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SCHOOLS: Lincoln Center welcomes scrutiny

Letter by Grace Sanders, Tacoma on June 11, 2010 at 2:13 pm with 5 Comments »
June 14, 2010 10:52 am

Re: “Take a closer look at data” (letter, 6-9).

Students of Lincoln Center (LC) thank the writer for his comments about our program. We work hard to earn grades that represent our success; we are confident our rigorous curriculum and extra time we put in raise our GPAs.

The goal of LC is to help students authentically enter college, when normally we wouldn’t have that opportunity.

The writer stated that “data can be easily manipulated.” We agree, but can defend our data.

Dedicated teachers contribute to our success. This isn’t hard evidence, but there is more to share. Tacoma’s graduation requirements don’t equal college entrance requirements. We use David Conley’s College Readiness Standards, assuring students meeting them are college prepared.

Our standards-based grades aren’t inflated. As freshmen, a computerized reading assessment measured 45 percent of students reading at grade level. Currently, 74 percent perform at grade level. This shows growth directly related to the rigorous curriculum we willingly engage.

Preliminary results of the HSPE exam show LC students performing above the district average in reading and writing.

We are worthy of “emulation.” We love to showcase the results of our hard work. We strive to match the standards of the proven programs we are modeled after. Before making a “rush to judgment,” visit us; help guide us on our path. We are convinced LC will help us excel.

(Sanders submitted this on behalf of her fellow sophomores at Lincoln Center.)

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  1. BigSwingingRichard says:

    First let commend you and your friends for putting in the extra effort by joining the LC.

    Having said this, and since you are writing on behalf of your fellow LC students, I have to ask if any of them (or a Teacher) proof read your letter before you submitted it? Let’s hope not.

    I realize you are a sophomore and you have another two years of study, but I might suggest a focus on classes in grammar, vocabulary, and English composition.

    (PS- authentically means not-false, not fake.)

    I applaud you for writing a letter to the editor, but I can only give you a C-, since you did not check, edit, or proof read your letter.

    Do keep working at it and do not get discouraged. It is hard to get critiqued but you can and will learn from others reviewing your writing. I often edit and have others edit my memos, letters, etc. and you will become a better writer because of it. I know I have.

    Keep writing and continue to hone your writing skills. Writing well is a very important skill and well worth the effort. Writing well is hard to learn, no one is born with this skill. You will get there, just keep at it. Learning to write well takes time and effort but it will benefit you in college and in life.

    PS- Just so you know, in my profession, we require everything of importance to get at least one other person’s review and we bill at hundreds of dollars an hour. It pays to write well.

  2. frankiethomas says:

    Oh pashaw. You’ve got your own comma splice issues BSR. . .

  3. I have had one experience with Lincoln students this year. I went to the plant sale held by the horticulture class this year. I expected to find students who were eager to share their knowledge about the plants displayed. What I found was students who knew nothing about the plants, said they occasionally went to the horticulture class because they thought the greenhouse was too cold. I specifically asked several of these students if they were enrolled in this class or just volunteering for the sale- they were enrolled. When asked a question about a plant, I was referred to a print out diplayed at each plant site- not a print out done by the students, but one that was printed off the internet. I was disappointed that these students chose to learn so little in this class and that the taxpayers continue paying for an elective that is not being taken advantage of. I wonder what goes on in core classes.

  4. “Writing well is hard to learn, no one is born with this skill.”

    Comma splice?

  5. wisepam47 says:

    I flagged BSR’s post as innappropriate because someone with such a user name should not be around high school students, even virtually.

    I also noticed that his letter has more errors than the student’s. In fact, I could only find one correction I would make in the original letter. The writer uses semi-colons with more grace than most adults. The poster took issue with the student’s use of “authentically,” but I take it to be a reference to the way the term is used in the education sector as having a connection to real world experience and standards. The usage seems correct to me. However, “proof read” as two words is not.

    That aside, what is really distressing here is the meanness of it. Such a tone is unnecessary. It’s not a fair fight when an adult gets snide with a kid.

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