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DEFICITS: Where was concern when GOP was in charge?

Letter by Bill L. Hewitt, Tacoma on June 21, 2010 at 11:28 am with 34 Comments »
June 30, 2010 9:11 am

Re: “Dems taking country the wrong way” (letter, 6-19).

The letter writer is alarmed with President Obama’s alleged irresponsible and inflationary spending policy. I wonder where his concern was when President Reagan ran up the highest deficits in history and where was his concern when the Bush administration took the country in the wrong direction in Iraq and ran up unnecessary massive debt to fund that war, not to mention the loss of life.

The writer continues to skew figures and polls in order to support his viewpoint. These aren’t “facts,” as polls vary from time and place and each side of the political spectrum will construe them to his/her advantage. Ben Bernake has not taken a political policy position on the economy in the one year-plus of the Obama administration.

We in the U.S. live in a democracy (leaning more back to a republic in recent times) and have a presidential election every four years. I would remind Republicans that Obama was elected by the people in a fair election and by overwhelming numbers. So if they can’t bring themselves to work with the president to solve our problems, then well, the next election is in 2012.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Bill, lets not stretch the truth too much. President Obama was not elected with overwhelming numbers, he won with about 54% of the vote.

    Yes he took on some problems left by Bush all Presidents are faced with left over messes to clean up. Look what President Ronald Reagan was faced with after four years of President Carter. I can still remember Obama reading from one of his many tele-prompters answers to all the problems that he would be facing as President. Its time he starts to use those answers.

    Its about time the President and folks like you, realize you won the election, so get to work and get things done, stop with the blame game, its getting old already.

    President Obama could get more done if he played less golf, did not have

    wed. night parties every week, and stayed in the Whitehouse long enough to work on all the different priorities waiting there for him.

  2. Sumner401 says:

    Republican spending and debt=good
    Democrat spending and debt=bad

    If you are a republican partisan, that is what you must believe.

  3. LuckyCharm says:

    Sumner, you have to understand — we have no choice but to spend over a trillion dollars to rid other countries of their tyrants and then rebuild them even if they don’t want us there. But when it comes to our own people? The Gulf coast residents suffering under the crushing effects of industry deregulation are deadbeats just sitting around fat and sassy and waiting for gov’t handouts. The tens of millions of Americans denied health care due to lack of insurance should just bring a chicken to the hospital to be seen. The millions of long-term unemployed due to the massive shift of jobs overseas, combined with our recession due also to reckless deregulation, are just SOL according to one Republican who at the same time moaned that he was missing a college basketball game. These “pro-lifers” maintain that health plans shouldn’t have to cover maternity care because male legislators don’t need it. We can afford to give super-rich multinational corporations so many tax breaks that some years, they not only pay no taxes, but get REFUNDS, but when it comes to a single mother who’s struggling, she’s just a “slut.”. They tell everybody to go get jobs and call people receiving unemployment insurance benefits “spoiled,” yet where are all these jobs supposed to be found? They’re “not in the business of creating [them]“.

    You see, Sumner, it’s very simple if you just learn to call spending our wealth on foreigners who don’t even want it, while neglecting American citizens, “patriotism.” If you just accept that those who have already greatly profited off the American people deserve even more of our money, while those who the system has kicked to the curb deserve to be vilified, and call this “fairness.” If you think it’s cute to try to block everything our President is trying to do to put our country right again, then turn around and complain that he isn’t getting enough done. You just have to learn to call up down and black white and good evil.

  4. newscrap says:

    54% in a Presidential election IS overwhelming!! You guy, Shrub didn’t even win the popular vote. It took the Supreme Court decision about Florida for him to even win. So Obama should just “get to work, get things done”. Everhone KNOWS the Republicans will do everything in their power to PREVENT him getting anything done, since if he does and it is popular he will be reelected. If he fails, t hen that is good for the Republikans. The GOP only cares about power and their rich backers, not peons like you and me.

  5. crawfordbg says:

    Yachting………golf………yachting……….basketball. Now I see the difference.

  6. Where was the concern? CONSERVATIVES like myself were screaming at GW and his lib spending and no one listened. Now you have more lib spending, the likes of which has never been seen before in the history of the country. But now the libs are silent about the spending. Nothing but crickets….

  7. ron…..the only votes that really matter are the Electoral College’s

    Obama 365 electoral votes, to 173 for McCain.

    More than double the votes of your opponent equals a landslide no matter how you try to spin it.

  8. CitySpring…..were “conservatives like me” screaming about Reagan’s spending spree?

  9. hansgruber says:

    Funny how the recent post are all about the GOP spending and how the GOP is responsible for 75% of the debt. Yet, while they complain about all the reckless spending that put us in this mess, the current Admin and past 2 congressional sessions have busted all the spending and borrowing records.

    Their claim is they have to spend this massive amount and rack up records deficits so we won’t bankrupt our country (“You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you.”-Joe Biden July 16, 2009)
    Just how great the stimulus has worked. (“I think my initial measure of success is creating or saving 4 million jobs,” said President Obama on February 9, 2009)

    (On Sept. 24, 2009, Biden told the nation’s governors: “In my wildest dreams, I never thought it [stimulus] would work this well.”)

    “As reported Friday by Bloomberg, the total United States debt under President Barack Obama is poised to explode past its statistical post-war norms to a point where it “exceeds the value of the nation’s annual economic output.” Total federal government debt rose past $13 trillion for the first time in June 2010 and is on track to surpass U.S. Gross Domestic Product by the year 2012, according to projections just issued by the International Monetary Fund.”
    “Under Reagan and under Bush the U.S. economy
    grew, and strongly, making the annual new debt to GDP ratio something that could be absorbed as increased revenues filled federal coffers. Under Obama, the new spending along with the projected tax increases that will occur when he allows the Bush tax cuts to expire will lead to a decline in future federal revenues, making the new total debt–nearly half of which has been amassed under the current president alone–something that may handicap the U.S. economy for at least a generation.”


  10. Sumner401 says:

    “the current Admin and past 2 congressional sessions have busted all the spending and borrowing records.”

    If and when that actually happens Hans, you will hear me complain about it.
    It hasn’t happened out side of the right wing propaganda spin zone so no one that resides out side that bubble is concerned as of yet.

    It’s comforting to know that the majority of Americans do reside out side that GOP media controlled dreamland and know the facts.
    Comforting to know that facts are the truth and not what some talking head on the radio and one cable network say they are.

    ““Under Reagan and under Bush the U.S. economy

    And now the credit card bill that they put all their ‘growth’ on, has come due.
    It wasn’t real growth, it was all debt, most of it personal debt and look what has happened.
    Why would anyone want to do that again, knowing it doesn’t work?

  11. Roncella says:

    Huns, You may as well be talking to the wall as to some of the Liberals who post here. Hello Wall.

    They will never admit that they elected a President who is in way over his head. Even his cabinet choices and other appointments show a lack of judgement selections( unless leftest and extreme progressives is what you want).

    The liberal/Democrats running the Congress along with most of the main stream media will support Obama and his policies no matter how bad a job he is doing, because they put him in office, and because they are liberals.

  12. JungleBoy says:

    The United States has always had a “credit card,” so to speak. Even during the early years of the Republic there was much debate about whether or not debt was a good thing.

    The problem, in recent years, is that the credit card spending has gotten way out of hand – and that’s why conservatives are alarmed. Even though previous presidents (Republican and Democrat) were responsible for deficit spending, the current level of spending will push us over a cliff.

    When your credit card is maxed out, don’t take out a second mortgage on the house. That’s what Obama is doing with our country.

  13. hansgruber says:

    “making the new total debt–nearly half of which has been amassed under the current president alone–something that may handicap the U.S. economy for at least a generation.”

    This should concern all US Citizens and the world’s economy

  14. FreeAmerica says:

    How does “Regan – Bush – Clinton – Bush) have anything to do with today?

    A perfect scenario to spend uncontrolled funds on the backs of predecessors.

    I’m tired of the blame game, it’s time to take some responsibility and get the job done…D or R.

    Hope and Change is turning into “hoax and chains”.. get a grip, are you libs Americans? The children will never forgive any of us for the mess government has created.

    Time for real change.

  15. Sumner401 says:

    “nearly half of which has been amassed under the current president alone”

    Which of course is not true.
    Don’t let truth get in your way of a good talking point Hans, you and ron are doing so well.
    Adding nothing but childish rants and misinformation, like the good robots you’ve taught to be.

  16. JungleBoy says:

    And here is what’s wrong with our education system… (re. Sumner401’s last comment). Sumner401, please read an unbiased history text before you make a fool of yourself.

  17. Sumner401 says:

    Jungle, I have and the difference is I know what unbiased history is, you seem to think your propaganda is unbiased.
    Heres a hint, if it comes from rush, or fox, it’s not true.

    The republicans had total control of the Govt in the 20’s, result, the great depression.
    The republicans had total control of the Govt. in the 2000’s, result depression.

    That is history and that is truth jungle. Hans is getting an education, are you?

  18. Roncella says:

    Sum401, Its getting warmer outside, finally ! I think you need to mix a big batch of Obama Koolaid and have have another large glass full.

  19. FreeAmerica says:

    Sumner401 wrote:
    “The republicans had total control of the Govt. in the 2000’s, result depression.”

    Not true… go back and check your facts…
    2000-2005 R House / 2006 – 2010 D House

    2000 -2002 D Senate / 2003 – 2005 R Senate / 2006 – 2010 D Senate

    GW Bush had 11 vetoes compared to Clinton @ 37

    Sumner…. If you’re going to comment at least be aware of the lies being told….You really think the president runs congress?? How lame.

  20. Sumner401 says:

    Republicans had total control of the Govt in the 2000’s, result, depression.

    You can run from it but you can’t hide.

  21. Sumner401 says:

    the failure bush should have used his veto powers more…..but that would have meant going against his party and their big spending, wouldn’t it?

  22. Sumner401 says:

    And freeamerica, I am exposing the lies, the lies from the right.
    It’s a full time job.

  23. FreeAmerica says:

    Sumner Wrote
    “Republicans had total control of the Govt in the 2000’s, result, depression.”

    Your credibility just hit a wall…. I get it…. Racheal said it was so?

    One can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink

  24. MarksonofDarwin says:

    We’re all Keynesian now.

    Does anybody remember who said that, and why?
    I know economics is boring, and it’s oh so much more fun to poke each other with partisan sticks….but it really just boils down to which economic theory is in vogue.
    For much of our recent history we have been worshipping at the alter of Keynes.

    “The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.”
    John Maynard Keynes

    In contrast:

    “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”
    F. A. Hayek

  25. Roncella says:

    Sum401, I am giving you some homework. Go back and re-read the post by FreeAmerica at 11:17. If you can’t comprehend that, have another big glass of ObamaKoolAid, right away.

  26. Sumner401 says:

    “Your credibility just hit a wall”

    Is that the same one yours and the rest of your GOP partisans hit years ago?

    Ron, I don’t like Koolaide, thats your drink not mine.
    You might try getting your head up out of the trough for some air.

  27. And…..while we are at it…….how about those “jobs Created” numbers under 8 years of Bush!

  28. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, I don’t believe unemployment ever rose to 10% under 8 years of Bush, long term unemployeed is over 17% and rising under Obama…..

  29. Sumner401 says:

    You mean the net loss of jobs under bush?
    Which hasn’t happened since the last time the republicans held total control of the Govt?
    Those jobs?
    Shedding 850,000 per month for nearly a year, just before handing the keys to wrecked car over to a new President? Those jobs?
    Yeah lets talk about those jobs.

  30. Roncella says:

    Sum401, You might have forgot but I remember Obama speaking from one of his many tele-prompters about unemployment, and many other problems the Country was facing.

    He had all the answers loaded in his tele-prompters during his run for the Presidency, all he has to do now is find those same answers he read from his tele-prompters and all the problems will be solved.

  31. FreeAmerica says:

    “If we sign this stimulus bill unemployment will not go over 8%” B,obama

    The liberal argument is at best….. comical.

    Roncella… I haven’t read the book but the title keeps me thinking….
    Arguing with idiots..G Beck
    Now I know…LOL

  32. LuckyCharm says:

    There was no such promise, only projections with plenty of disclaimers. As should be the case. It is impossible to predict the economic future infallibly, and Bush’s performance fell far short of his administration’s projections, too. Still, Bush’s best year of job creation can’t measure up to Clinton’s worst year.

    But I find it disturbing that while Americans are still struggling, banks are still being tight-fisted with loans, employers are slow to start rehiring, veterans are returning by the thousands with issues requiring ongoing care, an entire region — already hard-hit by Mother Nature, and now by Big Oil — is foundering, all some people can do is throw stones. Senate Republicans killed a proposed extension of unemployment benefits in the midst of one of the worst unemployment crises in U.S. history. Forget the blame game — we’ll be arguing for generations whether this crisis should be laid in Bush’s or Obama’s lap. The point is that the Republicans DO NOT CARE about Americans and would not do anything to help them as long as a Democrat sits in the White House. You’d think that when their own constituents are begging them for relief as they pound the pavement in search of jobs, trying desperately to forestall a foreclosure and worrying about what will happen if someone gets sick, Republicans would relent and throw them a bone. Nope, not happenin’, can’t pay for it, sorry. Hey, has any one of them complained that we can’t pay for the wars, either????

  33. FA – You give the disclaimer that you haven’t actually read Beck’s book yet you cite it. Is this an admission that you agree with Beck’s delusions but can’t admit that you do?

    The initials of your name have a line from a song :”Fa, a note to follow sol…..” I guess FA is a note to follow Beck.

  34. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, are you getting abit petty or what ?

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