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TACOMA: TPD ignores potentially dangerous situation

Letter by Bonnie Shadbolt, Tacoma on July 6, 2010 at 11:53 am with 8 Comments »
July 6, 2010 11:53 am

My 10-year-old son has been chased twice and verbally harassed by a mentally ill adult male at our apartment complex, and the Tacoma Police Department basically says there is nothing we can do.

The complex has complained over and over again to the TPD, and nothing has ever been done. I took my son to the TPD to file a complaint and was told by the officer that “he’s only being chased.” So was he saying that until this man actually catches my son, rapes and kills him, nothing can be done?

The man does not live in the complex but has elderly parents who do; they themselves have made domestic violence complaints against him. So if his parents cannot handle this man, how does the police expect the residents of the apartment complex to handle him?

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  1. frankiethomas says:

    You are in the right but that won’t make you feel any better if the worst happens – so MOVE. You shouldn’t have to but you have to get your son out of harm’s way. A restraining order is just a piece of paper and is very ineffective against a crazy person. I wonder if the complex have told the parents to keep him off the property – if he has threatened other residents I would think they could do that.

  2. Get yourself a CCW permit and don’t be afraid to use it to protect your son.

  3. APimp, you are assuming that the weirdo knows the difference between good looking and average.

  4. APimpNamedSlickback says:


    Actually I was assuming the letter writer’s kid was ugly and that the chaser-rapist was chasing him out of a lack of options. I just figured that by picking a better looking friend, it would improve his odds of not getting chaser-raped, both numerically and comparatively.

    But I suppose the chaser-rapist, being mentally ill and all, may not even notice the second kid. Maybe he just has a thing this lady’s kid, but I doubt that because if that were the case, why would the chaser-rapist give up the chase? Is this 10 year-old kid some kind of Olympic athlete or something?

    I’m not an incredibly fast runner, but I think the length of my legs alone would make me quite the match for a 10 y/o kid. If I were so inclined, I’m pretty sure I could run down a surprised 10 y/o, especially one that’s dumb enough to go near a crazy guy who had already chaser-raped him once.

  5. lovethemountains says:

    Did I miss where this individual was a convicted/committed rapist?

    I sympathize with the concerned mother but there will have to be some charge for which to arrest the man. A possibility is for the apartment ownership or management to serve him with a no contact/no trespass order. Of course that piece of paper will not prevent him from coming onto the property but he can be arrested on the spot for violating that order.

    Then, it must be understood, even the arrest will result in his release in fairly short order but it may set in motion the necessary steps to have him evaluated and possibly committed.

  6. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    Personally, I was being facetious. I just wanted to coin the term “chaser-rapist” and see if other people started using it. Clearly the reason TPD didn’t do anything is that the police handle criminal matters and what the chaser-rapist is accused of doesn’t amount to a crime. And without any evidence, for all the police know, the kid was harassing the chaser-rapist. I mean, why would a kid go near the place he was previously chaser-raped, much less go near the chaser-rapist himself?

    The police don’t have the resources to respond some verifiable crimes. If they had to respond to every single tip from every single person who had a beef with the nutcase next door, they wouldn’t get anything done. The technical answer here is to get a TRO and call the cops if your kid is stupid enough to get chaser-raped a third time. The obvious, and more sensible answer though, is to watch your kid and tell him to avoid chaser-rapists.

    That’s what my parents did decades ago and I never got chaser-raped. Of course, we didn’t have chaser-rapists in the 80’s… we had Stranger Danger, but the basic concept is the same.

  7. pazzo242 says:

    The law limits the police in cases like this so don’t blame the cops. Instead the owners of the property have just cause to evict the parents of the crazy dude and as a landlord that is exactly what I would do. The property owner should be giving notice to the parents as this guy is their guest–and that is where the problem lies.

    If the parents have a restraining order or no contact order then the police can arrest based on that but only if he goes to the apartment where the parents live. What makes me think they don’t have either order? What also makes me think that the parents are inviting him to their aprtment?

    I do believe there is much more to this story then what the letter writer says or knows

  8. hansgruber says:

    “I do believe there is much more to this story then what the letter writer says or knows ”

    I believe pazzo242 nailed it right on the head.

    I bet TPD took a report and even gave this woman the information to contact the landlord and the TPD community officer for that area to work on this problem.

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