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ELECTION: Iverson is a liberal Democrat

Letter by Joyce Carl, Tacoma on Aug. 3, 2010 at 11:22 am with 36 Comments »
August 3, 2010 11:22 am

Re: “One candidate is the real Democrat” (TNT letters blog, 8-2).

I am responding to Mark Brown (chairman of the 26th District Democratic Party) and his letter about who is a bigger Democrat in the race for Pierce County Council District 7.

Brown states that Chuck West describes himself as a Dino-crat. Many Democrats and independents voted for Dino Rossi in the 2004 governor’s race, and this is evident considering Rossi lost by fewer than 200 votes out of millions cast. So I would say that West was not alone.

What Brown does not state in his letter was that Iverson was anointed by Brown months ago without even considering any other candidates. Why should West bow before Brown and his liberal Democrat cronies and beg for their endorsement?

Iverson is a pro-labor, pro-environment candidate as well as the founder of an organization that endorses health care for all without finding ways to pay for it. And his group rails against corporations that employ thousands of people in the Puget Sound. We don’t need people like Iverson who will put unions and environmental groups first, especially since both groups have contributed thousands of dollars to his campaign (see www.pdc.wa.gov).

We need people like West who will fight for more cops, improved streets and infrastructure and put his business background to good use retaining and attracting needed jobs to Pierce County. We need people like West who truly reflect the values of Pierce County Council District 7.

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  1. Chuck West is a good person, a community activist, and a public employees’ union member. Here’s a quote from the Peninsula Gateway blog: “He has served with the Key Peninsula Fire Department for the past 24 years and the founding member of the Local 3152 of the International Association of Fire Fighters.”

    I am a member of the 26th LD Democrats and we don’t “anoint” anyone. Todd Iverson and, later, Chuck West, solicited our endorsement. The reason Chuck West didn’t get endorsed was that he supported Dino Rossi because Rossi promised his union that he would protect their pensions. The majority of our membership felt this was self-serving and unprincipled.

  2. headedsouth says:

    dateMon, Apr 12, 2010 at 12:58 PM
    subjectRE: Chuck West

    Dear Carl,

    I spoke with Mr. West by telephone a few weeks ago and invited him to our 26th LD meeting. I advised him at that time that we had already given an endorsement and money to Todd Iverson. While the business of the 26th LD Democrats is the business of the 26th LD Democrats, I do not ascribe to dual endorsements.

    Gerry Baldwin
    Vice Chair for Pierce County
    26th Legislative District Democrats

  3. headedsouth says:

    Joan B

    The item the Baldwin wrote in an email says other wise that you gave due process to any other candidate that wanted to try for the 26th Dem Club endorsement. People are tired of lies and politics as usual and you and your Club are serving up both. Keep shining the brass on the Titantic!

  4. Only true democrats need apply. Being connected to Rossi seems a bit outside the perview. What are Mr. West’s thoughts about deficit spending at certain times, universal health care, a woman’s right to choose whether to remain pregnant or not, gay rights and anything else he wishes us to know?

  5. donjames says:

    “What are Mr. West’s thoughts about deficit spending at certain times (?????), universal health care, a woman’s right to choose whether to remain pregnant or not, gay rights… ”

    A projected (by democrats, mind you) shortfall of 3 Billion for the 2011-2013 budget cycle, looming new taxes, unemployment at 9%, and a current democrat-controlled legislature too afraid of the coming elections to do anything about the foregoing, publico articulates the biggest concerns of the looney left. Wow.

    Elections have consequences.

  6. pjbalaska says:

    Liberal Democrat? Then he’s my man!

  7. Fibonacci says:

    Geea Joyce
    “Iverson is a pro-union, pro-environment candidate”. How awful, since unions and evironmentalists are the cause of the bad economy. You are right, we should only vote for pro-business candidates since they have the welfare of all of us, not just themselves, oh wait, they don’t.

  8. headedsouth says:

    Pro-business is what made this country. What Clinton and Bush put in place made our system fail so stop blaming business. I will say that Unions are why Gregoire is hesitant to cut more jobs and budgets to try and save our State since most of the government jobs in for the STate are Union.

  9. Publico says:

    “headedsouth says:
    August 3, 2010 at 4:06 pm
    Pro-business is what made this country.”

    Yes it is. Take a look at the Berkeley Pit in Butte. Take a look in the Gulf of Mexico the past 105 days or so. Take a look at lots of other places where business has left it mark.
    You get the drift, right? Business is far from perfect and thank god we have government to look after them so that they don’t do even more damage. And I am only talking about the environment. Business has other areas of major culpability, like the sub-prime meltdown for example.
    Headedsouth needs a slightly more balanced approach than what he can get from FOX and its buddies.

  10. I know Chuck West and Todd Iverson and would gladly call both friend. They are both good dedicated men that will have the best interests of the people of Pierce County and especially the 7th council district at heart when they make decisions. I plan to vote for Todd because I think he will do a better job dealing with the myriad special interest groups that couldn’t care less about the citizens and just care about making themselves richer at the expense of everyone else, the environment and the future.

  11. TonyCrago says:

    The more liberal the better. So-called conservatives are out to destroy this country and ANYONE who voted for proven liar Dino Rossi isn’t going to get my vote.

  12. Sumner401 says:

    Elections have consequences.

    Which is why it’s so important to make sure no more conservatives get elected.
    All the things you pointed out donjames are the direct result of conservative rule on the national level.
    Budget shortfalls due to loss of revenue.
    “looming taxes” that doesn’t even make any sense, but taxes are going to have to go up, we can’t operate the nation or the state on a credit card the way the republicans would like to do.

    Yes, elections do have consequences, we are all suffering from them as we speak.

  13. jandkgibbs says:

    Follow the money, people.
    Go to the Public Disclosure Commission website and look at who is donating money to the Todd Iverson campaign. These reports tell a story that Todd Iverson is a union hack, funded by union hacks and as their guy will make sure the unions get the first consideration in all decisions he would make on the County Council.

    see page 26

    Now is not the time to elect someone that will want increased taxes and fees to insure pay raises and increased benefits to union members. That dog no longer hunts unless you are a fan of increased tax and fees. Do you think that Iverson will repay his union friends by supporting much needed wage and hiring reductions, cuts and freezes? Heck, no!!!!

    Now is the time to elect conservative thinking individuals to the county council. Presently the council has a conservative majority. Local democrats and unions want to change that to a liberal/ progressive majority. That swing in power will cost all of us dearly. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

    Elections have consequences and adding more democrats to the council will be destructive to Pierce County. We are a center-right county, not KING county. Vote republicans onto the Pierce County Council

  14. headedsouth says:

    So am I to assume all these democrats that have commented walked or rode their bike to work? Or did not use anything made of plastic or throw anything into a land fill? Look at the headlines today – Union State employees backfilled the furloughs with Overtime in olympia! That is tragic! Business did not burn down Rome overnight, where was the Democratic led Congress to put a stop to the downfall? They were collecting Lobbyist checks from big business including Patty Murray. I dont fault her for that, it is just the way government works. But Democrats take politics so personally and you miss the important things in life like working hard, taking care of your family and being part of your community.

  15. headedsouth says:

    I beg voters to Google Public Disclosure Commission and look up Iverson’s donations list:
    Gerry Baldwin, Pilots Union and 26th Dem Club Officer – $600
    Gerry Baldwin – $200 and $200
    Longshore Union – $800
    Electrical Union – $500
    Longshore Union – $400
    Building Union – $500
    Local 3390 – $400
    Engineers Union – $300
    Firefighters Union – $250
    Laborers Union -$250
    UFCW Union – $200
    and the list goes on….Iverson is bought and sold by special interest!!!

  16. Sumner401 says:

    Presently the council has a conservative majority.

    And that explains why things are not going very well.
    Conservatives are known and proven to be very bad for the working man and the economy.
    Look at where the cons have gotten us thus far.
    If you care about your country and your fellow man, the working man that made this country great, vote Democrat!

  17. george14017 says:

    jandkgibbs, I have never belonged to a union and I support Todd because he stands up for good health care and other Democratic values. I voted for Terry Lee twice. He is currently one of the liberal members of the council. Why would we want to replace him with a conservative since all we have to do is look at eight years of wrecking the economy and society to see what conversatives bring.
    headedsouth, why don’t you have me on your list since I contributed as much as Gerry Baldwin and the UFCW Union?
    My son and I urged Chuck to get active in the Democratic party as soon as we heard that he planned to run as a Democrat.
    Betty Ringlee claims to be a Democrat but doesn’t show any sign of either believing in Democratic principles or participation in the party.

  18. headedsouth says:

    Dear Sumner401
    Smell Test – Former Pierce County Executive did not have a problem with the conservative County Council and things got accomplished. Pierce County Council Tim Farrell who is a Democrat and gay seems to get along wonderfully with the mean old conservatives on council since he votes with them on issues a majority of the time. Who are you going to blame next for the County’s problems, George Bush?

  19. headedsouth says:

    George 140
    Smell Test – get a copy of today’s Peninsula Gateway newspaper printed in Gig Harbor and read the letters to the Editor. Lee endorsed Sehmel the Republican who as I read in an article amongst Sehmels likes are guns. Lee did the right thing when you look at the make up of the district. As usual, the emotional Democrats are a day late and a dollar short trying to prove their point with their hearts and not their minds.
    I agree with the letter in the TNT this week – why should anyone go beg for an endorsement of a club like the 26th Dist Democrat Club when they knew months ago they were going to support Iverson. This Club does not represent the people, just their short sighted views on life.

  20. Sumner401 says:

    Headinsouth, the conservatives are the problem and that is who will get the blame.
    I always blame the guilty and it is almost always the right wing republican conservatives.
    Look at the mess they have made of the country! Why would you further trust them to keep making a mess of the county?

  21. nwcolorist says:

    Headedsouth – I would recomend away from responding to posts by Sumner401 and TonyCraypo. They are highly toxic, with a high level of name calling, anti-Right diatribes, and illogical psuedo-reasoning techniques.

  22. headedsouth says:

    Spoken just like a mindless partisan parrot. Guilty like when you consider the mess Democrats like Rangel and Waters have made by taking advantage of the system? The Democrats have been in charge of the House since 2006 and in charge of the Senate since 2008 and your telling me that they had nothing to do with the problem?! They sat back and watch it all fall down so they could win more seats and more power. Get real and get factual!

  23. Sumner401 says:

    I would recomend away from responding to posts by Sumner401 and TonyCraypo. They are highly toxic, with a high level of name calling, anti-Right diatribes, and illogical psuedo-reasoning techniques.

    Translation for lars,
    Don’t start with this guy because he is far better than any of us and tells the truth, which is scary and I don’t know how to combat it.

  24. Sumner401 says:

    Seriously? Rangel? That is how you defend what the conservatives have done to the country?
    “But mommy, they do it to, we broke the entire nation but look, one of them might have gotten a parking ticket, so that makes what we did OK!”
    Seriously? That is what you’ve got? Deflection, you’re standing on that?

    Tell me one bit of legislation the Democrats passed since 2006 that caused the economic meltdown. Legislation that using your ‘logic’ caused the entire economy to collapse in less than 2 years.
    What is the name of that legislation? What did the Democrats DO from 2006 to 2008 that caused the melt down?
    You say the “sat back and watched”, well tell me what the republicans did, other than what they are still doing today, standing in the way and preventing any progress for nothing more than political gain.

    Stop with the name calling, stop with the talking points and talk to me, if you can.

  25. headedsouth says:

    Sumner401 –
    I am not going to argue with an idiot. I will do my talking with my ballot and help educate those who minds are not closed off.

    Voters in Pierce County District 7 –
    Do not vote for Todd Iverson he is a liberal Democrat that will destroy the hard work Terry Lee accomplished over the 8 years of being our voice on the County Council.

  26. I am only commenting because it drives HeadedSouth crazy not to have the last word. Vote for Todd.

  27. headedsouth says:

    joanb –
    Todd is not moderate enough to represent the needs of the residents of 7th District. This is not a joke and I am not amused. You and your cronies are more concerned about having a Democrat majority on Council, we are concerned about our quality of life. Iverson should sell his waterfront house and move and run in Tim Farrell’s seat in 2012, that is a liberal District.

  28. Sumner401 says:

    Sumner401 –
    I am not going to argue with an idiot. I will do my talking with my ballot and help educate those who minds are not closed off.

    Translation for lars,
    You’re right, I have lost the debate and I have no facts and nothing what so ever to stand on, so I will do as I always do when beaten by my superiors, I will call them names and try like the dickens to save as much face as I can, which is none.

    Thanks for the admission of your loss headedsouth, albeit in a typical right winger way.

  29. headedsouth says:

    First off, Car’s letter about Iverson was printed in the TNT and read by thousands of voters so we have won part of the battle right there. I thought I was being nice by using the word idiot = someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way but you seem to be a glutton for punishment. I am hosting a neighborhood BBQ tonight to discuss who is running for office and I am going to do my best to defeat Todd Iverson. There are only 4.9% of the absentee ballots in so there is time to defeat Iverson.

  30. HeadedSouth,

    You have friends!? Am I right about you and the last word?

    Vote for Tod.

  31. Sumner401 says:

    I see that you are going for the ‘diversion’ defense, and failing.
    You simply can’t stop the discussion we were having when you have been asked questions you can’t answer, at least not truthfully.
    Calling your betters names is really a lame, but very republican/conservative way of running from the argument you have just lost.

    You’ve done it twice now, but since my point remains unanswered by you I and the “thousands of voters” that have read THIS know how bankrupt you and your party really are.
    Good luck with your little BBQ, I’m sure you and your dog will have great time.

  32. headedsouth says:

    I did not want to get off topic and stuck in your vortex. Just like most liberals, you care more about the argument than finding answers and solutions. In your world there are only winners and losers and that is why liberal people dont make good leaders becuase they dont look at the bigger, longterm picture. The topic i am writing about is asking people not to vote for Todd Iverson since he is too liberal for Pierce County Council District 7. BTW – the Carl letter was in actual print so thousands of people did read it unlike your rants and raves. I already have 33 people – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – at my house (including my Lab) and they are getting a good laugh from your comments and enjoying life.

  33. Sumner401 says:

    So your sticking with changing the subject because you know you can’t win with the one pick to start with.
    OK, I understand, you’re a typical neoconservabagger.
    Nice segway into the personal attack, at least your trying to be creative.

    I will say this, I did enjoy the irony and outright falsehoods in your latest whine.
    Long term, big picture? Are you kidding me?
    How can you say things like that with a straight face?

  34. headedsouth says:

    Sumner401 –
    42 votes againts Iverson and those people are passing that along to family and friends and co-workers. Gotta love facebook, twitter and email. Joanb – this is truly my last repsonse. Good bless you and Sumner401 and God Bless America!

  35. headedsouth – if your entertainment is based upon showing posts from Sumner to “33 people” to get them to laugh at an anonymous poster it suggests that you aren’t really “enjoying life”.

  36. Ringlee says:

    Dear Mr. Brown of Port Orchard,

    Thank you for your great assistance to my wife Betty Ringlee’s campaign. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Party hacks like you run the local party organizations, and have no clue about what motivates people vote in this district. The negative ads provided by the State Democratic party (without our knowledge) cost Betty her election against Bob Oke in 2002. We continue a cordial rejection of local and State party fanatics. Betty and I are quite happy having a mix of great republican and democrat friends, family and supporters—kind of like “normal” people do in the United States of America.

    So why do we call ourselves democrats? We believe that families are the backbone of America, and many members of our families have properly used Social Security and Medicare—in fact, they love the programs so much that to get them to stop using them, you would have to pry those programs from their cold, dead fingers. We also believe in strong public schools—that compete in the world, not just with other states, like the ones Betty fought for on the School Board for 10 years. That also means top quality Universities (like the ones our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and kids attended) that prepare people for world competition. These are long term democrat values that we want for our kids, and their kids—just like our folks wanted for us. Go ahead, Google “Ringlee” and see what you find! You’ll find lots of honorable veterans too!

    My immigrant grandfather helped start the Teamsters in Seattle. My local cousins are proud Teamsters and IBEW members. Betty has been both a union member (IBEW, Teamsters and a Guild) for over 15 years, and a salaried employee “at will” for 8 more years. She has a better personal perspective of employment issues than any other candidate in this race, yet she is NOT owned by any union or other group.

    Mark, of course we put a chunk of our own money in this campaign—how could we possibly ask others to contribute if we didn’t have our own skin in the game?

    As for your off base opinion of my wife’s results as a School Board member, I’d expect a Port Orchard resident to be un-informed of local issues here in District 7.

    Thanks again for your help to VERIFY that we are, in fact, MODERATE people. Betty is a candidate willing to work with anyone to achieve ethical, family focused goals and provide accurate governmental assistance for all constituents in County Council District 7.

    David R. Ringlee, GIG HARBOR (actually part of District 7)

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