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GRIFFEY: Enough already!

Letter by Patty A. Buzzelli, University Place on May 14, 2010 at 2:10 pm with 7 Comments »
May 14, 2010 2:10 pm

Was Griffey napping? Wasn’t he napping? Anonymous #1 said this; Anonymous #2 said that…. His agent said this, then he said our editors did that —– on and on and on.

Enough articles that start out giving Griffey a left-handed compliment, then slinging him dig after dig. Enough references to him as a “geezer”, a “spare part”, etc. Enough staging his whole retirement scenario to the smallest detail. Enough, already.

Coming to reside in Tacoma only about 10 years ago, I never experienced the Ken Griffey Jr. legend years, but I have enjoyed his presence back in the Northwest last year and this year. I have enjoyed stories about his athletic history and the kind of person he has been and is now. I like this Ken Griffey person. If he had not been such a great athlete and such a great personality, the nap story would have hardly been a story at all.

Reading some of the sports pieces in the News Tribune has really been entertaining, till this week. Reading the sports pages used to be fun; this week it has not been fun.

Clearly the “wagons are circled” to fend off any backlash, but I wonder: Why didn’t the reporter have a conversation with Griffey and Wakamatsu himself before writing the article? He might have ended up with an exclusive retirement piece instead of the mean-spirited trash that has been in the sports pages of late.

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  1. Kevindot1 says:

    I agree, Patty. This is getting out of hand by the TNT. Let it go already. MCGrath wrote another piece on it today. Leave Ken Griffey Jr ALONE!!!

  2. You right it’s time to leave griffey alone. He left a playoff contender for the pot of gold of a so so team. I happened to be living in ohio at the time signed with the Reds. The Reds fans where I worked were all excited just like the M’s fan were when he returneed they ragged on me about the M’s loosing him to their team. First I said the m’s were not my team and I laughed at how excited they were I said just wait i will have the last laugh because he is HIGHLY Overated sure enough he was the bust I knew he would be. I aslo see that he’s a bust in his returned. What’s even funnier the team manangent doesn’t give 2 shake a about getting to the world series because with Griffey back that alone will sell tickets which right now that’s not happening

  3. While I actually suspect Larry’s article was accurate, I agree it’s time for everyone (INCLUDING sports radio) to drop this. The hysteria reminds me of Palin, Rove & Tea Party appearance over substance.

  4. klthompson says:

    I don’t like professional baseball and do not follow it. I also do not like inept reporters and I would think the TNT would rethink the employment of the person(s) who authored this mess. I suspect the Mariners will continue the blackout of TNT reporters. At least, they should.

  5. Kevindot1 says:

    TOOCAN needs to get his facts straight.

  6. monmornQB says:

    What facts did TOOCAN get wrong Kevindot1? Griffey did force Gillick to make a trade that was not beneficial for the M’s. Cameron was a great consolation prize but he was no hall of famer. I don’t see how any fan of baseball, the M’s or even Griffey can be excited to watch him make out after out, u-turn after u-trun w/ RISP. RISP stands for Runners In Scoring Position for you Griffey loyalist that don’t seem to understand how the game is played.
    I’ve noticed that the attendance is pretty meager when I’m at the games watching your floundering hero make outs along w/ all the other underachievers. So where are all of you Griffey apologist at anyway? Other than here whining about Larue, and other reporters for doing there job of reporting on the M’s and their AWESOME displays of how not to be a MLB hitter.

  7. jerryman47 says:

    Lets see if I get this right. Larry LaRue’s article was really about Griffey’s low production with the nap thrown in told by two players.
    1. Griffey’s production is low with no homeruns to date.
    2. The manager got the Mariners together and asked for the two to stand up. Naturally no one did because they would have been suspended, penalized, or thrown off the team.
    I happen to believe the sportswriter. I think Griffey did take a nap between innings, so what? If the lowly Mariners are ok with it, fine. But one thing is for sure, Griffey better get his act together along with all the Mariners, or they can all fall asleep….in the basement, (last place)!

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