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DOMESTIC ABUSE: Where are advocates for men?

Letter by William D. Webster, Puyallup on July 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm with 13 Comments »
July 16, 2010 8:56 am

Re: “Audit finds numerous problems with program” (TNT, 7-11).

It’s great that someone is investigating the phony advocates working out of the feminist Crystal Judson Family Center, including the Tacoma Domestic Violence Advocacy Program, Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department and the government-funded Northwest Justice Project.

Where are the advocates for men? There are none! State/federal governments and poor males all over the United States are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the “domestic violence industry.”

The domestic violence industry is a revenue stream for states/cities, courts, judges and welfare for attorneys who can’t make it anywhere else. The domestic violence industry has ruined countless men’s lives. It is set up to take a male in one end and spit him out the other end with nothing or less. No family, no money and more than likely an arrest record.

As one Northwest criminal attorney stated to me, “If a man calls the police for domestic violence, his wife/girlfriend better have a smoking pistol in one hand, a bloody knife in the other hand, a drug needle hanging out of her arm and you covered in blood and dying on the ground. Then they still might arrest your dead or dying body!”

This is gender bias of the worst kind, and it is affecting males and their children nationwide. Males and their families should not be a revenue stream for our corrupt court system. We have more people (males) in jails per capita than anywhere in the world, and this is one reason.

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  1. sick!

  2. murphtall says:

    misandry is strong in this state. when a female teacher has sex with a male underaged student its called an affair and when a male teacher has sex with a 17 year old student its called rape. LaTourno was having an “affair” with that little boy, legally termed “raping” him. Misandry. Misandrous State of Washington fer sure! Especially in sex ed classes. yes. i had a female (then tween now) teen go thru one in fife school district. its horrible how our boys are portrayed to the gals. as little monsters who cannot control themselves without m@sturb@ting. Misandrous is the nicest word i could use to describe that so-called teacher

  3. Whoa, good article, Mr. Webster has addressed an all too recurring problem of gender abuse from female TO male (Pub- it DOES happen). Any devious gal can easily blackmail a guy into a compromising situation by threatening to make the call, knowing that the police will already condemn the guy just for being the guy, and cops, prosecutors and judges will almost always buy crocodile tears appropriately timed in a courtroom “appearance” as the gal’s hand is held all the way throughout the system while the guy’s treated like he just blew up the hospital. Yes D.A. happens and it is usually the guy, HOWEVER it is too often used as a weapon of leverage by advantage seeking set-up artists.
    BTW- most jail releases seem to happen at exactly 12:01 a.m. so the prison industry, uh, I mean system, gets funding credit for the entire day based on one minute, sweet math, huh…unless you are at the bus stop in say, Kent (right across from the jail, pity the 2nd shift employees)…

  4. Men who hit women and children can do a lot more damage than women, but it IS important to note that women can be and some are EXTREMELY VIOLENT, and despite pop pscyh on TV, some are experts at provoking violence as well.

    I must add my 2 cents worth to your observation murphtall — the way boys and men are portrated in almost every arena now is pitiful. Dads are buffoons and young men are crotch-scratching sex addicts. As the mother of sons, I find the typical portrayal of men absurd and more importantly destructive.

  5. brymarbuch says:

    It is true that men can suffer from domestic violence, but three times as many women are murdered than men. According to Bureau of Justice statistics in 2005, 329 males and 1181 females were murdered by an intimate partner.

    “In recent years in the US about one third of female murder victims were killed by an intimate.

    About 3% of male murder victims were killed by an intimate.

    Of all female murder victims, the proportion killed by an intimate has been increasing.

    Of male murder victims, the proportion killed by an intimate has dropped.”


  6. murphtall says:

    sozo: dead farking on, man, dead on, not since the cosby show has a tv dad been a good male role model. IMO. YMMV

  7. I do not question your stats brymar, BUT to the small percentage of men on the receiving end of violence perpetrated by women, they don’t mean much.

    Fair is fair. Portraying women as victims is not empowering them either.

    I am FOR providing shelter and support for women being abused by their husbands — most men are bigger and stronger than their spouses.

    But for those few men out there who are suffering the rage of a woman gone mad, let’s at least acknowledge that they too need support and assistance.

  8. edasterisk says:

    .yes…… gender politics
    ……..read erin pizzeys, a short paper “prone to violence” she opened the first dv shelter for women…conclusion many of these women are violent.
    pierce county LESA law enforcement support agency report every crime by age group ,gender ,race for victim and suspect .except for DV. before 1999 they published data for DV on the above stats also for injurys, relationship and more. now its only numbers of victims. the lesa committee that included julie anderson at that time as director of the ywca decided to not publish any stats on dv.
    how about of the UW study about 2 years ago that concluded women initate at least half of the dv incidents.
    when dv advocates are concerened about All victims and the general public believes it I think the number of dv incidents will go down.
    men rarely report dv and i think that is not disputed by either school of thought on the issue,
    the violence against womens ac,t joe bidens bill….before the last reauthorization explicity phrobited any of the billons for dv victims to be spent on men victims. now there are more and more lawsuits across the nation at great expense trying changing this.

  9. edasterisk says:

    about 3% of male murder victims were killed by an initimate”
    this is misleading..and those reports hghilight what they want to with bias……..the reason onlly 3% of male murder victims are killed by initimate is because thousands of men are murdered each year.these studies, the data is collected with a set methodolgy and many reports are written based on data collected,depends on the authors biases

  10. brymarbuch says:

    edasterisk – I understand that many, many more men are murdered than women and that’s why the domestic violence percent is small. But the data from the Bureau of Justice for 2005 was that 325 men and 1181 females were killed by an intimate partner . Those are raw numbers, no bias. Three times as many women as men. Men kill each other more and they kill women more (than women kill men).

    I haven’t read the Pizzey paper you mention. It makes sense that anyone who is living in a violent environment will also be a violent person. I don’t know whether the women are causing the violence but to me history tends to show that women have been subjugated to violence and control by men for a long time. I don’t condone violence by anyone!

  11. Joe Biden’s Bill-follow the money and who is benefiting from an increase of ..caseload? Remember the allegory of the carpet-bagger, “I’m here to help you rebuild”. (hey, this is great, think I’ll stay and expand the power base of my new “industry”.” Now all I need is a continuous supply of raw materials” (clients,,victims, and perps oh my). You’re right Sozo and Ed. It’s by definite design that good (all) masculinity has been purposely denigrated for social-political-commercial reasons. But when you eat your tail, you run out of …you…

  12. Oh pity to poor white, heterosexual male…..it seems no one will stand up for your former status.

    As a white, heterosexual male I find the b.s. rather thick.

    Yes, men are subject to domestic abuse and it should be treated seriously – but, by far, it is men abusing women.

    And yes, there are some deadbeat mothers – but, by far it is deadbeat dads.

  13. khrystape says:

    Domestic Violence is about power and control….not just hammering down on someone. It happens to any gender, ethnicity, age, etc. In many areas, such as Pierce County, it is treated fairly….ask the women who have been to jail for DV.

    Men have the same ability as women to report their abuse. No one is stopping you…actually, we are encouraging you.

    Just Saying!

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