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PRIVACY: Pitts begrudgingly defends Sarah Palin

Letter by Ronald A. Petitte, Federal Way on June 7, 2010 at 2:16 pm with 17 Comments »
June 7, 2010 2:20 pm

Re: “Even the most public figures have a right to privacy” (Leanard Pitts Jr. column, 6-6).

Reading Pitts’ column almost took my breath away. He was reporting on Joe McGinniss, who is writing a book about Sarah Palin. For the most part, Pitts’ remarks were actually defending Palin’s right to privacy. However, Pitts conveniently left out a very important fact: McGinniss has made many nasty, critical remarks about Palin in interviews already. This leads many to believe this book will be nothing more then a gotcha book on Palin and her family.

Kudos to Pitts for finding the courage to defend Palin’s right to privacy even if it was very painful for Pitts to do. His remark about “Palin being the leader of an intellectually incoherent movement, that has no idea where its going but seems in a hurry to get there” keeps him from taking any criticism from his very far-left friends and associates.

It’s really amazing how fearful the left is of Palin and the tea party movement. From the president to many Democratic members of Congress, there is an anger and fear against the members of the movement for having demonstrations and holding their home-made signs. They definitely do know where they are going and what they expect from their elected officials and are demanding that those folks in Washington, D.C., start to listen to the voters now.

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  1. ron, McGinnis is a classless oaf. I heard him whining on TV the other night about his rights to live where he wants. Anybody who lends credence to anything he writes about Palin is pitiful.

  2. good letter until this: “It’s really amazing how fearful the left is of Palin and the tea party movement.”

    Guess you had to say that to avoid criticism from your friends on the very far right.

  3. Murigen says:

    If Sarah is that concerned about her privacy she should be buying up the properties on either side.

  4. Great letter, I was blown away too. Best article I’ve read of Pitts, snipes were minimal.

  5. beerBoy says:

    funny ron…..it was Palin who put pictures of McGinnis’ home on the internet…..

  6. nwcolorist says:

    So what’s happening with the syndicated columnists? First we had David Broder become sympathetic to Republicans. Then Kathleen Parker is said to be GOP friendly. And now Leonard Pitts is being fair to Sarah Palin.

    Something smells a little fishy here

  7. donjames says:

    Sumner401 says:
    “Why or (hee) haw [sic] can anyone be ‘fearful’ of the teabaggers and Sara Palin?
    Neither are any kind of threat at all, if anything they both will be responsible for more Democrat wins come Nov.”

    ROTFLMFAO – Graveyard to S401: “Catchy tune you’re whistling there Sumner.”

    beerBoy says:

    “… it was Palin who put pictures of McGinnis’ home on the internet… ”

    Uhmm, bB, it was a picture of the loathsome mcginnis, sitting on the porch of the rented house in Wasilla – oooooooooooooooooooohhh.
    Drama much, bB?

    newscrap, considering the… “qualifications” of the genius currently occupying the party house… er, White House and the glaring lack of leadership this administration is displaying, are you sure you want to talk about who really is “totally unqualified?” You libs delude yourselves by thinking barry would trounce Palin, but the very fact he is currently living in the party house is proof enough of the folly of you opinion. (And seriously, the chances of Palin being the Republican nominee are about as likely as joe biden being the next president.)

    But please, crap, we would love to see you back up your insulting claim of bigotry by Palin. Do you have a link from a reliable source? Doubt it. Statements like yours prove the old adage that silence is an acceptable substitute for intelligence.

  8. Sumner401 says:

    You all picked the name, if you don’t like it then you should have picked something else and tld fox news so they wouldn’t use it.

  9. No one “picked” the name you’re using here except those who co-opted it to imply vulgarity.

    Did anyone say the fear of Palin was about her being elected? I think the fear, and there is some, is that she has awakened a lot of folks who are tired of the game being played by the usual rules. People who grew up trusting their president and their government to put the best interest of “the people” above all else have suddenly realized that Obama was/is a game-changer.

    Think of Palin as a tocsin rather than a candidate; or perhaps a better way to put it is she’s a prophet, not The Messiah.

  10. Another big college word just for you bBoy!

  11. “teabagging” is a college word too…

    … “teabagging” is something a few posters here are obviously intimate with … , Beerboy is the one that enlightened me to the derogatory meaning… I don’t watch Anderson Cooper, and I didn’t go to college…

  12. … come to think of it… it was an episode of “Law and Order” that I learned , and “Oprah” that my wife and nephew learned what being on “the down low” means…


  13. beerBoy says:

    dj…….thank you for making my point…..just how many pictures has McGinnis posted on the web of Palin? Who is the one infringing upon privacy?

  14. The only thing of interest is we learned a liberal columnist drew a line based on a principle we all respect instead of personal feelings. That is refreshing.

  15. donjames says:

    bB, your point? That turn about is fair play… okay.

    No, bB, your point was no point at all. Rather, judging by the way you chose your words, you were implying that Palin had traveled to MA to take multiple pictures the mcginnis house which she then posed on the internet (which, IMHO, would be fair play as well). The reality is she posted one photo of the Wasilla rental home on her facebook page.

    How many photos do you suppose mcginnis will be including in his book?

  16. Roncella says:

    The Liberals and Democrats can say what they want, and deny, deny, deny, but the truth is they are afraid and hateful of Sarah Palin.

    This is so obvious by the attacks by so many of them on cable stations and the Main stream press. Even many who post here reflect a hatred of her by their remarks about her and her family.

    Sarah Palin will be a big help this fall when election time gets closer and she travels around the Country helping many “Real Conservatives” win the coming November elections.

  17. Zillahboy says:

    Pits, Pitts, Pitts
    What a classic job of pretending to stick up for somene’s rights while stabbing them in the back.

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