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GOVERNMENT: Waste is epidemic

Letter by Christopher Willis, Fox Island on June 30, 2010 at 2:46 pm with 15 Comments »
July 1, 2010 9:13 am

I’m more and more convinced that everyone in our state government has gone crazy.

The vice president for business and finance at Washington State University is paid $304,000 per year, plus a state pension of an additional $105,000 for a total of $409,000 per year (TNT, 6-29). For what, I ask? Why so much?

The state Department of Transportation wasted nearly $1 million on an offramp that was built in the wrong place on the new Nalley Valley viaduct. Question: How much is the DOT administrator paid who let this happen?

And the state employees union has filed a grievance because they don’t want to be furloughed three days per year. Why not just lay off 25 percent of them? That should make the union happy.

I think of this as I wait 30 minutes daily in a traffic tie-up because of an unwanted, unneccessary road construction project on Wollochet Drive on the road to Fox Island that is wasting additional millions.

There’s a recession and it looks to me that the only people not hurting are those who work for the government – which throws money around like it’s free.

Come November, let’s remind them who pays the bills. I’m mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore.

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  1. I guess Chris wants to run things for a while. Good luck.

  2. TonyCrago says:

    There is lots of waste. The cops, the prisons and the courts are essentially fronts for money making machines for the people who work for them. If you want to identify true waste in government, look no further than these entities.

  3. the3rdpigshouse says:

    One day the ignorant electorate will awaken to the fact that the government is too large and spends to much money!!! Those socialist democrats are the main culprit and should be shunned at every opportunity – vote all the socialist democrats out of office or the nation will continue its decline!!!

  4. fetch3535 says:

    hey, 3rdpig…

    Wasn’t it your idol George Shrub that, with his puppets in congress, gave a trillion in tax breaks to his masters THEN started a trillion bucks worth of wars? And what about the billions his boss’s (Cheney, of course) company has in contracts while paying ZERO IN TAXES? Because, as we all know, the Republitheocrats are all for the average American.
    Anyone not fabulously wealthy that is an R is delusional. They don’t care and never will care a whit about you, except for your vote to give THEM power to lick the corporation’s hands (among other choice areas).
    I’ll take my chances with the “socialist democrats” any day, thank you. At least my “socialist” fire department, roads, water, schools and electricity works.

  5. lovethemountains says:

    Yes, there is a lot of waste in all levels of government. And, contrary to what fetch3535 says, it is not just the “Republitheocrats” that do the wasting, and heaven knows they have done their share. I hope it doesn’t ruin fetch’s day but the “Democrazies” are doing a pretty good job of wasting as well.

    I would also ask TonyCrago to expound on his comment about the cops, prisons and courts being a front for money machines. I guess that one goes over my head.

    Waste in government is present in all aspects of our various governments. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast that will be hard to kill.

  6. wa_govwatch says:

    Government waste is certainly rampant in Lakewood. As just one example, Lakewood town hall recently disclosed that in just one 646 page installment, of just one request for public records, Andrew Neiditz (the city manager) wrote 76 pages of personal e-mails which now it (incorrectly) claims are exempt from public disclosure. This means, by their own admission, that Neiditz is using public time and public resources for personal and private purposes – this 76 page figure amounts to 11.76% of his total e-mail. What other taxpayer-funded privilege is Neiditz abusing? Gas allowance, perhaps?

  7. fetch3535 says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong… I have no love for Ds that are fiscal idiots either, but they are not of the caliber that equate mindless obedience with patriotism or being a “true American” and when someone uses the forum to broad-brush everyone that actually cares about the common man as a “socialist”, then they deserve a slice of that pie as well. All Ds are NOT socialists, but as a group they sure seem to care less for profit than the usual Rs you see screaming as their oxen are gored because their masters can’t get every nickel in existence.
    Bottom line, remember, Georgie, via lies and deceit (and boss Cheney) is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of many thousand AMERICAN boys and girls and uncounted foreign civilians, all so he could be “a wartime President”.
    And his rubber-stamp R majority just waltzed along with him.
    Locally speaking, it bodes very very darkly if 3-time-not chosen Dino gets elected because it’ll just be another lockstep “NO” to impede this country. Listen to his national kindred… they are more interested in “breaking” the ELECTED President than helping Americans.
    But not to worry, Patty will eat his lunch. maybe then he’ll go away.
    regarding prisons, etc… the biggest business growth in the country is private prisons. And their cronies, the courts and “crusading” police are right in bed with them.

  8. jandkgibbs says:

    Mr. Willis,

    A very good letter. And I agree that the road work is being managed by the lowest bidder. You are also on target about how we waste money in this state. I believe it is time for action. The bucket is almost empty. What works is to cut the funding and require each department in this state to identify their priorties and make cuts frist from areas that don’t affect the high priorties of their departments.

    Why do we see school boards fire teachers and increase class size as their first course of action to cut cost. They do this to punish the taxpayer and force them to support higher taxes. Voters must not stand for this tatic any longer.

    You never see them trim admin staff or use non-union firms to do building maint.

    We all must insist that all areas of state and local govt. make smart cuts and changes that do not punish the tax payer.

    Thanks Mr. Willis for keeping this issue top of mind for the voters this fall.

  9. Mudbone says:

    It is HIGH TIME to permanentky lay off 25% of ALL government workers and cut the wages and benefits to ALL the remaining ones by 30%! Congressmen and Senators should NOT get full ludicrous retirement after one term! They also should be subject to every law they pass! They too should get substandard medical which they have schemed for the rest of us.
    If Ron Paul would have been elected president we would be doing MUCH, MUCH better! This looney obumo wants to do absolutely whatever it can to get more votes for its radical anti-constitution, radical anti-freedom totalitarian gangster thug party. It spends massive amounts of money and increases taxes at a ludicrous rate in the middle of its recession which is now becoming its depression. IMPEACH obumo!

  10. Sumner401 says:

    Want some cheese with whine Chris?

  11. TO “Lovethemountain”, re: the Penal Industry. Yes, it is a money gobbling industry and the THIRD largest in this country. The entire judicial system takes about 78% of the tax pie to operate the courts, pay judges, hire lawyers, build and maintain jails, feed and clothe prisoners, all spawning off secondary industry and suppliers that make up this exorbitant totally NON-PRODUCTIVE system of putting people behind bars. Why? This industry counts on our FEAR to not really wake up and take notice. America’s prison system is a revolving door of cash intake while achieving no results or providing any benefit except for those employed. You think the concrete industry doesn’t love more jails? How about lawyers? Electrical contractors, architects, landscapers. They are a constant conduit for our tax monies and will continue to be the worst blood-suckers in our economy until we stop buying into their fear tactics.

  12. ezwillis says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I feel that the bottom line is that government employees are paid way too much and have no accountability. Many just make bad decision, after bad decision .. until it’s time to take a fat retirement at age 55.

    I think the maximum wage for ANY government employee should be $150,000 per year.

  13. I’ve been wondering about the repeated road construction going on in the South Hill area. I see the same roads being torn up, repaved, torn up and repaved over and over again. Sunrise Blvd. is an example, it has more patches than a quilt but they just keep tearing it all up and re-doing. Either the planners who fail to think ahead or their brother-in-law’s construction companies need to be looked at real close.

  14. Sumner401 says:

    “I think the maximum wage for ANY government employee should be $150,000 per year.”

    In Govt. just as anywhere else you get what you pay for.
    By limiting the salary you are setting up a system of failure, we have done it to a certain degree with our education, you want poor performing teachers keep paying them to under perform. Same goes for every aspect of life, a person doesn’t give up their human traits when they go to work for the evil Govt., nor should they.

  15. Thanks for the clarification Sumner. I’ve been wondering why the kids graduating from high school can’t read, do basic math, name the President, explain what the 4th of July is about, name one member of Congress. But they are experts on “global warming” (ahemmm), oil exploration, George Bush, civil rights, and the gay agenda. It’s because the teachers are under paid! Wow, why didn’t I know that?

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