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BUDGET: Taxpayer money spent on illegals

Letter by Matt Hofstadter, Puyallup on June 25, 2010 at 5:26 pm with 63 Comments »
June 25, 2010 5:26 pm

I was looking up health clinics the other day and was shocked to see what and who our tax money goes for.

Who do community health clinics serve? Answer: “Some of the special populations targeted to receive clinic services include: Migrant seasonal farm workers and non-citizen immigrants.”

Of course there are others listed, but these two stand out to me. Why is it that millions of dollars in taxpayer money is being spent in Washington state for illegals when it should be spent first on the citizens who are legally here?

Seems that would save a lot in Washington state’s budget.

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  1. TonyCrago says:

    Yeah I guess the so-called “Pro Life” republicans are only pro-life until the baby is born. Once the baby is born – the heck with em. Illegals kids should be left to die on the streets I guess? And it’s no problem to spend all the taxpayer money in the world fighting unnecessary wars in Iraq. Who cares how many bodies the taxpayer money buys there right? You gotta wonder what fills these right wingers with so much hate.

  2. tubbythetuba says:

    TonyCrappo, you are so off base in far left field. The first question is: WHY the he!! are illegal babies here in the first place?!?! Get them the heck out of my country and let Mexican Gubment save their lives! You guys sure are free with other people’s money.

  3. tubbythetuba says:

    Another question you need to ask yourself, is WHY the he!! are people haveing babies they know they can’t take care of??? Why? Because they know Chumps like Liberals will insist on helping. These illegal women are having their babies in the USA on purpose to cement a place for them that they have not earned.

  4. Tony:In case you haven,t heard ,Washington State is becoming a safe haven for illegals.Seattle has almost been advertising that all is welcome.They are condeming Arizona for trying to protect their borders from the influx of illegals.We will see how the Seattleites react when they see how much the cost is for the services that are doled out for the illegals.The way the illegals work the anchor baby system is very clever.They wait until the pregnant woman is ready to deliver,then rush her into the nearest hospital for the delivery.Voila ,baby is U.S.citizen,thanks to our laws.Of course mom illegal must stay with her U.S.citizen so she get on welfare,get food stamps get free medical,free housing for herself and her children.She will have more kids!!!

  5. “Illegals kids should be left to die on the streets I guess? ”

    It’s called Darwin. And you guessed right. Any other nonsensical questions?

  6. Sumner401 says:

    So sick and injured people should be checked for their papers and if they don’t have them they should be put on the street to suffer and die?
    And people wonder why republicans are hated.

  7. kidnaped says:

    Darwin u say? i thought he was banned from a lot of schools …. for it to work it you would have to leave both legal and illegal kids in the street and what if the illegal ones did not die??? would they be more fit and apt than the legal ones??? will u kill urs because they did not make the cut Darwin style? btw 1 of the basic principles on evolution of species is gen variety ….. lol… make them legal and pay taxes or just dont give them work but as long as they keep finding ppl who employ them they will keep coming in, get the bosses also not just the workers…. they dont come here cause they are bad ppl they come here because they find work…

  8. Migrant seasonal farm workers and non-citizen immigrants.”

    Neither of those two groups are necessarily illegal immigrants.

  9. TonyCrago says:

    @ tubbythetuba so thanks for answering my question. You right wingers are okay with babies dying just so long as it’s not in their mother’s womb.

    Wow these people are sick!

  10. Sumner401 says:

    How loudly will the right wingers complain when they get their wish and their doctor is forced to check their papers every time they visit, and of course charge them for it?
    Or their dentist, auto mechanic, bank, hardware store, public park, gas station, on and on.

    Careful what you ask for, you might long for the days when pushing 8 for English was the worst thing you had to do.

  11. Roncella says:

    Sincere your posts says it all. But Liberals don’t seem to care how much the illegals are costing the TaxPayers. Liberals allow their emotions to affect their reasoning.

    Sum401, “Sick and injured people should be put on streets to suffer and die”

    Hopefully Sum401, You and others who feel as you do will be giving large donations to all the food banks, and Medical centers and shelters in the Puget Sound Area to help all the disavantaged illegal Mexicans who are coming here.

    TonyCrago, Your “OK” with babies being murdered in the Mothers Womb but your worried about illegal mexicans who need medical attention, Talk about Sick !!!

  12. Sumner401 says:

    I thought it was you righties that are doing all the ‘giving’ roncella? What have you done for your fellow man lately?

  13. tubbythetuba says:

    Tony, Grow Up and listen. Of COURSE the doctors have to treat whoever shows up needing care. My entire point is that illegals should not be here in the first place to need the care. If you want to stand on a street corner with a bag of your money and toss it around like a drunken sailer, be my guest, but I’m tired of paying for YOUR emotional outreachings….

  14. ItalianSpring says:

    It’s weird but if I try to go into a movie theater without paying and getting a receipt (your papers please) they kick me out and tell me to pay and get a ticket, even when I tell them I am a citizen of Mexico…

  15. Zillahboy says:

    Except for emergency medical care, the only money that should be spent on illegals should be the cost of rounding the up and sending them back.
    There are 15million Americas out of work and 15million illegals here doing jobs that could be doing. What’s wrong with that picture?

  16. ItalianSpring, shame! You should have outgrown that kind of behavior by now.

  17. madmike272 says:

    No semner and tony, they should be deported.

  18. Tony- Have you ever been to the Beacon Hill facility of “The Racists” (la raza)? It may resolve your naivete in a rapid fashion. The illegals get ALL KINDS of support and free legal advice on how to game our “system of compassion”. There is NO such thing as an ‘undocumented worker’, my ostrich friend. They all have ‘documents’ — falsified ones courtesy of photo-shop @ Beacon Hill. Yes, I DO know EXACTLY what I am talking about, and compassion involves YOUR personal funds, not those stolen from everyone else. I know of many legal AND illegal immigrant/aliens and know about the policy directives handed down to the various police depts.(especially the lackluster inattentive-to-detail Kent Police). You talk in bubble feather feelings and I will talk of REAL experience and factual reality thank you.BTW-Context is everything…

  19. Oh and Tony, Any mexican knowingly planning to cross our border illegally to do a flop-plop-drop with an anchor is knowingly gambling with the life of an innocent baby, you talk about child abuse?? How many illegals do YOU currently support at YOUR address, hmmmm? Didn’t think so…

  20. Roncella says:

    larsman, ditto everything you said !!!

  21. Sumner401 says:

    And you all wonder why you’re called racists.

  22. Sum-Where did I ever demonstrate ‘racism’? I did not invent the term nor the organization called La Raza.The term”Hispanic” is a geographic derivation of the area involving Portugal, Spain, Monaco and Southern France and collectively referred to as Iberian Hispanola. It is NOT a race, ( You All ). It was a Roman Province from approx. 220 B.C. and most notably invaded by Hannibal and Hasdrubal. If it’s racism you want, talk to Carthage.

  23. TonyCrago says:

    One more thing – can any of you genius right wingers tell me who’s going to pay for sending 12 million people back across our border? You fools gonna write that check? Talk about tax money. You haven’t seen anything yet. If for some strange reason you lived in a world where you could actually live out your racist fantasy, you couldn’t afford to do it. Now go back to your trailer parks, hang out your confederate flag, wait for that drug addict Lush Flimbaugh to tell you what to do next and shut up. Real Americans aren’t interested in your racist garbage.

  24. Sumner401 says:

    “Sum-Where did I ever demonstrate ‘racism’? ”

    Who said I was talking to you?

  25. madmike272 says:

    People like sumner throw out racist accusations at whoever disagrees with them. typical leftists trying to deflect from the topic.

  26. Without getting into some of the controversies posters have presented, I would like to present some things I found out about Community Health in Washington. I started at http://www.chs.hca.wa.gov and followed a lot of links. Very little of our tax money goes for health care to illegal immigrants, and all but a very tiny proportion of it is for emergency services. The state and federal funding for routine medical care in the community health clinics require proof of legal residency. The great majority of total funding fir community health care comes from private insurance, and there is no proof required for the most part if private isurance pays. There are also some programs, funded by private grants, that do not require legal residency.

    I could not find the exact statement used by the letter writer in any of the web information or yearly reports, but many of the clinics in Eastern Washington funded by Community Health Services do provide targeted services to migrant workers. Migrant workers pay Social Security, income tax and other taxes a a much higher rate than the social services they receive as shown by every study ever conducted. Making the leap that these workers are illegal or that tax money is being used for illegals is a big jump, and I would like to see any documentation related to Community Health Services in that regard. Most of the issues with health care for illegals relates to emergency rooms, and that is a totally different discussion than the one presented by this letter. I think it is another red herring presented by someone who is making great leaps in logic with no factual basis.

  27. Sumner401 says:

    “People like sumner throw out racist accusations at whoever disagrees with them.”

    It has nothing to do with agreeing with or not agreeing with and everything to do with basing your opinion on another persons race.
    Like it or not, you can’t run from it.

  28. Sumner401 says:

    “Very little of our tax money goes for health care to illegal immigrants, and all but a very tiny proportion of it is for emergency services.”

    So that means the shy is falling the shy is falling rants from the foaming at the mouth lunatics are….lies?
    I’m shocked!

    Could that mean that they are once again the victims of their own media choices and the lies they tell for nothing more than political gain? They are being used like mindless tools…..again?
    Again, I’m shocked!

  29. Roncella says:

    Tuddo, Next time you have some extra time go the the Social Security Office near you and count how many of the folks there are Mexican, and add to that figure all the Social Secuity offices in the State.

    Tuddo, when your done with your Social Security Office visit, go to any Hospital emergency room and note many of the folks there are Mexican. You can quote your Gov. Links all day long but your wrong, the Taxpayers are paying for all the Social Security Benefits and Hospital visits by all the Mexicans of which no one knows if they are legal or not. Many have phoney ID’s …..

  30. Sumner401 says:

    Read roncellas post of 11:39 and tell me again how he isn’t being racist.
    I dare you.

    And does anyone have a decoder ring for frosty’s post? It makes no sense at all.

  31. Roncella says:

    Sum401, Hopefully you have already written a very generous Check for all the illegals that are flooding into the Puget Sound Area.

    By the way Social Security will take checks from anyone to help them. Sum401, you and your friends and family hopefully will be writing a big check to the Treasury designated for the Social Secutiry Fund.

  32. Sumner401 says:

    ron, the facts are we are not paying tax dollars out for the evil brown skinned devils that you fear so much, so you can relax. It’s a red herring and your pennies and dimes are safe.
    This is nothing more than the latest in right wing wedge issues, the GOP does this every election.
    I don’t understand why they are using this one again though, they lost on it last time huge and since they haven’t changed their position I wonder why they think they can win this time.
    But no one ever accused the right of being smart.

  33. Roncella says:

    Sum401, the State of Calif. is about to go bankrupt. millions of illegals are one of the biggest reasons Calif. is going broke. Thats information they have released.

    Someone or some Government Program or Chartiy will have to pay for the care and food and shelter and medical and schooling and on and on.

  34. Tuddo if you go back to that web sight you can go to the FAQ and go down to “how are community health clinics funded” you will see that 35% of the funding comes from state,local,and federal funds and grants. It also says funding comes from third party payers,like medicare and medicaid. Oh and last i checked medicare and medicaid are funded by the taxpayers to. Now I think 35% is a pretty good sized chunk.

  35. Ron – you got a cite for the CA stuff?

    My understanding is that the Enron manipulated energy crisis put their financials in a bad place and the housing crisis (CA had the most overpriced houses before the crash) sealed the deal.

  36. Sum-And you all wonder why you’re called racists.
    Your quote – Guilty?

    “Sum-Where did I ever demonstrate ‘racism’? ”

    Who said I was talking to you?
    Your post followed mine, YOU must have said it since it is YOUR post. BTW-YOU are the one who came up with the ridiculously racist term”brown skinned devils”…

  37. ValleyTarts says:

    A huge amount of state expenditures could and should be saved by doing something about the waste of resources at the Rainier School in Buckley. Over 1000 state union employees taking care of just 300 patients is nothing more than a fraud. Being as it is tucked away in the foothills, people dont see the site. It is also a candidate for a low risk prison. The 300 patients could be cared for elsewhere. But the gazillions spent on the current set up is obscene as a taxpayer.

  38. HUD as of about 3 years ago requires a confirmed birth certificate
    and a criminal background check. Health care providers require that you be decapitated and disemboweled.

  39. Sumner401 says:

    Ron, why do make things up about other states?
    Making them up about this one is good enough for you?
    When you have to lie to prop up your position, is your position worth it?

    Larsman, I wish I spoke whatever it is you are speaking because that rambling mess makes no sense.

  40. tubbythetuba says:

    I could have predicted this thread. Facts and Figures from the conservatives. Emotions, and foul names from the Socialists. Why, I’ll bet there isn’t a problem in the world TonyCrappo could not solve with enough of YOUR money……

  41. theogsters says:

    Okay, Matt, you don’t like immigrant farm workers getting health care. Then you should be the gate keeper at one of the clinics and deny emergency aid to the sick or injured farm worker. if you have a conscience, it might get to you, sooner or later.

  42. Put tubby in charge of the Indio, CA General ER for about a day and then let’s see how far his bravado goes.

  43. tubbythetuba says:

    With no medical experience, it would be just like putting Obama in charge of the country.

  44. Novelist3 says:

    It’s amazing- amidst all the screaming and name-calling, beerboy and tuddos intelligent, spot on accuracy has been simply… lost. Neither a seasonal farm worker nor a non-citizen means that person is an illegal.

    Besides, it’s heartless and cruel to deny someone life-saving medical care, no matter who they are. That’s why our prison system gives some of the highest-quality free medical care in the world.

    Do you really want to say that a rapist should get better medical care than some guy who wants to feed his family plucking oranges?

    Don’t deny someone life-saving care- wait until after they are well before dealing with all that stuff.

  45. Sumner401 says:

    “Facts and Figures from the conservatives”

    You could you point those out?

    There was some facts and figures at the beginning, pointing the the FACT that no or very little money goes to pay for the scary seething hordes that the conservative think are out there sucking them dry, All ignored by the conservatives you might notice, but I haven’t seen a single fact or figure from said conservative.

  46. TonyCrago says:

    Still waiting for one of the right wing idiots to explain to me who’s going to pay for shipping the supposed 12 million illegals out of the country. Anyone? Anyone?


  47. Sumner401 says:

    You will wait for a very long time.
    They have no answers.

  48. tubby, I asked for some facts that might support the claim that community health clinics are using tax money to provide services to illegals, and I have yet to see any. As I pointed out, to use Medicaid or other state and federal tax-paid programs, proof of legal residency is required. If an illegal is working and has private insurance, they can be served. If the clinic receives private grants that target or allow illegals to be served, then the clinics can use those funds. Illegals are getting services at emergency rooms, -not at routine clinics – using tax funds because that is a federal law.

    I am always branded by conservatives as a big liberal for suggesting what I think is a very moderate proposal, but I believe businesses should be required to determine legal residency and right to work before being able to hire, and a lot of the immigration problem would be solved if there were no jobs. However, that would mean another government watchdog program – socialism- and would mean businesses might have to take some responsibility for the state of affairs, and we all know big business can do no wrong to conservatives’ way of thinking.

  49. People would not come to this country, legally or otherwise, if there wasn’t an opportunity for work. Assuming that the reported numbers of illegals is accurate, it would follow that there must be a proportionate opportunity for illegal employment.

    tuddo’s previous comment puts the onus where it belongs, on the employer.

    Given the numbers, it doesn’t seem possible that employers who hire undocumented workers do so innocently. They like the idea of having an employee who is desperate and cannot speak up, and will do whatever they’re told, for peanuts.

    Those employers who play by the rules and their employees are the ones who suffer when the others cheat.

    Going after these unscrupulous employers seems the best course of action.

  50. Eventually socialists and fools will run out of other people’s money to spend. Oh . . . we are there! What will you do now? Stop paying benefits to illegals?

  51. Sumner401 says:

    Still waiting for those “facts and figures” from the right.
    We got more talking points, but that and 4 bucks will buy you a cup of coffee.

  52. washinton state is among 4 states that cover iilegal immigrant children free taxpayed healthcare. These 4 states also have some of the highest budget shortfalls in the country…..now explain that one.

  53. Sumner401 says:

    Still waiting.

  54. mathius, just to be clear, the 35% of funding does not mean that 35% goes to people who might be illegal. Each of the government programs you mention, with the exception of Medicare, require proof of legal residency. Medicare is not paid with tax dollars. Medicare is paid jointly by the employer and the employee. Many immigrant workers pay into the system and then move back to their country of origin. They still get to collect, just like citizens do. Medicaid is a tax-based program. Illegal and temporary residents are not allowed to receive Medicaid services (except emergency medical care)no matter how long they have been in the US. There was misinformation above that stated Washington State was one of four states to allow illegals to receive Medicaid. Washington is one of four states to allow non-residents who are residents of border states to receive some services. It still excludes illegals.

  55. mathius, since I know you won’t believe me, here is a link to a FAQ on Medicaid.


  56. So Matt I guess you would be willing to be the one to tell the migrant farm workers kid they can’t receive any treatment will just have to…..well you get the picture.

  57. Sumner401 says:

    It looks like all the facts and figures are proving that no tax payer money is spent on the evil scary illegal alien hiding behind every bush as the right winger would like us to believe.
    Anyone want to bet they ignore these facts and continue to spread their lies?

  58. Sumner, there are still some very serious issues, especially in localities with a large population of illegal aliens, about the cost of emergency care. Federal law does state that tax money must be used to pay for emergency, life-threatening medical services, and, since the Federal government only pays a portion of that through Medicaid and some grants, some states and even some public hospitals are severely impacted. I do support paying for emergency care. I am pro-life in that regard. The answer is to secure our borders, put more responsibility on employers to hire only those who can work legally, and to have a real discussion in this country using real facts and not anti-immigrant rhetoric about what to do with those individuals who have been in this country a long time who are hard-working, with no criminal backgrounds, especially those who have families here. A look at all the costs to our society in terms of increased law enforcement at all levels (in the past predicted at staggering and budget-busting amounts), and at the costs to employers and to consumers in increased prices and loss of businesses to foreign countries due to cheaper labor, and all other costs should be undertaken. We cannot afford to ignore the reality of the drug trade, but equating all immigrants to drug mules like Republicans tried to do recently is just ridiculous and one of the phony calims used to rile up the uninformed. We have to look at this issue practically, and remove the name calling and baloney from the discussions.

  59. Sumner401 says:

    You will get no argument out of me on any of that tuddo, but I have noticed that once the real facts are presented, like you have done here, the right runs like cockroaches in the light.

    Good job on exposing the truth and as I said, the right will ignore it and continue to spread their lies.

  60. TonyCrago, “who’s going to pay for shipping the supposed 12 million illegals out of the country, anyone?, anyone?”, I’ve come to the rescue! The simple answer is NO ONE will have to pay!! It only takes cutting off all support that they currently receive, jailing their employers, requiring proof of citizenship for anyone applying for a job and protecting our border, all of which Obama could do tomorrow if he really wanted to. Instead, he is wasting taxpayer money trying to find a way around Arizona’s law so the dems will have more sheep to keep them in office. The pool of sheep is quickly dwindling and he knows it.

  61. Sumner, How’s the neighborhood looking today?

  62. frosty – that sounds like a whole bunch of unfunded mandates.

  63. frosty, its a good thing you aren’t talking about mass deportations. Studies have found it would take $250-300 billion to deport illegals over a 5 year period and take more money than the entire budget of Homeland Security each year, and then cost $40 billion each year thereafter. Bush tried the tactic of raiding employers and fining them without arresting or deporting the unauthorized workers. He soon disbanded this tactic, because there are so many employers willing to hire low paid workers that they just got another job. Bush tried the tactic of more secure borders, even bringing in the National Guard liike Obama is doing. Illegals crossed the border in the same, ever-increasing numbers. I could not find any statistics on what it would cost to arrest, try and incarcerate employers, but I am sure it would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Plus, don’t you think Republicans might just throw a little tantrum if business leaders were to be blamed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a leftist or liberal for even suggesting that employers might bear some responsibility. One of the big problems is that, when NAFTA was passed, there was a promise to the Mexican government that the US would give tax advantages and other support for their building factories and businesses in Mexico along the border. That never happened, and the corporations found that Inda and China offered even lower employee costs than did Mexico, so they built the factories there. One third of all agricultural emplouyees in mexico lost their jobs because of NAFTA, but it was a huge boon to US tax-supported farms which took over 2/3 of the corn production that ahd been in Mexico. The causes are not simple, and the solutions cannot be simple.

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