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BUDGET: Get spending under control

Letter by Jerry Gibbs, Gig Harbor on June 25, 2010 at 2:00 pm with 4 Comments »
June 28, 2010 9:28 am

Re: “‘No sacred cows’ in rejiggering of state budget” (TNT, 6-25).

What is the lesson here? That the only way to force government to live within its means is to take away its funding and force it to look at efficiencies that will reduce the cost of state government.

Polls show the public is sick and tired of all the spending. People line up to sign initiatives that will roll back recent taxes and reinstate control over the Democrats’ ability to raise taxes.

Costco will help the state get out of the liquor business, something our state Legislature should have done last session but couldn’t muster the political will. Thank you, Costco, grocers and Tim Eyman.

Are Gregoire’s latest ideas steering us to fiscal responsibility or just clever ways to generate more revenue? Time will tell. but as predicted our state’s reckless spending ways have caught up with us.

Speak out loudly and don’t allow state and local governments to make draconian cuts that only punish the taxpayers and result in making many in Washington state want to push for new taxes just to avoid the pain.

Instead, insist they come up with smart ideas that remove the waste from government operations, getting the unions and regulations under control, and looking for efficiencies in every line item of the budget.

‘If they can’t, then we must elect new members of the Legislature this November who will push for such out-of- the-box thinking.

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  1. Hey Jerry, give us some examples of the “reckless spending” you mention. And while you are at it how about some ideas where you would make the cuts to save money.

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    As long as the ignorant Washington electorate continues electing socialist democrats to fill governemnt positions – the rediculous spending will continue!!! Wake up folks and get rid of the socialist democrats!!!!

  3. opiate69 says:

    Pig, I’m guessing you can define “socialist” about as well as you can spell “ridiculous”.

  4. Hey Publico, how about:
    1. Eliminate all-day kindergarten- why is the state paying for your childcare?
    2. $75K state patrol cars – use a fricken Volkswagen like in Europe.
    3. Eliminate 100% of taxpayer funded “art projects” like Bremerton ‘s $250,000 grant to erect a statue of a fisherman. .
    4. Reduce prison beds by 50%- start hot bunking inmates, Hell, I had work the midnight shift, let them do it too.
    5.Default on State labor union contracts to bring in them in line with budget, pensions and compensation.
    6. Increase school class sizes by 10%- by reintroducing discipline and hiring teachers qualified to handle the job.
    7. Issue drivers licences for life (like Arizona) fire all employees related to unnecessary renewals.
    8. Do not refinish the Governors desk for $10,000 again!
    9. Can the Seattle tunnel.
    10. Reduce staffing across the board 10%- hell, 86 people work on alcohol and substance abuse staff alone!
    11. How about generating a little revenue to offset expenditures —TAX INDIAN

    I could go on, but read more here:


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