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GAZA: Blockade is a humanitarian travesty

Letter by Molly Gibbs, Olympia on June 15, 2010 at 10:59 am with 7 Comments »
June 16, 2010 9:18 am

Reality disproves Charles Krauthammer’s claim in his 6-4 column that Israel would simply truck the goods on board the aid flotilla to Gaza after inspecting for military material.

The flotilla contained aid items Israel has not been permitting in. Like paper. Like water purifiers to mitigate the high incidences of kidney disease and “blue baby” syndrome.

Israel says, and Krauthammer repeats, that “every week 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza.”

Yes, Israel allows some aid in. But what, and compared to what? Not parts necessary for repairing medical equipment. Not fresh meat. Not shoes (until recently). The Israeli organization Gisha.org has a partial list of items banned.

BBC recently saw a disturbing document showing how Israel calculates the caloric needs of Palestinians based on weight to avoid crossing “red lines” that would lead to literal starvation.

M.J. Rosenberg says in his “Lying About the Gaza Flotilla Disaster” article: “The World Food Program says Gaza requires a minimum of 400 trucks a day to meet basic nutritional needs – yet an average of just 171 trucks worth of supplies enters Gaza every week.”

Amnesty International calls Israel’s blockade “a flagrant violation of international law.” Human Rights Watch calls it “collective punishment.” Law professor George Bisharat recently laid out his legal reasoning as to why the blockade is illegal.

We need an international inquiry into Israel’s blockade and the events surrounding the aid flotilla’s attempt to break it.

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  1. Molly, Nah, we’ere okay with it.

  2. I bet you know who will call you a “jew hater”

  3. Gazans should have thought about that before their election. Electing a “govt.” that refuses to recognize the existence and officially calls for the destruction of Israel and refers to my Jerusalem (the capitol of Israel) with the derogatory term “Al Quds” while launching randomly un-aimed soviet/Iranian rockets at non-military targets while wearing mommy’s bandanna over their eyes (no wonder they can’t aim anything) is reeeeeally a stretch calling them innocent. BTW-It’s not an Israeli blockade, my dear, it’s an Egyptian/Israeli blockade, and since Hamass has published its stated goals, the customs-blockade IS in accordance with International law. Nidal Hasan did not kill 13 people–he murdered 14. One was carrying an unborn child.

  4. freakwater says:

    Supporting Gaza is supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization.

  5. MarksonofDarwin says:

    And what, exactly would anyone hope to accomplish by “….an international inquiry into Israel’s blockade and the events surrounding the aid flotilla’s attempt to break it.”

    I mean really…what’s the point?
    You will NEVER accept it if the blockade is found to be legal.
    You will continue to wail and scream about Israel’s blockade. And I mean ONLY Israel’s blockade. I haven’t heard even a tiny “meep” about Egypt.

    This is an ongoing war….one that Hamas has vowed to see the the end goal, which is to destroy Israel.

    I honestly don’t understand what drives people to this extreme. Completely ignoring any and ALL other horrendous acts done by ANY other country.
    Setting your sights only on Israel, in this single minded bizarre and twisted view of the world. I have yet to meet and discuss this issue with anybody who doesn’t come across as a complete nut-job.

    What is it about Hamas that you admire so much, that you are willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that they embody the absolute antithesis of everything a leftist believes in?

    Why so il-liberal about just this topic?
    Really…REALLY, I wish somebody could explain why so many on the left fully embrace a political system so at odds with their professed ideals.

    Perhaps erkhvd could be the first to step up and explain this in a rational way?
    I mean, without all the rumors, innuendo, and outright lies that is….

  6. Novelist3 says:

    One would think, perhaps, that the people in Gaza just might be able to create a better standard of living if they actually focused on building their society instead of shooting rockets at Israel’s elementary schools. Just a thought.

  7. MoD, I’m with you point for point, and I am also glad that folks here are pointing out the significance of the Palestinians electing Hamas to govern.

    There is something very bizarre about this laser beam cast upon Israel, and if you are a Bible- believing Christian or an orthodox Jew…it’s not surprising.
    Those of you who are NOT, don’t bother responding. You are free to believe or not believe what you want, as am I.

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