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TAXES: The unmentionable solution

Letter by Dennis E. Swanson, Auburn on May 5, 2010 at 9:57 am with 11 Comments »
May 5, 2010 9:57 am

Who’s running this state anyway? Have tribal gaming interests reached a level of strength allowing them to dictate to our local and state government?

In spite of all the hand-wringing, has one politician suggested taxing casino profits? No, let’s tax beer, candy and water. Few if any newspapers or TV channels will say anything for fear of damaging their income from tribal sources.

We need to reinstate the taxes on Indian casinos that Gov. Chris Gregoire decided they did not have to pay! Twenty states, including California, tax these profits at an average of 10 percent. How can we afford to turn our back on hundreds of millions of dollars? Fire a few more teachers perhaps?

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  1. Roncella says:

    Dennis you are so right. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Gregoire and the Dems. in Olympia to tax the Indians. The Indians are very smart to give Gregoire all she needs to run for Governor.

    She would never tax the Indians especially with all the support they continually have given to her and Democrats in Olympia.

  2. No, our states answer is to raise onerous taxes on businesses. The increase in the B&O taxes being the most insane of all. It’s a tax on gross revenues without regard to whether the business is making a profit. You are staying in business, losing money but wading your way through this government sponsored recession and great depression entitlement spending that will only lengthen the pain-and this state thinks you can afforfd to pay more taxes on your losses.

    Casinos still allow smoking, taking valuable TAXED revenue away from private sector businesses. TPCHD, better fire up the bandwagon, I heard somebody just smoked 24.5 feet from a bars back door in Tacoma!!

  3. Easy to blame Gregoire, but she wasn’t Governor when the no-tax agreements were made with Tribal leaders. I have always maintained, for MANY years before Gregoire, that all Indian activities should be taxed, just like every other business is. What particularly fries me, besides the casinos, is fireworks sales. If the Boy Scouts, Kiwanis, Rotary, and other community organizations whose missions are to better our community, why should they be subject to sales tax on fireworks if the Tribes are not?

    Roncella, get off your” blame everthing on Gregoire” soapbox and get some facts. “Just the facts, Mam.” Your tirades are tiresome and unbelievable.

  4. mattersnot1 says:

    What party is control of this State and for how long?
    Of course, the tribes should be taxed the same way that all other citizens and businesses are taxed in this State.
    I’m tired of this selected taxing.

  5. The state has a hammer so big its ridiculous. Instead of shutting down the competing casinos(like Tacoma has done), start floating the idea that the state is considering allowing slot machines off tribal property. The tribes would come running to sign up for 10% taxes in exchange for the stranglehold they have in our state on slot machines. But yeah, with Gregoire running this state into the ground for so many years, maybe she didn’t start the problem…
    Thank you for your strong opinions Roncella-they encourage me to stay active in the politics that are going to shape our future! And the silent majority speaking up and getting out the vote is what we need!

  6. donjames says:

    Olmeg, actually gregoire is to blame for (intentionally) squandering the opportunity to tax indian gaming.

    Shortly after the Spokane tribe bankrolled the infamous second recount (third count) and gregoire stole… er, took office, she negotiated a new compact with the tribe (who had been illegally operating slot machines at their casinos) in which she approved major expansions of gambling – including legalizing slots – and scrapped a provision requiring casinos to give the state a cut of the profits – a provision demanded by every other state with tribal gaming. And she did this knowing full well that, although the new compact was negotiated with the spokanes, it would also apply to every recognized tribe in the state!

    Not surprisingly, indians, along with unions, were the largest contributors to the 2008 gregoire campaign.

    So, olmeg, can you say quid-pro-quo while chewing a little crow?

  7. nanook says:

    I do believe Thurston County just won a court case involving taxing the profits of the Grey Wolf . . . It may have more to do with the Chehalis Tribe not running the resort than anything else but it is a start and something for the rest of the Counties to look at.

  8. blakeshouse says:

    Just like the unions tribes are sacrsanct. None of the socialist/marxists who control the purse strings are going to bite the hand that feeds them.
    They know that no matter what they do there are enough illegal immigrants, felons and idiots to keep them in power, and if they see that those aren’t enough there is always the elections boards that use their counting prowess to assure continued control.

  9. Nanook-what Thurston won was the right to tax the real property improvements(property tax) on the Great Wolf Lodge. The Great Wolf Lodge was built on land “purchased” by the tribe, and converted to tribal land. The Lodge is a private partner relationship with the Tribe owning a portion of it, and a private corporation owning the majority of it, and responsible for its day to day operations. They tried to claim that since it was now on Tribal land, they shouldn’t have to pay property taxes on it. They lost.

    DonJames-what an AWESOME comment you made above! She is a peach, huh? Still waiting for OleMag to figure out a way to argue against what you wrote above:)

  10. InsideJob says:

    Every business that has been embezzled, that I know of personally, was done so to fund gambling. Most of it at Indian owned casinos. Not one was for drugs, not one was for any other purpose – and this adds up to multi-millions of dollars. I know at lest ten business owners personally who have lost north of half a million dollars to embezzlement to support this plague on society. They are a net looser for the community and I have seen little evidence that they do anything to advance the populations they are supposed to support. Yes some tribal leaders get rich, and some tribal members do use the funds to better their family’s living condition – but I have seen far more that use their stipend to bankroll their own self destructive habits.

  11. Roncella says:

    donjames, Thanks for the facts regarding the taxing of indian casinos.

    Olemag, You really need to get your head out of the sand. Gregoire/Dems have had total control of Olymbia for years. Plenty of time for her to have proposed a tax on indian casinos.

    Speaking of indian casinos, why aren’t all you tree huggers and greenies all up in arms about the poor employees who have to work in the indian casinos.

    They are forced to breath in all the cigarette/cigar smoke day in and day out. This can’t be good for their health, but as they are working for the indians who Gregoire and the Dems are beholding to, nothing will be done for all those workers breathing in all that smoke.

    I guess money is more important to the Liberal/Dems then care for the workers involved with having healthful working conditions.

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