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SPRINKER: County is closing great place for kids

Letter by Donna Mounts, Spanaway on June 18, 2010 at 12:21 pm with 25 Comments »
June 21, 2010 9:14 am

Pierce County really doesn’t have much for kids to do in its south end. Closing Sprinker will be a crime for kids. We need a place that can used year-round and for multiple uses.

The skating rink, tennis courts and the many different classes that are held there and so much more will be lost. Pierce County needs to find the money to renovate it and keep it open. Let’s put money into keeping our children active and healthy.

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  1. tubbythetuba says:

    That’s news to me……They are temp. shutting down the Skateboard part to clean and repair it. Sprinker is not closing that I know of…TNT: any inside info, or does Donna know something none of the rest of us knows?

  2. The county has a million dollars budgeted for facility design and improvements for Sprinker in 2010.

    I don’t know where she is getting her information.

  3. Actually, fatuous, Donna is correct. Pierce County announced today that Sprinker is closing for good on October 31. A press release is pending and an article will be in the Tribune Sunday.

    You are correct though that they are continuing to move forward with the design phase of the remodel… at least for now. We hope that they don’t change course on that!

  4. Roncella says:

    Gosh Folks don’t you all realize that the Mayor of Tacoma and some of the City Council members are too busy writing letters and taking a stand against the Arizona Immagration Bill against the citizens of Arizona and its Governor ?

    They are just too busy to be involved with the Sprinker Problem !!!!????

  5. tubbythetuba says:

    The Center is not under Tacoma, but Pierce County.

  6. Kevindot1 says:

    Roncella needs a geography lesson.

  7. Roncella says:

    Devindot1, I guess you think that kids from tacoma never use the facility, right ? If they do why shouldn’t Tacoma help them with funds or whatever to keep it from closing.

  8. ldozy1234 says:

    Funny how the funds are always found to give or “loan” Chambers Golf course but general public use facilities like Sprinker haven’t been able to be funded for repairs until it forced closing due to risks because of County neglect?

  9. “If they do why shouldn’t Tacoma help them with funds or whatever to keep it from closing.’

    We all pay a tenth of one percent in sales tax to support the parks in Pierce county and the two zoos. Yes, Tacoma residents pay this tax too.

    In addition, those who live in the Metro Park district, primarily Tacoma residents, pay a property tax to support the Metro Parks.

    And in addition to that, Tacoma residents pay about 3 million dollars a year for city parks that are not part of the Metro Park district, but are maintained by the Metro Park district.

    So you see, Tacoma residents pay up the wazu for parks.

  10. Well, that’s terrible news. Tacoma will never have a commercial rink, because in order to have a skating rink within the city limits you have to have 6 parking spaces per every 1,000 square feet of floor space. A rink of any size would require so much property that it’s just not feasible to make money and pay for all that property.

  11. Sumner401 says:

    It is too bad, we need recreation, especially now and it’s too bad the facility have been allowed to deteriorate, but ‘cut spending, cut taxes, cut, cut, cut, cut, it’s bound to catch up.

    I notice all the ‘cut spending’ people are now complaining that services have been cut.
    Go figure.

  12. Roncella says:

    Sum401, How about you getting a message to Your Hero President Obama and ask him if he could spare a few bucks from one of his many stimulus bills to repair or remodle or rebuild the Sprinker Center, Right Away !!!!

  13. Sprinker is the perfect sort of facility that could be, in part, funded with an entry fee. Chambers Bay golf course is similarly funded, in part, with green fees. The difference, of course, is that the golf course is designed to pay for itself eventually and that is not the case for Sprinker.
    Any loan to keep Springer going would need to be very large it seems and that takes the option off the table. I do wonder about the improvements being considered and the costs for them. Are they really necessary? Why not simply fix what is broken without expanding anything?

  14. Did 314,000 folks go to Chambers Bay Golf Course? How can that entity be more worthy of tax support than Sprinker?

  15. redneckbuck says:

    The county executive must include sprinker in her budget for 2011. Join us in a rally on Wednesday at the corner of pacific and military at 5:30 -7pm. The county officials will hear us. The next rally will be at the council meeting on July 6th…..then the amateur, and Chambers Bay!!!!!!!

  16. redneckbuck says:

    Sprinker uses 4 dollars for every visit throghout the year. That’s four tax dollars going back to the people that paid their taxes!!!! Chambers Bay on the other hand was 3.3 million in the red last year. 800 thousand in sewer funds and then A 2.5 MILLION check to keep the PGA happy.

    Chambers bay is costing tax payers 64 dollars for every round of golf played there…..I will go bankrupt at this rate. Read the mast plan and check out PLAN B: the council is going to sell the park and put in condos if the course fails to turn a profit!!!!!

  17. Sumner401 says:

    “How can that entity be more worthy of tax support than Sprinker?”

    By hosting golf tournaments that bring in lots of people and money to the local economy, that is just one way.

  18. frankiethomas says:

    3 days, an entire weekend with no new letters to the editor??????????????

  19. redneckbuck says:

    Chambers Bay has sucked nearly 50 million dollars in “SEWER IMPROVEMENT” funds!!!! It still runs 800k in the red each year. The PGA pledged 5 million in money for course rental for the week of the tournament. The course has already recieved half that money! One week tournament and a one year bump in attendance at the course is not going to make a dent in the debt that is owed! Let’s call it what it is…..It is the council’s playground!

  20. Copper2Steel says:

    From what I understand, they’re not closing ALL of Srinker — just the ice rink. The fields and skate park (once it’s been rehabbed), will remain open — and aren’t those the things that get the most use there?

    I could be wrong…

  21. redneckbuck says:

    yeah, your wrong.

  22. The Sprinker Remodel came to a public vote in 1999. It was approved.
    The Council never put a dime of that money towards Sprinker.
    It was found out in 2006 that the Council put Sprinker’s remodel money under the table.
    The original design for the building was never properly permitted when built in 1976, and it would not have passed inspection.
    The outside walls of Sprinker would not stand another earthquake.
    3/4 of the building would need to be fixed by October 31st or shut down.
    That will probably include the tennis courts as they would not have access to the condemed restrooms or their offices.
    In 2000 it would have taken 10-12 million dollars to remodel the inside of the building and add a new 2nd sheet of ice in an adjoining building.
    In 2009 it was estimated that it now would take 28-34 million dollars just to renovate the INSIDE of the building and NO 2nd sheet of ice.

  23. redneckbuck says:

    wow n98503 at this point i am still learning Sprinker history. I wondered why the date was selected! Thanks for the information.

    Please attend the rally on wednesday evening at 5:30!

  24. Loren_Zimmerman says:

    Chambers Bay may be designed to pay for itself but that is far from the truth. It continues to run in the red.
    And why would you be okay with funding a golf course that costs $150 to play a round of golf. I can play 7 rounds for that at Spanaway. Another country facility. And why does Pierce County Parks and Rec maintain two golf courses in an excellent fashion and then Public Works maintains Chambers Bay?? Seems like a perfect opportunity to consolidate services and save some much needed money. Was it just a good place to “hide” something by putting it under Public Works??
    $150 a round of golf for one person? Or $22 for a family of 4 for 2 1/2 hours of skating on a public sessions. Well which is better do you think??
    And do not forget; In 1987 the National Figure Skating Championships were held in Tacoma. Sprinker was the primary training and practice site for 250 national competitors. It lasted 9 days and according to the Pierce County visitors and convention organization, brought 16 million dollars into the community. Bigger then the 2015 US Open that will only have 150 competitors for 4 or 5 days.
    And let me remind everyone that the National Figure Skating Championships have been held twice in the past 5 years in Spokane. Why in Spokane? Because they have excellent ice skating facilities. We could have bid for those events if our facility wasn’t falling apart and we had better ice conditions. We proved we could do it in 1987 and we could do it again.
    Our county planners and county government are short sighted and penny wise and pound foolish.

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