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ELECTION: Campbell’s claims are unfair

Letter by Carolyn S. Earwood, Graham on July 29, 2010 at 2:44 pm with 13 Comments »
July 30, 2010 9:20 am

We received a postcard from state Rep. Tom Campbell’s re-election campaign. It claims that JT Wilcox – Campbell’s challenger in the 2nd district – made a “million-dollar fortune off his workers.”

For the ad to suggest that an entrepreneur is wrong to make a profit from his family business is just wrong. Is Campbell suggesting we redistribute wealth, that it is not right to to make a profit?

The card cites a 2008 Seattle newspaper headline about how the Wilcox Family Farms “plans to lay off third of work force.” The Wilcox farming business ended milk production because it was no longer producing the income needed to be profitable.

If part of your business is not producing, then you downsize and try to cut costs so you can continue making a profit. I am sure this was a difficult decision, and to suggest that the Wilcox family business gleefully laid off one third of their employees is unfair.

The ad was paid for by Top 5 Contributors and put together by Moxie Media, which has worked for such liberal organizations as the Environmental Defense Fund, MoveOn.org, the Service Employees International Union and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

I am voting for Wilcox because he has run a successful business and has had to make hard choices to continue a local family owned business. It is time for new ideas and new blood in Olympia.

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  1. Government is not a business and cannot be run like one. Please get that simple fact through your thick skull.

  2. Tom, this attack ad is classless. You had my vote, but was on the fence. The Wilcox family are great stewards of their land and business, JT would make a fine addition to our state legislature. Need a little common sense in our legislature. You are better than this, you have represented the people well (as well as anybody can do in the minority in our tax and spend more state)

  3. cadana1961 says:

    Are you sure, a success here would naturally, bring success to his govmnt office? Last time we elected a businesman to office we ended up in 2 wars – both unfunded – an infrastructure that was delapidated, zero energy policy, an environmental policy underfunded, and a huge deficit to pass on to the next generation, just to name a few … Granted one businessman does not all businessmen make, but the last example was a failure and I am apt to learn not to repeat mistakes ….

  4. Sumner401 says:

    So what part of the ad is incorrect?

  5. Commandtiger says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Tom Campbell at least he served in the Military and we don’t need any more non-Veterans in our state congress, The non -vet tends to forget the fredom he has to run for this office. If you can run for office thank a Veteran. Enought said

  6. commandtiger- Send veterans to Olympia, but only if they are armed and “locked and loaded”. We need to see a little “purification through the blood of patriots”.

    Your mantra has become sooo boring and passe.

    We need people in Olympia with a clear understanding of the existing economy and a sincere desire to represent their constituency and not bloated lobbiests. This takes all kinds of people and not only veterans. Just because one aimed a weapon at another human being or ordered such an event does not make them automatically a prime candidate to represent other Americans. Get over yourself.

  7. stetsonwalker says:

    Was a supporter of Campbells, but no more. He has obviously been there too long and this crosses the line.

  8. I want you to know that these pieces were NOT approved, funded or had any input by my campaign. I have always conducted my campaigns on what I have done not tearing down anyone, ever. As this campaign unfolds you will see only information about ME from my campaign. Saying that my campaign is behind this is false. If you have questions please call me at 253-843-4455.

  9. Mr. Campbell,

    You are implying that campaign material can be sent out about and for you without your knowledge. How can this be? Further, now that you know of this material, will you be calling a news conference and/or sending a press release to media outlets repudiating this material? Certainly the post on this thread won’t be your only response, or will it?

  10. tcampbell says:

    I am not “implying” anything, it is a fact that this and any other “independent expenditure” is sent out without my knowledge or approval. It can be because the courts have struck down any attempt by the legislature, members of both parties, including me want to stop this practice. They consider these expenditures “free speech” and beyond the legislatures reach to regulate or ban. I will respond to any and all inquiries on this and any matter during the campaign as I do in office. I am proud of my record and will run on it. If you need further information please call me at 253-843-4455 and take a look at my website at http://www.tcampbell.com.

  11. Mytake:
    Some of what you say is true but without veterans we have no country which is exactly where that idiot Obama is taking us, Europe Part 2.
    That is the simple fact that the left ignores.
    As a veteran I will tell you that “pointing a weapon at someone” as you put it was a pathetic way of putting it. But what do you expect from someone that hasn’t served. If you have to make a decision in combat where there is no greater stress it makes it easy to make one sitting on your butt in Olympia.
    Remember this, Al Franken who is a total waste of human cell tissue, is a U.S. Senator. And to think that there were more votes counted then there were registered voters in Minnesota.

  12. Thank you Tom! I have spoken to you a few times in the past, and really have appreciated your straightforwardness and honesty. It’s refreshing to have somebody like you in office. Thank you for addressing this. Funny, you know if you were a democrat incumbent, they would have called you for input prior to running this editorial and put a little “*Tom Campbell has stated his campaign had nothing to do with this ad”. Sorry for thinking you were behind it.

  13. Kelly0117 says:

    A big problem with our current political system is the expenditure of large sums of money separate from individual campaigns in an attempt to influence voters. That is exactly what happened with this campaign piece. When it arrived in my mailbox I realized immediately this wasn’t Tom Campbell’s style. I looked for the fine print to find out who published & mailed it. Sure enough–it was NOT from the Tom Campbell campaign.

    Voters–before allowing any campaign piece to influence your thoughts about a candidate or initiative, please, read the fine print to find out what organization or individual is attempting to influence your vote and that of your neighbors. Don’t be swindled by a quick glance at a flashy propaganda piece!

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