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IMMIGRATION: Perfect timing, Tacoma City Council

Letter by Greg Kidwell, Puyallup on May 26, 2010 at 1:41 pm with 7 Comments »
May 26, 2010 1:41 pm

Is the Tacoma City Council nuts? Let me rephrase that, the Tacoma City Council IS nuts! This “who needs secure borders” bunch needs to look up the road to our big sister city, Seattle for a dose of reality.

An illegal immigrant who has been deported nine times was recently arrested for rape. Nine times Tacoma City Council. Nine illegal border crossing. Nine times he took jobs from Americans. Nine times he was potentially the freeloading guest of our public services and hospitals. And who knows what else he did nine times.

This is just one criminal from Mexico, and we don’t even know the real extent of the illegal traffic. So the morally superior Tacoma City Council felt compelled to trash Arizonans who are overwhelmed, oppressed and suffering untold multiples of the above case daily. Way to go, Tacoma City Council. Perfect timing. Where is your compassion for the citizens of Arizona?

We have the head of state of Mexico lecturing us about open borders? Hypocrite! Do you know how harshly Mexico treats illegal immigrants (I know, who wants to sneak into Mexico, right) in their country? No, Mexico, the US of A is not the economic teat of Mexico. Tacoma City Council, you embarrassed the city and the state, but mostly yourselves.

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  1. Greg, Ask among your friends and acquaintances here in Puget Sound how many have been involved in a traffic accident caused by an illegal alien. You’ll be surprised at the number–and these are people you know. They never have insurance or a valid driver’s license. Like the medical system, they run up everyone’s insurance rates. The real cost of this issue in America is in the billions.

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    It is extremely difficult to teach naive un-American liberal socialists to be pro-American!!!!

  3. lovethemountains says:

    Tacoma Silly Council: Feeling good about your contribution to society now?

    What arrogance.

  4. While the rest of your letter was very compelling, I was agreeing by sentence two:). They are NUTS. The 9 deportations are only the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other arrests and convictions. Secure our borders NOW! We are a sovereign nation, our young men and women deserve to be protected against rapists, and against the constant flow of illegal drugs coming across our porous borders(yeah I got in a car accident with an illegal with no insurance a few years back)

  5. BigSwingingRichard says:

    This is what we get when we elect liberals like Mello (though he was appointed), Walker, Strickland, Fey and Woodards. Boe is just too spineless to vote, he abstained, twice.

    Lonegren, Campbell, and Mathou are the only level headed, non-emotional, rational members of the council. These guts get it and are the only ones who actually think it is their responsibility to represent the people who voted them into office.

    Vote out the five liberals. Keep the ones who represent you and your views.

  6. Some of you probably heard about the woman who was raped at Wapato park a month or so ago, her assailant was described as a Hispanic. Could he possibly be the same dirt bag from Edmonds.

  7. Arizona is indeed only enforcing an already existing federal law. Arizona’s crime rate is high, especially in kidnap and ransom and where do they take them you guessed across the border. They are only trying to clean up their state and if that involves stepping on a few illegals toes than so be it. The illegals are breaking our laws and those out there opposing Arizona’a rights are encouraging breaking the laws of a state and our country. What is with these people and other state that boycott another states right to do what they think is best for their state. We have enough problems in this country already with illegals. We need to tighten our borders. Our country is in dire straights economically, yes still, and we want to add to it’s financial ruin by allowing more illegals that bring crime, gangs, take jobs away from our kids and the elderly and overload our welfare system. Come on folks wake up!

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