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MIDEAST: Flotilla not really about aid

Letter by Leonard J. Westhoff, Eatonville on June 4, 2010 at 2:04 pm with 54 Comments »
June 7, 2010 9:15 am

I always enjoy Charles Krauthammer’s columns, and his June 4 column, “Critics would leave Israel with no means of defense,” was especially interesting.

I have carefully read most of the published news reports and commentary regarding the most recent incident. Until I read Krauthammer’s column, I was not aware that Israel allows any and all non-military aid to be sent to Gaza and in fact actually trucks 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies into Gaza every week. The only requirement being that such shipments first be brought to an Israeli port for inspection.

This flotilla of “aid” was not about humanitarian relief; it was about defying Israel’s attempt to peaceably keep military supplies and armament out of the hands of Hamas. Is it an accident that this rather important fact was omitted from printed, broadcast and on-line accounts of this incident?

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  1. We also know how terrorists love to hide behind innocent men, women, and children…

  2. I fear you are correct imjim…and Leonard, please don’t expect to hear this from any primary news agency except FOX.

  3. Roncella says:

    Leonard, Charles Krauthammer, has a way of explaining things so almost anyone can read his comments and understand him with little effort. (there are some who will not)

    However, the Liberal/Progressives will not like what Charles is saying. It does not fit their agenda.

    Notice the little to no support President Obama has given to Israel. Notice how dis-respectful he was to Israel’s Leaders on their last visit to the Whitehouse.

  4. donjames says:

    “Is it an accident that this rather important fact was omitted from printed, broadcast and on-line accounts of this incident?”

    Short answer: No.

    Just like it ‘ s no accident you won ‘ t see THIS GEM from the grotesque and despicable queen of anti-Semitism, helen Thomas – the darling grand dame of the liberal MSM.

  5. beerBoy says:

    Until I read Krauthammer’s column, I was not aware that Israel allows any and all non-military aid to be sent to Gaza

    That’s because Israel doesn’t allow ALL non-military aid to be sent to Gaza. Israel’s list of contraband substances is lengthy and includes many items – like spices, food, crayons and toys – that could not be possibly used for military purposes.

    If you want to know the real intention of the blockade you don’t have to speculate at all – Dov Weisglass, an adviser to Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, earlier this year. ‘The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger,’ he said. The hunger pangs are supposed to encourage the Palestinians to force Hamas to change its attitude towards Israel or force Hamas out of government.”

  6. beerBoy says:

    Gee Ron…….just how respectful of Israel do you want the President of the United States to be?

    US first
    US second
    US third

  7. Roncella says:

    Speaking of Helen Thomas, when will she retire and spend time with her family and friends and give her spot to someone with intelligent questions ??

    Buy the way I asked this question before, does anyone else notice how ugly most of the liberal babes seem to be ??? Sorry but its the truth……!!!!!!

  8. aislander says:

    I thought it was amusing and telling that the “activists” had photos of casualties caused by the Israeli “raid” taken during daylight BEFORE the Israelis actually arrived. Anyone doubting that there was a deliberate provocation, with the intent to exploit it, please explain that…

  9. Helen Thomas is a fright…and she represents a media that went unchecked for years…the same ones who now want to see a gag order on Fox et. al.

    Anti-semitism is alive and well and always will be I suppose. Hard to believe the liberals who claim to be so thoroughly educated, so thrilled with a book-smart president can be so obtuse about it.

  10. beerBoy says:

    Nothing quite like judging a reporter on her age and physical appearance…..

    Yes there still is anti-semitism but that doesn’t mean that Israel is above criticism or that critiques of Israel are anti-semitic.

    Let me put it this way: Racism against blacks in America is still in place but, when a black gangsta kills in a drive-by shooting it isn’t racist to be upset about it and insist that something be done to stop it.

  11. beerBoy says:

    Autopsies are in – the 9 dead were shot in the head and in the back

    Not sure how the attacking commandos who were defending themselves from being lynched managed to shoot people in the back in self-defense. I guess people with knives and axes who are running away from you are scary……

  12. yabetchya says:

    beerBoy says:
    June 5, 2010 at 7:03 am
    Autopsies are in – the 9 dead were shot in the head and in the back

    Well all I have to say is…. NICE SHOT MAN !

  13. One soldier shoots a person in the back when they are attacking another soldier. Happens in war(close combat that is like this)-these terrrorist supporters chose to go to war when the commandos boarded the ship…
    Who cares what Israel doesn’t let through? I wouldn’t be going out of my way to allow them crayons, spices, etc. Let them realize that Hamas is going to have a negative effect on the quality of their lives…….Israel allows tremendous humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, these flotillas of terror know they are going to be stopped(they were prepared for it). Get in a cage with a gorilla and provoke it, then bit^$ when you get torn apart? Ignore these goofballs, thank Israel for their incredible restraint(paintball guns really???). Live ammunition from the start for the next ships-there is no reason any soldier should be injured. If someone wants to fight-shoot them. Tough, but still a choice the terrorist supporters make.

  14. What’s Rueters have to say about all this? Have they released any fauxtos?

  15. beerBoy says:

    International Waters.

  16. In the midst of pausing to take a deep breath, I found myself wondering how we came to this….how we came to a place where a significant portion of our population actually dares to lend support to Hamas or anything closely resembling same. Dares to sympathize with Al Qaeda which never would have been born were it not for Evil America.

    I fear that it’s what I mentioned on another post in response to Lucky Charm…the brainwashing that began in the 70’s is now complete among the Gen X crowd.

    The U.S. is bad. Profit is bad. Business people are demons from the pit of hell. The military is bad. Women who don’t go along with the agenda laid our by certain other women are bad. Christians are especially bad, unless of course they went to Jeremiah Wright’s church. People who don’t go through the college brain laundry are bad AND stupid.

    Everyone else is a victim except of course for the elitist oligarchy, the “book-smart” Prez and his pals, who are out to “change America” now, and they mean CHANGE!

    Depressing stuff, this. Garden therapy and a reminder that this is not the end of the story…these will see me through another day of the folly of the elite.

  17. Sumner401 says:

    Can anyone tell me what Israel does for the US other than take our billions?

  18. Sumner401 says:

    Seems the brain washing that began in the 80 is now complete with teabag crowd as well.

  19. No comparison Sumner. The brainwashing I’m talking about begins in Kindergarten and goes all the way through grad school. It can’t be equaled. And don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about it because I’ve been there, in the trenches, swimming upstream most of the time agains the leftist tsunami the whole way.

  20. LuckyCharm says:

    “…a significant portion of our population actually dares to lend support to Hamas…”

    Where is this support for Hamas, sozo? Just because we condemn Israel for attacking peaceful ships containing aid, and killing a dozen of their crew, doesn’t mean we support Hamas, any more than condemning naked prisoner pyramids means we support Al Qaeda. Oh, but wait, you accuse us of that, too. Even though some of us (not you, because you were safely back home valiantly swimming upstream against the liberal “agenda”) went to fight what we thought, erroneously, (thank you, Bush administration) was the AQ threat.

    Profit is not bad in itself. Unchecked corporate profit gained at the cost of millions of people’s health and livelihoods is despicable. Profit made possible only by the deaths of frail people is evil.

    The military is not bad. What it’s being asked to do is often not only bad, but corrupt, and those who started wars on false pretenses have a helluva lot of blood on their hands.

    Women aren’t bad, and although I am one, I am unfamiliar with this “agenda” you mention. How about some specifics once in a while, sozo, rather than pure platitudes?

    Christians aren’t bad, but people who hide their evil intentions behind a Christian façade are deplorable. And people who parade their piety around in public while privately sneering at those “less than” them were more than roundly denounced by Jesus.

  21. donjames says:

    beerBoy wrote:
    “Autopsies are in – the 9 dead were shot in the head and in the back.”

    LuckyCharm wrote:
    “… we condemn Israel for attacking peaceful ships containing aid, and killing a dozen of their crew… ”

    Reuters wrote:
    “Five of (the nine) killed were shot either in the back of the head or in the back, the Guardian quoted Buyuk as saying.”

    I ‘dunno… something about perpetuating false accounts of a topic tends to discredit entire positions. Maybe it’s just me.

  22. I presume you are speaking of Nancy Pelosi here Lucky when you write ” Christians aren’t bad, but people who hide their evil intentions behind a Christian façade are deplorable. And people who parade their piety around in public while privately sneering at those “less than” them were more than roundly denounced by Jesus.” I agree.

    And if you are too obtuse to see the ways all the anti-American crap unloaded BY Americans has been helpful to Hamas and Al Qaeda, I certainly won’t be able to correct your vision by anything I say. In this particular instance, of course, I was referring to those who sympathize with Palestine, which may in itself have some legitmacy, not knowing when to draw a line in the sand when Hamas won control of that situation.

  23. LC, you’re serious about this? “Women aren’t bad, and although I am one, I am unfamiliar with this “agenda” you mention.”

    How old ARE you?

  24. And….while we are on the recently linked Helen Thomas bit (which not only was ancient dj, it was completely off the record and not stated in an official capacity).

    You must admit that that “liberal” NY Times sure is not allowing the Israeli side to catapult the propaganda when they gave the Israeli ambassador an Op-Ed piece…..And no pro-Palestinian argument to be found anywhere on there pages.

  25. Beerboy:
    As usual you are clue-less!
    How have you made it this far in life not knowing what you are talking about?
    You must of spent some quality time in your professor’s office “pass the J”.
    Some of us didn’t listen to the draft dodging, draft card burning cowards but you soaked it all in.
    Hmm.. I wonder what else you would believe? The earth is flat. We never made it to the moon. The war in the Pacific was bases on race like that idiot Tom Hanks said after making the HBO mini-series The Pacific.
    Just be glad that there are TRUE AMERICANS that were/are prepared to give their lives for all the sniveling, idiot, liberal coward or should I say, your “Crew”.
    What purpose do you liberals serve? Can you tell me that? This will be good!

  26. marine – other than a general distaste for my politics supported by gross stereotypes…..do you have a point?

  27. Roncella says:

    Israel, Has every right to use the blockade to check what Hamas is trying to get into the Gaza. Its trying to exist in a part of the World where all the Countries around you are your enemies. Many have openly stated that their goal is to destroy Israel.

    sozo, I have just read your posts with LCharm. I must admit, I have some liberal friends but none as far, far, far, left and Liberal/Progressive as LCharm seems to be.

    It would be interesting to find out how her thinking process got so far left, there had to be someone or something that drove her to this worped reasoning. I respect everyones right to believe in whatever they want but LCharm is so far out there, it makes me wonder, How Come ??

  28. Harry13 says:

    Charles Krauthammer’s column has invoked many respondents. Readers need to go further into the Israel/Palestine story, and ask a few questions. Why were there more than 10,000 protesters in Tel Aviv yesterday against the savage attack on the human rights activists on the sea on Monday? Why did Israel have a media blackout immediately after the incident? Why has the mainstream press avoided telling the story of the activists? Why was the human rights activist, a member of the Knesset, attacked IN THE KNESSET? Why was Uri Averny, a liberal 86-year old Israeli writer, attacked in his car yesterday? What are the REAL causes of Palestinian anguished way of life in regard to food, water, shelter, sewage, irreparably damaged homes, schools, hospitals? Why is Israel not permitting an international forum in regard to the violence at sea? Please read further than Charles Krauthammer’s column. Nancy Farrell

  29. TheSlag says:

    Israel says coriander is not allowed for Palestinians, or large amounts of margarine. Just to name a couple of items on a long list.
    Why? No reason. Just to be mean and punish a people subjugated. Just to mistreat them a little more.
    A Krauthammer can’t explain away bullets in the heads of unarmed Turkish civilians on the flotilla. The right of one people over the other.
    For Israelis, it is more important that they can wash their cars, even if it means the people in Palestine have o clean water to drink.

  30. LuckyCharm says:

    Well, that sure didn’t come through as written! WTH is going on with posts nowadays?

  31. LuckyCharm says:

    marine, I’d like to know what you think a “strong” President would be doing right now. Just curious.

  32. beerBoy says:

    I imagine the Soviets had all sorts of rationale against the Berlin Airlift too……

  33. donjames says:

    beerBoy says:
    “… the recently linked Helen Thomas bit (which not only was ancient dj… )”

    WTF? The comments by the despicable HT were from an impromptu interview at the WH on May 30, 2010. I would hardly call an incident that occurred less than a week previous to my original post “ancient.”

    Posting cherry-picked quotes from an article that was not only written over four years ago, but was also written over a year before Israel had even instituted the naval blockade of Gaza, now that would not only be ancient, but also approaches the non-sequitur zone.

  34. theogsters says:

    Leonard, you’ve got to understand Krauthammer is extremely pro-Israeli and tends to create “facts” to support his position. He also avoids looking at the Palestinian view. How would you like to live in Gaza and have every item necessary for your survival closely inspected and accepted or rejected by a hostile, foreign power? If you’re like most of us, you’d find that kind of oppression totally unacceptable.

  35. beerBoy says:

    dj –

    Wow……4 years ago is “ancient” and comments of a high Israeli official one year prior to institution of the blockade about the reasons for instituting the blockade are “non-sequiter zone”.

    You really have a very limited view of what is relevant to your world view…..

  36. theo, you ask “How would you like to live in Gaza and have every item necessary for your survival closely inspected and accepted or rejected by a hostile, foreign power? ”

    First, I would not like it but I might have to accept it after repeated assaults from nefarious travelers. Sometimes the innocent have to pay for the acts of the others. It stinks but it is what it is.

    Second, I also do not like the idea of having my own government “inspecting” aspects of my life it has no business being involved in, but this new administration seems to think it knows what’s best for me and mine. That stinks too, but I can’t do much about it…till November anyway.

  37. LuckyCharm says:

    So, sozo, if Afghanistan or Iraq had the muscle to physically control everything coming into or leaving our country, would you be so nonchalant about letting them do it? (We’ve caused FAR more civilian casualties there than the Palestinians ever would in Israel.) Would you really just shrug at them blocking everything from crayons to note paper, and not allowing anybody to leave, saying, “Sometimes the innocent have to pay for the acts of the others”? Or would you be outraged instead and vow that their grip must be broken however possible?

    Also, I’m curious — what aspects of your life has our government been inspecting? Do you object to the USDA inspecting meat, or the FDA requiring medication testing? Do you resent having to get your car emissions-tested, or filing your tax returns? Would we be better off without all this government oversight?

  38. I’m no genius, and I’m in a hurry, but I think your analogy breaks down from the get-go. I’ll come back to it later LC.

    Inspecting may be too strong a word, but I anticipate it as a distinct possibility. Again, on the run this afternoon. I’ll give it some thought.

  39. LuckyCharm says:

    Oh, okay…. as with many of the things you endure, they’re not so much occurring as “anticipated.”

    There are REAL problems we’re facing at the moment, sozo. A gulf gusher out of control. Two wars with no clear end in sight, no stated mission or objective. Border violence. Climatic tumult. Greater and greater instability in the Middle East and Asia.

    I’d be the last to argue for government intrusion into private matters, but I’m strongly in favor of addressing REAL problems versus imaginary ones.

  40. LuckyCharm, doesn’t riding that camels’s hump get a little painful sometimes?

  41. Anticipating turns and patterns is the mark of a thinker, LC, but hey, just earmark my comments about the future so you can come back and admit that I was right when you get a ticket using an illegal word…(that’s a joke in case you’re too self absorbed to appreciate it).

    About the Gulf tragedy…on two occasions President Obama, during the campaign, cited his running of a campaign as ample executive experience to get him into office. I was embarrassed for him at the time; it’s really embarrassing to look back on it now.

    On cue, yesterday, when he let that mask slip that I mentioned on another thread, he announced that he was looking for some ass to kick re the slpill. I say on cue because when it gets down and dirty for this guy, he can be counted on to look for someone else to blame.

    Dems and Republicans alike are citing the president’s incompetence at this point. What do you think, LC. Oh, and btw, you’ll be happy to know that you and Ahmadinijad share a hope for a new world order. When I read of his hopes for same, I thought of you.

  42. … Matt Lauer faithfully repeated the new new lamestream media catch phrase today… too… “Kick some ass/butt”.

    It would be funny (were it not so pathetic) how they are shills for him…

  43. LuckyCharm says:

    sozo, there is a difference between “anticipating turns and patterns” and living in a fantasy world of “what might happen.” Mark Twain once wrote, “I am an old man and have seen many troubles — but most of them never happened.”

    Would any amount of political experience have prevented the Gulf explosion? The President’s job requires neither oil rig experience nor personal supervision of same — that’s why we’ve got agencies devoted to monitoring those sorts of things. And if anyone in those agencies failed to use due diligence in performing their duties, their asses should be kicked.

    You can’t send “experience” to the bottom of the ocean to plug up a hole, and if all the best and brightest scientists and engineers working together haven’t come up with a solution by now, I don’t know how you can expect that of the President. He’s the leader of our nation, not Superman. Personally, I think the fault lies squarely with BP, which falsely certified that it had the ability to deal with a spill many times greater than what we’ve got, and the MMS, which signed off on it without bothering to ask exactly how, and what measures were in place in case it did. BP should be declared an enemy of the state and its responsible officials tried for negligent homicide, and those at the MMS who let them slide by without the proper equipment and procedures in place should be punished as well. Government workers need to get out of the mindset that they’re just paper-pushers with job security, and they should be held fully accountable for preventable errors.

  44. Twain just didn’t live long enough. And though he was a wonderful folksy fellow given to some good insights, he was hardly the sage everyone makes him out to be.

    And please, no one is suggesting that Obama needs to be an oil drilling expert, but it would have been advisable to give his undivided attention to the matter by consulting those who do know what they’re doing.

    As one editorial “remembered” how events unfolded:

    “It took the Department of Homeland Security more than a week to classify the spill as an event calling for the highest level of federal action. And when state officials in Louisiana tried over and over to win federal permission to build sand barriers to protect fragile coastal wetlands from the oil, they got nowhere. “For three weeks, as the giant slick crept closer to shore,” the Times reports, “officials from the White House, Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environmental Protection Agency debated the best approach.’ ”

    And from the NYT even: “At least a dozen federal agencies have taken part in the spill response,” the New York Times reports, “making decision-making slow, conflicted and confused, as they sought to apply numerous federal statutes.”

    It would have been appropriate for this great messiah of compassion to roll up his sleeves and “be” among the people rather than at those essential business-as-usual events on the WH lawn — or especially at the big WH party where drinking and dancing (and slamming the former president) were the order of the day while people on the Gulf coast saw their lives awash in sludge.

    Now he’s gonna cover his own ass, the one that should be kicked, by diverting attentention away from his dismal failure of leadership to someone else, and as imjim points out, the media lightweights will give him all the help they can muster.

    Sadly, the worst of all this is that progressives will actually turn this into a playing card in Cloward-Priven Strategy to create desperate people dependent on Big Brother in the end.

    The whole situation gives me heartburn.

  45. LuckyCharm says:

    sozo, the administration’s big mistake in this whole fiasco was in trusting Big Oil to act like responsible adults. Instead, they’ve been frantically trying to cover up first the fact that any leak had occurred at all, then the extent of it, then their inability to deal with it. They lied to investigators, blocked reporters, bribed eyewitnesses to sign gag orders, stalled on releasing video, etc. etc. How was anybody to know how bad it really was until BP’s cover-up started crumbling?

    This incident should prompt an immediate halt to all oil and gas drilling, onshore and offshore, until a thorough review can be made of all safety procedures. Officials and agencies responsible for those reviews should be held accountable for any future incidents resulting from any gaps or insufficient oversight.

    And again, what could Obama’s mere presence in the region have possibly contributed to the cleanup and spill control measures? If he HAD gone down there personally for the photo-ops you seem to demand, you would have deplored his “ingenuous” behavior and accused him of using the occasion to boost his image. This President simply cannot do anything right by you, and rather than burnishing the image you strive so hard to portray as a “deep thinker,” it rather betrays your narrow-mindedness and prejudice. If Obama were somehow able to end world hunger, you’d fault him for overpopulation. If he were able to achieve world peace, you’d complain that he was putting the military-industrial complex out of business. I can understand why you get heartburn — everything you write comes off as one thinly-veiled giant sneer, and eventually all that bile has got to take its toll.

  46. You’ve got a point LC, I’m not looking for President Obama to do much of anything I think is good for this country given what I’ve seen so far.

    And I wasn’t really thinking about photo ops but I’ll tell you this, the shots of him hosting a billion dollar bash for his celebrity pals were not at all good for his image, except among his adorers, including Sir Paul whose adolescent comment was just one more glaring example of the crap and nonsense that passes for insight these days.

    LC you are standing pretty much alone in a field at the moment given that Dems and Republicans and everyone in between seem to agree that Obama has looked as ill-equipped for this job in recent weeks as anyone could look. What’s in it for you, a WH appointment we don’t know about?

  47. “If he were able to achieve world peace, you’d complain that he was putting the military-industrial complex out of business. I can understand why you get heartburn — everything you write comes off as one thinly-veiled giant sneer, and eventually all that bile has got to take its toll. ”

    This, from a gal who disapproves of giant leaps and hyperbole? You do know what hyperbole is, right LC? No fair looking it up.

  48. LuckyCharm says:

    sozo, I am serious. I can just imagine the right-wing spin now:


    President Obama traveled to the beleaguered Gulf of Mexico today for photo ops, apparently believing his very presence would somehow magically remove the oil gushing unrelentingly into those pristine waters, when in actuality, his Secret Service and other security details hampered volunteers’ and officials’ efforts to get badly-needed aid and equipment to the area.”


    As if the President’s and White House officials’ scathing denouncements of British Petroleum and its officers weren’t enough, it inexplicably and abruptly canceled the scheduled presentation of the prestigious Gershwin Prize to legendary musician and member of the British nobility Paul McCartney tonight. Spokesmen cited solidarity with victims of the Gulf oil disaster as justification, although when pressed as to how this massive insult to our British allies would help, they had no comment.

    No matter what he did or didn’t do, he would be vilified by the likes of you, sozo. He saved the American auto industry (along with a whole buttload of jobs, which righties are constantly telling everybody to get), and they condemned him for interfering in private business interests. He gets broadsided by the tragic irresponsibility of a foreign, multinational corporation operating off our shores, and never mind the fact that he’s hamstrung by reams of legal contract mumbo-jumbo, the righties want him to jump right in there and DO SOMETHING! The guy can’t win, and if you can bear to be honest with yourself for even 30 seconds, you’ll admit that no matter what he does, you’re going to condemn it. That is PREJUDICE — you’ve formed your opinion in advance, and will only accept evidence that supports it. Sorry, but prejudiced people cannot ever qualify as the “deep thinker” you keep professing yourself to be, sozo.

  49. beerBoy says:

    some serious thread drift here……

  50. LuckyCharm says:

    Partly my fault, bB — I called out sozo’s paranoia masquerading as “deep thinking” when I suggested we focus on problems actually facing us right now instead of the idea that at some future point, the government might actually take such an interest in sozo’s personal life that it would begin systematically “inspecting” it. (Hey, I used to work at Microsoft, and customers would routinely contact us to complain that we were remotely “inspecting” their computers — I wanted to say, “Look, Grandma, we honestly wouldn’t care to comb through your ugly grandkids’ photos and your latest bridge score even if we could. Get over yourself.”)

    From there, predictably, the entire conversation became about Obama. Too bad this system doesn’t have a way to create new threads to avoid derailing those already in progress….

  51. No, let ME apologize bBoy. I hit LC’s run-off button. Her need to lend support to our beleagured president trumped what little restraint she has. But now she has set me straight and I stand firmly reprimanded.

    I’ll make you a promise LC, I solemnly swear that when Barack Obama does something admirable, I’ll be first in line to commend him.

  52. LuckyCharm says:

    It’s worth noting that France’s immigration system is much more streamlined than ours. Requirements are strict, but you get a temporary receipt immediately upon application, authorizing you to live and work there and utilize their public services. The whole process for a renewable work/residency permit usually takes a few months, versus many years in the US.

    Under Sarkozy, some jurisdictions are enacting measures similar to AZ’s law, sparking many passionate demonstrations and denouncements from grassroots groups. Of course, it’s mostly people hailing from North Africa who are targeted by police there. Just like here, bloggers are denouncing these new measures as “Nazism” and expressing shame that their beloved country, known as the “Land of Human Rights,” would go to such lengths.

    Guess we’re more like them than we want to admit sometimes….

  53. LuckyCharm says:

    Oops, and now I went and posted the above comment to the entirely wrong thread! Clearly I need to strengthen my morning tea…. Would somebody please flag that, since I can’t do it in Firefox? Thanks.

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