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BOYCOTT: Welcome illegals to your state

Letter by Paula Jacobs, Federal Way on May 17, 2010 at 12:13 pm with 23 Comments »
May 17, 2010 12:13 pm

Being a former resident of the great state of Arizona, I am in favor of the act to preserve Arizona’s quality of life by cracking down on illegal immigration.

I feel all states that are boycotting Arizona should then allow all illegals residency in their state. So California, Washington, Oregon and all others with such sympathy to illegal immigrants’ plight – welcome these people into your state.

I notice the key word “illegal” being left out of most articles. We are not deterring immigration to this country – just illegal entry. It’s not even a racial issue. If we had millions of Irish men coming across illegally, it would be them we would concentrate on.

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  1. tubbythetuba says:

    Paula, Washington’s arms are and have been wide open……Most places, cops are not allowed or discouraged from even asking for proof of citizenship. Against the law to ask for proof of citizenship when getting a driver licence, and then with the motor voter law, they turn and gladly sign up the ILLEGALS to vote..DumpOcratic, of course….it’s a system, the whole dang thing, to bolster Dimcrat voter base. You can bet yer fur on that…

  2. LuckyCharm says:

    It’s not about sympathy for the illegals’ plight — it’s about sympathy for the law enforcement personnel that now have the extra burden and exposure to the many wrongful arrest suits that are sure to arise; for the business owners who are already losing millions of $$$ from the sudden exodus of labor that’s already occurring; for the legal citizens whose lives will be disrupted by harassment and possible detention; and for the communities that will be placed at further risk because now potential crime witnesses or people with knowledge of illegal activity will be too afraid to come forward.

    This law does nothing to actually stem the tide of illegal immigration. If people were really committed to stopping it, they’d be going after the employers who hire them, because if illegals couldn’t get work here, they’d stop coming. But oh, that’s too politically sensitive, we can’t crack down on the big meat packers and produce farms, so we’ll make a show of “getting tough” while the real problem goes unsolved.

  3. Roncella says:

    Paula, You need to get registered if your not and make sure all your family and friends are registered to Vote this November. This election cycle will determine who controls the Congress.

    You have seen what liberals did to Arizona, including Rino Republican John McCain who never was for a wall until this election cycle, where he is up against a real Conservative.

    Lets not allow SEIU/Union or Acorn as they have in the past to determine the outcome of many of the coming races. All Conservatives, Tea Party Folks, Independents, Republicians, enlighted Democrats, need to vote new representatives in and
    support the current Representatives who want a strong America, no open borders, no appoligizing to Communist/Dictators etc..

  4. Interesting Cheryl… 1st of all, it’s more than a little kooky you would chastise Peter C. for his “straight from Fox News” editorial and then link CNN… LOL.
    The other thing I find interesting is you’ve railed against business owners hiring illegals and now you act as tho you’re concerned for them??? or those racist Arizonians???
    Additionally, since the bill has only been signed (not yet enacted) and illegals are already fleeing, it seems to be working better than expected… NO? … and not even one arrest… wrongful or otherwise…

  5. imjim, I think LuckyCharm just tripped herself up in her own rhetoric. First it’s the businesses who hire them who is at fault now they are the victim. Surprise suprise, she is even sympathizing with law enforcement. nah !! I don’t believe she’s seen the light.

  6. Great letter Paula, as Roncella said, please register to vote. Every conservative vote counts in this state. Now that ACORN has run for the wood work we might have a chance to score some points.

  7. monmornQB says:

    So if your for small government and being prudent w/ taxes why initiate a questionably constitutional law? Why not punish every single business and person that gives an illegal a job. Make the penalties severe. Like you loose your business license or 20-30% of your annual income. Take away the opportunities for illegals by coming down hard on the traitors that give them the opportunities. That goes for everyone including the businesses and people that donate to your party.
    So great we just had our law enforcement officers out rounding up every Latino looking person w/o an ID or proof of citizenship. Now we have to give the illegals a free room, a cot and 3 square meals. That’s more free goodies courtesy of our taxes. And we have to do it this way to ensure we’re not infringing on a legal US citizens God given Constitutional rights. Unless you like big brother government and the destruction of the hard work of our founding fathers. Not to mention the inevitable expensive Supreme Court cases that will happen.
    Now we have to use more tax dollars deporting the illegals after the court cases to determine who was mistakenly caught up and who needs to go. Great we kicked them out of the country for what a day or 2? Because you know they will be right back as soon as possible. Maybe instead of wasting our taxes we could invest that money into better border security. Help the INS do their job in a way that’s consistent w/ the values of small government. Not a quick fix band aid patch job.

  8. jimkingjr says:

    Oh, yes, blame the employers- who are NOT allowed, by law, to question credentials presented to them in the hiring process. Why not blame all the lazy white folk who are unwilling to pick their own crops or drywall their own homes?

    And Paula- get out around Washington and see just how many immigrants we have here- and see how many you can eyeball and determine if they are legal or illegal?

    And, Paula- focusing on Hispanic immigration IS racist. Most illegal immigrants came here from somewhere other than south of our borders, and overstayed a visa. That you want to concentrate on the Hispanic and ignore the other is self-evident proof of racist intent.

    With terrorists and drugs coming across our NORTHERN border, we here are somewhat less concerned about rounding up every Hispanic we can find.

  9. beerBoy says:

    Paula – funny you should mention the Irish as they were the target for discrimination and bias when there was a large wave (legal and illegal) of immigration from Ireland.

  10. jimkingjr, I take it you don’t eat anything that comes from farms or food processors that have Hispanic employees? And why do you throw out the ” blame the white folk” idiosy? You’re just another continual whiner and complainer who probably hangs out at the local 7/11 looking to see what you can steal from working people. Get a life and get over the fact that smarter people than you made this country great. People with your mentality don’t contribute a thing to the betterment of society. So just shut up and go hang with your homeys.

  11. LuckyCharm says:

    It can be tiring sometimes to deal with people who only see the world in black and white — I can’t seem to adjust my vision that sharply.

    Yes, it IS possible to blame hiring practices for the illegal immigration problem and still sympathize with the employers who are, themselves, victimized by the system. In this day and age, especially with people like frosty who say they’d NEVER pay more and would NEVER support union labor, the only way to compete is to hire ever-cheaper labor. If your competitors are doing it, you’ve got to do it, too. You can’t just strike out on your own (unless you’re extremely virtuous and idealistic) and say, “We’re only going to hire Americans at a fair wage.” Because nobody else is doing that! But if there were a LAW in place, it would even the playing field. Suddenly employers would be dropping illegals left and right….

    BTW, did you notice that AZ can’t even find the people to replace them? What are they gonna do now?

  12. donjames says:

    LC wrote:

    “BTW, did you notice that AZ can’t even find the people to replace them? ”

    Cheryl, I’ve seen where you have made this statement several times now – never seen a credible source to support your claim though (surprise, surprise).

    On the other hand, THIS ARTICLE shows you to be a bit… misinformed, at best.


  13. donjames says:

    Oh and by the way, LC, pay special attention to the plight of employers, expressed in the article, in determining the legal status of prospective employees.

    Attorney Julie Pace said the company has I-9 forms on everyone and uses E-Verify to check employees’ eligibility to work, but that is not always enough.

    “The company wouldn’t know if someone is using counterfeit documents,” Pace said.

    Pace also called on the federal government to help companies comply with hiring laws.

    “We need an easy program for employers to use to hire people — safe, easy, quick — so we don’t have to deal with ICE audits,” she said.


  14. donjames, great job!! The ball is in your court L.C., try to refute that!

  15. monmornQB says:

    When some employers use the same SSN#’s for different employees I’d say they know what their up to.
    Ironically the only people I know that hire illegals vote R.
    “Sure go down to the hardware store and get one of the guys on the corner to build your deck. Heck they’ll even wash your boat and Escalade for you. For next to nothing.”

  16. LuckyCharm says:
    May 17, 2010 at 11:42 pm
    It can be tiring sometimes to deal with people who only see the world in black and white — I can’t seem to adjust my vision that sharply

    It’s tiring dealing with people that need glasses and are colorblind…

  17. monmorn … I would venture to say almost everyone would agree with your first sentance…
    The second one, however, to call it idiotic would be an understatement… you should have quit while you were on top.

  18. monmornQB, so you know people who hire illegals? and you also know that they vote Republican? How did you find out that they vote Republican? Did they just walk and tell you , “hey! I vote Republican! and I just hired some illegals!” Actually, I hire American licensed contractors to build my deck and I wash my own car

  19. LuckyCharm says:

    dj, maybe you should send that story to Russell Pearce, the very guy who drafted SB 1070, who is now backing a guest worker program to bring illegal immigrants back in. Perhaps he is unaware of the labor glut in his own state.

  20. Cheryl, do you have a site/link we could go to (other than a youtube of a *cough* CNN story) ?
    It’s obvious< Cheryl, that you're grasping at straws… I see no problem welcoming immigrants legally to come work in the U.S. …

  21. monmornQB says:

    I didn’t say I suspect all people that vote R. I specified people I know because unfortunately I’m related to him and his son through marriage. And yes they tell me they vote Republican because they think I’m wasting my time having values and voting for a party that actually stands up for the Constitution and truly believes in free markets. They think the Libertarians are undermining their power. I respond I hope so.
    Just to listen/read your guys comments and your eagerness to dispose of the protections constitution proves why I can’t sell out my values for a winning vote.

  22. LuckyCharm says:

    Ah. Upon further investigation, it appears Pearce introduced this guest worker law after the last crackdown two years ago, but it failed. Perhaps with SB 1070, he is trying to create a climate in which his law will finally succeed. It’s still political gamesmanship, though, and there is no reason to believe that what happened last time won’t happen again. We’ll just have to wait and see whether this turns out to be the magic answer to all of AZ’s economic and social woes…. But I’m guessing it’ll backfire this time as well.

  23. You guess and what if alot…

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