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PROP. 8: And so dies the republic

Letter by Karl M. Duff, Port Orchard on Aug. 5, 2010 at 5:28 pm with 23 Comments »
August 5, 2010 5:28 pm

The gay marriage “victory” in California (TNT, 8-5) is like the “victory” of a successful suicide. The victim is now beyond remedy. Those that didn’t know him scarcely notice or care.

Our constitutional republic is the victim and is moribund.

Gone is any significant portion of our society comprehending past constitutional government, now dismembered limb by limb by outlaws. The decision of our largest state’s constitutional referendum to define marriage has been removed by a single judge making up his own rules. “No compelling public interest in limiting marriage as between one man and one woman”? Really! You can tell a lot about people by their decisions.

I’ll wager not a single reader has ever researched the social cost of the gay lifestyle (state and federal health costs, shortened life expectancy, influence on child molestation, ruination of children and families, etc.) or its primary cause (failure of fathers). The data is out there and is devastating, but few know or care.

And what do thousands of years of biblical morality have to do with anything? Did it ever help sustain families or nations? Who knows or cares?

Life may go on, but societies don’t. Even with a twitch or two remaining, there is no remaining heartbeat. Our republic is dead, but does anyone know or really care?

Karl Duff, Port Orchard

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  1. Sumner401 says:

    Got hyperbole Karl?

    Prop 8 violates the US Constitution, plain and simple.
    The Constitution doesn’t allow discrimination, period.

  2. Publico says:

    Karl is a bigot. The judge says so and I agree.
    This will end soon in favor of the gay community, I predict. Get over it.
    The Constituion will live on unaffected. Too bad bigotry will also survive in one form or another.

  3. reformedliberal says:

    “Prop 8 violates the US Constitution, plain and simple.
    The Constitution doesn’t allow discrimination, period.”

    Prop 8 was an equal rights measure. There is no Constitutional issue here.

  4. “Ill wager not a single reader has ever researched the social cost of the gay lifestyle (state and federal health costs, shortened life expectancy, influence on child molestation, ruination of children and families, etc.).

    In my case your correct, I admit to not having done the research. As the letter writer, I can only assume you have. What are your findings? Be specific and site your sources.

    If our republic is dead and there is no remaining heartbeat as you say, the cause is due to pouting crybabies and defeatists like yourself, who when the rule of law goes against their religion and ideology, they claim judges to be the outlaws, and the people to be immoral.

  5. trustsatan says:

    It’s called the Equal Protection Clause, Mr. Duff, and if you learned about our Federal Constitution in school you would understand the text’s relevance to this case. Or maybe you skipped the semester on the Civil War, who knows. Perhaps you should mount a campaign to repeal the 14th Amendment, see how far that flies.

  6. stetsonwalker says:

    Does that mean if I really love her I can marry my sister? And why not?

  7. You’d have to ask HER, stetsonwalker.

  8. stetsonwalker says:

    A rhetorical question since I have no sister but if this crap stands this kind of thing will come up. And really why can a LDS person not have multiple wives?

  9. LOL> This is the straw that made you write a letter on how our republic is dead? Not the income tax, Patriot Act, Czar’s or any of the “states secrats” they hide?

    You are a very callow man, you will burn in your hell for your hate.

  10. foresttnt says:

    Wow is all I should say but I will say more, Karl.
    EVEN IF what you say is true (that there is research showing that a gay lifestyle–and other than attraction to the opposite sex their lifestyle is for the most part the same as “ours”– has all those effects on society):
    First: Research can be skewed to meet whatever the researcher would like to have it indicate. If this so called research exists I would bet it was done by someone with a like opinion to yours.
    Second: Prop 8 being defeated means people who are gay can get married. Prop 8 never kept anyone from being gay or living gay so your point actually isn’t a point at all.
    More importantly, being homosexual is being attracted to the opposite sex, not attracted to children/minors. There is no connection to being gay and being a pedophile. There are pedophiles that are not gay as often as there are that are gay (although I would say more pedophiles are heterosexual just by simply doing some simple arithmetic based on percentage of population of straight vs gay).

  11. There will be no logic understood by people like this letter writer. The defenders of Prop 8 tried to use the same tactics, fear and laothing, but the judge saw through that and asked the real questions. Is there any legitimate reason to deny gays equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the 14th amendment. Those who cite marrying animals, marrying close relatives, polygamy etc. are just whistling a tune that was settled by the Supreme Court long ago. Science and reason prevailed in those cases that showed that there was a legitimate interest by society in denying marriage rights to those types of situations. Just like the ruling against Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage, the court found no scientific evidence that there is harm to society in interracial or gay marriages. Fear and loathing cannot deny Constitutional rights when there is not a single shred of evidence presented to show any ahrm. Plese read the entire case and you will see what foolish arguments the defenders of Prop 8 tried to make, how they used phony statistics and made up propaganda that was called out and shown to be just a bunch of homophobia, like this letter.

  12. bcthumphrey says:

    Why does every hetrosexual think it’s ok to determine how others live? Let everyone live their own lives!

  13. tortoise says:

    OMG Karl, calm down. You sound overwrought.

    Way too melodramatic. Tears and all.

  14. Tuddo, Gays already have equal protection under the law via civil unions. There is no need to overturn Prop 8.

  15. beerBoy says:

    “Separate but equal” was ruled against quite awhile ago Leper.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    Prop 8 was an equal rights measure. There is no Constitutional issue here.

    It’s statements like that that almost make me favor an IQ test for voters.

  17. JAvison says:


    Don’t like it? Move to Iran.

  18. frankiethomas says:

    Karl, if you read the judge’s decsion, he cites the data that refute your assertions. The whole trial was based on propronents showing why the state had a compelling reason to deny equal protection to gays – damage to children, to hetero sexual marriage, society. They could not – in fact when asked point blank why it was detrimental, their own expert conceded “I don’t know, I don’t know”. In fact evidence points the coist to society is GREATER by disallowing gay marriage – it’s in the decision. Also in the decision it is laid out point for point why civil unions rather than marriage IS separate but NOT equal. I know it is a long decsion, but it well worth reading.

  19. Leper, the judge has a very good analysis based on the case facts as presented by both sides why civil union and marriage are not equals under the law. I know you don’t base your opinions on facts, evidence and logic, but fortunately, most of the time, our legal system does.

  20. Reading the comments responding to this letter writer, I am rewarded with hope for the future of our country, with trust in the human race, and faith that God is in the background working through those that who lay least claim to his presence.

    Thanks everyone.

  21. george14017 says:

    Gay marriages do not pose a threat to my marriage. Gay marriages will not increase the gay population. Allowing gay marriages will have zero impact on my life and probably not on anyone else. Karl, what exactly is your problem?

  22. Leper, I have another thought about the equality of civil unions and marriages. If you think they are exactly equal, then why don’t we abolish all marriages and call them civil unions. Same exact thing, right? Why are the Christian right so adamant about keeping marriages to themselves in states that have civil unions if they are exactly the same? There must be something different about it to create such a firestorm of interest in proclaiming that marriage is different and the exclusive right of one group that claims superiority, not equality as their talking points.

    Can you clarify for me how they can be exactly equal and different at the same time?

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