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HOT LANES: Unbelievable waste of money

Letter by Rodney Mollett, Puyallup on May 3, 2010 at 2:41 pm with 7 Comments »
May 3, 2010 2:41 pm

I liked your article about Hot Lanes (TNT, 5-3). A picture is worth a thousand words is right on here. State officials actually say that they have helped congestion, yet here sits an empty lane that taxpayers payed for!

Along with that I understand that we are using taxpayer money ($50,000 a month) to pay for it. To those in government: If something is costing taxpayers money and creating an inconvenience (traffic backups 2 miles long), because we cannot use the available lane (without paying twice), then its not working!!!! Admit you made a mistake and open the lane to everyone, not just those who can afford it.

How many years and how much of our money do you get to spend (in a recession) to figure out that the majority of citizens do not agree with you. Here is an idea, use that money for the light rail, a bridge, or even a road to get done sooner, so we don’t have to drive a nightmare everyday. Thanks for nothing!

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  1. Mr. Mollett has definitely nailed this one head on !!! Good Job Sir !!!

  2. fatuous says:

    I don’t agree with you Mollett.

    The HOV lanes where meant for car pooling. As a compromise, they now allow single passenger cars if they are willing to pay extra to use the HOV lane.

    Obviously, the drivers of single passenger cars are not finding much value in paying extra to use the HOV lane.

    Some of the reason is the mistaken idea that one pays again every time you cross one of the metering devices. If one watches the video on the WSDOT web site, one finds out that belief is incorrect.

    Anyhow I don’t believe for one nanosecond that we should go backwards and allow the lanes to be open to everyone. That would make the backups even worse.

  3. frosty says:

    I agree with the letter writer but unfortunately we are dealing with a state that really has no concept of transportaion planning at all. It doesn’t take long after arriving in this state that they do things backwards as compared to more technically advanced states. Washington, except in very rare cases has the worst highways of any state that I’ve seen. The freeway on/off ramps are poorly designed, example highway 512 and I-5. For too many years we have had to put up with engineering techniques that no other state or country would even consider. I’ve found that in countries such as South Korea, Japan, even China, the engineers there know how to plan for future growth. I suggest that we fire anyone involved with planning, building and maintaining our highways and bring people in from those countries who know what they are doing.

  4. hansgruber says:

    I tried the HOT lanes once. My ladyfriend and I were in the car. I happen to have a “Good to Go” transponder on my vehicle.

    Guess what?

    I got charged for using the HOT lane.

    I don’t use the HOT lanes anymore because I don’t drive on SR 167 anymore, I don’t buy my gas or shop along the SR 167 corridor anymore.

    Wanna bet I am not the only one?

  5. Tracianne says:

    I have to disagree that the HOT lanes do not work. I used to drive carpool but now am a solo driver. I pay anywhere from .50 to 1.50 to drive the HOT lane where I can save over an hours worth of drive time one way. I would end up wasting a whole lot more in gas just sitting there then the 1.50 charge to use the HOT lane.

    If they stepped up enforcement of all the drivers who cross the double lines it would end up paying for itself in no time.

    I have seen so many near miss accidents because of people cutting in/out.

    So for those who think it is only for those who can afford it go ahead and sit in the slug lane. It just leaves more room for those of us that want to save time and money.

    Trust me I have driven the both and find I can save on average over $100.00 a month in gas by spending about $30 to drive the hot lane.

  6. mdchristia says:

    The lanes are helpful. We have always had carpool lanes just not as many. If you don’t want to pay, fine, then sit in traffic like you still would be doing without the lane.

    Frosty: Good idea. Outsource THINKING to China. More lost jobs. Boo to you.

  7. tommy98466 says:

    The only proof that you need that the State wastes money on car pool lanes is look at the Narrows Bridge situation. Before there were on ly 4 lanes to cross that bridge and back. Now there are 4 in each direction and no back-ups, ever. And to those that say that puts more cars on the road… baloney. The State wants to raise the toll because people are not using the bridge more as expected. Get a clue D.O.T.

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