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GOVERNMENT: Flaws reflect the larger society

Letter by Robert P. Klavano, Puyallup on July 28, 2010 at 2:01 pm with 6 Comments »
August 2, 2010 9:26 am

Richard S. Davis’ column (TNT, 7-28) about the importance of carefully scrutinizing government activity was, for a change, very well done.

A functioning society operates best when we can expect good faith on the part of all members. The failure of government to sometimes meet that standard is not surprising when we look at the larger society.

While many businesses are good citizens, the news often makes it clear that big business shows no remorse in not disclosing the truth about its products or their defects. Pitting states or municipalities against each other to leverage the biggest tax breaks is the norm. Safety and maintenance are optional if it might hurt the bottom line.

Drive down labor costs – at all costs. Environmental protection of even basics, like water and air, is scorned and disregarded when convenient. All this is usually justified by the need to maximize shareholder profits.

Yet the need for maximizing shareholder profits fades when the focus is on executive compensation. There seemingly is no limit to executive benefits. If the company stumbles, there is no shame possible in creating an opulent severance package for the failed executive.

On a more personal level, consider whether employees give their employer the benefit of a full effort every day. Think about how the employer’s property is easily used for personal purposes.

Perhaps government simply reflects the norms of the larger society. Fortunately, good-faith behavior is still the expectation rather than the exception.

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  1. blakeshouse says:

    You are absolutely correct. Govt DOES reflect the flaws of society. The major flaw has been, for years, the election of the socialists who do their best to foster hate and discontent of the classes. Those in power push an agenda that is turning our once great country into the next soviet union and make no appologies for doing so. They treat the constitution as if it were nothing but toilet paper. This definately reflects the stupidity and gullability of the electorate. These “flaws will begin to be erased come Nov and will be completed by the end of 2012. Then the hard work REALLY begins. It will take years to return us to the former glory we once enjoyed.

  2. Sumner401 says:

    Robert you have illustrated very well the reason to not vote for the neoconservabaggers.
    It is their very attitude that you speak of in your letter that has brought down this country.
    Money power and more money before any and every thing, that has been the motto and the goal of the right for many decades now.
    Look at where the greed of the right has gotten us, the middle class is all but gone, it’s wealth shifted to the top 2% in some desperate hope that it will ‘trickle down’.
    We were once a producing lending nation, now after 30 years of conservative mismanagement and rape we are the largest debtor nation and we owe most if not all of our resources to China. Most all of this has happened in the last administration.

    Think about that before you cast your votes in a few months and ask yourself if we as a nation really want to be a 3rd world country. If you answer is yes, then by all means vote republican, I promise you will get your wish.

  3. LuckyCharm says:

    And the “trickle down” cheerleaders cannot point to even one example of how that theory has ever created a stable, prosperous economy in practice. But that doesn’t bother them a bit. They just carry on like bh above, not a single fact, statistic, or concrete criticism, and think that because they use scary words like “socialism” people will follow right along.

  4. Sumner401 says:

    Scary words work on them, so they must work on everyone?

  5. MarksonofDarwin says:


    Here’s an excellent piece written by a Harvard economist.
    The truth is, NOBODY knows exactly how this is all going to shake out.
    The rosy predictions of how the stimulus will work have fallen short. Does that mean borrowing for tax cuts works better than borrowing so the government can spend it?…not necessarily.

    It’s a long and complicated piece, but worth the read:


  6. artsandcrafts says:

    “Scary words”??? Like “ask yourself if we as a nation really want to be a 3rd world country.”?

    The hypocrisy would be a surprise were it not coming from a ne0socpuppet.

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