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BUDGET: State needs to make deeper cuts

Letter by Jim Bjorkman, Puyallup on June 4, 2010 at 2:41 pm with 14 Comments »
June 7, 2010 9:18 am

Since 1999, the state’s total spending has gone from $39.4 billion in the 1999 biennium to $69.6 billion in the current biennium – an increase of 77 percent.

Since 1999, the state population has increased 14 percent. Since 1999. the Seattle consumer price index has increased 27 percent. Taking the 1999 spending amounts and factoring in population and inflation, we should now have state spending of $57 billion.

Instead we have $69.6 billion in spending or more than $12.6 billion more or 22 percent more than what population growth and inflation account for. On top of this, the state’s unfunded pension liability has increased from $1 billion to $8 billion during this time period.

Then the real kicker is the last budget of $69.6 billion was balanced with close to $5 billion in federal one-time stimulus funds.

So now our governor is going to go around the state this summer telling us how much the budget has been cut and that there is nothing left to cut. This is the same governor who in 2008 when running for office told us there was no budget deficit (oops: $8.9 billion deficit) or that she would never raise taxes (oops again) in a recession.

The taxpayers of this state cannot afford this anymore. We have no money left to pay so state employees can get annual raises and get nearly free health care benefits. It is time that the state budget faced the same cuts we in the private sector have had to make.

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  1. TonyCrago says:

    Maybe if we stopped letting the religious right dictate morality for the rest of us we could save a ton of money on the criminal justice system. While we’re at it, let’s do away with tax breaks for churches. That will save some money.

  2. paulandsoon says:

    As long as the taxpayer picks up the tab for state employees to live like King and Queens, nothing will ever change; unless we change the rules:

    Vote all incumbents out of office next election, and start from scratch. That way, us taxpayers might have a prayer.

  3. Sumner401 says:

    I got a kick out your math Jim!
    Nothing else to factor in on your ‘calculations’?
    The only things that effect the state budget are population and inflation.
    Imagine that.

  4. That is his point Summer-the radical growth of our state government under this crazy governor. Cut, Cut, Cut, starting with our politicians

  5. Sumner401 says:

    The Governor has nothing to do with it, other than sour grapes that your guy lost.
    The point is that far more goes into a state budget than inflation and population.
    Heck your boy tim iman accounts for a sizable percentage of drop in revenue that has to be managed along with the many unfunded mandates handed down to all states during the failed bush/republican era. Population and inflation are a very small factor in this equation.
    A more open eyed open minded approach is what is needed, screaming ‘NO!’ isn’t working on the federal level and it won’t work on the state level.

  6. If Tim Iman had not helped the taxpayers of this state, by getting inititives on the ballot that curtailed the runaway spending of our so called representives,we would be a lot worse off than we are now.As it is now,the reps forgot what the voters wanted and made an end run around what the voters had passed.and effectively negated what the voters wanted.It seems that when one runs for a political office the first lies are,No new taxes No raises in the current taxes, and I will cut unnessary spending.How quickly they develop amnesia.I would personally like to see a law passed that if elected official broke one campaign promise,they would be immediatly removed from office!

  7. newscrap says:

    Timmy Eye-man only cuts REVENUES, never suggesting what programs should be cut to baolance the budget. Also, Sumner is correct, it is not just inflation and population. Several initiatives dealing with education were VOTED IN by taxpayers. People must have felt they were worth it. Of course all you anti tax nuts (heck, just tell us what YOU want to keep and we can get rid of everything else) onlywant initiatives that punish government for “taxing and spending”. I have always wondered why tax if it is not spent–what, tax and hoard? By they way, did you ever consider that the politicians, their friends, families, and business associates also get taxed. The taxes are not for personal use, the money is spent on the citizens of Washington state.

  8. Sumner401 says:

    A full 60% of the budget problems faced by the state are the results of Tim Iman, who pays himself over 400K a year to start initiatives.

  9. LibertyBell says:

    The taxes arn’t for personal use newscrap?

    Ever watch the Queen in, a Courthouse, spending your taxes in another looser, attempting to defend a State Employee?

    I like those 100’s of millions spent on her DSHS Classics, one in particular for 22 million, that was offered a settlement, before Court for 7 million?

    Yea it’s Tim Eyemans fault, that a state employee or elected official even has a job. In any other State of the Union, they’d be in Jail!

  10. lovethemountains says:

    I guess a lot of pro-tax folks must be utilizing vast amounts of services from the government that they just cannot get along without. They are saying the increase in government spending has to do with much more than inflation and population increase. They are right on that. A great deal of the spending has to do with waste and inefficiency and the idea that the “rulers” must nanny the poor peons. What happened to personal responsibility and non-dependence on the state? I am not referring to those who are in legitimate need due to no fault of their own. I am talking about those who want more and more from the state that they could do on their own. This country used to be that way. What happened?

  11. Sumner401:
    Are you saying that “Chrissy” is a good governor? She is a idiot just like “The Obamanation”!
    Don’t you remember on election night 2008? The night all you clue-less liberals voted in that spine-less bonehead from Illinois. Our beloved governor, or as I refer to her as the “village idiot”, thanked Obama personally for helping her win due to the fact that the left voted all democrat down the ballot. As you may remember, Rossi was up almost double digits on the Friday before the election. Even “Chris” thought she was going to lose.
    And now Tim Eyman is now the “scape goat” for the left. It always has to be someone besides the liberals. They can’t be blamed for anything even though they are a bunch of sniveling, worthless, idiot, cowards that have done nothing for this country except cry about everything and listen to all the crap that their draft card burning, draft dodging, jelly-spined, dope smoking college professor’s told them. Besides all that I think liberals are OK!
    Back to Eyman, so when did Mr. Eyman start signing bills into laws or voting on them in Olympia? Answer, NEVER!
    And when it comes to math with you being a liberal and all and probably voted for Al Gore, it would be best to not bring it up.
    Bottom line, Gregoire, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Waxman, etc. are idiots and so are the people that voted for them!

  12. Marine: Your bottom line is right on the money. I am seeing fewer and fewer MC Obama stickers as time goes by, meaning that fewer and fewer are willing to admit they voted for him.

  13. Sumner401 says:

    I hope you are not really a Marine, if that is the caliber of person they are turning out, we are in deep trouble.

  14. Sumner,
    If you’re an example of the caliber of person the liberals are turning out for voters, we ARE in deep trouble.

    Watch your six.
    Semper Fi.

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