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ARIZONA: Government wrong to interfere

Letter by John L. Brooks, Spanaway on July 28, 2010 at 1:43 pm with 14 Comments »
July 29, 2010 9:08 am

So once again a federal judge says the people of a state really don’t know what they’re doing after they vote on a law and it passed.

When are the people of this nation going to stand up and say “No more”? I see this immigration problem as very simple: They sneak in and need to go back.

Amnesty? No! We don’t reward murders, bank robbers, thieves and most anyone else who breaks the law (except for some on Wall Street). So why should we welcome illegals?

The federal government hasn’t been doing its job. Now that Arizona wants to do the job, it wants to block it.

The government needs to go back to what it does best: giving our money to countries that spit back at us and throwing it away on trying to bring peace to a region that has been in turmoil since the Crusades.

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  1. TonyCrago says:

    Sigh – the right wing racists just don’t get it. Who’s going to pay to send these alleged 11 million illegal aliens back to where they came? Do any of the right wingers realize what that would cost? They really just hate anyone who isn’t white and they don’t care about freedom or the Constitution unless it serves their interests. The federal government has a right under the Constitution to control immigration policy. You don’t get to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you follow. It’s all or nothing. The federal judge did the right thing. Stopping the teapartiers, republicans and other right wing racists is honorable and just.

  2. tubbythetuba says:

    If Obama is not going to enforce existing law (which the AZ law emulates), the States will have to do so. BTW, who cares who pays to ship them back? We’ll be billions ahead be getting rid of them and their also-illeagl anchor brats. They will be welcomes with open arms after they get a green card and follow legal procedures. Anyone disagreeing with being legal has their heads in a sunshine-devoid nitch.

  3. TonyCrago, you got it exactly correct. The Federal Judge was completely mindful of what the Constitution says and what successive US Supreme Courts have said. The fact that the right cannot understand those things or does not like them is indicative of the punitive nature they emulate which reached its peak with the National Socialists many decades ago. You would think they might have learned something in the interim.

  4. So, since we can’t round up the ones who are already here illegally, we should just throw in the towel –like all those other countries around the world do when illegals attempt to enter THEIR countries? Oh wait, NO ONE does that.

    Wanting to control something that’s run amuck is not a symptom of racism. It’s a symptom of sanity. Is it really more compassionate to permit situation in AZ to continue where everyone is vulnerable to violence — including those trying to slip into the country? There is a legal, humane way for immigration to take place; LEGAL immigrants are welcomed by pretty much everybody except for fringe loons and they will always be with us.

    One more time, had the federal government done what it should have done (and this includes the Clinton and Bush administrations) to prevent what’s occurring, none of this time, money and energy would have had to be spent on the AZ disaster.

    Casting the blame on AZ is missing the mark.

  5. Arizona’s solution to the problem is the only fault sozo, the rest of what you wrote is well intentioned.

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    When our national sovereignty is not worth maintaining, by the feds or the States, it is time to throw off the yoke of out-of-control dictatorial no-borders socialism and take the country back from the socialist/marxist democrats!!! Wake up America!

  7. the 3rdpigshouse is right ON!!! Unfortunately we have to contend with the very Liberal ,so called JUDGES who are in the politicians Pockets.If Az.can take their fight all the way to the U.S Supreme Court, I am afraid they are going to run into Judges that are not willing to go against the wishes of the,sitting on the throne. president.

  8. madmike272 says:

    It is clear that this administration politically selects which laws they enforce. Come November, the rule of law will be re-established. I am loking forward to seeing all federal funds cut for “sanctuary cities”, and the border secured for once.

  9. Sumner401 says:

    I laugh when I read the canned responses from the far right, it’s all I can do.
    The best part, in the next letter about taxes or spending they will scream bloody murder about spending a nickel on wages, and complain that the Govt. shouldn’t solve anyone’s problems.
    But boy they sure do blame Govt for their so called media driven problems and by god the Govt had better spend spend spend any amount to solve them so that they ‘feel’ better and their racist views and options are sanctified by the Govt. that they hate!
    To think the entire immigration ‘problem’ came about in just the last 18 months! No republican Congress, or heaven forbid a republican failure of a president should have taken any steps to solve this HUGE problem, no sir, this is strictly a ‘liberal’ deal, right down the line!
    People this is a wedge issue, you are being USED like the tools that you are by your media. Once the election is over, this will no longer be the huge problem fox noise is telling you it is, trust me, we’ve been through this one before, remember?

    They really are the ‘cake and eat it too’ party!
    That and really the attitudes of the far right these days are un-American, at least the America I grew up in.

  10. murphtall says:

    ahh, i love it when someone deflects by saying “all those responses are canned” when the person in question does not even know the people in question. makes for some yawning reading.

    The electorate is at fault for electing the dumbbells who have appointed the people who aided in creating this debacle of a country and the situation its in now. its that simple. Past and Current and Future. We elect. They appoint. Stuff happens. Our fault. Our government. If we do not like it it is our fault for not ousting it and replacing it with something we like better.

  11. spotted1 says:

    Sumner401, please explain to me how the oh let’s say conservatively 10 million illegal aliens will just “go away” after the election. Perhaps you can convince me how a federal forest will simply become free of drug trains. Oh, maybe you can give me a good “canned response” about how the ILLEGAL alien problem will be miraculously cured by the election. Perhaps you could move to Arizona and live on the border since it really isn’t a big deal.

    As for enforcing the law, yes the judge ruled as she should have, and sent it to the next level. However, the police can still arrest illegal aliens. They can still be put in jail and they can still be deported. WHAT!!! Yep, that is still the Federal Law which has not been overturned or repealed.

    The Sheriff in Mariposa County has done what, 17 round ups of illegal aliens without this law? That guy should be in charge of law enforcement and maybe some things would get done.

  12. artsandcrafts says:

    I laugh when I read the canned responses from the bedwetter neo-soc democrats. They are such tools they do not realize they are becoming slaves and when the slave mastered have destroyed wealth and the private sector the lemmings will still not know what happened. Sumn will never learn.

  13. artsandcrafts says:

    Sumn want others to buy their cake .

  14. Pthfndr56 says:

    I have spent a considerable amount of time in Arizona. The population is overwhelmingly Mexican. They are the ones who have voted to run the illegals out of the country. The illegals make it very hard on the ligitimate citizens to conduct their business because they are taking the jobs away from them. Not only that, it makes them targets for the INS and Border Patrol. So tell me all you bleeding heart liberals…..who are you really protecting? Sometimes I wonder where your “Constitutional” loyalties are. Hate! No not at all. It’s like not being able to drink milk. I’m Liberal Intollerant.

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