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DEBT: Democrats cleaning up Republican mess

Letter by Mary A. Hall, Bonney Lake on June 21, 2010 at 11:31 am with 52 Comments »
June 22, 2010 9:04 am

Re: “Dems taking country the wrong way” (letter, 6-19).

George W. Bush inherited a $5.7 trillion debt and increased it by 86 percent to $10.6 trillion, claiming tax cuts for the rich and deregulation would result in growth.

Bush claimed his attack on Iraq would be paid with oil revenues. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were never in the budget and were funded with supplemental appropriation bills. The cost of both wars is now in the budget and that is a big reason the national debt increased.

Obama spent money to save our economy and help the unemployed created by the Great Republican Recession. He has lowered taxes for the majority of taxpayers to stimulate spending and help create jobs (290,000 in April).

The important question is: What do Republicans have to show for their $5 trillion spending spree and deregulation-a-thon? All I see are richer rich people, more poor people, a broken economy, a destroyed Gulf of Mexico, a lot of shattered lives and unnecessary deaths due to their wars of choice and laissez-faire policies toward corporations. To vote them back in power is foolish and reckless.

The Democrats are trying to clean up the Republicans’ messes, but every effort has been blocked. The Republicans declared a record number of filibusters and are holding up 177 nominations.

We desperately need change and the only way to do that is by electing more and better Democrats, not Republicans.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Mary, Get your adding machine out and use it.

    The last time I checked the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency. They also have full support from the main (lame) stream media. If they can’t get bills passed with all that, they should all be replaced come November.

    You are correct about one part of your statement, We desperately do need to change the far left socialist agenda that the President and the Dems in Congress are taking America to. The way to do that is to vote the big spending Democrats out of office this November, send em packing along with all their special interest groups.

  2. Someone’s drinking the Kool Aid…

  3. LuckyCharm says:

    I agree we need to send some Democrats packing. That’s why I support Bob Burr for US Senate. “America’s future depends on the ability of its people to channel their anger at the ballot box and to restore power to themselves. The rich and powerful corporations are now in control. Sadly, we have become a government of large corporations for large corporations.”

    “The deficits are soaring, yet we are expanding our utterly unwinnable war in Afghanistan–a war that is benefiting nobody but the myriad of government contractors profiting from it. The approval ratings of Congress are at an all-time low for good reason. The voters are angry for good reason. It is time to just say no to the status quo. I offer that alternative.”

    Go Bob!

  4. FreeAmerica says:

    This letter is so factually wrong seems worthless of comments.

    Turn the station Mary… get your news from more than one source.

    Way off the deep end.

  5. Sumner401 says:

    Mary, you have written a well thought out, factual letter filled with the truth.
    You can tell this by the reaction you get from the partisans.
    75% of our debt is a direct result of republican spending.
    it is a fact that no one can honestly deny.

    Republicans/conservatives have more damage to this country in the last 30 years than any of us can calculate. The worst thing we can do is to elect more of them.

  6. tubbythetuba says:

    Obama has tripled the debt, and has vastly increased unemployment, Socialized many industries, WANTS to Socialize the oil industry. He is a immoral thug that got total support from the immoral thugs that run the DNC. I never thought I’d say this, but if the USA had to suffer thru another DipOcratic president, I wish it had been the Broad….she, at least, seems to know what’s going on in the world and seems able to stand up to our enemies at least a tad.

  7. blakeshouse says:

    The really scarey part is this socialist loon can actually vote!!!!!!

  8. Great Letter Mary. Again, it is measured by the wingnut’s response and in this case you hit a home run. The deficit hawks will ruin us if they have their way.

  9. Right, like the libs are dealing with the gulf spill? Hilarious. Mary, a post as sanity czar with MC Obama awaits you.

  10. hansgruber says:

    Great letter Mary! The Reid/Pelosi/Obama Congress of 2007-2009 and the current DEM Controlled Congress has just nearly out borrowed 8 years of Bush outta control in just mere 3 yrs & 5 months! (From $8.6 Billion to $13.0 Billion with another 1.5 Trillion waiting in the wings)

    So how’s the clean up going?
    Over 100,000 troops in A’stan now (34,000 when Obama took charge of the clean up there).
    Over 88,000 troops still in Iraq
    Over $862 Billion job stimulus took unemployment from 6.8% to 9.7%
    The Gulf oil spill occurred 15 months after Bush left office and has been going strong since Team Obama has been “on board since day one”.
    Giving birth to a new Trillion dollar baby “Obamacare” pay for it now but you available till 2014.

    One thing you got right there Mary, we need to elect better democrats, not the idiots we have in there now and we need to elect better politicians. One’s who are will to make real change not just say it.

    The party of partisan politics owns this mess now.

  11. All of you liberals that agree with this liberal blog data fed letter are sniffing too much glue and should get some treatment before all of your brain cells are gone. Maybe Schick Shadel in Seattle can help you
    Did Bush borrow a Trillion Dollars from China? Did Bush also spend over a trillion and counting on Obama Care that will not work or save us money especially since a bunch of ambulance chasing attorney’s wrote it, aka the democrats, due to the fact the liberals have none, zero doctors on their side in the congress or the senate. Did Bush sign a stimulus bill? Did Bush pay off the unions for getting Obama’s worthless behind in the White House? No to all the above and about a fifty more that the Worth-less Turd, Obama has been the architect of.
    I guess Bush also put in the works the law suit against Arizona. By Obama doing that he has showed the whole world that he is nothing but a coward. But considering he is a liberal, no one should be surprised.
    Politico: if we on the right are “wingnuts” or whatever that is suppose to mean I now anoint you on the left “empty sacks”. I think you can figure that out. We can get together and discuss it if you don’t hablo.

  12. Mary, Quit embarrassing yourself and your family.

  13. Wow….quite the reaction from the right edge of the crevasse.

    Again – NEITHER Party cares about the “little people”. This letter AND the reactions to it are just manifestations of the same ol’ partisan bickering that allows the same ol’ stuff (polite word inserted so as to not offend Novelist) to continue to fill the Chambers.

  14. InsideJob says:

    Mary, for God’s sake have you been drinking the varnish again?

  15. Sumner401 says:

    “The party of partisan politics owns this mess now.”

    Yes they do, and it has been pointed out many times now, the debt, the economy, the wars, the spending, all belong to the GOP.
    it’s their mess, they created, they are blocking all efforts to fix it and they still try to blame someone else for it.

    The mess does belong to the party of partisan politics, the republican party.

  16. Sumner401 says:

    Mary, you will notice the partisans have nothing to refute you, only school yard names.
    It’s another sign you hit the nail on the head.

    The question now is, when will they admit to it and why do they still support those that did this to the country they only claim to love?

  17. Theyre all politicians! R or D or in between.

    The entire mentality of the American Public needs to be taken out, put in a glass jar, and studied!

    It is utterly amazing that we repeatedly put unqualified bozos, with less trust and integrity than used car salesmen in positions of power to “run” this nation!

    Since Americans cant be trusted to hire qualified leaders, maybe we should just give it all back to the Queen! At least SHE has some class!

  18. Sumner401 says:

    “Did Bush borrow a Trillion Dollars from China?”

    No he borrowed over 3 trillion.

  19. Sumner401 says:

    “Did Bush also spend over a trillion and counting on Obama Care that will not work or save us money especially since a bunch of ambulance chasing attorney’s wrote it,”

    No, he spent over a trillion and counting on a drug bill that doesn’t work and doesn’t save us money because the greedy drug companys wrote themselves a huge check on our account.

    At least with the health care reform it stands a very good chance of working, and has been funded, the drug bill was an unfunded give away from the start.

  20. hansgruber says:

    The “drug bill” was passed with bi-partisan support

    •the 2003 medicare law;

    Once again here we have Sum401 citing opinion, not facts.

    He will have you believe the party of partisan is the GOP when in fact the Obama Admin was able to gather a massive bi-partisan support of 3 GOP Senators and 0 GOP house members for the stimulus bill of 2009 and 0 GOP Senators and 1 House GOP for the Obamacare Bill.

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    AKA: The Obama Stimulus of 2009
    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    AKA: Healthcare Reform/Obamacare

  21. 5.7 trillion from the Clinton Crime Family to 10.6 trillion from the Bu$h Crime Family is not an 86% jump. Where did Mary go to skhool? Washington?

    No wonder the country is in the shape it is in. Both partys are to blame. We need to vote out all incumbants and anyone they recomend. If the Laqme Stream Media like the TNT, Fox, MSNBC or CNN say they are a good choice you should run away from that porson and vote for who ever they are running against.

  22. hansgruber says:

    How about the bi-partisanship of the Obama 2010 budget?

    “Neither budget package garnered a single GOP vote.”

    How about the Bush budget of 2009, you know the one Obama said he was handed when he walked through the door…that Trillion dollar deficit?

    This means the 2009 budget was almost exclusively approved by Democrats, with “Yeas” coming from current President then Sen. Obama, his current Vice President then Sen. Joe Biden, his current Chief of Staff then Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and his current Secretary of State then Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    How is this possibly something that happened before Obama “walked in the door” when his Party ramrodded the original budget through Congress with virtually no Republican approval — save Bush’s signature, of course — and the highest members of the current Administration — including the president himself!!! — supported it when they were either in the Senate or the House?

  23. WOW! Sumner, Publico and of course the letter writer Mary. Do us all a favor and take an economics class. Go educate yourself on how business’ make money. I’m not talking about GM, they get their money from the fed, who in turn take money from us to keep them in business. Go talk to that couple who own that coffee shop in Sumner (we all know what I am talking about because they were on the front page on Sunday) who are moving their business to 6th ave where Il Fiasco used to be. They seem like a very liberal family, you guys probaly agree on a lot of issues except econmics. I don’t have anything more to say…it’s not worth my time!

  24. Sumner401 says:

    The drug bill cost over 1 trillion and was not funded, it is and always was nothing more than a trillion dollar give away to big pharma.
    It’s a GOP bill, the debt it caused belongs to the GOP.
    Those the facts Hans, you can not deny it, you can not blame anyone other than your party for it.

    TARP, two wars, huge tax cuts for the top 1%, all GOP debt.
    Deregulation of oil and banking, 10’s of trillions of debt and near total destruction of our economy.
    You can’t blame anyone but the GOP Hans, not while being honest anyway.

    Facts Hans, not opinion, facts.

  25. Sumner401 says:

    Thanks for not wasting more of ours Q.

  26. hansgruber says:

    Here are some facts Sum401:

    •the 2008 TARP law.
    TARP was a bill introducted by Rep. Patrick Kennedy [D-RI1]
    A Democratic bill that had bi-partisan support.

    As for the Wars:
    Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
    Another Bi-Partisan supported bill

    Authorization for Use of Military Force
    Introduced By Sen. Thomas Daschle [D-SD]
    Passed with Bi-Partisan support

    The 2001 tax cuts;
    Again passes with Bi-Partisan support

    want more?

  27. As the right goes even further right with their tea party folks and their fear of being overshadowed, bipartisanship becomes less and less possible as we work to get the public’s business done. So we do it ourselves. Luckily, Joe Barton is not in charge of cleaning up the oil spill.

  28. Sumner401 says:

    Hans, are you really trying to make the claim that if a couple of Democrats vote for a republican boondoggle spending bill, that absolves the republicans of that spending?

    So what you beieve is that there is no republican spending, it’s all Democrat spending? The GOP has not added a red cent to the deficit, is that really what you are trying to other to believe Hans?

    Here are the facts Hans,
    The republicans ran the economy into the ditch, they spent like drunken sailors.
    75% or more of our current debt is the result of republican tax cuts and unfunded spending.
    Having a couple of Democrats vote along with them, does not change that republican spending into Democrat spending.

    Hans, even a partisan like yourself can not deny those facts.

  29. Roncella says:

    Han, its difficult to see how wrong headed the libs are who post here. They just have consumed too much Obama Koolaid.

    Pub’s last sentence is tipical as he states ” Luckily Joe Barton is not in charge of cleaning up the oil spill”.

    Your saying that its been handled properly by President Obama and his experts ???!!!!

    It took President Obama more than 50 days to actually take the spill seriously. He made a few photo-opt vists to the gulf but other wise has accomplished nothing as the leader of the clean up.

    He did turn down many offers of help from other Countries and U.S. Companies who had the equipment and knowledge about cleaning up Oil Spills.

    These many offers came just a few days into the Huge Oil Spill, but Obama ignored them or turned them down, making the spill worse than it had to be.

  30. “As the right goes even further right with their tea party folks and their fear of being overshadowed, bipartisanship becomes less and less possible as we work to get the public’s business done. So we do it ourselves.”

    Publico depending on the government to get things done is not doing it “ourselves”. I say again, have you taken an economics class? Do you know how America was founded….cottage industry! Small business’…it’s not big government, it’s not governemnt oversight, it’s not large corporations…it’s cottage industry! How do you think there is a middle class? It’s from individuals that have a dream of owning a small business, working for themselves, and if they get to a point where they can expand, they hire a couple of employees.

    I don’t even know why I am responding to your nonsense because you refuse to have a discusssion with anyone that doesn’t agree with you. YOu call them “wingnuts”, “tea baggers”…how can you have a bi-partisian discussion if you are not willing to admit that democrats do things wrong at times! Democrats aren’t perfect! Republicans aren’t perfect! You can’t stand on that soap box and claim that you are trying to have a bi-partisian conversation when you start with the name calling when people that have different views do not agree with you. YOU ARE BEING A HIPOCRIT!

  31. hansgruber says:

    TARP was passed by a majority of Dem’s vs GOP
    The 2008 stimulus law was passed by majority of Dem’s vs GOP
    The 2008 housing reform law was passed by a majority of Dem’s vs GOP
    Bush’s 2009 budget was passed by a majority of DEM with a few GOP votes
    Obama’s 2010 budget was passed by Dem ONLY..not one single GOP vote in either house.

    You proclaim it’s all the GOP faulty and the DEM are the righteous ones and will bring our country back. The Dem’s are right in bed with GOP, doesn’t really matter which party is in charge (I can only imagine how high the debt would be if Gore or Kerry had been elected) except Obama will certainly outspend & out borrow all of the other previous 43 presidents combined.

    Clearly both side have overspent and borrowed. I have been critical of both side, but to listen to you, you would think the Dem’s are fiscal responsible people, which of course they are not. I’d bet you think Clinton actually reduced the deficit, which he did not and the only reason he didn’t run a higher debt was a GOP controlled Congress required him to have balanced budget.

    $4.3 Trillion borrowed by a Dem controlled Congress in the last 41 months! Blame that on the GOP, I know you really believe it.

  32. FreeAmerica says:

    Sumner wrote:
    The republicans ran the economy into the ditch, they spent like drunken sailors.75% or more of our current debt is the result of republican tax cuts and unfunded spending.

    This is an outright lie…. (75% or more)?? I would trust a drunken sailor before I trust a koolaid drunk liberal.

  33. Sumner401 says:

    Nothing but cherry picked bills from 2008. I guess your position really is that the republicans have not spent a dime Hans?
    Did the debt just appear out of thin air in 2008 Hans?
    Or was it here up until 2000, went on vacation until 2008 when it can back tan and rested?
    Republicans can do no wrong is that it Hans?

    Hans, tell one thing the republicans have done that added to the debt.
    I know you can.

  34. hansgruber says:

    How about this Sum?
    2001-2006 $2.9 Trillion borrowed by Bush 43 & GOP Congress
    2007-2010 $4.3 Trillion Borrowed by the DEM Controlled Congress

  35. Sumner401 says:

    Reading this ‘stuff’ from the partisan right is it any wonder we are in the mess we are in?
    The level of disconnect, who could have imagined it?

  36. hans – I see you parsed out your categories in a way that only blames Bush from for 6 of his 8 years. Funny how the Bush apologists tend to not blame him for anything that happened his year in office nor his last two years…..that way he gets no blame for his first recession or his last recession or, for that matter 9/11.

  37. FreeAmerica says:

    Must be something in the air→ Disguising failure by Bush bashing won’t work…….The odds are against you.

  38. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, 9-11 was Bushes fault ????

    Then the Oil Spill Explosion in the Gulf is definitely Obama’s fault, and the lack of coordination with the clean up is also his fault.

  39. Sumner401 says:

    “that way he gets no blame for his first recession or his last recession or, for that matter 9/11.”

    They would have to tell the truth if they did that and the truth is, 75% or more of our current debt belongs to the republicans.
    They know it, they just can’t admit to it, the brain washing goes that deep.

  40. FreeAmerica says:

    Drunken sailors are stimulus bills in disguise.

    Government is doing such a fine job on the Border issues, Wars in ‘raq & ‘stan, Health care, Oil spill cleanup… I don’t think they have time, willpower, or knowledge of debt management.

    To many meatballs to choose from in spaghetti will cause the Dems to become discombobulated. Stay away from the spaghetti.

  41. theogsters says:

    Mary, that’s a great piece. You’ve accurately stated your case and the case of millions of Americans. Why don’t people accept your analysis? Because they create their own “facts”, they don’t want to be confused by the truth. Thanks again for your straight-forward thinking.

  42. Ron – explain how the Bush Administration kept us safe on 9/11…..

    Yes, 9/11 belongs to the W Administration.

  43. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, explain how the Huge Oil spill Clean up is not Obama’s Katrina.

    theogsters, “straingt forward thinking”, Yikesssss !!!!!????

  44. Sumner401 says:

    “explain how the Huge Oil spill Clean up is not Obama’s Katrina.”

    Because he is actually taking action, and has been since day one.
    Bush didn’t, until it looked like he was going to get killed politically, which he was. then and only then did he try and take action but failed at that like everything else he did.

    President Obama has been on top of this spill from the very beginning, he has made sure the cost will be born by the BP and not the tax payer, which is what the GOBP wants.
    It’s called leadership, bush didn’t have any and President Obama does.

  45. ron……..the lax regulations that led to the DeepWater disaster were ushered in by Cheney’s secret energy meetings. However, the Obama Administration did nothing to change that – even when there is evidence emerging that there was knowledge of a leak several months prior to explosion – so it is clear that this Administration owns some responsibility for the failure to regulate.

    However, the lack of response to a natural disaster (Katrina) is not an apt comparison to the Corporate-caused disaster that should, rightfully, be the corporation’s sole responsibility to clean-up.

    And, as I have posted before, Chernobyl is a much more direct comparison as it is a man-made catastrophe based in the energy sector.

  46. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, BP will be held responseable to clean up the mess with millions of dollars to businesses and workers and the fishing industries in the Gulf, thats a fact.

    When we talk about Katrina its amazing how the Mayor a Dem. and the Governor a Dem. get left out of having any responsiblity for the mess after Katrina hit. I watched that strom on T.V. as it approached New Orleans.

    I watched as reporters days before it hit were interviewing residents there asking them if they were going to leave before Katrina got closer. Many said no that they have been through these storms before and its no big deal.

    The National Weather Folks were screaming for everyone to leave now. There were school buses available for those who needed transportation.
    The Governor/Mayor were not doing their jobs to safeguard the folks there and insist they leave. They did a terrible job in assisting the citizens of New Orleans. Both of them new the levies were very old and in need of repair.

    After the storm hits, I watched all the mess, folks on roofs all of it. Who got blamed 100% for all the mis-takes made, President Bush. He could have possibly done a better job in working with both the Governor and the Mayor to get their folks out immediately, but most of the blame should rest squarely on the Mayor and the Governor, (again both democrats).

  47. LuckyCharm says:

    So now Obama is responsible for the actions of a mayor and a governor years ago? Wow, I knew he was good, but I didn’t know time travel was in his repertoire!

  48. Roncella says:

    LCharm, get out in the sun shine and enjoy. If you read my post of 3:28 properly you would understand I was referring to Katrina and what happened as the huge storm approached the levies.

    It had nothing to do with your hero President Obama, no need for you to get defensive, about Katrina you have enough to defend Obama about already…for sure……!!

  49. Too bad Obama doesnt do time travel.

    He could travel back to 2007, pull an LBJ, and not accept the nomintaion of his party, and go back to filling potholes in Peoria


  50. then I could go back and learn how to use spellcheck! :D

  51. Dale….spellcheck? What’s that? Grammatical/spelling errors are expected. If you are using spellcheck for these posts you are admitting that your priorities are a little skewed and you need to back away from the computer ;-)

  52. iamjimbo says:

    beerBoy says:
    May 31, 2010 at 6:19 am
    And ron…..sorry to be the spelling police……but there is only one “a” in immigration.

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