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ARIZONA: City Council action disappointing

Letter by Robert Mehler, Tacoma on May 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm with 51 Comments »
June 1, 2010 9:35 am

I am very disappointed in the Tacoma City Council vote to condemn the Arizona immigration law (TNT, 5-26).

What business is it of Tacoma what Arizona is trying to do to control the illegal immigrants in that state? Mayor Marilyn Strickland was the lead in calling Arizona’s law ‘ un-American.” I will say that I will never vote for her again.

Take a look at the number of illegal immigrants who are here in the Tacoma area, taking jobs away from our tax-paying citizens, and then you can understand what Arizona is facing.

Rather than trying to be politically correct, why not try looking at what is good for the country and Tacoma?

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  1. m9078jk3 says:

    Don’t worry about it the Tacoma City Council is sticking its foot in their mouth.
    KARMA is about to hit them.

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate passed a far-reaching crackdown on illegal immigrants and those who hire them, going further, senators said, than any immigration bill proposed over the past five years.

    Add Massachusetts to another silly resolution just like the duffus resolution against Arizona.

    Many other states ( about half of the states comprising the U.S.A.) are jumping onto the anti illegal alien bandwagen with similar proposed laws.
    The City Council will be tied up with endless debates wasting all its time with public hearings with protest resolutions against other states and have much less time performing their main function.

  2. enotrams says:

    Sure, it’s easy when you’re a white male to side with the Arizona legislators who passed this law.

    Profiling (racial or otherwise) is not legal in this country, and those who have had experiences with it know what violation feels like. Perhaps veterans who were spat on when they returned from Vietnam can identify with this?

    Ignorant people like this letter writer seem to think that because the immigration problem is reported to be out of control in the press, illegal tactics are somehow justified and it’s OK to trample on civil liberties and citizen rights.

    Arizona’s new law (unconstitutional or otherwise) isn’t going to solve this problem. Waiting until people are already in the country illegally is like trying to put out a forest fire with a cup of water.

    Don’t blame Tacoma’s elected officials for having the courage to call a spade a spade. Arizona’s law is a turd, a half a$$ed cop out, and counter productive to a real solution.

    If you’re really pissed about the flow of illegals across our southern borders, then direct your comments to our US representatives and Senators instead of writing mindless letters here. Try asking our congressional delegation what the hell they are going to do about this.

  3. donjames says:

    No, enotrams, ”ignorant people” comment on topics they obviously know little about. ”Ignorant people” spew platitudes rather than read a law. ”Ignorant people” have ignorant opinions on which they base their justification for passing ignorant and useless resolutions condemning other governments for taking action legal action where other governments ignorantly refuse.

    If you’re really pissed about the Arizona law, then direct your comments to our US representatives and Senators instead of passing useless, waste-of-time (and taxpayer money) resolutions, or writing mindless comments here. Try asking our… congressional delegation what the hell they are going to do about… anything.

  4. Roncella says:

    Lets all asked this question of the Mayor of Tacoma.

    How many illegal Mexicans does Tacoma and Pierce County have living here ??? Answer that question Mayor Strickland and concern yourself with your own problems. Violence is happening in tacoma almost daily. Bank Robberies, Rapes, Home break ins, gang Violence, on and on.

    My Your Own Business, and get to work on Tacoma’s problems along with your City Council.

  5. LuckyCharm says:

    It seems the letter writer knows how many illegals are living in Tacoma and where they’re working. Exactly how many jobs are they taking away from citizens, pray tell?

  6. villager98 says:

    Another in an endless stream of letters complaining about illegal immigrants and not a single one suggesting employers that hire them should be held accountable. It seems clear that it is race, not legal issues, that motivates those who support the Arizona law.

  7. Hey V… I’m all for employers being held accountable and have stated such several times… but Barry opposes it…

    Administration seeks employer sanctions review
    Published May 28th, 2010 – 3:37PM
    The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to prevent Arizona from enforcing a law that punishes businesses that employ illegal immigrants

    Read more: http://www.thenewstribune.com/nationandworld/#ixzz0pLXSysSW

  8. gowenray says:

    “Illegal aliens…..here in Tacoma……taking jobs away from tax-paying citizens.”
    Let’s examine that. First, there’s a lot of legal aliens here in Tacoma. You may want to rethink that argument because every year a very large number of folks from other countries are allowed in on legal visa. They are attracted to our Northwest economy because of jobs and rental prices.
    The issue of taking jobs. I’m not aware of any employer who would take a chance on hiring someone who shows an ignorance of local language and social skills, and probably does not understand work rules intented for their safety. I’m also aware that a lot of our youth are living at home rather than taking an entry level job they consider un-dignified.
    Tax-paying citizens? Just what tax is it you think they’re not paying in our State? If they’re paying rent they’re subsidizing the landlord’s property tax. If they’re feeding, clothing, entertaining, and buying gas to get anywhere they’re paying the same taxes as the rest of us.
    And guess what, it all goes into a general fund that benefits us all.
    Got any other narrow-minded observations????

  9. mattersnot1 says:

    Immigrants are those who follow the established procedures for entry into our country.
    Those who sneak across our borders without following the established procedures for entry into our country are not immigrants. They are hostile invaders and should be treated as such.

  10. Roncella says:

    gowenray, The Police and Government of the State of Washington should know how many illegals are living here. We need our borders closed and all illegals rounded up and employers hiring them without proper legal ID’s should be fined.

    You may not be aware of any employer hiring illegal Mexicans because you have not had a new roof put on your house or had your house painted recently, or had yard work done around your house. There’s alot more examples like carpet laying, new hardwood floors installed on and on.

    There is nothing narrowminded about wanting the people coming to America to live and work to do so legally.

  11. the3rdpigshouse says:

    gowenray – can you envision cutting our social welfare programs whereby if someone wants to eat or pay rent they just might work for a living at any job??! Then maybe our taxes would not be as high and the taxes paid by all legal residents would cover the required government expenses!

  12. gowenray says:

    Dear mattersnot, Roncella, and the3rdpigshouse,

    I guess we haven’t run out of narrow-minded observations, have we?

  13. donjames says:

    gowenray, how can you so blithely ignore the highest taxes paid by working people in this, and other states; income tax (well, paid by 50% of working folks anyway). And how about payroll taxes. Do you seriously believe illegal aliens pay these? Have you never heard of the underground economy – the cash economy? Are you aware that in 2002 it was estimated that 30% of the work force in LA was paid in cash? (What do you think the percentage is today?) And with an estimate 2/3 of all births in LA being to illegal aliens, do you seriously think it will be getting any better going forward? (We won’t even mention the additional burden to legal taxpayers for services provided as a result of such births.)

    And with the lax enforcement exhibited by this state and several of its cities, Tacoma included, how far behind LA are we?

    You can disagree with the position of the writer and the decision by AZ to enforce the law if you wish, but please try not to be so naive regarding taxes not payed, and the strain on services caused by illegal aliens.

  14. LuckyCharm says:

    jim, your link didn’t work, but I found the same article here. I don’t know (not being a lawyer) what “sanctions” are supposedly imposed by SB 1070, beyond probations and warnings, but the article does state, “The administration added that if Arizona businesses knowingly use illegal immigrants, the businesses can have any of their state licenses suspended or revoked.” In other words, if you want to take action against employers of illegal immigrants, you’re welcome to kick businesses out of your state, but don’t try to take federal law into your own hands.

  15. gowenray says:

    Dear donjames,

    Did you just land from some remote location? Do you not realize this state, and California have had sales tax as a revenue source for some time?
    Are you so naive that you cannot realize this is the way states level the playing field for getting revenue to provide services for those temporary residents they cannot tax directly?
    And, if you seriously believe the “Underground Economy” of foreign (not always illegal alien) service workers represents a figure that is driving this country to the brink of alien distruction, well, hang onto your hat son!
    What the youth of this country spend to obtain illegal drugs that really are funneled into an “Underground Economy” of alien workers would probably go a long way towards paying our costs of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    I’d really rather see our Federal Government do more about recovering that drain on tax revenue than the silly ineptness they’ve shown in trying to control our borders.

  16. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Excuse me – after reading some of the pitiful entries from the leftist antiAmerican maggots that inhabit this site – I have to go outside and PUKE!!!

  17. LuckyCharm says:

    Thank you, jim — I had missed that. But like I said on a different thread, it would be difficult — more so than healthcare reform, I’m afraid — to push tough employer penalties through our current Congress (campaign finance reform, yes yes yes!). But states are in no way prevented from revoking business licenses for those who flout their laws. AZ could make a far greater dent in its illegal immigrant problem by shutting down one, maybe two, giant meat-packing plants and/or ag farms than it will by sending police out to pick up people in onesies and twosies. Shutting down big plants would send a powerful message of zero tolerance — so why won’t they do it?

  18. Ummm…. Arizona DID get it thru their congress… and Barry opposes it.

  19. Roncella says:

    Gowenray, The sales tax that illegal Mexicans pay does not come close to paying for all the services and benefits they receive. The crime thats committed by them etc.

    Again read my other post, you must have your head buried completely in the sands of Obama not to see all the Mexican people moving here to the North West. Look at the Restruants and Mexican Grocery Stores they are all over Tacoma and Pierce County.

    Washington State should pass the very same law that Arizona has passed now before we have so many illegals here there will be no way to reverse the damage.

  20. donjames says:

    gowenray, you continue to ignore an obvious fact of the underground economy; if no income is reported, kindly advise us of your theory as to how – and why – an illegal alien would be paying sales tax. (e.g. If the guy who mows your lawn is being paid in cash and, in turn, pays his employees in cash, who is collecting/ paying the sales tax?)

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the amounts of retail sales taxes collected from those engaged in the cash economy versus what should be being paid on their business activity does not equate since likely better than 3/4 of the pie is missing.

    Level the playing field my arse. I would love to see a link to support that… hogwash. If your postulation had any basis in fact, kindly explain why the state of California estimated a 6.5 billion dollar loss in revenue in FY 2007 as a direct result of the cash economy – and that does not include expenses generated (read services provided) by the recipients of the cash.

    Funny, I don’t recall writing anything about “driving this country to the brink of alien distruction [sic].” You would do well to return the straw you stole from LC. The rest of your response would make a red herring blush.

  21. LuckyCharm says:

    AZ is free to kick businesses out of their state if they violate state law, which aiding and abetting a potential felony now is. The President can’t keep them from revoking business licenses or even jailing business owners in the same way they’re jailing suspected illegals.

    How about some facts and figures rather than just talking points, Ron? How many benefits, in terms of dollars, do illegals receive annually compared to the revenue they generate?

    dj, the cash economy can’t be blamed solely on illegals. There are also deadbeat dads and others who have reason to stay under the radar so their wages can’t be garnished or their movements can’t be detected.

    In fact, economists say that illegals actually contribute, overall, more to the economy than they cost it — and if Fox Business is a “liberal blog,” I give up.

  22. I know two contractors who couldn’t compete with those employing illegals so they fired their workers and went the illegal route. They pay in cash so
    they don’t have payroll taxes to worry about and he explains them as “independent contractors” here today, gone tomorrow.

  23. LuckyCharm says:

    Exactly, Ezra. They do it to get around paying payroll taxes, benefits, and minimum wage, as well as respecting safety rules and such. If any of them do it, they all have to do it, or fold. That’s the elephant in the room, the real cause of the problem that righties never want to tackle, because they would never support anything that favors workers’ rights over business profits.

  24. Roncella says:

    LCharm, You should agree then that our borders need closing now, and the illegals here need to be found and identified and in some cases returned immediately to Mexico.

    Employers found to be employing illegals need to be prosecuted and fined

    Washington State needs the very same Immagration bill as Arizona has and it needs it now.

    LCharm do the illegal Mexicans and others bare any responsibility for crossing the border illgeally or are they completely innocent of any wrong doing in your eyes ??????

  25. LuckyCharm says:

    Ron, I oppose a physical fence because 1) they don’t work, and 2) they destroy ecosystems and commercial trade. I favor eliminating incentives.

    I also don’t think fines are enough of a deterrent. If we’re going to throw people in jail for being here illegally, we should exact at least as severe a penalty for those who recruit them and help them stay under the radar.

    I’m not here to sit in judgment on anybody’s guilt or innocence, because in my experience, no one is completely guilty or completely innocent when it comes to this issue. My positions stem from a sense of practicality — what will actually work, as opposed to simply satisfying the desire for vengeance on those who are perceived as coming here to steal everything we’ve got and destroy our communities. Because I cannot bring myself to believe that that’s anybody’s intention at all. The illegals, the smugglers, and the employers are all in it for what they get out of it. Remove the incentives, and you cut the problem at least down to a manageable size, if not eliminate it completely. Basic Psych 101.

  26. Roncella says:

    LCharm we could never agree about Immagration or border control by your comments of last post, at 1:00 pm..

    LCharm, I see myself as very Conservative, do you see yourself as an extreme Liberal/Progressive, leaning far left towards a new World Order/Government, just wondering.

  27. LuckyCharm says:

    Actually, Ron, I see myself as a pragmatic patriot, and along those lines, a new idea has come to me. Ever heard of carrots vs. sticks?

    My basic premises are: 1) Every business likes free advertising, 2) Every person likes free money, and 3) Every American on both sides of the aisle desperately want to put the brakes on illegal immigration. So, building on those motivations, why couldn’t we establish a federally-funded and state-managed “Patriot Employer” registry, searchable by zip code and type of business, of employers who agree to regular audits/inspections to verity that they’re adhering to proper hiring practices? Local chambers of commerce could feature a different “Patriot Employer of the Month,” maybe dedicating a prominent billboard to the program. Anybody knowing of an employer on the list that doesn’t belong there could receive a small reward for reporting it, once the report is verified. A false report could result in not being allowed to report for a specified period of time. Enforcement efforts could initially target employers receiving the most reports. Any business discovered to be hiring illegals could, among other penalties, be banned from the list for a certain period.

    There is enough anti-illegal/pro-American jobs sentiment in this country right now that I believe many, if not most, consumers would gladly choose to patronize only certified Patriot Employers, placing additional pressure on businesses to toe the line. The reporting option would help even out the competition for businesses that might otherwise find themselves at a disadvantage for hiring only legal residents.

    I think this would be an excellent pilot program, and would significantly reduce the supply of jobs for illegals, and thus the motivation for them to come over. It could be run relatively cheaply and require few additional resources than what we’re already expending on the problem. It wouldn’t destroy ecosystems, commerce, family structure or communities, and wouldn’t place undue burdens on law enforcement. There would be strong peer pressure among various groups not to patronize unlisted businesses, which would automatically incentivize them to get and stay on the list.

    I’m going to float this idea to a few trusted friends, and let them help me hammer out any flaws, then submit it to someone who might be able to champion it — Sen. Cantwell?

  28. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Want to meet an illegal alien in Tacoma?

    Go to the parking lot at any home depot.

    Want to hire an illegal alien?

    Buy carpeting from Home Depot and sign-up for the $99 carpet installation. I did. The carpet installers could not find my house, could not read a map, only one guy could barely speak english and the other guy could not, they claimed they could not install the carpet because I have “molding” around the outside of the room which I removed for them.

    And to top it all off, before they started, they had to leave for the emergency room when one of them dropped a heavy weight on his foot in my driveway.

    Home depot wouldn’t hire these guys buy they contract with worthless firms who do.

  29. Roncella says:

    BigswingingRichard, Your comments are right on. I have had carpet installed also, all mexicans. I couldn’t say if they were legal or not. Go back 10 years and the only place there were large numbers of Mexicans was in eastern washington, apple orchards etc.

    Our Governor has ignored the problem she really does not care. Yard work needed/ Mexican, Roof cleaning/Mexican, House Painting/Mexican, on and on.

    Tacoma needs to take care of its own problems with illegals instead of sticking their nose in Arizonas business.

  30. The Governor, like The Hope and Change Messiah, and his predecessors, is the designated bootlicker to his Corporate Masters !

    Change We Can Believe In, indeed !

  31. LuckyCharm says:

    All of which brings me to another facet of my plan — vendors and subcontractors. The Patriot Employers registry could feature not only Patriot Employers, who use proper hiring practices themselves, but also Super-Patriots, whose vendors and subcontractors are also listed. Maybe even take it up another level, to All-American Patriots, perhaps, who not only qualify as Super-Patriots but whose procurement and manufacturing are all confined to our own shores, preserving American jobs. In other words, American-grown tomatoes and avocados, American-made steel and electrical components, American-based customer support. (Guess what? The TNT wouldn’t make that list — it, or rather McClatchy, outsources customer service to the Philippines!)

    Did either of you contact Home Depot to complain about the firm they hired to install your carpet? Chances are, if they got enough complaints, they’d listen up. Complaining here on the TNT website accomplishes practically nil if you really want results.

  32. beerBoy says:

    Just how did you think Home Depot was going to afford to install the carpet in your house for only $99?

    And ron…..sorry to be the spelling police……but there is only one “a” in immigration.

  33. InsideJob says:

    Any lying sack of dung who tells you liberal policies are “pro-immigrant,” when they only favor illegal immigrants at the expense of legal immigrants and all other Americans, owes you an apology for insulting your intelligence

  34. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, My typing fingers sometimes get ahead of my spelling. I never correct anyones spelling errors.

    Unsually most folks can get the meaning of what someone is trying to say, even if they make a spelling error occasionally.

  35. “Ever heard of carrots vs. sticks?”

    Yep… and how’s that working with N. Korea and Iran ?

  36. LuckyCharm says:

    N. Korea and Iran are two very different countries with very different histories. It’s hard to think of a big enough stick to brandish over a nuclear-capable nation, and so far we haven’t found a sufficiently appetizing carrot.

    But in the matter of immigration control, if you owned a business, wouldn’t you be motivated to get publicly listed as a Patriot Employer, with all the good PR and free advertising that would go with it? Wouldn’t you, for $100 or $1000, turn in a competitor that was cheating? And as a consumer, wouldn’t you actively seek to do business with companies that play by the rules and support American jobs?

    I think such a program could make it sufficiently desirable to implement and enforce proper hiring policies, with the effect of drying up jobs for illegals and eliminating the reason most of them want to sneak over here in the first place. There must be some way to get employers to start thinking in terms of what they can get out of doing the right thing, rather than only of what they can get away with.

  37. LuckyCharm says:

    Oh, and the beauty of the “carrot” approach is that it doesn’t violate anybody’s Constitutional rights, doesn’t place additional burdens on an already-stretched police force, and doesn’t sow distrust and suspicion within communities. And it’d be a lot cheaper than building, expanding, and staffing detention facilities, hiring more agents, and stationing more and more troops on the border.

  38. regarding Iran (nice thread drift!)

    The Israel Firsters want to give Israel a war on Iran – it doesn’t matter what Iran does.

  39. No thread drift. Cheryl brought up “carrot/stick” Unlike Cheryl and you (?), I can recognize that both are valuable and needed, each having a useful purpose in a given place or situation without declaring one or the other ideal in all respects. I can also appreciate a particular strategy without pretending it’s flawless.
    We should all be able to agree hat doing nothing isn’t working…

    Cheryl, I am genuinely interested in some examples where the carrot has prevailed in the sense you suggest.

  40. LuckyCharm says:

    Cash for Clunkers. Energy upgrade tax breaks. Community service scholarships. Social innovation awards. Military re-up bonuses. Interrogation techniques. Allowance raises for good grades. Dog training.

    Etc. etc. etc….

    Anyone who’s ever been in a leadership position knows that the promise of reward is a more powerful motivator than the threat of punishment. Someone who stands to be rewarded and recognized for desired behavior will seek ways to go above and beyond requirements, while someone who fears only punishment for doing the wrong thing will either avoid doing that thing, and no more, or will simply try to avoid getting caught.

    Let’s say a small business has a crucial deadline to meet. What would be more effective — to tell the crew that if the deadline is met, they’ll all be treated to dinner (or something else they crave), or to time the workers’ bathroom breaks and dock their pay for every minute over five? The first way gives the workers a positive goal to cooperate on — the second way only keeps them out of the bathroom, doesn’t make them work any harder, and may actually motivate some of them to sabotage the project in revenge. Rewards are the best way to get people personally invested in accomplishing a common goal.

  41. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, Having managed large staffs and many employee’s during my career, I can tell you that your examples of carrot and stick in management are honestly, naive.

    Its a shame, in a way, we have a very outstanding Community Organizor as President with no Business Experience to speak of. Great speaker with a Tele-Prompter. Without a Tele-Prompter he usually puts his foot in his mouth along with the Vice President.

    We can all thank the Main Stream Media for not vetting President Obama’s back ground and associates completely, including his nasty Minister of over 20 years, the Rev. Wright, from the South Side of Chicago.

  42. LuckyCharm says:

    Ron, go ahead and give us an example of how the “stick” approach works so much better than the “carrot.”

  43. “Carrot and stick approach”, example; if you have a mule that is unwilling to perform it’s duties in accordance with the wishes of it’s master, you can get that mule to do pretty much what you want by using the “carrot and stick” approach. (1). don’t feed it ., cut off any life sustaining support for a week, (2). when you want him to perform it’s assigned task, dangle a carrot in front of it. That mule will dance and whistle “Dixie” for you. Get the drift?

  44. beerBoy says:

    ij – perhaps you should consider the agreement negotiated by Brazil and Turkey with Iran….http://mycatbirdseat.com/2010/05/the-u-s-brazil-and-turkey-how-to-lose-friends-and-estrange-allies/

    And………from carrot/stick to Iran and N. Korea…..take responsibility for your own tangential drift.

    Again…..how is it that these employers are having such a hard time determining undocumented workers who are brown-skinned, don’t speak English, don’t have papers, and are willing to work off the books for below minimum wage? If you have documented evidence that a store is hiring illegals…..how about making that public information so that the folks who feel so strongly about this issue can boycott those stores/corporations?

  45. Cash for clunkers? LOL… I thought we were talking about immigration and then drifted to Iran and N. Korea snubbing their nose at us and the U.N. (my bad B.) I was thinking about a bigger picture, not dog training and employee motivation, etc.
    For the record Cheryl, I am in a leadership position and both the carrot and stick have a use for motivating… BUT, when an employee (or dog) is not willing perform to expectation discipline more often than not is employed.
    B, perhaps you should consider regardless of the agreement Brazil and Turkey have made… Iran AND N. Korea are still snubbing their noses at the U.N. and the rest of the international community… So the question remains, Obama spoke about diplomacy (carrot)… how’s it working so far? I believe the carrot is useful to a point, but at some point if it ain’t workin’… well, you get the picture.

  46. LuckyCharm says:

    jim, obviously the “stick” approach isn’t doing the trick with regard to illegal immigration. There is simply no positive goal or reward for people to reach for. Those who abide by the law are content to keep their own noses clean, but what’s to be gained from seeing that others do, too? Nothing — in fact, they can cause unnecessary trouble for themselves by sticking their nose in other people’s business. On the other hand, if there were a program that actively recognized and rewarded lawful behavior, how many might be motivated to get on that bandwagon? It’s certainly worth a try, IMO, and doing it that way might have actually earned Gov. Brewer more kudos than condemnation. Politically, it’s a no-lose proposition — nobody can question the legality of such a program, it doesn’t cost a ton of money or place undue burdens on anyone, and if it worked, she would have gained the reputation of creatively tackling a problem that has plagued the federal government since anybody can remember. But instead, she chose to pick up an even bigger and legally questionable “stick,” which only brought to the forefront all the corruption and abuse already existing in AZ’s law enforcement structure.

    It remains to be seen whether this move will actually make AZ the clean, safe, prosperous state they claim it will…

  47. How can we know if the “stick” has or hasn’t worked w/immigration since we’ve been using the “head in sand” method…

  48. LuckyCharm says:

    Well, Obama has expanded deportation efforts. Apparently that hasn’t solved the problem. When will we get tired of chasing after them once they’re already here, and concentrate on eliminating the reasons that bring them here? You can’t very well prosecute somebody for not reporting a business that might hire illegals, but you can certainly reward those that do. And you can certainly reward businesses that pledge, subject to regular inspections and audits, only to hire those legally entitled to work here. Doesn’t that sound easier than running around trying to haul them in one by one?

  49. larsman says:

    larsman says:
    June 2, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Jane, Agreed. 1) an illiterate voting block is priceless to incumbent Hegelians….2) quasi-slave labor is very useful to Fabians. 3) the American Council of Cardinals loves open borders because wages in the U.S. are much higher than SOB(south of border) which of course means higher tithing amounts for the Hierarchy based in Rome. SOB’s that aren’t MS 13’s are not useful enough to the mexican govt. so they are encouraged to go north and send money back to their relatives(hostages), which in turn is the U.S. subsidization of Calderon’s limp failure mirroring Vicente Fox’s non-plan where everything is our somehow America’s fault. It’s graduation time, summer jobs anyone, anyone…?

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2010/06/02/anti-american-census/#comments#ixzz0pkBRO9Ma

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