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IMMIGRATION: Reagan failure still haunts

Letter by Charles C. Burchfield, Gig Harbor on July 9, 2010 at 3:45 pm with 44 Comments »
July 12, 2010 9:14 am

Whatever a final bill on immigration reform might look like in the end, we need to be reminded of the circumstances that put the U.S. in this hopeless situation. Ronald Reagan gave 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants amnesty along with the message, “Come on over. You’re home free!”

As a result of Reagan’s monumental failure, it should be no surprise that we now have 12 million illegals.

As part of the Reagan Revolution’s all-out assault on the middle class by destroying unions with cheap labor, the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 was a payback to the large agribusiness conglomerates that contributed so heavily to the Reagan campaign and spent millions lobbying for passage of the reform act.

Aside from drug smuggling (that we fuel) carnage and chaos along the border, Reagan’s reform act also created million-dollar underground businesses dealing in fake IDs, drivers licenses, Social Security numbers, etc.

As patron saint of the Republican Party, “The Gipper” still haunts us from the grave with an unfixable, hopeless mess and it won’t matter how a final immigration bill reads.

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  1. freakwater says:

    The Aspen Institute is currently holding a conference and the main topic of discussion is how Obama and the Democrats are destroying the economy with their incompetence and big-government socialist ideas.

    We need to get these anti-entrepreneurial tax-hiking career liberal politicians out of office and replace them with citizens who actually believe in America. Fortunately, that will occur this November when the Demolibs are swept out of power and relegated to the sidelines where they won’t be able to do any more damage.

    Two years after that, Obama will get his pink-slip from the American people and he can go back to organizing some community somewhere. Hopefully, he won’t be able to do too much damage before we give him the boot.

  2. It wasn’t Reagan who formed the bill, that would be Lyman, Biden, and that career pineapple farmer from Hawaii because as you (don’t) know, Sum-it’s congress that writes the bill, sends it to committee, attains joint fixture with the Senate and THEN gets to the president. In 24 years not one president of either party seems inclined to have congress actually complete that mandate, and I too am quite angry and disappointed…

  3. Ronald Reagan:

    * Gave Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants
    * Negotiated with Terrorists (Traded Arms for Hostages with Iran)
    * Raised Taxes on a Large Scale Four Times (After Initially Lowering Them)
    * Negotiated with the “Evil Empire” without Pre-conditions
    * Made a Decision to “Cut and Run” From Lebanon After Our Troops Were Attacked


  4. Ronnie Raygun was one of the worst presidents not named Clinton , Bu$h Nixon, Obama, Lincon, Hamilton or Carter.

  5. hansgruber says:

    Poor Charles, here you are gripping about Reagan’s immigration reform of 1986 and have you not seen Obama’s immigration reform plan? It a repeat of Reagan’s.

    Too bad Obama can’t take a page out of President Eisenhower’s playbook Operation Wetback was a 1954 operation by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about one million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, focusing on Mexican nationals

    This occurred despite the fact the children were, according to the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the 14th amendment, citizens of the United States.

  6. blakeshouse says:

    Guess the socialist/marxists are gettign tired of blaming Bush for everything and have started to broaden their horizons to include RR. The characters may have changed but the plot remains the same……Can’t wait to see how they try and spin the debaucle they are going to face in Nov….

  7. donjames says:

    The bill Reagan signed was actually the Simpson-Mazzoli act. The bill was co-authored by Democrat rep. Romano L Mazzoli and Republican Senator Alan K. Simmpson.

    That would be RINO Republican, Alan Simpson, who currently serves in the 0bama administration as co-chair (with Erskine Bowles, LOL) of something called the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (LMFAO), which is also working out real well.

    Simpson-Mazzoli passed both democrat-controlled houses of Congress – after language requiring employer reporting of employee immigration status was removed – and was signed into law, by Reagan, in 1986. It was a huge mistake then, just as the dems current push for similar legislation is now. Big difference though; this time the dems would be granting amnesty to anywhere from five to ten times as many illegals as was granted in 1986.

    And, of course, la raza, seiu, and acorn will be working the amnesty offices.


  8. Sumner401 says:

    congress that writes the bill, sends it to committee, attains joint fixture with the Senate and THEN gets to the president.

    Except when the republicans write the bill, pass the bill than it, as usual, goes horribly wrong and the economy collapse as a result, then, THEN it was the Democrat Presidents fault, right?
    I mean, republicans can do no wrong, isn’t that what you people firmly believe?

  9. the usual partisan bickering misses the point: what was, 30 years ago, considered good conservative policy is now labeled by some as “socialist/marxist”. There are many things that Obama has done that should, rightfully, be seen as rightist (hence the disillusionment of many on the left).

    But….what it all boils down to is whether we are represented by the overt(R) or the closeted(D) corporate lackeys, the people aren’t getting represented.

  10. donjames says:

    I see the usual suspects are up to speed on the latest democrat talking points, as usual.

    Speaking of missing the mark, bB, comparing simpson mazzoli to the current so-called comprehensive immigration reform propsals is a waste of time, unless one considers exactly why another proposal containing amnesty would be even more disastrous. I mean, 3 Million received amnesty in 1986 – this time around it could go as high as 30 Million. No Thanks.

    And since you are in lock-step with huffpo/ move on/ c.a.p. talking points, I guess you, and they, would would now also have to agree that when 0bama repeals the Bush tax cuts, it will be one of the largest tax increases – if not the largest – in history since two of the four Reagan “tax increases” you (didn’t) cite were actually loophole closings. Same difference, no?

  11. witchiwoman says:

    bB as usual, you have nailed it. Astute as always. I don’t even have to speak. LOL.

  12. witchiwoman says:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  13. LuckyCharm says:

    “But….what it all boils down to is whether we are represented by the overt(R) or the closeted(D) corporate lackeys, the people aren’t getting represented.”

    Which is why, in November, we should replace at least one of those lackeys with someone who is not and will not be beholden to any special interests — Bob Burr.

  14. since you are in lock-step with huffpo/ move on/ c.a.p. talking points,

    d.j…….sigh…..your partisan blinders are showing.

    I don’t read any of the folks you cite so it would be difficult to be lockstep with their talking points.

    Also….not sure how labeling the Dems as closeted corporate lackeys would be a talking point.

  15. “loophole closings”

    ROTFLMAO – nice parsing there dj.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    30 years ago, considered good conservative policy is now labeled by some as “socialist/marxist”.

    According to one person that is ‘thinking in the extreme’.
    Amazing how reality is twisted by some depending how which party is in the White House.

  17. The scenario is as follows; the dems get their butts kicked in november. As a “lame duck” congress they will push hard in december and perhaps even into the Christmas break, to pass a immigration reform bill. It will fail because some democrats will fear the wrath of their constituents who

  18. (continued, punched the wrong key), will vote out every demokrat across the country. Without the Latino vote and the crookedness of ACORN and the Black Panther thugs, the demokrats are gone.

  19. Fibonacci says:

    Sooo, the Republikans won big with Newt and the boys in the 90’s, got kicked out because they did a crappy job, Bush was horrible, and now it is time for another “revolution” in November when things can be put right again. If the Republicans are so perfect, why don’t they keep power when they kick out those evil Democrats? It is time to admit neither party does squat for the general public, that is why we keep going back and forth between parties being in power. If the Republikans were so darned good and so much better than blakeshouse’s “sociist/marxist” I just can’t see how they ever get voted out, but they do don’t they?

  20. Fibonacci, yes, the republicans do get kicked out and I do admit that they deserve to be kicked out when they stray from their conservative agenda. The American voter can be fickle at times, they get bored and look for some new blood, something different and exciting. That’s how we ended up with this current abomination (oops, I mean administration). Much of the blame can be placed on the so-called independent voter. They are kind of like fence-sitters, they don’t really know where they belong in the political spectrum, to them it’s about personality, not wisdom, that’s why we are now saddled with this bunch for the next two years.

  21. In Renton at the end of Hy 167 on Grady Way sits a large multi-storied bldg. that half a dozen years ago had more than one floor devoted to private employment agencies. I visited there in March and found them replaced with 2 floors of attorneys and the entire top (view) floor devoted to S.E.I.U. Understand that all politicians regardless of (children’s birthday) ‘party’ will put on the old sheep suit, smile big for the poised photo-op and pass out more “promise candy” than rice at a wedding. I believe the # 1 issue to be TERM LIMITS and that means committee chairs too, donate as much as you or your co. wants, but sign the check legibly…

  22. Sumner401 says:

    LOL!! Thanks for the laugh frosty!
    That was great! Is that what the GOP propaganda machine is feeding you people these days?
    If it is they should get Emmy awards for comedy!

  23. donjames says:

    Summyy…fibby… and the beat goes on… ” I just can’t see how they ever get voted out, but they do don’t they?”

    Well, ‘ya got that right.

    115 days and counting.

    bB, parsing – whether it be revocation of a tax break or revocation of a tax loophole – is parsing. Welcome aboard.

  24. Fibonacci says:

    don don don
    You accuse the left of repeating the party line, but I don’t belong to eitiher party. I don’t listen to MSNBC nor FAUX News. I would love ot find a olitician that repsented people in the middle like me. If the Republikans really represented the majoity of people they would remain in power. It is the same with the Democrats. Term limits just might help, or maybe elections funded in some way that takes away the power of the special interest groups. Oh wait, that is right, Republikans would NEVER cater to special interests would they, they are so righteous. Look in the mirror before you accuse anyone else of spouting the same old retoric, you are a broken record.,

  25. baboyako says:

    Mr. Burchfield is correct in that President Reagan had a “monumental failure” in respect to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; however, I think he’s missed what that failure actually was.

    President Reagan made a deal with Congress to allow the amnesty as long as steps were taken to stop the flow of illegal immigration. His “failure” was in not ensuring that Congress actually allowed enforcement to take place.

    By not enforcing the laws against both businesses and individuals, people from all countries have been encouraged to either come here illegally or stay illegally, knowing that if they hide out long enough they have a chance to be made “legal”.

    Until people know that our laws will actually be enforced, regardless of what someone thinks about the “fairness”, illegal immigration will continue.

  26. ItalianSpring says:

    Reagan did make that huge mistake. Now MC Obama is going to show him up by doing the same wrong thing X 10. Even Ronaldus Magnus strayed from conservative ideals and this is far more wrong. Obama doing it is par for a lousy golfer and policy gaff machine.

  27. Sumner401 says:

    Faced with over whelming evidence of a republican failure, once again the righties fail to admit to it.
    They fail to admit that what they are complaining about in President Obama is the very thing they cheer in President raygun.

    Then they try to, of course. blame the Democrats for rayguns failure.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  28. Here’s an idea…let’s all fast forward to the present.

    It seems clear that our current president is using this issue for political gain at the moment. Shame on him and shame on every politician, right or left, who does this.

    This lawsuit against AZ is for show. AZ never would have taken this step if the federal government had addressed this issue. Does anyone out there think that the mess aong our southern border is good for anyone, including the poor and desperate who are trying to get into the U.S. ???

  29. theogsters says:

    Reagan never got my vote but I do think his welcoming immigrant workers has a legitimate basis. When Reagan, as California governor, gave able-bodied, unemployed Californians a choice — work in the fields or loose your unemployment checks — the whole state cried foul. So he opened the borders to Mexicans willing and able to work. More recently, Eastern Washington farmers advertised for American field workers to join in the harvest — starting wage $10.00/hr. The campaign bagged two respondents — one quit after the first day and the second one never showed up for work.

  30. Sumner401 says:

    “Shame on him and shame on every politician, right or left, who does this.”

    Then you need to focus your shame on the entire GOP, they have been using this issue for political gain for decades.
    That is all this is for the republicans, a wedge issue to used in election years against the Democrats.
    Go back and check for yourself, take note that this is only a huge problem in election years, and check which party is the driving force behind it.
    Do you have the guts to do it and admit it?
    I doubt it.

    The AZ thing is stupid partisan politics, had a state done this during the failures admin, you righties would be having fits and calling for a Constitutional amendment baring any state from passing laws usurping the Feds power.
    The hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds.

  31. Speaking of failures, the Obamanation administration has really taken control of the situation! Mexicans demonstrating in the streets supported by SEIU and the other commie organizations that support the Obamanation administration. Black Panther thug punks waving clubs at white people and threatening to kill ” crackas and cracka babies”. Where’s the Obamanation administration’s “Civil Rights ” police now? Oh yeah I heard there’s a white guy in Montana with an unregistered weopon that they are focusing on. What a charade this White House bunch is. Talk about a bunch of crooks and inept, do nothing bureaukrats!

  32. Sumner401 says:

    Thanks for filling in for roncella with this weeks GOP talking points and a run down of the glen beck show frosty.
    Other than your post is devoid of thought and fact!
    Good job!

  33. Sumner401 says:

    Gee, you come up with one all by your little self?

  34. frosty….reposting the same right rim talking points to various threads so I will repost my quote…

    In a National Review Online article, Abigail Thernstrom, the Republican vice-chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, called the manufactured controversy surrounding the New Black Panthers Party case “small potatoes,” and encouraged readers to “forget about the New Black Panther Party case,” commenting that “too much overheated rhetoric filled with insinuations and unsubstantiated charges has been devoted to this case.”

  35. frosty….you current meme is an example of what I have called a “demonstrated pattern” from you.

  36. Uh bBoy, here’s exactly what Thernstrom wrote.

    “Forget about the New Black Panther Party case; it is very small potatoes. Perhaps the Panthers should have been prosecuted under section 11 (b) of the Voting Rights Act for their actions of November 2008, but the legal standards that must be met to prove voter intimidation — the charge — are very high. ”

    Your source misrepresents her. So who IS the person you’re quoting?

  37. Novelist3 says:

    People can talk all they want. But a video is worth a million words. And you know what’s taken place in this last election cycle?


    And this.

    All the blathering in the world isn’t going to change the fact that these videos exist, and will continue to exist. The pendulum has swung, and all the arguments in the world can’t unswing it.

  38. YOu want to see a polished politician at work? Watch our president who’s now ordered arrests to be made of those employing illegals. That’s going to look and sound really great in the mainstream media, but make a note that the illegals will NOT be deported, which means they will be free to continue benefiting from schools and hospitals until they move to a new town and get hired by some other crooked and corrupt businessman.

    Obama is nothing if not expert and attempting to create and/or use a crisis to his political advantage.

  39. sozo – you selectively parsed one part of her quote….just the way my source did. You just selected (and omitted) a different section.

    But…..both versions include this statement: “Forget about the New Black Panther Party case; it is very small potatoes.”

    So – whether or not one focuses upon her speculation about whether the case could have met the high standards required under section 11(b) or if one focuses upon her statement about “too much overheated rhetoric filled with insinuations and unsubstantiated charges” there still is her saying that “it is very small potatoes”.

  40. Sumner401 says:

    “Watch our president who’s now ordered arrests to be made of those employing illegals.”

    Why do you see that as a bad thing?
    Everyone agrees that is the one thing that will do some good, yet you whiners complain about it.
    Now let me ask you this, had he not done this, how loudly would you be screaming about that?

    Face it, you people are going to b***h and complain no matter what, it’s all you ever do, just read the comments you people make if you question that.
    So you whine about Govt. spending, yet you want the Govt to spend trillions building a Berlin wall and deporting the scary brown skinned ones that for some reason keep you up at night.
    Then you complain more about Govt. spending yet want the Govt to solve every one of your problems, but with more complaining from you and your ilk that they aren’t doing it right and it’s costing too much.

    Don’t you ever get tied of chasing your own tail because the media tells you to?

    And BTW, check your spelling.

  41. Sumner401 says:

    Oh my, that is sure to stand the test!

  42. Re the second of those video links provided by Nov 3:

    The blatant call to kill whites and their babies is right up there with the worst skinhead/Neo-Nazi bile ever spewed. When are we going to hear someone, anyone, express the outrage they would were this directed from whites to blacks.

    If there is one place where we can come together, it is in unashamedly and loudly condeming all such hatred. This dude is dangerous and reprehensible.

  43. sozo – check out the A3P activists at Tea Party functions!

    Oh wait……that doesn’t fit with the whole demonize the left with a group of about 4 people acting badly as the “New Black Panthers”.

    You continue to complain bitterly that Christians are being demonized by anyone complaining about the very loud voiced bigots posing as preachers on TV but you are very quick to point to any idiot who you can claim represents the Left – or people of color. People who live in glass houses are oftentimes the ones who throw the most stones.

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