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ARIZONA: Confine action to city concerns

Letter by Joseph Gilligan, Tacoma on May 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm with 15 Comments »
June 1, 2010 9:52 am

The Tacoma City Council delivered a stinging blow to the majority of Tacoma citizens when Jake Fey, Ryan Mello, Lauren Walker and Mayor Marilyn Strickland agreed that citizen phone calls, voice mails, e-mails and verbal messages strongly supported the actions of the governor of Arizona.

This citizen majority support for Arizona ties in with a 70 percent national citizen’s support for Arizona. The majority of the council took it upon themselves to ignore the majority input from the citizens of Tacoma because they did not feel the poll was a true measure of the issue and did not conform to their thoughts.

Council members were appointed or elected into office four months ago to listen to Tacoma citizens and take care of Tacoma’s business. Meddling in Arizona business is not what they were appointed or elected to do.

If they cannot or will not confine yourselves to Tacoma’s problems (and we have many of them), then they have no business being on the council and should resign. Then they would be free to take their personal agendas outside the council chambers and stop wasting taxpayer money.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Joseph, You wrote a great letter. Your suggestion about the Mayor and those Council members who voted against Arizona’s Immagration bill, resigning is a very good idea.

    This would then leave those positions open for politicians who are concerned about Tacoma’s Business and future and its citizens.

    Its too bad they don’t take your advice and resign voluntarily in order to bring back respect and honor to the City of Tacoma, Washington…..

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    These disgusting liberal socialist democrats are right in line with that marxist “OH-Bummer” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who could also care less about what patriotic U.S. citizens want from their elected officials.

  3. Amen, Joseph. There aren’t enough hours in the day for them to solve all the problems facing Tacoma as it is. So glad they have time to spare to tell others how to handle crime.

    Gotta say it one more time…watching the T City Council lately has been like watching a bad episode of The Office. Utterly mortifying.

  4. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    I know it’s pointless to suggest, but if the TCC is so sure they’re doing the “right” thing and their constituents support them, they should be more than willing to hold a “special election/no confidence vote” , that would squelch all the voices of dissent. The alternative is to let this discontent fester among Tacoma residents, and I doubt that will lead to anything productive for our community.

    Personally, I’d like to see at least 3 of those 5 votes tossed off the TCC immediately. I’m realllllllllllly bummed about Mayor Strickland but I think she has some redeeming qualities and peer pressure from the whiners may have clouded her vision. I find Victoria very likable as well, but to say her constituents are “against” the measure and then vote “for” it makes me a little sick. I’m hoping she can be rehabilitated from “sheeple” to “leader”.

    Before I call off my boycott, the other three need to go, especially that little facist Ryan Mello who thinks “mob rule” is a good policy. Check his statements to the TNT when all of this started, he’s not a crusader for representative government and he wasn’t even elected, he was appointed.

  5. TCC! Just fix the streets! And stop the exodus of businuess from downtown.
    And pay attention to the economy so you don’t put us farther in the hole with raises and benefits for our esteemed city employees and yourselves. And quit giving tax abatements to developers, what is this a corporate welfare zone! Are you getting the idea yet, or should I come to a council meeting with a WHAM-O BAT?

  6. LuckyCharm says:

    “And stop the exodus of businuess from downtown.”

    Forbes ranks Tacoma as 61st out of 200 best cities in the nation for business. Seattle and Olympia stand at 17 and 23 respectively — both viewed as much more “liberal” than Tacoma. Does that tell anybody anything? Even Spokane beats us out, and they’re traditionally more conservative — BUT they’ve made a name for themselves in tackling both climate change and peak oil together. What is Tacoma known for? If you read the letters and comments here, what would make a business owner say to himself, “Gee, now that’s a place I’d like to locate my enterprise”?

  7. LuckyCharm says:

    Oh, and in case the irony escapes anyone, notice how many people who criticize TCC and want it to focus “on our own problems” are the very same ones vowing to boycott Tacoma businesses. How’s that for actions not matching words?

  8. Roncella says:

    Yes, LCharm, and I can name you many many cities that have been run by the Dems for many years that are totally bankrupt.

    Liberals and Democrats answers to all the problems they encounter in running a City Government or State Government is, Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend.

  9. LuckyCharm says:

    Don’t be shy, Ron — go ahead and name them! Tell us how their liberal agenda has bankrupt them. Take your time… we can wait.

  10. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm in case you haven’t noticed your hero President Obama has bankrupted America with trillons of dollars of dept from his Obama Care and his stimulus bills which were both suppose to save us money.

    Unemployment is steady at over 10% and long term unemployed at closer to 17%. Yes LCharm be proud the people you respect and trust to lead America. Like Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Clinton, and so many others as they move America to a socialistic World Government.

    I will say one thing that should make you very happy. If we keep going on the path we are on there will be little difference in the living standards and economies of America and France. I know that will make you very content.

  11. LuckyCharm says:

    Aww, Ron, I’m disappointed! I thought you were going to name all those cities — since you said you can — that have been bankrupted by their “liberal agenda”! But instead you completely ignore that and toss out more talking points and gloom-and-doom nonsense. Tsk, tsk, tsk….

  12. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, if you have been watching your T.V. cable at all you must have seen the pictures of people rioting in Greece. Do you know why they are all upset, probably not, its because some large unions covering government employee’s and others who have made some great bargaining deals for their members.

    The big problem is now there is not enough money coming in to pay all the retired folks and current workers covered by these contracts. All these workers are being forced to tighten their belts and make sacrafices.

    Also the Greek Government has been spending money like water, does that sound familar to you LCharm, (Obama/Dems/Congress) and so now the rest of the countries are forced to bail out Greece including the U.S./China because of their out of control spending.

    What you see happening in Greece LCharm will be happening here because of liberal spending and out of control Stimulus Bills, ObamaCare and all the rest.

  13. LuckyCharm says:

    First you promise to name cities left bankrupt by their “liberal agenda,” then when I ask which ones, you switch to “Obamacare,” and when I ask again you switch to Greece! Admit it, Ron — you really can’t name any such cities, can you?

  14. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, As computer savey as you are you don’t need me to privide you with a list of Liberal Bankrupted Cities. Lets tap into some of your common sense for a min./ most of the major cities in on the East Coast and West Coast have Liberal/Dem. Administrations/Mayors and are in trouble trying to balance their budgets, pay their bills.

    As smart a Liberal as you are with your research at your fingers you certainly don’t need me or anyone else to supply you with information about anything.

  15. LuckyCharm says:

    I love the way these parrots claim they can name all these examples of their talking points, and then, when invited to do so, tell their opponent to go do their research for them. Not real persuasive, Ron….

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