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ARIZONA: Illegal immigration a drain on country

Letter by Ruby L Ryan, Port Orchard on June 4, 2010 at 2:01 pm with 27 Comments »
June 4, 2010 2:01 pm

I applaud Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for taking a stand against illegal immigrants. More governors should also take this stand.

My mother entered America legally in 1921. Fast forward to 1942: She was married, had five children and worked for the state of California. She was approached at work by an immigration inspector who informed her she was going to be deported to her country of origin. The personnel department produced her legal documents and immigration backed off. She could not work for the state if she was not here legally. She also spoke ENGLISH! If immigration could deport illegal immigrants in 1942, it can do it now with the thousands of employees they now have.

If I travel to Mexico, Canada or any other country, I have my passport in hand. If I am there illegally, I would be jailed.

Illegal immigrants are putting a drain on our social programs. We cannot afford to keep going down this path for illegals. It is our law that if you want to enter our country, you have to do it legally. If you do not want to follow our laws, stay in your country of origin.

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  1. paulandsoon says:

    I totally agree with you Ruby; now; we have to educate dumb-a$$ politicians that we are sick and tired for paying for illegals.. Enough is Enough.

  2. Roncella says:

    Ruby, You really are a jem..(sorry I couldn’t help myself).

    Your so right, about what the illegals are costing America. Especially border states where there are millions living and more coming all the time.

    The Democrats will not want to build the wall and stop the illegal Mexicans from coming here. They see them as new Democratic Votes in November, and 2012 elections. Obama will push to legalized them all with an amnesty Bill that he can force though the Congress easily.

    Employers have to stop hiring illegals and Washington State has got to start going after both illegal and the businesses who continue to hire them.

    We have a do nothing Governor here who has no courage to go after and stop all the illegals from coming here. Hopefully Obama will take her to Washington D.C. to work for him. That would be a great improvement for Washington State and its citizens.

    Its too bad we don’t have a Governor like Arizona has, she actually cares about the folks she governs, their safety and their rights.

  3. I am totally in agree with Ruby L. Ryan. For Univision and Telemundo, the hispanic TV for mexicans and spanish in America, there refer to Arizona Law as ‘Law against Inmigrants’…that is a big one lie,

  4. “Obama will push to legalized them all with an amnesty Bill that he can force though the Congress easily. ”

    And The Messiah will get this done just before the 2012 election !

    Imagine that !

  5. LuckyCharm says:

    “If I travel to Mexico, Canada or any other country, I have my passport in hand.”

    How about if you travel to Arizona? You’re gonna need it there too, or else possible find yourself in jail!

  6. yabetchya says:

    LuckyCharm says:
    June 4, 2010 at 11:47 pm
    “If I travel to Mexico, Canada or any other country, I have my passport in hand.”

    How about if you travel to Arizona? You’re gonna need it there too, or else possible find yourself in jail!

    Lucky are you that ignorant or do you like to pretend you are? I use to believe you did have a brain, but I do believe you have miss placed it in the inner bowels of the liberal sphincter .
    Oh and before you ask…I did read the bill…unlike you I don’t add or take away from the writing and make it my own.

  7. LuckyCharm says:

    If you’re talking about my typo (“possible” instead of the intended “possibly”), then yes, I screwed up, but I hardly think that makes me “ignorant.”

    So please tell us, yabetchya, why you wouldn’t need to carry proof of citizenship in AZ under the new law to avoid being jailed pending determination of your status.

  8. JungleBoy says:

    The difference between immigrants 50 – 100 years ago and those today is that the bulk of today’s immigrants are from Mexico. Unlike my ancestors, and millions like them, the current immigrants do not have to cross an ocean to get here. As a result, the “umbilical cord” to the mother-country is no longer being cut.

    Mexicans who enter this country illegally never develop a bond with their new country. Instead, they maintain their loyalty to Mexico. This manifests itself in the following ways: Mexicans sending their dollars home to Mexico, rather than spending those dollars in America; city councils (L.A, among others) voting to boycott Arizona, school boards (in L.A) mandating that teachers instruct kids that the Arizona law is unconstitutional and racist; Mexican-Americans protesting in the streets while carrying Mexican flags,etc. etc.

    The only way to solve the immigration problem is to lock down the border. When this is done, only those who genuinely want to become Americans will go through the process of waiting in line for citizenship.

  9. LuckyCharm says:

    Quite the generalization about Mexican immigrants, JB.

    But is there really only one way to solve the problem? In order to “lock down” the border, we would have to build fences not only along the Mexican border, but along every coastline of every state or US possession, and devote massive resources to maintaining and guarding those fences. It would become our full-time job. Wouldn’t it be easier to address the reasons people want to keep coming over here illegally in the first place? They come to make money — for that they need jobs. How can we get people to quit hiring them? Attacking the problem from that angle would not only get at the root of the problem, but would be FAR less costly, both in terms of money and in ecological and economic viability. Who would want to visit the Florida beaches if the ocean’s fenced off? Where would the California surfers go? Why would anybody ever want to buy oceanside property?

  10. yabetchya says:

    Lucky, when I went to get my first drivers licence I had to have my birth certificate…hence …I try to always remember to carry on me, my state ID or WSDL .unlike you, ( you did admit)I when I walk my dog, drive to the store or take a ride on a bike. It really is commen sense.. It may not be a pass port, but it is LEGAL ID. I am not afraid when I know I am with in the law, but let me tell you when I find out I left my ID at home I am parinoid, as well should be.
    You are pulling bugers through butt holes… ya make no sense.

  11. gowenray says:

    It always sounds so simplistic, “Close the Borders”. Well, consider this folks. We’ve been a homogeneous society for centuries now and have had a government for all that time. If you’re waiting for them to fix the problem to your satisfaction then your mis-placed faith is due for constant disappointment.
    If you really want to gain insight to the problem go to an actual border control point and spend time watching the processing now being done. Your best observing would be at an airport that’s processing folks arriving from international flights.
    You’ll see processing stations for folks without US Passports (usually with lines dozens and dozens deep), and the stations for folks with US Passports (also at least dozens deep).
    The first thing you’ll note is both lines contain such a mixure of race, dress and unrecognizable US citizen look that it seems incredible our Customs Officians are able to function as well as they do.
    The other realiity is the constant voicing of protesting by those being examined for entry. Hey, everyone will do whatever it takes to get into this land of opportunity and will probably do it multiple times. We just need to do our part by challenging the illegal who do get through.

  12. LuckyCharm says:

    Right, yabetchya, but not all forms of legal ID are proof of citizenship. You can go down to the DMV with a Mexican birth certificate and get a driver’s license, too. They don’t care where you’re from, only that you are who you say you are and you can follow the rules of the road.

    In fact, if you’ve been following these discussions at all, you’ll know that in at least one case, an American-born truck driver was apprehended after both showing his CDL and providing his SSN. He wasn’t released till his wife could drive 40 miles home from work and bring his birth certificate to the processing center. I wonder how long he’d have cooled his heels there if he hadn’t had somebody with access to his “papers.”

    This isn’t the land of the free that I grew up in. The way I always thought about it, you could walk around doing pretty much whatever you want, and as long as you weren’t breaking any laws, you didn’t have to worry about the cops. Now that’s all changed, at least for people of Hispanic descent in Arizona.

  13. Roncella says:

    Washington State should mirror Arizona’s new Immigration law. Our Governor and officials in Olympia have no idea how many illegal Mexicans there are in Washington State.

    Rather then attack the Governor of Arizona, Gregoire should be comparing notes with her on how to get control of the illegal Mexican Problem right here in Washington.

    All we can hope is that President Obama does find a job for Gregoire in Washinton D.C. very soon. Nothing would help Washington State heal faster then that.

  14. LuckyCharm says:

    No, maybe she should compare notes with New Mexico, which, although wedged firmly between AZ, CO and TX, actually has a much lower illegal immigrant population than any of them. And its governor opposes the law. Hmmm, wonder what they’re doing differently?

  15. gowenray says:

    Good point LuckyCharm, I’d like to hear the result of New Mexico’s sucess as well.
    And, Roncella, before you get in too deep with a “sweep ‘em all up and dump ‘em back where they came from” attitude, consider this.
    The Country of Mexico is one of the State of Washington’s most active trading partners. What Washington buys from Mexico is miniscule when (yep, the figures are available on the Washington Department of Commerce site) you realize that Mexico (and, a lot of the rest of South America) buys millions and more million dollars of products grown or manufactured right here!
    Now Roncella, do you really think the social services provided by the taxes being paid by those farm and manufacturing operations are being totally raped by illegal aliens, whose first fear is exposure or, are the bulk of those services maybe going to our own home-grown opportunists?

  16. Luckystrike:
    Could it possibly be that getting into the U.S. in Arizona is a helluv alot easier than New Mexico? Ever thought of than? Just like electricity and water maybe the illegals are taking the “least path of resistance”.
    And where does the border of Colorado touch the Mexican/U.S. border? Oh, you said “wedged between”, my bust! But if it isn’t a border state, why mention it?
    Here is the big issue that you liberals don’t “comprendo”. They are ILLEGALS! That means according to Websters Dictionary means: “Prohibited by law.” “Prohibited by official rules.” “Not legal”.
    What don’t you liberals understand about the word?
    How many innocent Americans would still be alive if they were not in our country? How many billions of dollars would that save we tax-payers?
    How is it that some illegals can get government benefits that Americans can’t receive?
    How many drugs must one consume to have a liberal ideology? I think that is one research area our country should put some tax-payer money into.

  17. LuckyCharm says:

    marine, you’re arguing against your own point. If the critical issue was “path of least resistance,” then CO wouldn’t have a higher illegal population than NM. There is no common border there.

    What gov’t benefits can illegals get that citizens can’t?

    How many billions of $$$ do we waste on a wall that doesn’t keep them out and only requires major upkeep and manhours? How many of the deaths that occur are the work of drug cartels, which are kept alive by our marijuana prohibition and the free flow of weapons southward? Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to target the causes, not the effects, of our problem?

  18. Roncella says:

    gowenary, Do you understand that the illegals coming across our southern borders are illegal ?????

    Do you understand that the illegal Mexicans are bankupting the states that they are flooding into ?????

    Do you understand that we cannot continue to provide free medical care, schooling, food cards, and other benifits without bankrupting the entire Country ?????

    Do you understand that we have many thousands of illegal Mexicans in our prison system right now, that costing millions of dollars ?????

    Do you understand even a little, why we need to close our southern borders and then and only then can we begin to work on a fair immigration bill ?????

  19. FreeAmerica says:

    Start deporting the illegals to Canada and see how long it lasts.

    Lucky Charm….your twisted view makes no sense?

    Land of the free doesn’t mean “free ride”.

  20. LuckyCharm says:

    FA, how does it NOT make sense to target the cause rather than the effect? Illegals don’t come here for a free ride, they come for JOBS. That’s why the rate dropped dramatically when the economy tanked and jobs got real scarce. Do you honestly think they would risk their lives to come over if they knew they’d never find a job here?

    Roncella, your constant litany of complaints is like a leaky faucet, and SB 1070 is like standing at the sink with a rag to catch every drop that comes out of a leaky faucet. “There’s another one! Gotcha!” How long do you think you would have to do that before the faucet stopped leaking?

    On the other hand, a SMART homeowner would probably prefer to replace the washer and stop the leak, dontcha think? This law does nothing to address the reasons they come over in the first place, and now, not only does AZ seem to want to take up its post in front of that sink, it appears to want the rest of the country to do likewise. Thanks, but some of us have better things to do and better ways to spend federal dollars. Compare the cost of fences, detention facilities, National Guardsmen, etc. with the cost of making examples out of a few flagrant employers, and see which approach makes more sense.

  21. Why doesen,t all the states that all oppose AZ.and the Federal law against illegal immigration,Note the word illegal, and if you don,t understand what the word means,have someone look it up in the dictionary for you,Put up huge billboard signs at all their state lines saying Welcome to all illegal immigrants,who ever you are.Make the sign in all the languages of our current problem illegals.Include a map,showing where all the welfare, food stamp offices and hospitals are located.Explain that you can use the hospitals emergency room as your primary care with no worry about anyone asking whether you are legal or illega,l as this can,t be asked by the hospital that is treating you.Explain that Az. is unfriendly to illegals but this state welcomes all illegals with open pocket books.These actions will make Az.happy that other states are so willing to give their states taxpayers hard earned money away and ease the burden on the legal citizens of Az.

  22. LuckyCharm says:

    sincere, are you saying that only illegals will be hassled as a result of this law? Don’t bet on it.

    And would you really like to be rushed to the ER with life-threatening injuries only to be sent home to find your birth certificate?

  23. Roncella says:

    LCharm, Once again you choose to not answer any of my” Do You Understand ” Questions with reasonable answers not answers from some liberal blog.

  24. LuckyCharm says:

    Ron, I was unaware that you had asked me any “do you understand” questions. It appears you directed those to someone else.

    But here’s one for you: Do you understand that we don’t have an illegal immigration problem, we have an illegal employer problem? Do you understand that until Reagan busted all the unions, we didn’t have illegal immigrants everywhere taking our jobs, because if one showed up to apply, that union boss would have his arse down to ICE so quick he wouldn’t know what hit him? Do you understand that we actually enjoyed an open border with Mexico for centuries without any problems, until our own trade and employment policies made it both easier and more desirable to hire undocumented workers? Do you understand that until these problems are fixed, no amount of fences or guards will solve it, because they’ll just come in legally on tourist or student visas and never leave? Or go around, or break through, or climb over? Do you understand that our own drug and weapons policies make it not only easy but lucrative for the drug cartels to stir up trouble?

    And most importantly, do you understand that legal, US citizens have Constitutional rights that shouldn’t be violated just because Republicans would never allow our employment, drug, and weapons policies to be changed? Because they LOVE hiring illegals at below minimum wage to do unsafe work in unsanitary conditions, knowing that they’ll never complain?

  25. AZresident says:


    You don’t have to prove citizenship to be in AZ. Can you give me more info on this truck driver that was detained so I can verify that this was true? Did the truck driver break any smuggling laws?

    I am impressed by your reasoning that we need to go after employers, but I believe AZ has been blasted for that to.

    I agree that a physical barrier (the wall) will not stop illegal entry.

    When passing 1070, I do not and hope not that AZ legistators’ overlooked possible harassment of legals and I hope this will kick the federal legislators into high gear to enact responsible reform.

    I live in Tucson where our police chief and much of our local police are of Hispanic descent, so I have not heard or seen of racial discrimination from law enforcement. Perhaps the media doesn’t cover it?

    I assume the outcry about civil rights of citizens (and legal residents) is a way to get people agitated. I wonder where this outcry was when both CA and AZ voters passed their “English as the official language initiatives”. I was pleased that the feds renewed the Voting Rights Act (of 65). Those initiatives targeted citizens, immigrants, and the children of immigrants.

    Lastly, municipalities outside of AZ have enacted laws in to work with the Feds so they could enforce the immigration laws like the feds, but AZ did this without their blessings. I believe L.A. County was one.

  26. AZresident says:

    Lucky Charm,

    I am guessing that I saw this thread too late, but perhaps the driver in the one case was trying cross the U.S. border in which case he would have been detained by Federal agents. Two years ago, everyone had to show their birth certificate to get back in and as of last year, they had to have a passport or passport card. I know, because I didn’t want to have to drive down to the border with my daughter’s BC and last year we quit going because we haven’t gotten passports or cards yet.

    The AZ law hasn’t taken effect yet (July 28, maybe). So this detaining had nothing to do with 1070.

    I live in Tucson where the police chief is Hispanic, one out of two of the assistant police chiefs is Hispanic and some of our officers are Hispanic. Hmmm…should the Hispanics in Tuscon be scared at home? By the way, some of our border patrol agents are Hispanic too.

  27. AZresident says:

    Lucky Charm,

    I found the news story on the citizen who was detained at a weigh station well inside of AZ and taken to immigration and it makes me wonder how often this happens and does it happen more often in AZ than elsewhere and why or why not.

    I don’t know why the local enforcement at the scales suspected him to not be legal and detained him and turned him over to the feds or why immigration made his wife produce his birth certificate, but 1070 didn’t do it. But I’m guessing that the uproar over 1070 brought it to the media’s and our attention.

    You asked about traveling in AZ and indicated that we would have to prove citizenship here or find ourselves in jail. I’m guessing that is possible anywhere in the U.S. and the question is does 1070 make it more likely to happen in AZ and if so why? I don’t think there is anything in the law that condones racial profiling and the intent states “discourage and deter unlawful entry and presence”. I don’t know if it will accomplish this, but it seems to be creating lots of focus on AZ.

    It has been said that it is the “spirit” of the law that is wrong. I’m not sure how that is determined, perhaps through the courts? I think that the economic advantage because of the law is the lining of lawyers pockets. I think the political advantage is that more citizens might register to vote (which I like). I don’t like that AZ has been criticized as being racist. If it is, then I think it should be exposed and I wonder why I haven’t seen rampant racism here. I thought the U.S. was making progress in that area and the media attention on the people that were calling it racist worried me that it created an atmosphere of hate.

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