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OIL SPILL: Placed charge might seal well

Letter by Ralph B. Philbrook, Anderson Island on May 25, 2010 at 9:24 am with 14 Comments »
May 25, 2010 9:24 am

The leaking oil well would seal itself off if the walls of the shaft collapsed in on themselves, with hundreds of tons of geologic material solidly blocking the flow.This would happen if one or more placed charges were detonated in the bore-shaft or alongside it.

Such charges might be made part of the emergency shut-off fail safe system for all wells, placed at the ready in advance.

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  1. aislander says:

    How about allowing more ON-shore and shallow-water drilling so that we are not faced with the problems inherent to deep-water wells–that is until the magic pixie-dust energy sources come online? Oh, hell: let’s just shut down the economy and reduce the surplus population. Instead of merely going Green, we can go all the way to Soylent Green. Humanity is Gaea’s pathogen, after all…

  2. Volks253 says:

    A charge like that may make things worse.
    All deep water drilling should stop, all deep water production should stop until technology and process’s are developed and proven to work at depth.

    When will people learn that more drilling will have NO EFFECT on reducing or dependence on foreign oil?
    I get so tired of reading ‘drill more drill more’ from the parrots, educate yourselves on the oil market people, it’s not that hard.

  3. aislander says:

    I assume that to “educate” ourselves “on the oil market” we must visit the proper lefty websites. I would prefer to take my educational, economic, and technological advice from someone who DOESN’T use apostrophes to form plurals…

  4. LuckyCharm says:

    Why should our tax dollars be spent on enriching the oil industry in the first place? In 2008, the GAO found that “out of 104 jurisdictions throughout the world, only 11 received a smaller portion of oil revenue than the U.S. government.” We’re handing over stunning tax breaks just to watch them trash our natural resources, moving further and further into sensitive areas where spill response is weaker. BP also has a history of intimidating whistleblowers, so future problems are unlikely to come up on the radar until it’s too late.

    If I, as a citizen, were to change my car’s oil and dump the old stuff down the sewer, I’d be facing a hefty fine. In February, the EPA wanted to charge the Port of Tacoma over a quarter million dollars just for failing to file paperwork related to hazardous materials. If a terrorist organization had done to our Gulf what BP has, we’d have launched a whole new war by now.

    BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton should be declared enemies of the state and their executives charged with criminal negligence, a dozen counts each of negligent homicide, and whatever other charges Levin Papantonio can come up with. No longer must mega-corporations, funded by the American taxpayer, be allowed to act with impunity anywhere on or near our shores. It’s time for some of that good old accountability and responsibility the righties like to pontificate about, for the wealthy and powerful as well as for the bum on the street.

  5. LuckyCharm says:

    ai, you know better — not a drop of that oil that’s currently destroying marshlands, habitats, and whole industries in the Gulf would have reduced this country’s need to purchase foreign oil. That oil never belonged to us — it belongs to BP, and all we get is the lease revenue. BP turns around and sells it on the world market, where it goes to the highest bidder, and we have no special claim on that market. And the American taxpayer gets to heavily subsidize these already-wealthy oil barons, to boot! The amount of oil we’re able to add to the total world reserves is minimal, and has precious little effect on overall prices, but a devastating effect, as we’re now seeing, on our other natural resources — our coastlines, marshes, seafood habitat, etc.

    If this is “lefty” misinformation, please show evidence to the contrary.

  6. “How about allowing more ON-shore and shallow-water drilling so that we are not faced with the problems inherent to deep-water wells-”

    The problems don’t go away when drilling in more shallow waters. The 1969 California oil spill happened in shallower water.

    Besides that how do you prevent other countries from drilling deep into ocean.

    See Ixtoc oil spill.


    Anyhow don’t worry, they are not going to stop drilling. Like crack addicts, we are addicted to oil.

    Clean this puppy up the best we can over the next year, and it’s back to drill baby drill.

  7. Aislander, check your private messages…

  8. johnearl says:

    Blow it up eh?

    The problem with explosions is that the outcome is often uncertain. Here is a great example of a “controlled demolition that went horribly, horribly, wrong.


  9. LuckyCharm says:
    May 25, 2010 at 10:53 am

    “If this is “lefty” misinformation, please show evidence to the contrary.”

    Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. Still waiting.

    Excellent comments LC.

  10. aislander says:

    I could go into balance-of-payments, the fungibility of oil on the world market, the actuality of oil as opposed to the fabulous nature of most “green” energy, the fact that enviros oppose nuclear energy and the building of transmission lines, the actual cost of wind power, and on and on, but I’d rather talk about YOUR utter lack of credibility, LC.

    Do you recall saying (ad nauseum, ad infinititum), among other things, that Obamacare would SAVE money and there would NEVER be rationing? Well the administration has been forced to admit that both are inevitable. CBO revised its figures based on less fraudulent information and–guess what!–Ocare is MUCH more expensive than advertised. The “doctor fix” has been passed, adding another $300billion, and, before that, major companies had to adjust revenue projections to account for the ADDED cost of Ocare. Why should we believe ANYTHING you say to be credible?

  11. aislander says:

    that should have read “…increasing costs and rationing are inevitable…”

  12. LuckyCharm says:

    Okay, I’ll take the bait and switch… Source, please?

  13. aislander says:

    The new projections are from CBO itself, and Donald Berwick, Obama’s nominee to head Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs Medicare, said, “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care–the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” And the “doctor fix” just passed separately, so it was not used to by CBO to score Obamacare…

  14. LuckyCharm says:

    ai, latest word I see from the CBO is a clarification on discretionary spending estimates, pointing out that recently-released figures also included the costs of already-existing programs — stuff that was already in place and would have continued with or without the legislation, like Indian health services. So those costs cannot truly be considered part of the health insurance reform legislation.

    And since I do not generally pay attention to the latest hysteria promoted by Republican lawmakers, I was unaware of the stir caused by Berwick’s comment in an interview last year, when he said that the question isn’t going to be whether or not to ration care, it is to ration with our eyes open. As WH spokesman Reid H. Cherlin said in response to all the hoopla, “The fact is, rationing is rampant in the system today, as insurers make arbitrary decisions about who can get the care they need. Don Berwick wants to see a system in which those decisions are transparent – and that the people who make them are held accountable.” And who could argue with that? Wherever there are finite resources with infinite demand, rationing must occur — when you only have one kidney and two patients needing one, a choice must be made. An insurance company might decide in favor of the patient who’s likely to cost them the least in the long run, although they’d never come out and tell you that. It would be preferable to have clear, transparent, and fair guidelines for those types of situations.

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