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HUNGER: Donate to food banks

Letter by Aaron Charles Murphy, Lakewood on May 24, 2010 at 2:20 pm with 3 Comments »
May 25, 2010 9:25 am

Hunger is a serious topic all over the world, and many people die from it every day. Research says that 14 percent of the world goes hungry every day. That’s about 49 million people without food to eat. Most people can’t even wrap their head around that big of a number, so to give you an idea, combine the populations of Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Idaho. That’s a lot of people!

Research also shows that 37 million people in the United States, including 14 million children and nearly 3 million seniors, rely on help from organizations like Food Connection. One day some of those 49 million people could be you someone you know, someone in your family or someone you love.

Don’t forget to donate money to Northwest Harvest because they have a greater buying power. This means the amount of money you use to feed one family they have such great buying power that the same amount of money could buy enough food to feed five families.

Hopefully by reading this letter you find it in your heart to give to your local food banks to help the hungry people of America.

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  1. I do donate everytime i pay taxes when I go and eat a red lobster ,famous daves, taco bell, moctazumas. I might feel sorry for them when they stop using the EBT card to go to papa murphies, to buy cigarettes, 4 dollar coffees. soft drinks ( soda pop) Alcohol. Maybe they should stop milking the sysytem and get a J O B

  2. fatuous says:

    I’ve never seen anyone buying alcohol or cigarettes with their EBT card. If you see this, then you should report it to the authorities.

    You do have a point in that many of these folks are buying cigarettes, alcohol and paid TV with their cash. None of these items are necessary for their existence.

    “Maybe they should stop milking the sysytem and get a J O B”

    Again you do have a point. Some of these folks just don’t have much ambition. However, that’s not everyone.

    Some do have low paying jobs. So just getting a job is not enough. They need the education to get high paying jobs. Unfortunately, some of them have learning disabilities that make getting an education a tough road to travel.

    Anyhow, I did support the mail carrier’s food drive, and I have a large food garden from which I give produce to the low income folks I know.

    Sometimes folks just need a helping hand to get out of the darkness.

  3. Every year around 6 month after X-mas we donate a few thound bucks to the Fish food bank in Gig Harbor. I spend not one penny on X-mas stuff for my family, and give them the gift of helping othere insted. Why after X-mas? Lots of people give around the holidays. I figured my money might help more when
    people are not reminded to help in the “spirt” of the holidays.

    This idea came to me about ten years ago as I was thinking about what to get them. I thought what do they want? Well they have everything they want (within reason, I can’t buy them a new BMW and they do not need one). So then I thought OK, what do they “need”. Well they do not “need” anything (cept world peace and I can’t but that fo them or I would) They all have nice houses, cars, and big screens. I can’t hink of the last time they ever went hungry. So this word “need” stuck in my head. I came to realize thay do not need anything. So I started thinking about who does “need” stuff. And food is one all people “need”. I herd of the Fish Food Bank. They are part of a church so I was not sure, but I went and checked them out. After going there and working for a day I saw how they gave to any to all without forcing their “religion” on anyone. Fish Food Bank is OK with me. I cut a check right there.

    Now I still give the wife Presants and the young kids get a 20$ bill. But on one over 14 gets anything other then a copy of the recipt from the fish food bank. I had no idea what I started. I feel so much better that my money is going to help and not just to buy some worthless stuff my Family does not “need” Other in my family have started doing the same. I love getting a letter stating my prestent was to help some one. And when I get money to the food bank insted of my family I get a great presant for myself as well.

    If you do this also it will improve you Karma so much you have no idea, but that is not why you should do it. Do it just to help, the Karma is just a side affect.

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