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MEXICO: Switch vacation from Mexico to Arizona

Letter by Don C. Pearson, Lakewood on May 21, 2010 at 9:10 am with 32 Comments »
May 24, 2010 10:11 am

In response to Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s unseemly lectures to the U.S. Congress Thursday regarding the way we govern ourselves, those of us in the Pacific Northwest who normally vacation in Mexico should reconsider and go to Arizona instead.

Arizona has great weather, a governor who is courageous enough to make difficult decisions, a state legislature that works in harmony and law enforcement officers who, well, enforce the law. A nice change.

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  1. lovethemountains says:

    My wife and I will be doing exactly what you suggest. In past years we have gone to Mexico but decided it was no longer an attractive destination. Our last trip to Mexico was in 2000. The current criticism of the law passed by AZ makes us more determined than ever to shun Mexico and support AZ.

  2. dankuykendall says:

    Great Idea!!! I could use some sun about now!

  3. FreeAmerica says:

    I’m headed down in a couple of weeks… looking forward to some global warming.

  4. Now that the head honco of ICE has stated that he will not accept illegals from Arizona, the Governor should load them up and take them to the border and force them across.

  5. Don, Calderone mentioned the American drug appetite as one area that could be our responsibility and the export of American assault weapons to Mexico as another point. If you think he was out of line, your reasons would help us all understand.

  6. The Mexican drug cartels do rely heavily on assault-weapons. Fully automatic, honest to god assault-weapons. Assault weapons (fully automatic) are illegal to own in the US. If those assault weapons are coming from the US this is another OBama Department, (BATF), failure. . . Obama administration failures are mounting up . . .

  7. donjames says:

    Expanding on the point nanook just made, publico, does it not make sense to you that tightened security at the border could curtail the flow of drugs to the US, as well as the potential smuggling of weapons to Mexico? Would it not work both ways?

    And no matter how many times the 0bama administration and its leftist minions – including the calderone regime – repeat the lie, it has never been proved that the fully automatic AK 47’s the drug cartel thugs prefer are coming from the US. But if you (or calderone) could provide a link…

    Anyway, the drug use argument is a red herring – a chicken or egg argument. When it comes to drug use, does demand drive supply, or does supply drive demand?

  8. aislander says:

    You can judge the worth of someone by the enemies it makes. By that criterion, Arizona is worthy, indeed…

  9. aislander says:

    …should have read, “…by the enemies HE makes…”

  10. Volks253 says:

    I think I would rather go to Mexico again, AZ really isn’t that great.

  11. Don Calderone? … volks 253??? That’s kooky.

  12. madmike272 says:

    Well Volks, enjoy the rolling bun battles and say hi to the cartels when you get there.

  13. madmike272 says:

    I would like to see Arizona start its own wall. To keep Californians out. They are like locusts, they destroy their state and then move into another one to destroy it too.

  14. I found the gala event at the Whitehouse, under the circumstances, unsavory and inappropriate given the situation on the border. A state dinner, perhaps, but really….

    Further, nothing angers me more than our president’s continued posture of shame with regard to this great country. Faultless, of course not, but preferable to any other way of life anywhere on this planet?…well one just has to ask who’s escaping from where and to which country they are fleeing.

  15. JungleBoy says:

    The first time a person enters illegally into Mexico, it’s two years in jail. The second time it’s 10 years. In light of this, my wife has a question.

    Is the Mexican president delusional to criticize the Arizona law, or does he really believe that the law is discriminatory towards Mexicans.

  16. blakeshouse says:

    Anyone with even half a brain realizes that this is about a voting block. The socialists know where those votes are going and want even more. Caldorone knows that without the illegals shipping dollars back home his country would be even more of a toilet than it is.
    Funny tho how the Israeli PM had to come and go thru the back door, no dinner,no photo ops nada.
    Nov can’t get here quick enough….Thats Nov 2012

  17. Roncella says:

    The majority of citizens across America are all supporting the state of Arizona and the Governor of Arizona in proceeding with their Immagation bill.

    Its Too Bad we have an apoliizist President who supports Mexico, over the State of Arizona and a majority of Americans when it comes to Mexicans and others crossing the border illegally.

  18. I hear the beaches in Arizona are incredible.

  19. Loz I hear the gun battles in Mexico are first class. Are you in for some real entertainment?, If the answer is yes, go get yourself a front row seat

  20. Volks253 says:

    “Bun battles” don’t frighten me madmike, I’m sorry that you are so ill-informed that you think the entire country of Mexico is a “rolling bun battle”.
    But being uninformed is just where the GOP needs you and your fellow minions.
    It’s the only way they can count on your votes.

  21. Time to buy some “Arizona” t-shirts and ball caps to show support for what is already FEDERAL LAW, and since the 1940s.

  22. I think a rolling bun battle sounds like fun!

  23. Volks253 says:

    T-shirts and ball caps made in Mexico? Or China? Maybe India, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lenka or perhaps Bolivia? Which of those will ‘support’ AZ?

  24. donjames says:

    I hear the sewage treatment plants in Mexico are incredible.

  25. Roncella says:

    Its almost unbelieveable to think that the President of Mexico can come to the United States and be welcomed like royality, even while he goes before the Congress and criticized the Governor of Arizona and her version of an Immagration bill.

    All the Democrats including Obama’s Cabinet stood and gave the President of Mexico a standing ovation for his negative remarks before the Congress, Very Disappointing.

    The fact that President Obama gave full support to the President of Mexico over the Governor of Arizona and the residents of Arizona does not set a good example of a President supporting the people of Arizona or of the U.S.

  26. volks252, you didn’t know that we no longer make baseball hats and T-shirts in this country? The unions made that a lose-lose proposition a ling time ago, just like every other commodity that used to be made here.

  27. lovethemountains says:

    Volks, have fun in Mexico and spend your money there if you wish. For me, I will forget Mexico as a place to visit and I’ll spend more of my vacation/travel dollars in the U.S., with a substantial percentage of that in AZ. AZ may not have ocean beaches but it sure does have an abundance of other very intereting places and things to see.

  28. lovethemountains says:

    BTW Volks, why the slam of GOP. Recall….it is the Dems that encourage the import of illegals who are potential votes for them. At any rate, glad you like Mexico. If you like to stay in the big tourist trap cities I suppose it is OK but if one wishes, like me, to get away from the cities and the tourism junk and roam around the outback and boonies I’ll opt for AZ and our other SW states and pass on Mexico.

  29. Volks253 says:

    I’m so glad I’m smart enough not to be a teabagger/republican/conservative.
    I would hate to go through life making a fool of myself the way that they do.

  30. Roncella says:

    Volks253, Your in some questionable company with your ideas, comments, opinions.

    People like Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank, Al Frankin, Barbara Boxer, Napolitano, on and on.

  31. Don’t forget “Baghdad” Jim McDermott, the most shining example of what too many drugs will do to your brain He was stationed at the Presisio San Francisco during the Vietnam war. That says it all.

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