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ARIZONA: Tacoma City Council sits in judgment

Letter by Michael J. Brown, DuPont on May 26, 2010 at 3:23 pm with 25 Comments »
May 26, 2010 3:23 pm

With respect to the recent action of the Tacoma City Council sitting in judgment of the Arizona state legislature, I offer the following thought:

Racism and bigotry are repugnant. They do not, however, present any present danger to the survival of the Republic. No, the clearest present danger to the Republic is the moral smugness exhibited by those who, by their own appointment, have assumed the mantle of judgment of those of the rest of us who are impaired by inferior morality.

Thanks, Tacoma City Council, for paraphrasing the old saying, “Being the judges of others’ morality is a messy job, but, you know, WE’VE got to do it!”

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  1. “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil and injustice.” Thomas Mann 1875-1955

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    The Tacoma City Council sits in a naive un-American world of absolute stupidity!!

  3. TonyCrago says:

    Thanks to the council for letting the world know that we don’t condone racists here in Tacoma. Those here who feel like the racism that results from Arizona’s law is a good thing should feel free to move to Arizona where they can live with like-minded bigots.

  4. extacomagirl says:

    Ok I am a native of arizona and as a native i grew up with other hispanics who were just here with the intent to have a better life and eventually they became united states citizens. Ok now recently we have been having major trouble with shootings and rapings and all kinds of other stuff that has nothing to do with anything. My problem is this, you guys keep judgeing us and twisting it as if we all of us here in arizona feel that its ok to profile. Well i am totally offended by that because i believe in giving everyone a fair chance. But you also dont have this stuff going on in your backyard do you. My son was recently shot by an illegal gang in arizona they were illegal immigrants and they decided to just drive through the neighborhood and shoot and being in the wrong place at the wrong time my son was shot and almost died. I dont wish anything bad on anybody. I am not here to judge anyone that is gods job and I want everyone to stop blaming the whole state of arizona its not all true, i of all people have a right to feel anger towards illegals but I dont, what i am angry about is that you are all pointing fingers and half of you dont have your facts straight. You have no idea what is going on over here. Its really scary, I have friends who are both legal and illegal and i love them dearly and would be sad if they got kicked out of the country without being given the chance to pay back the state for welfare and make minimun wage like all the rest of us and become a tax paying law abiding citizen. I lived in washington state for a while and its a hole different world. PLEASE STOP JUDGING US ITS THE GOVERNMENT AND THE STATE THAT ARE PASSING THESE LAWS NOT ME. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SIT IN JUDGEMENT WHEN YOU HAVE NOT HEARD BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. THANKS FOR LISTENING AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT

  5. hansgruber says:

    II am very disappointed in our council. I emailed all of them and received only 3 responses.

    I recently bought a property in AZ and applauded the State for their action.

    Once again, I find myself embarrassed at the actions of my state. I love Tacoma but the majority of the council is an embarrassment.

  6. I emailed the city council members to voice my displeasure with the pending passing of the resolution. I also asked every city council member to forward to me a copy of the Tacoma City Attorney’s analysis of the legality of the Arizona law since the resolution was to state the law was unconstitutional. I received a reply from the City Attorney’s office indicating no such document exists. I questioned whether the city attorney, Elizabeth Pauli, had the credentials to rule on the constitutionality of Arizona law.

    It is interesting the City of Tacoma has sister cities in Cienfuegos, Cuba (2000), Fuzhou, China (1994), Vladivostok, Russia (1992) and El Jajida, Morocco (2007). Do city governments of these cities uphold our constitutional principles of freedom of religion, press, speech, freedom to unrestricted travel? I think not. Maybe the city council needs to rescind the sister city status of these cities! Or is the Tacoma City Council two faced? I suspect any undocumented persons in these locales would not see the light of day for a very long time.

  7. lovethemountains says:

    Tony, the larger issue here is securing our borders. How is that racism?

  8. donjames says:

    berahh… Tony want’s a cracker.

  9. beerBoy says:

    A321196 – do a little research on the Sister City program started by Eisenhower to promote the American style of life to other nations during the Cold War – it would be completely missing the point of the program to only connect with “approved” cities.

  10. LibertyBell says:

    What a joke, but that what happens when your Councils on Drugs!

    Judge Not that you not be Judged?

    The non jurisdictionable question? Explained this Council Years ago!


  11. the3rdpigshouse says:

    And here comes beerboy with his drivel that misses the point of legal or illegal!!

  12. Homeland security has put the Southern border on high alert for muslim Al Shabaab terrorists attempting to enter the United States this month. Exactly how are we supposed to prevent that with an open border?

  13. beerBoy says:

    And here comes the 3rdPig with his drivel completely missing the point of Constitutional or unConstitutional!

  14. Roncella says:

    Tacoma’s Mayor Strickland and the City Council do Tacoma a big favor and ” Mind Your Own Business “.

    Arizona’s Immagration law is fair and necessary and should be enforced to the letter.

    Shame on the President of Mexico for coming to the United States and standing infront of a full Congress and criticizing the State of Arizona and its Governor.

    Shame on all the Democrats including Napolantano for giving the President of Mexico a standing ovation for his bias remarks

    Its very disappointing to watch as our own President sides with the Mexican President instead of a majority of the American People.

  15. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Roncella – “Disappointing” regarding “OH-Bummer” is a mild way of stating that the ignorant electorate in the USA made one terrrible mistake putting that anti-American marxist in the White House!!!

  16. sevenstrokeroll says:

    The Arizona law seems like it would be more effective it targeted the people providing the jobs the illegals are after, although, I suspect that currently in Arizona, the illegals are now coming in for criminal opportunities too.

    None the less, how is this any of the Tacoma City Councils business? Easy, you have a pair of council members (Walker and Melo) who saw the opportunity to score political points with what they assumed would be a like-minded public. Oops…maybe not so much!

    Keep this BS in mind and vote accordingly! Tacoma needs leaders not grand standing council members.

  17. LibertyBell says:

    Yes keep this in mind when you vote Confederate!

    The Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) to the United States Constitution was adopted after the Civil War as one of the Reconstruction Amendments on July 9, 1868.

    The Fourteenth Amendment provides a broad definition of citizenship, overruling the decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), which held that slaves and their descendants were not citizens of the United States and were not entitled to Constitutional rights.

    Its Due Process Clause has been used to apply most of the Bill of Rights to the states. This clause has also been used to recognize substantive due process rights, such as parental and marriage rights, and procedural due process rights. Certain steps are required before depriving a person of their life, liberty, or property.

    The amendment’s Equal Protection Clause requires states to provide equal protection under the law to all people within their jurisdictions. This clause later became the basis for Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court decision which precipitated the dismantling of racial segregation in the United States.

    The amendment also includes a number of clauses dealing with the Confederacy and its officials.

  18. hansgruber says:

    I watched this Columbia Professor, Marc Lamont Hill, last night on O’Reilly..he seemed to think if (America) stopped selling guns to the world, the illegals & drug runner would just stop coming here.

    Wanna bet he knows how to stop the BP oil leak in the Gulf too?

    Gotta wonder why Obama hasn’t brought this Ivy leauger into his Admin?

  19. Interesting to me that EXTACOMAGIRL’s comments were virtually ignored here, demonstrating that folks would far rather just hear the sound of their own voices and blather on than actually attend to one who’s living in the situation in AZ.

    Sorry about that EX. And I’m very sorry about your son; that must have been one horrid episode in your lives.

    I appreciated your comments very much knowing full well that real people living in real time in real situations understand the shades of gray and the difficulties in ways armchair theorists do not.

    The AZ law may not be flawless, though again, it is LESS strident than the existing federal law — but that’s not the point, not really. I am glad it’s brought all this out in the open where politicians are forced to show their hands in the matter of border control, of which there is essentially none.

    The light shining on this law is also shining on an administration that wants to avoid ANYTHING that might prevent hispanics from voting them back into office.

    Bush failed in this domain and Obama is doing nothing. Everyone, including decent illegal immigrants who fled to the U.S. for the purpose of survival…everybody will suffer until something is done to control the rush of illegals entering the country from the south.

  20. Hey Michael. It stings a little when someone tells you that your morality isn’t good enough doesn’t it?
    Gee, that almost never happens when the wingnuts are the ones making the pronouncement. NOT
    The worm has turned and we are thankful for it. Years and years of wingnut nonsense, wingnut moralizing and other hypocrisies got us President Obama; someone with enough sense to put us back on the correct track where human beings are appreciated for their diversity and even for their frailties.

  21. Roncella says:

    Publico, Only in your opinion has President Obama put us back on the correct tract.

    Keep in mind his election was far from a huge majority of Amercans voting for him. If the election were held today with his approval at 44% on most polls he would lose easily.

    Your liberal/progressive/socialistic beliefs are in the minority. This will be clear for all to see after the November elections.

  22. extatacomagirl, I’m sorry for what happened to your son. But what I’m confused about is that you, for whatever reason, seem to be an apologist for the illegal immigrants. You want to blame those of us who are “pointing fingers” at illegal immigrants, and you suggest that they be given the opportunity to become tax-paying law abiding citizens. You say that they should be given a chance to pay back the welfare that they’ve receoved. So you are admitting that they are getting welfare? If they want to be law abiding citizens, they can start by going back to their own country and apply for a visa just like people from the rest of the world do. As it currently stands if they are here illegally, they have broken our laws. That’s not the way you start your life in a new country. If they truly want to become American citizens, they can sart by assimilating, learning the language and break up these ethnic organizations that come here demanding their “rights”. They do not have “rights” as a citizen and should not be put in front of people from other countries who are trying to come here legally. What makes me angry is to listen to the radicals who come here and demonstrate and stand in front of the city council with an interpreter and whine about being discriminated against. When they gather by the thousands and march in our capital carrying Mexican flags and cursing the very people who are paying taxes to provide them with a home, food, education and medical care, and then demand that citizenship be given to them. This madness needs to stop now!!

  23. publico, “put us back on the right track”.? Apparently you think we’ve been on this “track’ before and got off of it and now Obama is putting us back on it? How about explaining when we were on track to nationalize the banks, auto industry, medical care, allow gays to openly serve in the military, had commies working in the White House, had a president who sat in the pews of an anti-American church for 20 years and listened to hate speech pouring from the mouth of his “pastor”? How about enlightening us as to when in the history of this country we were on that “track”.

  24. lovethemountains says:

    So, entering our country illegally is termed a frailty. I thougt it was an illegal act. I wonder if Publico believes it is a frailty only when a Mexican enters this country illegally or if he/she also considers it a frailty when any number of people from other countries enter via the U.S./Mexican border. Maybe we need a sign:

    Only Mexicans May Cross This Border Illegally–All Others Keep Out

  25. the3rdpigshouse says:

    lovethemountains – give it up – Publico and LC drink the same leftist anti-American Kool-aid!!!

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