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PITTS: Columnist has selective memory disorder

Letter by Ronald A. Petitte, Federal Way on May 5, 2010 at 9:15 am with 22 Comments »
May 5, 2010 9:15 am

Re: “Whatever the problem, it’s undoubtedly the liberals’ fault” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 5-5).

Once again someone has to correct some of the facts and mischief-making as presented by Pitts.

Lets start with the cost of paper for newspapers. Recently The News Tribune announced that the News Tribune would be an inch narrower because of higher expenses. Was the TNT not telling the truth? I believe it was.

Then Pitts makes the assertion that the Republican Party won’t accept John McCain or Charlie Crist because both are RINO Republicians. I remember how Sen. Joe Lieberman was treated by the Democrats. They ran another Democrat against him because he did not agree with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on certain issues. I guess the Democrats do not allow for different opinions in their party either.

The American Spectator is one of a few very good publications that represents conservative thinking. Pitts seems oblivious to the fact that most cable and print media lean to the left and some very far left in their publications and shows. It’s very similar to liberals trying to shut down Fox News by discrediting everything they say and do. One lone conservative-leaning cable channel is one too many for liberals.

Pitts goes on to show his disdain and low opinion of conservatives and Republicans by comparing them to dogs used in research by a Russian physiologist. His last sentence defends the dogs, saying “dogs can’t reason.”

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  1. fatuous says:

    Lieberman still caucuses with the Democrat party in Congress. So it looks like there is still a place at the table for old Joe.

  2. beerBoy says:

    ron(cella) two letters in a row about Pitts – I hope this therapy by letters to the editor helps with your Pitts Derangement Syndrome.

  3. … and Media Matters is a George Soros organization, Cheryl.

  4. Pitts and other liberals are totally panicked by what’s coming in November. No amount of name calling or misinformation is going to change the coming tide. (And I doubt old Lenny will be in very many syndicated newspapers next year.)

  5. larsman says:

    Mr. Pitts (bless his heart) is even less articulate in live audio format (“ahh, ahh, ahh) and seems allergic to directly addressing specifics in context. His comparisons are disproportional and historically out of sync but I guess that even the ‘coveted’ Pulitzer Prize has evidently fallen victim to inflation since it seems less relevant than it did 100 years ago. One should never try to appear “unbiased” since that only applies to the deceased, even 200 years ago there were usually 2 diametrically opposed publications in any given locale, but they were already known as such and were not afraid of appearing so…

  6. Roncella says:

    Leper, Your exactly right. The Liberal/Progressives do see whats coming in November, and are doing everything they can to attack and ridicule anything Conservative or Republician.

    Its very difficult to get the Conservative message out for the general population. The Liberal/Progressives have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, others including left leaning editorials throughout the nation to repeat distortions and attack Conservatives, like Tea Party Members, Sarah Palin, President Bushes record in office, Governor of Arizonia, Fox T.V. on and on.

    Pitts, plays right into these attacks as often as he can about almost anything he can play the race card in.

  7. Publico says:

    “Lets start with the cost of paper for newspapers. Recently The News Tribune announced that the News Tribune would be an inch narrower because of higher expenses. Was the TNT not telling the truth? I believe it was.”
    If you think that statement proves anything about the cost of newsprint, you are less intelligent than you think you are.

  8. Publico says:

    I wonder what the consensus is about the new letters format?

  9. LuckyCharm says:

    First of all, the price of paper isn’t controlled by “liberals,” but by supply and demand. And it IS down this year, according to all sources I can find. I’m guessing McClatchy made its decision based on the loss of print readership, a category I’m eagerly looking to join in a few weeks when my promotional subscription runs out — not at all the fault of my delivery personnel, but completely and solely because of unresolved board nanny disputes.

    And jim, what does George Soros have to do with anything? Has the right-wing media so poisoned his name in your mind that you think it’ll have the same effect when I see it? Not so. I don’t care who funds MediaMatters — if what they put out is true, that’s good enough for me.

  10. “if what they put out is true” LOL, good one C.
    Consensus Pubico? Good question. Maybe you should ask lazyocean… or craftsman…

  11. beerBoy says:

    Don’t know about consensus but I feel the change to this new format is even worse than the change to pluck.

  12. Roncella says:

    Publico, You are saying that the News Tribune just made its paper more narrow, just ;because ?

    LCharm, I don’t believe anyone has blamed the liberals for the price of paper.

    Pitts is an apologist with a racial twist for all the wrongs America has committed. He is such a great example of Liberal/Progressive thinking.
    Everything thats wrong in the World has been caused by America. All racial problems are only happening in America.

    I have asked Pitts to name another Country where there are as many or more successful Blacks like Opra Winfred one of the richest women in the world, Supreme Court Justice Thomas, Muti-millionaire George Forman, Condi Rice, a talented and very intelligent young professional, Michael Jordon, one the greatest basketball players in history, not enough room here to mention all that I could.

    You have to ask why Liberals have such guilt or cannot see that they are living in the greatest Country in World. No its not perfect, but its come a long way offering a great future for those willing to work hard to find their dream.

  13. LuckyCharm says:

    Ron, I was referring to a chain letter from American Spectator, cited in Pitts’ recent column. Did you not read it? If not, upon what are you basing your opinion of his writing? I cannot find even one reference to race or racial issues in it. Perhaps it is not he, but you, who is obsessed and tormented by your racial prejudices?

  14. Polago says:

    Great question, LuckyCharm. Perhaps it is those like Roncella who are obsessed and tormented by their racial prejudices.

    I would suggest that this great country has come a long way, Roncella, due to the forward thinking of progressives and people like Pitts who are willing to ask the hard questions, because they dream things that never were and say, why not, unlike the regressive actions of the party of “NO.”

    These constant attacks on liberal/progressives and those in the mainstream lead me to believe that you’re well outside the mainstream; in your own little world.

  15. Roncella says:

    LCharm/Polago, Nice try at deflection. Your both so full of liberal guilt and your comments show it.

    Why is it when liberals can’t win the debate they have to resort to Race
    bating ???

    Polago, Please don’t put liberal/progessives in the same sentence with mainsteam folks its like oil and vinegar.

  16. LuckyCharm says:

    Ron, you actually brought race into the discussion, remember? “Pitts is an apologist with a racial twist for all the wrongs America has committed…. I have asked Pitts to name another Country where there are as many or more successful Blacks….” Like, what does that have to do with anything? The whole column was about the term “liberal” and how it’s being used — YOU’RE the one who brought race into it. Pot, kettle, mm-hmm…

  17. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, The question I have been asking of Pitts Jr. for a long time is the one you are referencing. It has never been answered by him.

    It is applicaple to you also as a true die-hard liberal you are among the blame America first and always crowd, always quick to find fault and criticize your country rather than be proud of all the wonderful accomplishments America has accomplished. .

  18. beerBoy says:

    Ron…..”I have asked Pitts….”

    why would Pitts – or any other nationally syndicated columnist not based in the Puget Sound – be compelled to answer a question posed by a reader who has a demonstrated pattern of dismissing everything the writer has written?

    Are you really that important? Or, more to the point, do you really think you are that important?

  19. LuckyCharm says:

    (Recommending bB’s comment above….)

    Ron, if I put myself in Mr. Pitts’ shoes and imagine getting a letter with the question you pose above, I think I’d just be scratching my head. “What does this have to do with anything? Did I ever say anything about the ratio of successful Blacks in America vs. any other country? What’s this kook on about here?” But perhaps if I were Mr. Pitts, dealing with the volume of inquiries and comments that he receives on stuff he’s ACTUALLY written, I might not even spend that much time wondering before hitting delete.

  20. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm I realize that Pitts Jr. is so far above me in every respect possible, so much so he would never consider answering some lowly person, who does read his columns faithfully.

    In pointing out all the many successful Black Multi-millionaire’s in America I was wondering if Pitts Jr. (with all his feelings of Racial mis-treatment by so many in America) could possibly name another Country where Blacks have been as or more successful than America, not a hard question.

  21. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, What you describe as dismissing, I describe as disagreeing with and wanting to give another point of view. He writes the columns and I usually disagree with his opinion as he is an Extreme Liberal and I am a Conservative.

    I should be important,to someone who writes for News Papers and wants to keep his job and takes an interest in how his columns are being received and commented on.

    Yes I will defend America with words and I have defended America in other ways also, especially against those liberal/progressives who never can find anything positive about America to comment on.

    Newsweek going out of business, not enough interest, a lesson to be learned.

  22. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Pitts is a demonstrated anti-American socialist sympathiser who will fully support any program that “OH-Bummer” pursues!!!

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