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ECONOMY: What happened to Made in America?

Letter by Laraine M. Harrison, Kent on July 30, 2010 at 1:27 pm with 53 Comments »
July 30, 2010 2:00 pm

The Republicans blocked a bill to help small businesses borrow expansion money from small banks. The bill would have helped American businesses create American jobs.

We need the jobs, and the huge corporations are not only sending all our jobs overseas, they’re also applying for (and receiving) special visas so non-citizens can come to our country and take more American jobs.

Go to any big chain and try to find something made in America. Revere ware, KitchenAid, Black & Decker, Craftsman: all American icons and all now made in other countries. And good luck finding any bedding that’s made here.

We need to get our economy going. Let’s start regulating big business and cut out their tax breaks and shelters. Let’s help small businesses expand and hire more people. Let’s stop outsourcing our jobs. Let’s stop giving tax breaks to the top 1 or 2 percent of our population while the rest of us try to carry our country on our backs.

Let’s make Congress work for us, not for the corporations and the rich.
And even if you have to pay more and shop on the Internet, buy American.

I’m a strong progressive, and I want my country back, too. We all need to work together to make it happen.

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  1. artsandcrafts says:

    What Happened? NAFTA… Bill Clinton’s baby. That and the high price of doing business in the U.S.

  2. artsandcrafts says:

    … p.s. Laraine, Barry and co. have the majority and have for over a year and half (congress since 2006, which coincidentally is when the economy started to tank), how can the repubs block anything w/o the help of a few good democrats?

  3. TonyCrago says:

    Hmmm President Bill Clinton created a surplus – and AWOL George took about a minute to turn it into the biggest deficit in US history. Did that bother the righties? Heck no – they don’t care about deficits when its a REPUBLICAN spending the money!

    The GOP shot itself in the foot this week. Blocking the bill that would have helped small banks loan to small business will be used in every Democratic candidate’s ads reminding people that no matter what lies you hear on Faux News, the GOP is AGAINST the little guy. Only the inbred and terminally stupid believe differently.

  4. Zillahboy says:

    What happened to made in America? Can you mulitply 2000 (An average work year) by $75.00 an hour (which is what the average auto-maker employee when makes when medical, retirement………are programmed in to the total.) Unless I didn’t do my math right that comes to about $150,000 thousand a year.
    That is what labor unions have pushed, and pushed, and pushed for until now many Americans simply can’t afford to pay for their demands.

  5. Sumner401 says:

    What Happened? NAFTA… Bill Clinton’s baby.

    You meant to say, G bush’s baby, the first bush failure that is.

  6. Sumner401 says:

    Artsnadcrafts, are you rocella? You parrot the party taking points like he did.

  7. artsandcrafts says:

    Sumner, are you nonfactor? Craftsman? Living Larger? Toyotaman? You parrot just like those neo-socpuppets.

  8. artsandcrafts says:

    tony, it was the GOP led congress’ balanced budget. All Billy did was sign it, when he wasn’t busy wagging his finger at us. Just like Bush, it was the democrat congress who wrote the budgets when the economy sank… Bush just signed it.

    Where do you soc-puupets come from?

  9. stetsonwalker says:

    Sommer401, don’t even try to put NAFTA on a Bush. I was right in the Boeing hangar in Renton when Clinton signed on and had an interview with David Brinkley afterward. I was volunteered to clean the hanger beforehand (of coarse I was getting paid $30.00 per hour to do it).

  10. TonyCrago says:

    So arts and crafts you repeat the party line from Faux News. Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to buy that? Bush and the GOP ran the ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for SIX years – SIX years. Who are you going to blame for the debt they created? The Dems????? The GOP was in power. You cannot possibly be that stupid – oops I take that back you’re a republican so I guess you can be but we’re not. SIX YEARS boy SIX YEARS. SIX YEARS when the GOP controlled the White House, the Congress and the Senate. SIX YEARS when the surplus was given to AWOL Bush’s rich friends – the top 1% and the world’s largest deficit was created and you right wingers didn’t say a peep. You were happy because it was REPUBLICAN spending. So tell the truth. Just once in your life man up. You don’t care about spending as long as it’s republican spending. The rest of us didn’t get up and take a stupid pill this AM. Maybe you should try not taking one tomorrow?

  11. hansgruber says:

    Poor Laraine, again thinking the rich pay nothing and everyone else carries the country on their backs,

    Considering 47% of all taxpayer carry NO income tax liability and 40% actually get more money back then they pay should be troubling to you, shouldn’t it? “The top 1 percent pay over half of the entire revenue for this country

    The rich do so much more than just pay taxes, their contributions to charities help support the poorest of the poor. They take advantage of reducing their tax burden to the government by giving to charities that do far more benefiting work than our government can do for these people. Just look at the percent of income given to charities: Obama gave less than 6%, Biden less than 1%, GW Bush gave over 10% and Cheney 77%.

    But I am sure this is way over your head, so keep the mantra of Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and Obama “The rich don’t pay their fair share”.

  12. It is amazing to me that opinions have to be laced with nasty comments and put downs. Marine this is a free country because of the men and women who wear a uniform, but it doesn’t give you or the others the right to call people names just because they disagree with you. Because it is a free country we are entitled to our own opinions and there should be a certain amount of respect that goes with that. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong or right it is just there opinion. It would be nice to see some intelligent comments here rather than name calling for a change.

  13. jandkgibbs says:

    I think I met this letter writer at an event once. If she is the same lady she drives a Toyota Prius and not an American car. This goes to the creditabily of progressives.

    Get real. It’s a world market out there. To be competive we need the unions to help. They can’t see that they are driving companies out of the country and the public is seeing this and no longer supporting the union efforts. The public see the unions are a cancer.

    I bought a Ford. I did not want Obama to build my car. I need it to start each morning, Isn’t it funny that only cars built by Obama motors want you to buy their crap but will give you a refund in 60 days when it breaks down.

    Yes, buy American but don’t buy Obama made crap.

  14. Apparently Laraine and her liberal friends never took a course basic economics. (And it’s obvious Obama never did either.)

  15. InsideJob says:

    How much does anybody want to bet that Laraine M. Harrison has never put anything but her own self interests first. Notice how she so cavalierly refers to “we” as in “we need to get our economy going” – it has always impressed me that people who use we in that way are generally speaking the least civic minded I have ever met.

    Worry about yourself before you start telling others what “we” need to do. You sound just like our current tax cheating treasury secretary Timothy Geithner.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    don’t even try to put NAFTA on a Bush.

    The first failed bush and the republicans are the ones that dreamed it up.
    I know you republicans need to run from your failures and blame Clinton for everything, but according to you and your media handlers, it’s not good to blame others, right?

  17. TonyCrago says:

    So again we see that no republican can show up here and do anything other than threaten us from his mom’s basement or quote sources other than Faux News.

    I am still waiting for any of you inbred right wingers to help me understand how it was that after SIX YEARS of TOTAL government control creating the biggest budget and trade deficits in US history that it was Democrat’s fault. I am also still waiting to hear why you righties were okay with debt under that cowardly AWOL Bush. Face it – you’re hypocrites and everyone with an IQ of 12 or above sees it.

    Oh and Fake Marine, you need to get busy with my toilet. It’s not clean yet.

  18. Sumner401 says:

    “What happened to made in America?”

    We handed the nation over to the conservatives, that is what happened.
    The money that used to flow out to the middle class now only flows UP and then off shore.
    The top 1% now control 90% of the nations wealth.
    Think about that.
    It has happened by design, by the right. They have worked hard over the last 30 years to transfer the wealth of the nation to the top 2%, and they are almost done.
    All they need is another few years of control, a few more years of the brain dead supporters parroting the trickle down BS and then they will have and control everything and everybody.
    Go down to Mexico, that is what this country will look like if we keep electing republicans.
    The few super wealthy and the very poor masses.
    Thats what the right has convinced their supporters to vote for.

  19. Sumner401 says:

    The rich do so much more than just pay taxes, their contributions to charities help support the poorest of the poor.

    The best example of rightwing brain scrubbing I’ve seen in a long time.

  20. donjames says:

    Gee Laraine, as a self proclaimed “strong progressive”, kindly enlighten the conservative majority to exactly what convoluted vision of your country you “want back.”

    Not mine, and not the 60% of the population who do not share your phony liberal views.

  21. Sumner401 says:

    kindly enlighten the conservative majority

    Two things,
    1) There is no conservative majority. That is a conservative myth put forth by conservatives.
    2) enlightening a conservative is impossible, they do not have the ability to think on their own which is necessary for enlightenment.

  22. hansgruber says:

    Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-six percent (56%) disapprove.

    Seventy-five percent (75%) prefer free markets over a government managed economy,

    Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters nationwide would like a law like Arizona’s new immigration law in their own state. Support for the law is even higher in Arizona.

    Go libs!


  23. Sumner401 says:

    Epic fail!

  24. hensandducks says:

    I agree completely!

  25. TonyCrago says:

    Sigh – Rasmussen is a Faux News owned polling company so remember they must share the same motto as Faux News:

    “We distort – We decide!”

  26. “What happened to “Made in America”-
    Same thing (Exactly the same thing) that happened to “Moor in Massachusetts”
    John Kerry is still the “answer”
    Guess that means it’s o.k. to not buy license tabs for my (not) 3/4 million dollar used truck. But If they find out, then..well..yawn..I guess..maybe…I’ll probably have to look good for the cameras..(darn it , everybody else gets away with this don’t they Charlie?)
    Problem: “I got caught”. Not “I did Wrong”. It’s not a “D” or “R” issue.
    What happened to “Made in America”.

  27. “think I met this letter writer at an event once. If she is the same lady she drives a Toyota Prius and not an American car. This goes to the creditabily of progressives.”

    I think maybe, possibly, it coulda’ been probably. Let’s start a few rumors, make a few insinuations and innuendos to destroy the writers character. Such fun! And how politically prowess!

  28. “I bought a Ford. I did not want Obama to build my car. I need it to start each morning, Isn’t it funny that only cars built by Obama motors want you to buy their crap but will give you a refund in 60 days when it breaks down.”

    “Yes, buy American but don’t buy Obama made crap.”

    How can anyone be so brainwashed as to make such a statement? That statemnt is a great example of a non-thinking American public has willfully given up their common sense in favor dancing to the ideological strings of their spinmasters.

  29. jandkgibbs, if you bought a Ford, good chances are that it was made with a lot of parts from Mexico and maybe even assembled up to 90% in Mexico. The special trade zone that Bush sr. set up allowed Ford to label its cars made in America even though most people would say 90% made in Mexico is stretching it a little. Toyota has been making cars in America for over 50 years, and please don’t tell those Texans who proudly drape the trucks they make 100% from parts made in the USA and assembled 100% in the USA that San Antonio is not American.

    And, union-made automobiles are the big comeback kids in the current economy. The auto-loan bailouts were so successful that the automakers that received the loans have paid them back with interest, and all are making a profit for the first time in many, many years. I judge political decisions by their success, and this one has our free enterprise auto making plants humming again, much to the chagrin of Fox News and Republican leaders in Congress who flatly stated we should let the auto industry die in America.

  30. Sumner401 says:

    How can anyone be so brainwashed as to make such a statement?

    Anyone that listens to and swallows the GOP ‘news’ outlets.

  31. stetsonwalker says:

    Don’t care where it was assembled, show me a Toyota or any other rice rocket jap crap car hat was assemble with US parts. It ain’t happening!

  32. stetsonwalker says:

    That goes for rice trucks as well!

  33. stetsonwalker, I guess the only car you will drive then is a Ford Econoline with 95% parts from the USA for the highest rating of “Made in America” (US law says “made in America” means any car assembled in the USA with 75% or more of its parts from the USA or Canada, except for a sweetheart deal Ford got for its plant in Mexico, which qualifies as US parts, and they do not have to tell us, so maybe some of those Econoline parts are really from south of the border.

    The Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sienna, and Toyota Camry have the same percent of US parts as Ford Five Hundred, Ford Explorer, Ford Freestyle, Ford F Series, Lincoln Town Car and many cars and trucks from GM – 80%-85% and more than a whole slew of Ford, Chevy and other GM cars at 75% US parts.

  34. And, if you are insulting rice growers and eaters, then there’s good news about the USA concerning rice, too. 85 %of all rice consumed in America is grown here, and US growers send 50 percent of their annual production to overseas customers. Now, I’ve insulted plenty of Texans in my day, especially when I lived there, but insulting them for making Made in USA cars and trucks and being rice growers (fourth largest) and eaters just goes a little too far.

    Or, perhaps, were you just making a racist remark with your comment?

  35. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Global Competiveness is a fraudulent concept sold to the Congress years ago and has accomplished nothing for U.S. employment prospects for the future! Unfettered capitalism within our borders is a great system however, internationally you cannot compete with trained very low wage labor in foreign factories unless you want to lower your standard of living! Additionally, the future of the middl;e class within the U.S. is in jeopardy if you cannot manufacture and can only provide service and consumption! The Congress must pass legislation/tarrifs that level the playing field for imports vs U.S. manufactured products or you can plan on becoming a two-class late great world economic power


  36. I would agree if the word “unfettered” was left out.

    Buy American!

  37. lovethemountains says:

    What happened to “Made in America?” We started buying foreign because it is cheaper. You cannot blame corporate American alone for this situation although they share the blame with U.S. consumers and our labor unions.

  38. larsman says:

    Vin #’s beginning with a “1”= primary % is U.S.A.
    Vin #’s beginning with a “2”= primary % is Canada
    Vin #’s beginning with a “3”= primary % is Mexico

    Was considering buying a Chevy HHR, but they are Vin # 3’s

  39. larsman says:

    PS-House of Brick- We originally had protected tariffs until war trade, sweetheart deals and foreign lobbyists eroded that protective barrier into what is today known as ‘business-as-usual’. It’s the age-old conflict of safety vs. convenience’, under pressure from competition or war( Robert Cray had the same dilemma with implementing his CRAY II computer system for the DOD)
    That morphed into crisis or conflict invention/management and the war mentality (Sun Tsu) gravitated down to government and down further to business (we are not in business, we are at war..ever hear that at 6-Sigma or Post-Deming seminars) ? Almost forgot the obvious-sports…
    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of whatever country gives me the best deal today”.

  40. larsman, actually, the first number of the VIN tells where the car was assembled. If it is a 1, 4 or 5, then the vehicle was assembled in a region of the United States. There is no way one can tell from the VIN what percentage of parts came from what country. Parts made in Canada count toward the “Made in America” label exactly the same as parts manufactured in the USA. The VIN is a worldwide system, and most countries, unlike the USA with its “Made in the USA” law, do not have any legislation about where parts come from.

    In my posts above I made reference to an exemption Ford got for Mexican parts and assemblage. That was true until the 2009 model year. In 2010, the Toyota Camry and Toyota Tundra have the highest percentage of parts made in the USA, at 90%, eclipsing Ford products, many of which fell to 70% and thus cannot be labeled “Made in the USA”. Sorry for not being totally current.

  41. Sumner401 says:

    Vin #’s beginning with a “1”= primary % is U.S.A.
    Vin #’s beginning with a “2”= primary % is Canada
    Vin #’s beginning with a “3”= primary % is Mexico

    And you wonder why you have no credibility.

  42. beerBoy says:

    So……the union pushed for medical benefits which raises the cost per employee to $75/hr……..another argument for universal coverage health care. But, Reagan busted the Unions…..can’t really blame the economy on the unions.

    NAFTA – one of several Clinton triangulations to please the right.

    “Outsourcing is good for the US economy” – that was the Bush Administration

    Get rid of the protections enacted after the Great Depression – Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush….

    Bottom line though…..the reason why our economy is in the dumper is that the financial sector wizards decided to play the short game – get rid of raw materials, labor and manufacturing – and not manufacture anything at all. US Capitalism is a Ponzi scheme.

  43. NAFTA robbed America of it’s home made products. Ross Perot warned about it but people wanted Clinton instead because he looked like a Kennedy. This is how stupid our voting populace is and why we are doomed.

  44. How can the rich give soooo much money to charities and the poor? THEY can afford to! I encourage everyone to become rich so that they also can help the poor. Many liberal heads just exploded in clouds of pink mist.

  45. djknay, it is interesting that The Heritage Foundation, a very staunchly pro free enterprise research organization with ties to conservative political thought is still touting NAFTA. They call George Bush (sr) the “architect” of NAFTA and give him all the praise. Its also interesting to see conservative commenters now try to blame Clinton for all the supposed evils of NAFTA, but forget that they said at the time that NAFTA would be Bush’s (not Clinton’s) most impressive legacy. The Heritage Foundation claims that NAFTA has created a net of 200,000 jobs in America. At least they did in 2008 with the last article I could find on their website about the subject. I think Clinton was wowed by the false research and enormous support American businesses gave to NAFTA, and saw it as a way to show conservatives and independents that he was pro-business and not a tool of the unions. To fight NAFTA at the time would have meant losing the election. Perot did well for a third party candidate, but lost the election big time.

  46. Sumner401 says:

    This is how stupid our voting populace is and why we are doomed.

    For proof of the voter stupidity one need look no further than gw bush, cheney, palin, bainer, mcconnel, mccain, bauckman and many other republicans.

  47. Sumner401 says:

    its also interesting to see conservative commenters now try to blame Clinton for all the supposed evils of NAFTA,

    They blame Clinton for everything, so why not? Never mind the facts, if they think it’s bad, a Democrat gets the blame, even when they did it.
    Clinton or Carter, it’s like we’ve never had a republican president to those blind and brain dead.

  48. larsman says:

    Vin #’s after the ” / ”

    Oh, and Miss “Zip Code” where did you get such a Big word to use, not knowing the definition (that means-meaning), how or why they are used?

    “Credibility”? like Miss Zip Code has a n y

    Miss Zip Code is nothing more than a generalizing “bomb thrower”

  49. larsman says:

    Park your yacht in Rhode Island and stop hyperventilating when you attempt to write, there zip…

  50. murphtall says:

    “The top 1% now control 90% of the nations wealth. Think about that.”

    Been thinking about it since the 80s. My solution is to become one of the 1%ers. Granted I have not yet hit 40, am only 10 years into home ownership and my house barely makes over 100k/year but we are growing.

    maybe its just me. i was told in order to play basketball i had to do so by the rules. Okay, the rules suck and the game is difficult, but whatever, a rule is a rule. this life thing. i was told to play by the rules. if the rules are the top 1% has the most money then the goal is to be one of the top 1%. it seems simple to me. I had a coupla million dollar years in the 90s. it rocks! yea, you pay out the nose in taxes, that sucks, but those are the rules. i don’t like the tax rules so i vote to change them. isn’t that they way its done?

  51. Zillahboy says:

    Sumner, you are so filled with hatred, that even though you are obviously an intelligent person, you all too often resort to petty name calling. Get out of the gutter and stop calling everyone who does’t agree with you “stupid.”

  52. Zillahboy, you do know that Sumner was quoting djknay, who called voters “stupid”, don’t you?

  53. beerBoy says:

    Even Alan Greenspan, who supported the Bush tax cuts, has stated that they don’t make sense at this time.

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