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MEDIA: Article biased against conservatives

Letter by Donald W. Post, Milton on Aug. 2, 2010 at 11:41 am with 14 Comments »
August 3, 2010 9:17 am

Re: “Billionaire brothers face investing charge” (TNT, 7-31).

The article about the charges the billionaire brothers Wylys face seemed more interested in pointing out their support for conservative candidates and causes than the charges.

It’s understandable that their support for conservative candidates and causes be pointed out, but almost half the article was devoted to that alone, in which it identified, by name, 11 individuals they had contributed to.

After reading the article, I couldn’t help but think that the reporter who wrote it had some bias in his reporting.

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  1. drummerswidow says:

    And if the Wylys had contributed heavily to liberal/progressive candidates, and that fact was not mentioned in the article, I’m sure we would see letters to the editor criticizing the article for hiding the Wylys’ leftist agenda and revealing the newspaper as being a tool of the leftists. Yadda, yadda.

  2. Mentioned, perhaps. The writer points out that it was a bit more than a mere mention.

    Surely you are not surprised by this. How else can we get the light off Charlie Rangel?

  3. donjames says:

    There have been exactly 10 articles in this paper concerning the rangel scandals since Oct. 9, 2009 – eight of which have appeared since July 24. With all due respect sozo, I would hardly call that a spot light treatment – especially in light of the fact that his ethics-challenged operations have been fodder for enlightened discussion and ridcule in many other venues for years now.

  4. Publico says:

    don, sozo is Foxified so don’t be too harsh or too surprised.

  5. Its not surprising that Charlie Rangel is being demonized to get the light of those “Wily boys”.

  6. Rangel needs to do the honorable thing…………for once.

  7. dj…I was just being a snot. My apologies. It’s just that the media is so leftist most of the time, I jumped at a chance to take a jab.

  8. Foxified? That’s a new one. And is it a more serious condition than being Foxaphobic?

  9. donjames says:

    No “honor” among thieves, ask maxine waters. And if your deck is full of trump cards (i.e. race cards), none of the other players (media, colleagues, democrat leadership, constituents, etc) will call your bluff.

    Maybe now that we have a black president the cache of being a black congressman has finally diminished enough for the pit boss to call for a new deck. Unfortunate timing for the dems though… makes me want to cry. (Enter the Foley artist for rain sound effects.)

  10. Here’s a little something just for you publico (and your little pal Sumner) –and I wasn’t anywhere near Fox news when I found it:

    “It’s hard to find any positive news that would boost public opinion,” says Richard Eichenberg of Tufts University, who studies presidential polling and foreign policy.”

    He’s speaking here about the president’s current approval rating of 41% as per the most recent Gallup poll.

  11. Does C-span meet your high standards? Check this out — especially you Sumner since you love to blow the whistle on hypocrites:


  12. george14017 says:

    Well, sozo, we can’t help it that so much very costly consumer fraud is perpetrated by conservatives. Sorry but that is the way it is.

  13. Sumner401 says:

    sozo has been beaten….again.
    I’m not sure why she attacks me in this, I haven’t even posted or read this thread until now.

    “foxified” is a very good term to use for sozo and her fellow teabaggers, they only believe what fox tells them to.
    Rangel is a very good example of it, HE is the one that asked to be investigated, HE wanted it to clear his name. The horrible charges against him are nothing compared to what Ensign is facing yet, I would be willing to bet fox never mentions Ensign or any of the other republicans under investigation…do they?

    It’s funny how the foxified think that ANY mention of a conservative doing something crooked is some how ‘biased’, but it’s to be expected when you only get your ‘news’ from a known propaganda/campaign ‘network’.

  14. yeah, about that clearing of his name of those “horrible charges” ..hmmm… poor Charlie.

    Hey, I’m for busting any politician that abuses his/her office. Of course that won’t leave many in office, but I’m still for it regardless of race, religion or party.

    Nancy Pelosi promised to drain the swamp didn’t she? I fear her pal Harry might in fact be circling that drain, and Barbara Boxer too? Based on the Missouri turn out and their vote on Prop C, perhaps Nancy needs to be thinking about it herself!

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