the context of the quote you just quoted was that I immediately followed it with 5 links to support my contention – all of which you dismissed out of hand as “liberal” sources – after which I posted a few more.

    Lying may be done by acts of commission and omission. You do both.

  20. beerBoy says:

    And….more to the point……you spend far more of your time and energy on this site trying to discredit me (and LuckyCharm) than actually discussing the ideas we put forth.

    Your obsessive pursuit of ad hominem as a way of life is evidence of a.small mind.

    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

  21. iamjimbo says:

    I see it differently. You discredit yourself, but I’ll leave it at that.

    I looked at your first link, and it was opinion.

  22. iamjimbo says:

    Oh, and the next time you discuss people, and I post the quote you provided… will you claim it’s an ad hominen attack?

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