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ARIZONA: Tacoma boycott proposal is absurd

Letter by Thomas P. Hoyle, University Place on May 14, 2010 at 11:41 am with 64 Comments »
May 14, 2010 1:30 pm

Re: “Tacoma board may encourage Arizona boycott” (TNT, 5-14).

I am deeply embarrassed for the great City of Tacoma. The City Council’s desire to boycott Arizona is ridiculous for two reasons:

First, Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law is a perfectly reasonable and constitutional attempt to handle the crime and social service crises which plague that state significantly due to illegal immigrants.

Second, Arizona was forced to do something because the other Washington has largely shirked its responsibility to secure our borders.

Until the Tacoma City Council has a better plan for problems its members cannot fully appreciate, they would do well to tend to their own business. Otherwise, may I respectfully suggest that Tacoma voters boycott them in the next election? This example of the Tacoma City Council’s poor judgment says much about their potential judgment in other areas.

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  1. Boycott Tacoma!! We need politicians with guts like they have in Arizona. I’ m sick of these sissified liberals bending over for every radical group that comes along. Vote these progressive losers out next election.

  2. Strickland has been an embarrassment to this City since the day she assumed office !

  3. Publico says:

    I support the Board’s initiative. AZ is a great state. I have an ancestor who founded Phoenix. We will not visit until they change the law.
    People come here for legitimate purposes for the most part. The problem is our process for coming here. Sending them back will solve nothing and it will cost millions.

  4. the3rdpigshouse says:

    The naive pathetic leftist anti-American whack-jobs that occupy at least two seats on the Tacoma City Council should enjoy their stint as they will be gone next election!! I for one will purposely drive out of Tacoma for all my shopping & entertainment if they pass any condemnation of Arizona – they should be mimicking Arizonas law not opposing it!!!!

  5. lovethemountains says:

    The Arizona law will not prevent me from visiting that very interesting state.

    I think those who advocate boycotting AZ should walk in Arizona’s shoes for a while to appreciate the gravity of the problem with illegal aliens. These are not immigrants, they are law breakers who are thumbing their noses at our laws. It matters not their motives for coming across the border. Millions of people have emmigrated to this country via proper and reasonable procedures. Just because Mexico borders the U.S. and is such a corrupt country does not excuse violating the host country’s laws.

    Advice to Tacoma City Council: Better you suggest boycotting Mexico. I have not been to Mexico in years and have no intention of visiting there in the future.

  6. At this point it doesn’t matter if “Tacoma” disapproves of Arizona’s right to protect herself or not. Tacoma council has a Hx of siding with fringe groups/causes AND stiffing the grassroots folks pounding signs and ringing door-bells to put them in power…”Hope and change?”… you better BELIEVE it!

  7. I’m not surprised that Publico would support the action, he’s always on the wrong side of every issue. Thankfully, he’s in the minority.

  8. LuckyCharm says:

    People are always citing crime as the reason behind AZ’s repressive law, and especially the recent killing at the border. Can anyone say how the new law would have prevented that?

  9. beerBoy says:

    Crime rates in Arizona at lowest point in decades. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), the violent crime rate in Arizona was lower in 2006, 2007, and 2008 — the most recent year from which data are available — than any year since 1983. The property crime rate in Arizona was lower in 2006, 2007, and 2008 than any year since 1968. In addition, in Arizona, the violent crime rate dropped from 577.9 per 100,000 population in 1998 to 447 per 100,000 population in 2008; the property crime rate dropped from 5,997 to 4,291 during the same period. During the same decade, Arizona’s undocumented immigrant population grew rapidly. The Arizona Republic reported: “Between January 2000 and January 2008, Arizona’s undocumented population grew 70 percent, according to the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] report. Nationally, it grew 37 percent.”

    Crime rates have dropped during past decade in other border states. The BJS data further show that violent crime rates and property crime rates in California, New Mexico, and Texas dropped from 1998 through 2008 — the most recent year from which data are available:

    * In California, the violent crime rate dropped from 703.7 in 1998 to 503.8 in 2008; the property crime rate dropped from 3,639.1 to 2,940.3 during the same period.

    * In New Mexico, the violent crime rate dropped from 961.4 in 1998 to 649.9 in 2008; the property crime rate dropped from 5,757.7 to 3,909.2 over the same period.

    * In Texas, the violent crime rate dropped from 564.6 in 1998 to 507.9 in 2008; the property crime rate dropped from 4,547 to 3,985.6 over the same period.


  10. hansgruber says:

    I bought a house in the Greater Phoenix Area for dirt cheat! It’s a great place and will continue to visit Arizona annually as I have for many years.

    Now it’s even a better place that all lib’s won’t go there!!

  11. Publico, you say “People come here for legitimate purposes for the most part,” and I WANT to respond by saying “tell that to the family of the rancher who feared for his family and was eventually murdered!”

    But let’s say you’re right, those trying to get to the U.S. for what you call legitimate purposes may have to go through proper channels, like immigrants from other countries while SOME MEASURE OF CONTROL over the criminal activity in border states is taken care of.

    Boycott AZ? Why not boycott DC until proper measures are taken to deal with this problem…finally.

  12. Roncella says:

    Its almost unbelieveable to think that Tacoma’s Mayor and city council have the time to criticize another state about it policies about anything.

    Tacoma has drive by shootings occuring almost daily. It has a war going on between gangs. Its not safe even in the daytime to drive through certain neighborhoods without the risk of being shot at. It has daily bank robberies, violence at schools, bus terminals, violence occuring at many other retail establishments on a daily or weekly basis.

    I don’t get to vote in tacoma but any citizen of Tacoma who does not vote the mayor and current city council out of office at the next election deserve exactly what they have, a bunch of losers running their city government.

  13. Love all the citing of crime rates. Guess what? They have gone down nationwide! And private gun ownership has increased 300 percent! Yes, the statistics you cite prove that an armed America is a safer America. LOL, citing crime rates per 100k doesn’t do any good for the pro-illegal immigrant side. Fact is, one single crime committed by an illegal immigrant here that shouldn’t be is one crime that could have possibly been avoided. Love how a few try to cite dropping crime rates as evidence that illegal immigrants don’t commit crimes-yet we see the crimes committed on the news regularly.
    BUYcott Arizona-There is a national movement to spend dollars in the state of Arizona to show your support for their God Given right to protect themselves and the sovereignty of their state.

  14. Submitted by beerBoy on October 29, 2008 – 8:30am.
    c’mon now iamjimm – I don’t cite the dailykos nor moveon.org (I don’t even visit their sites) – could you try a little harder to find believable sources?
    But “media matters” B?


    Looks like the fence is working, we should finish it.

  15. LuckyCharm says:

    Which God would that be, TMell? God had given that land to Mexico long before the USA rode up to take it by force from them. Or does your God side with whomever has the most firepower?

  16. Novelist3 says:

    If this passes I’ll just make sure to make more purchases from Arizona. I don’t know who these laughable idiots are that think a “boycott” of Arizona by Tacoma is going to actually have an impact on anything.

    Tacoma- “We’re going to boycott you! Grar!”
    Arizona: “Who the hell are you?”
    Tacoma- “We’re Tacoma!”
    Arizona: “So? Why should we care?”
    Tacoma: “Uh… I… I… Nevermind”.
    Tacoma slinks away, tail between legs.

    Nobody gives two licks about what this dingy little do-nothing Seattle-wannabe city does or boycotts. What are they gonna stop exporting? Hippies?
    I don’t think Arizona wants any of those.

  17. LuckyCharm says:

    No, but together with L.A., Boston, and other major cities, they’re going to have to sit up and take notice. They’re already losing millions in revenue from convention cancellations. And a number of AZ cities themselves are already worried about a drop in tourism $$$ — their major industry — as well as the extra burden on their already-taxed police forces, which will not be able to make a dent in the illegal immigrant population anyway. This is purely an election-year political hot button that they’re exploiting in desperation. Should be interesting to see how it works out for ‘em…

  18. ij – Media Matters citing Bureau of Justice Statistics.

  19. And….gotta love the response…..that TV shows immigrant crime all the time and….there was that one rancher…..and…..crime is going down across the US…..

    truthiness never lets the facts get in the way.

  20. LuckyCharm, Who lived in Mexico before the Spanish took it? That’s just the way the world has always worked and will continue to work, like it or not. To the victor goes the spoils. We owe nothing to any foreign country, (except China). When they decide to come and buy up the real estate, then you liberals will find out what true discrimination really looks like.

  21. You missed my point B…

    … and you took their word for it, just like Holder….

  22. Right from BJS… not some other filter…


    1998 violent crime total = 26,984

    2008 violent crime total = 29,059

  23. LuckyCharm says:

    frosty, the question was which God commanded that its believers go out and conquer foreign lands. I don’t know of any Christian faith that teaches this, but I’m almost positive it can be found in the Koran. Is TMell a Muslim?

  24. villager98 says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1982 that attempts by Texas to do what Arizona proposes were unconstitutional, pointing out that the 14th Amendment applies to everyone, not just citizens. Additionally, states are given no authority over immigration and foreign policy iny the constitution.

    It must be painful to all the those who would like to turn back the clock to those days when only white people (but not poor white people) had any rights, but y’all need to either get over it or leave. This city is moving on, getting better every year, and you are not going to stop our progress toward an ever better, more just, society.

  25. I’m seriously considering moving to Arizona. Please, all you PC idiots, do boycottt Arizona and stay the hell out.

  26. Novelist3 says:

    Villager = unclear on the concept.

    It’s got nothing to do with race. The only ones who ARE interjecting race into it are the Democrats, who think they can (by turning it into a racial issue) turn the tide in their favor.

    It’s a NATIONAL SECURITY issue. We cannot simply allow anyone who feels like it to waft across our borders.

    And it’s always BEEN a national security issue. Nobody gives a rip about whether someone is Mexican, Indian, Tahitian, Irish, Japanese- if you want to get into our country, you follow the damn laws.

    So you can shut your damn trap, because your ignorant garbage has no place in a serious issue.

  27. Oh, I do have one more question for you libs. This answer is open to any on the left that has put their spray paint inhaling tube down.
    What good or purpose do you serve to this nation? Crying? we have infants for that! Burning your draft cards? There is no draft anymore! Entertaining liberal, socialist professors? Those worthless pukes don’t need a class to push dope smoking! Protesting? You protest the ones that give you the right to protest and most of you bone heads don’t even know what you are protesting in the first place. That one sounds like a oxy-moron but considering I’m speaking of morons, it is fitting.
    Beerboy: Make sure you have a full ship when you depart. And make sure your co-pilot Obama is present and accounted for!

  28. UPResident says:

    As Tacoma’s elected officials, each and every one of you need to look the television camera squarely in the eye and respond to the public for your behavior and account for the consequences of voting to “symbolically” chastise Arizona: This tells taxpayers you have no regard for tax money diverted from neighborhoods to provide WA state DSHS with tax money to pay for food benefits for illegal aliens; that taxpayers have no voice in communities when it comes to street and infrastructure repairs due to diversion of tax money to provide illegal aliens with free cash under a DSHS program called Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP); or that community tax dollars are diverted from hiring new police because tax money is sent to DSHS to provide free and FULL medical care coverage for illegal aliens. And the sad part of this is that citizens may not even qualify for these benefits. These are facts, and if you want to expend energy, get these WA state DSHS tax wasting laws taken off the books.

  29. UPResident says:

    Prior to being allowed to hold an elected office seat, a citizen must take an oath office stipulating a commitment to defend the Constitution of the United States and laws of Washington. With that being stated, please consider the following: If Tacoma Councilmembers vote yes for this absurd hype, is the vote potentially “Misfeasance” (wrongful conduct), or even “Malfeasance” due to possibly violating the oath of office? That being the case, the City Attorney must now investigate the legality of your potential and proposed action, which is just the start of investing your citizen’s tax dollars in an attempt to chastise a state that took action due to the Federal government’s failed enforcement program. It is requested that you provide a full cost accounting, to date and proposed, of these actions so you may be held accountable at the ballot box. To help your City and citizens, you need to applaud AZs lead. You are acting as badly and uniformed as the U.S. Attorney General when he stated he hadn’t even read the AZ law.

  30. A shout out to my fellow U.P.Resident:
    The ones against the law don’t have the time to read any laws. Hell, they don’t even read the Constitution and say that “it’s time has passed”.
    The real problem as to why the ignorance on the left has alot to do with the current education system in our country.
    They have twisted facts and mixed them with fiction and assume that we will sit on the sideline and just accept it.
    Well, I have a little shout out to the Obamanation: “Over this Marines Dead Body” will you and your pathetic ideas instill into MY country that I was prepared to give my life for!
    This is in no way a threat to the so called President as some liberals will comprehend this. Since some on the left have a hard time understanding the difference between right and wrong, try to follow the bouncing ball.
    Green Card, GOOD! Legal Alien, GOOD! Illegal, BAD!
    Good points made Fellow U.P.Resident!

  31. beerBoy says:

    “I am deeply embarrassed for the great City of Tacoma.”

    Gee……what for? I mean…..after the Brame affair you would have to stoop pretty low And before that was that whole Tacoma Solution thing that was pretty embarrassing.

  32. beerBoy says:

    marine…you’re slipping friend….those are completely tepid insults.

  33. klthompson says:

    Thank you Tacoma City Council! My next trip will be to Arizona.

  34. True B… and Brame was promoted and protected by the same machine that’s in power now… just like Chicago… different names, same mechanism and party affiliations…

  35. … and tactics…

  36. Its about time Arizona took control of this madness. Its a certain fact that the Federal Government cant be bothered!

    In the decade PLUS that I drove long haul truck all over this country, and the countless times I drove I-10 along the southern border, and all those times the entire interstate was directed off the freeway to slowly roll through a Border Patrol “checkpoint” I was only ONCE, in all that time, actually stopped and asked to open my trailer doors, ( I could have had an entire village stashed back there!!) and only once or twice did I ever see them stop a car! Everyone just rolled on by, past a bored looking border agent, then back on the freeway!

    And much of this was in the months and years right after 9-11! I was convinced then and now that the Federal Governmenbt could really care less about border security!

    I support Arizona in this…Its time the States took control of this nation and made it UNITED again.

  37. LuckyCharm says:

    Novelist sez: “It’s a NATIONAL SECURITY issue.”

    No, the AZ law is a civil rights issue. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. If you, as a US citizen, can be thrown in jail for not carrying “papers” everywhere you go, then we have just forfeited a huge chunk of our civil liberties.

    The AZ law isn’t going to make a dent in the illegal immigration rate. As long as employers continue to demand non-union, immigrant labor, they will continue to come.

    UPR, please provide some evidence for your claims of residents’ tax money being diverted for immigrant programs.

    “Its time the States took control of this nation and made it UNITED again.”

    Dcr, that’s an oxymoron. If AZ wants to secure its own borders, it’s going to have to implement border checkpoints all the way around. So will all the other states. Effectively, then, if all states were to implement their own border controls, we’d have checkpoints between states. Bet that would make your truck-driving job a lot more interesting!

  38. beerBoy says:

    Dale….do you really want to have your cargo checked on a regular basis? Don’t you already have enough hassles and delays?

    Again…..if we really wanted to end this flood of immigration the best place to start is the employers – especially the ones that have the audacity to advertise for workers in Mexican papers. Even if ICE is successful at sending thousands back – if the corporations continue to get away with flaunting our laws the problem will persist.

    Severely fine offending corporations – enough to hurt their value so it gets the stockholders’ attention. Jail any officers of the corp who knowingly were involved. A couple big cases that hurt the corporation – not just the workers – and you would see a change.

  39. Beerboy, I agree with the employers getting looked at. That is probably the best way to check this mess. If the illegals cant work they wont come.

    As far as “cargo being checked” .. Im not out there anymore, but if I were, yes it would have given me some comfort and reassurance in the abilities of the government to know that they were at LEAST looking.

    Honestly ONE TIME in more than a decade was I asked to open up! And the line of cars that rolled by every time in front of me passed some “agent” who could care less! Just about as pointless as the AG check stations going into California.

  40. One only has to walk down Pacific Avenue downtown and see all the empty buildings and storefronts to know the world is already boycotting Tacoma.

  41. Novelist3 says:

    LuckyCharm = Someone who has no idea what the content of the AZ law contains.

    Since you seem fond of quoting things you have absolutely no concept of, let me be rather clear- the law does not require anyone to carry papers “everywhere you go”.

    This is the text of the law that has people in a tizzy, at least people like YOU.

    “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.”

    Which basically means that law enforcement is supposed to… enforce the law!

    Oh my, what a concept!

    Something Lucky’s never been able to grasp, really.

  42. UPResident says:

    LuckyCharm May 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm “UPR, please provide some evidence for your claims of residents’ tax money being diverted for immigrant programs.”

    WAC 388-436 – Resident of WA is day of entry in state w/ intent to stay-legally in US or not. $750 once yearly cash if pregnant. Does this grab your children’s or grandchildren’s attention now? Besides, you said immigrants. I have no problem w/immigrants as my grandparents went through that process. This WA State program is for legal or illegals… Food is called State Food Assistance SFA, then there is the free illegal medical program.

  43. LuckyCharm, there are numerous examples in the Bible where God commanded his people to go to other countries, Eample: Genesis 46. 3, God said to Jacob ” I am God, the God of your father; do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you a geat nation there. Passaages such as that are everywhere in the Bible both old and New Testiment.

  44. So to finish on your comment that you know of no Christian religion BTW(Christianity is a religion), where the believers were told to go out and conquer other lands, frankly you don’t know what you are talking about. Before you start quoting scripture, do your homework. This country was discovered, explored developed and became the leader of the free world precisely because of Christianity.

  45. LuckyCharm says:

    frosty, please read carefully — I was speaking in the present tense. Certainly, the Israelites of old were commanded to conquer Canaan, but no mainstream Christian faith teaches that this is to be an ongoing directive for all nations to go out and grab as much land as they can. But perhaps you and TMell believe, as you stated, “That’s just the way the world has always worked and will continue to work, like it or not. To the victor goes the spoils.” So, since TMell cited AZ’s “God-given right” to harass Mexicans in the name of protecting their presumably God-given border, I asked which God?

    Such visions of territorial conquest seem to be more prevalent among Muslims than among Christians, who claim to follow Christ, who never said anything about going around driving people out of their own lands to claim it for their own. Even Jews, who don’t follow Christ but do adhere to the Old Testament, don’t preach that message.

  46. Novelist3 says:

    LuckyCharm doesn’t seem to be actually LISTENING to any of the comments being posted here, just shoveling out preconceived pablum with no notion of the truth.

    I absolutely despise it when people do that.

    Isn’t the point of a forum to listen (or rather, read) what other people are writing, then to respond to that? If all you’re going to do is just shove out mindless drivel without bothering to actually pay attention to the conversation, what is the bloody point of a forum?

    This isn’t your personal website, LuckyCharm. People expect you to actually read the conversations you’re taking part in.

    Frosty- I don’t think LuckyCharm has the capability to actually participate in a conversation. You’re better off just ignoring her ridiculous tirades- rantings with as little validity as the screamings of the homeless folk that talk to themselves on Seattle’s sidewalks.

  47. nascar9 says:

    For all of you doe-heads that think crime is down in Arizona did you ever think that just maybe it’s because it’s not being reported or there is not enough cops or prosecutors? If you really think crime is down why don’t you move there?

  48. Publico says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    So how does the new Arizona Law jibe with that somewhat famous, inscribed statement by which we have guided immigration for a long time?
    Of course I’ll answer. It doesn’t.
    Should we now take it down?

  49. Novelist3 says:

    Your answer, Publico, is crap.

    Our system works, as it has, for hundreds of years.

    That is, if you want to get in, there are LEGAL ways to get in.

    Your statement makes a mockery of the millions of legal immigrants who worked hard, and followed the rules (my great great grandparents included) and created new lives for themselves in our country. They didn’t feel the need to break the law, they didn’t need to cheat their way in.

    And that’s how it has ALWAYS been. So you can just take your little out-of-context quote and put it where the sun don’t shine, hmm?

  50. Novelist3, I agree with your assessment of LuckyCharm’s recurring approach to comments from others. She see’s the world through rose colored glasses and seems unable or unwilling to consider other points of view. The same with Publico. What a pair!

  51. Novelist 1-2-3 AmandaDaniel, et al, quoted one paragraph from Arizona’s sb1070:

    “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.”

    What constitutes reasonable suspicion? If you were a cop in Arizona, what is it about the person you’ve just made lawful contact with that would set off your alarm bells, leading you to suspect that that person was in this country illegally?

    What would your illegal alien checklist look like?

  52. It doesn’t say “illegal” … pubico.

  53. LuckyCharm says:

    I’ve just never been able to grasp a worldview, that on one hand, when the government wants to make affordable health care available to all, all we hear are frightened cries of “Nazism,” “socialism,” “gov’t takeover,” etc., but when a locality makes it legal — no, mandatory — to stop and detain even US citizens for not carrying the right “papers” (meaning, as we’ve seen, that sometimes nothing less than your birth certificate will satisfy the authorities), it’s called “patriotic.”

    Everybody wants the feds to solve immigration. What if Obama proposed a law that made it mandatory for law enforcement at every level to stop and demand “papers” from everybody who “didn’t look right” to them, and take them to jail if they couldn’t produce? Would the righties finally hail him as taking bold steps to end the scourge of illegal immigration, or would Glenn Beck’s head finally explode as he suffocated in a cloud of chalk dust while screaming about the “brown shirts”?

  54. imjim says:
    It doesn’t say “illegal” … pubico

    “…where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is UNLAWFULLY present in the United States…”

    It doesn’t? HMMMMM.

  55. LC, the point is that if the feds won’t deal with immigration problems, and it IS a “national” issue, then the states will do what they deem appropriate to protect citizens from the unsavory and dangerous illegals entering the country for ill-got gain.

    Would you not agree that protecting citizens from the threat of violence should have been a higher priority than constructing a monstrous, cumbersome and highly questionable health care fix for everyone INCLUDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

    I find it painful to witness some very close friends, international students, caught up in the web of bureaucracy as they attempt to remain here legally in pursuit of education to better themselves in preparation for returning to their home countries — knowing that they are faithfully following all the rules while the flow of illegals enter the country on foot. And while many of them may be decent, desperate folks — so too are my friends AND integrity demands that we acknowledge the not decent folks pouring into our country along the Mexico border.

    Given terrorist threats and drug/gun activity, I’d say a top priority for our new president is to get on this –BUT OF COURSE he can’t until after the elections.

    Shame on him and all the other politicians exploiting this situation.

  56. LuckyCharm says:

    sozo, sozo, sozo… *sigh*

    1. The health care fix does NOT apply to illegal immigrants — they would be barred from purchasing any plans under the program even if they can afford it, unlike now, when anybody can purchase health insurance if they so desire with no regard to citizenship. One would think that the righties would consider this an improvement.

    2. You imply that increased immigration leads to increased violence. What evidence exists to support that contention? In fact, illegals are more likely to be the victims of crime, because they’re least likely to go to the authorities about it.

    3. What would you say if Obama proposed a law requiring law enforcement to detain anyone (and remember, race can’t be a factor, so even us pale-skinned folk would be at risk) if they couldn’t produce a birth certificate on the spot? Oh, you might say that all you’d have to do is show your DL, but that sure didn’t work for this truck driver (story starts at 1:08). One can only hope the department was sued for at least the cost of the missed shipment and any fees or penalties incurred, as well as any loss of future business that might have resulted from the black mark on the company’s reliability. Yep, this is really the solution to AZ’s economic woes!

    Only, it looks like it’s not…. now they’re drafting laws to bring back the illegals who packed up and left what they perceived as an increasingly hostile environment. Ruh-roh!!!

  57. mister253 says:

    Maybe it is time for the city council to worry about Tacoma. Last I checked we lost Russell investments to Seattle and they have replaced them with NOBODY. Stop worrying about Arizona and start worrying about Tacoma because from what we can see Tacoma is losing business without any boycotting from other cities.

  58. LuckyCharm says:
  59. Roncella says:

    Just remember all the support Acorn received from the Dems. in the Congress and from President Obama in the last election cycle before he was elected. Millions of dollars of our tax money was given to Acorn to fund its operations throughout the Country.

    If the Dems. would stoop to fund an organization as dis-jointed and full of scandels as Acorn to win elections and register questionable people, they will not think twice about using the Immagration debate to get more votes for Democrats any which way they can.

    Free Advice for the Mayor and City council of Tacoma : ” Mind Your Own Business” !!!!!

  60. beerBoy says:

    “where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.”

    And who measures what is reasonable?

  61. penumbrage says:

    publico – ‘Should we now take it down?’
    What’s your plan – to keep bringing in millions of legal immigrants each and every year (just like we did back when we had 4 people per square mile) until we pass up India and China and achieve a population density for the whole country equal to mid-day Manhatten?
    But what has our obvious inability to sustain our current legal immigration levels got to do with Az trying to slow down ILLEGAL aliens that cost taxpayers money and steal program benefits from legal immigrants?

  62. monmornQB says:

    Gotta love that vague language that basically gives the authoritative agencies more power over it’s citizens.
    Lucky Charm haven’t learned yet that debating w/ Republicans is like clapping w/ one hand. They actually love big government and over priced spending. That is as long as big government is working for their ideas and agendas. They love the ideas of forcing a false version of Christian values on the population by trying to use hateful bigotry as a message that Jesus taught. They love the ideas of dismissing The Constitution when ever it helps them feel safe and secure, the patriot act is an example of that. They love using their political power to crush free market ideas to protect companies that invest in their party by making double standards that hold back competition. Just look at energy production investments.
    I hope we initiate some illegal immigration laws hear. Haven’t you noticed all the eastern Europeans that have moved to the Puget sound? I’m sure many of them are here illegally and probably involved in smuggling drugs across the border w/ Canada. So we should suspend the Constitutional rights of all white people and force them to have their birth certificates on them at all times. If you can’t provide your papers we have a great little facility in the tide flats for you. Citizens or not. The gestapo and KGB used to be the bad guys but now they’ve become role models for some in this country.

  63. monmornQB, yeah, you’re right! I also noticed the invasion of German, Czech, Polish restaurants in the area. Those pesky travel trailers and mobile homes parked along the side of the road selling their liverwurst, rye bread and sauerkraut. I wish they would all just swim back to Europe!

  64. LuckyCharm says:

    pen, who’s trying to slow down the illegals’ entry into the country? Where do you see that? You can point to the pathetic wall, which has cost us plenty but clearly isn’t keeping anybody out — even John McCain said (before he reversed his position) that no fence would be able to keep out people determined to make a better life for themselves and their families. You can point to AZ’s law, which has nothing to do with keeping anybody out, just punishing anybody who gets caught already here. You can point to fines for employers, which they just write off as business losses (which BP will do, incidentally, with its spill, but that’s a whole different story). Where is the political will to punish — I mean JAIL — CEO’s and hiring managers who recruit illegals? That’s what would really stem the tide, so how come nobody wants to do it?

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